Blackshaft – 1-05 – Lines part 4 – Epilogue

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Blackshaft – 1-05 – Lines part 4 – Season Finale
(Adults Only. Copyright@Rama. 2013)


St Ignatious. Evening.

Emma Agnews watched the class walk out. It had been a easy day. They had all chatted, read, texted, whatever they wanted. Last day fun. They would be picked up and go home for the winter. She looked up as the door closed and silence had fallen on the room. There was a figure next to the door.. April Wallace, the same girl she’d met that night at Lulu’s. A 19 year old blonde with the sweetest smile and school uniform. The blouse was almost undone and the skirt would normally have been too short. Things had changed though. She had noticed the dress of all the girls had become more looser, more undone. April had been moved to another class. Taylor had talked to Miss Wyatt about it. It was thought necessary for Appearances. For now.
“Aren’t you getting picked up?” Emma asked, blushing as she remembered that night.
“Tomorrow.” April said. She stood up and walked towards the desk.
Emma could see the woman she seen at Lulu’s before her. She saw the confidence in the girl as she walked round desk and stood before her. “Miss?” April asked.
“Y-Yes…?” Emma replied, smelling the girls perfume. It was the same as one she’d worn in the club.
“Was it wrong to kiss you?” April smiled, leaning over.
Emma found herself lost in the moment as the blonde’s lips touched hers. She found herself responding gently to the kiss returning it. Then took the girl’s head in her hands and opened her mouth. She felt the girl’s young, searching tongue push in and responded. She kissed back hard then stood up, pushing the student back against the wall. “No.” she said. “Not wrong at all,” Emma kissed the girl back harder. She felt those young hands run down her back and squeeze her buttocks. No at all, she thought as the girl kissed her neck. How could she have been to ashamed of this?
Emma moaned as she felt the girl’s hand press down between her legs and cup her crotch. She looked deep into April’s eyes as the girl slowly rubbed her through the skirt, their lips brushing against each other. “So I guess it wasn’t wrong when I ate your pussy?” April breathed and rubbed her hands against Emma’s pussy. “And it wasn’t wrong when you ate mine…?”.
Emma smiled as she looked into the girl’s eyes. She saw the naughty glint in them. She understood. Then they’d been drinking but now? They were both stone cold sober. And Emma felt horny as hell. She seemed to feel horny a lot these days. All those beautiful looking girls made her hot. The thought of Taylor made her feel hot. Playing bad girl needing punished from Miss Wyatt made her feel hot. Being Blackshaft me her fell hot. Emma had a place and that was to service the black man, or woman. Both she and Caroline would. As she looked at her class of hot, young white girls Emma thought they all would. Or she’d die trying! It was only right. It was simply reparation. Slowly Emma slid down onto her knees in front of the girl. “No…” she purred, sliding her hand up inside April’s short skirt and let out a small gasp as she felt the naked skin underneath.
“Oops,” April smiled. “I think I lost my panties.”
Emma could smell the girl’s pussy juices. She inhaled them and smiled before gently lifting the skirt. She looked on the smooth shaved vagina. The soft lips glistened and… Emma smiled again as she saw the small white material sticking out from between the pussy lips. “I think I found them,” she said and kissed April’s clit, easing back the hood before kissing it again, and enjoyed hearing the soft moan it caused. She felt fingers stroke her head and took the material between her teeth. Emma pulled back, bringing the sodden panties from the just-as-wet pussy.
Emma looked up and saw the girl’s face. Her eyes were closed and there was a look of happiness on her. Emma stroked the pussy, pulling the lips apart as she pulled the panties free and dropped them to the floor. She kissed the pussy gently then pressed her lips to the pussy lips and slowly opened her mouth. Breathing heavily onto the sensitive clit she pushed her tongue against it. Emma started eating out the young pussy as she felt those fingers again and heard the soft moaning. Emma felt April’s fingers grab her hair and pull her in. She slid her hands round to grasp a buttock in each hand and felt the girl begin to thrust against her face. The moaning was getting louder.
Yes, she’d bring them all. She’d seen the changes to the way they dressed and overheard the conversations and knew most of the girls were just needed a push. Just a tiny, little push. Emma pushed her tongue into April’s wet pussy and her the yelp of pleasure from the girl. She’d bring everyone of them. April Wallace was as good a student to start with….


Caroline Wyatt stood at the window, looking at the cars as they left.
End of term. Time to relax, time to plan the next year. She had already seen the numbers of students that said they wouldn’t return. Seems the families were having a little trouble with finances. Mr Jameson had a plan for that. Turned out he knew a lot of the new members on the trust board. They seemed to be quite wealthy, and very charitable. Each family had an invite to return for free. It was the least the school could do. All these decades the school had been here, serving, teaching, and all in guaranteed privacy.
Besides, Caroline was eager to begin sharing the new philosophy of the school. Some of the staff that wouldn’t fit had been given generous payments and glowing references and waved off. There were new teachers coming in. Mr Jameson had suggested each of them. She knew his other name. But stayed with his school name. Mr IronRod didn’t fit the ethos of the place. She turned to the desk and looked at the list again. Lammie, Kellerman, Byrne and Seller were just some of the names on the list, both male and female. Caroline touched the pictures with the list. All the women were white, the men black. Just the way it should be, she thought and touched her belly. So far she had not fell pregnant. From the look of the men, she would have plenty of chances yet.
Caroline sat down and pressed the intercom. “All gone?” she asked.
“Yes, Miss Wyatt.” the voice said.
“Good.” Caroline said. “Then could you come in here, please. I need it. Please.”
She sat back and waited. A moment later the door opened. The young black woman stood there. Her name was Angelina, with skin smooth and the colour of chocolate. She was Caroline’s new secretary after that little bitch had run screaming from the place. After everything they had done for her, the ungrateful little bitch thought she ran things. Angelina was another one recommended by Taylor Jameson. She wore a trouser suit and looked at the principle with a bursa otele gelen escort bayan smile. “You need it?” the young woman said.
“Yes.” Caroline whispered.
The woman slowly unzipped the trousers and and pulled the soft rubber strap-on from them. It hung there, long and thick and black. “Then crawl over here and get it. Bitch.” the black woman said, smiling….
Caroline slowly sank down onto all fours and crawled toward her black Mistress….


“Not leaving, Carmella?” IronRod said as the last of the class left. Carmella was the cute brunette who didn’t bother with underwear. A habit he smiled on.
“I have my own car.” she said, and spread her legs, letting him see she’d forgotten her underwear again.
He looked at the girl. Long smooth white legs that disappeared into the short skirt. Tits that were perfect. Not too big or too small. The uniform blouse was almost undone, the white cleavage enticing him. The whole package was perfect. The sweet young white women, all ready for their first real fucking, the staff now all female after caroline Wyatt had agreed to make some ‘changes’ – the fact that his cock was inside her as he made the suggestion was entirely deliberate. The trust in charge was now mainly black with some white female involvement. He gave thanks to the mob money for that.
Now that the those ‘responsible’ for the bank robberies had been found, the mob had one problem. Still no cash. No cash meant no power. All the people they had been paying off were turning against them. Corrupt cops were suddenly finding new evidence and corrupt judges were happy to sentence mob people to excessive times in jail. And the lawyers who got them off before suddenly couldn’t represent them now they wouldn’t get paid. One by one their fronts were raided and people jailed. The mob bosses had had no choice but to run. That left their families though. The school had been very generous in allowing their daughters to stay at no extra charge. That was another suggestion he made. And when the new staff were here, he would see them sent back to their racist fathers all hungry for black cock. And if some of them were knocked up as well… Shit happens.
“I have a question.” Carmella smiled.
IronRod looked up to her face. “Yes?”
“Is it true?”
He sat forward, feeling his cock stirring as he thought of those lips around it. “Is what true, Carmella?” he asked.
“That black dicks are huge?” the white girl said simply.
“Do you want to know, really?” IronRod smiled.
“Oh, yes…” she nodded.
He kept smiling as he pushed the chair back, sitting back and opening his legs. “Why don’t you see for yourself?” he said.
Carmella walked around the desk and sank down onto her knees between his legs. He looked at her as she slowly began to unzip his trousers. IronRod never tired of the surprised look on their faces when they saw his cock then touched it and felt it grow. A look that started with surprise then changed to need. That became a hunger where they would do anything for black cock….
IronRod saw the wide-eyed surprise on the brunette’s face as she weighed his cock in her hand and felt it stiffen. She looked up at him. IronRod saw her breathing was speeding up, those sweet, white breasts rising and falling. “Go ahead. Touch it” he told her. He smiled as Carmella wrapped her fingers around his thickening shaft. She was licking her lips as she gazed in awe at it….

Susan Coralli’s Apartment. Evening.

Susan Coralli stared at the computer screen. She finally found out what she needed to know. The pictures told their own story. St Ignatious trust board. Eight male, four female. The males were all black. The females were one black and three white. One of the women was Caroline Wyatt. The staff page was blank with only two words; UNDER CONSTRUCTION. She clicked back to the trust page and could see the look in all the women’s eyes. A lustful look that said one thing to her. Whores. The numbers she had phoned of the families weren’t answering or to her to f… go away. Calling the authorities wasn’t any better. A private school was nothing to do with them or she was warned about being racist. They all refused to listen.
She felt the anger rising inside her at the betrayal. Susan made fists and slowed her breathing. She’d find a way to bring them down. Susan closed the internet window and saw the news on the home page. Her father was being led in handcuffs to a police car. A crappy little public defender was what hey gave him because their normal lawyer refused to attend. Betrayal everywhere, she thought as she switched the computer off and stared at her reflection. Susan knew that one day it might happen. The school had been her sanctuary. Her safe zone. And now that was gone as well. No school, no job and her family was destroyed. And it’s wasn’t like she knew the people in her building. Her mother was still in a private hospital, there was enough for that at least. The hell with them all, she thought. The world was screwed up and if she couldn’t get anyone to save it then…
Susan Coralli felt certain in one thing. The whore and the nigger would fall and she would watch them…

The Lime Building. Penthouse. Evening.

Adrian Lime was naked. as he looked at the small boxes in the desk drawer. He counted fifteen then opened one and saw the small pendant inside it. The silver cage held a red glowing stone. He closed the box and walked back into the bedroom. The sun was setting, it’s red light shining onto the white blonde woman as she looked up at him and smiled. She reached for his cock and gently caressed it.
“Jemma,” he said, smiling at Jemma Meadows, looking at her naked body. His cock twitched, much to her pleasure. “For you.” he said holding out the box. Jemma sat up and took the box. She opened it and saw the glittering red pendant.
“It’s beautiful!” she said and took it out. Adrian watched her gasp a little as she held the pendant then put it on. “Really, Adrian, it so beautiful.”
“That’s something else we’re going into.” he smiled. “Not just perfume but jewels as well.”
He watched her put the pendant on and let it hang between her full breasts. “It suits you.”
“That glow,” she said, rolling it between her fingers and watching the way the red light seemed to play on her skin. “I was wanting to ask you about the perfume.” Jemma said, still looking at the pendant. “A couple of friends were asking about it…”
“I shouldn’t,” Adrian said thoughtfully. “Not seeing as we’re so close to launch…”
“They loved it, Adrian.” she looked up and put a hand on his cock. “I mean, really loved it.” she added gently stroking it.
He smiled, enjoying the feeling of her hand. He was getting hard again. “Maybe you can persuade me…” Adrian bursa ucuz escort bayan said.
Jemma got the message. She lay back letting her legs open. “Please.” she teased. “I’ll do whatever you want.”
“That’s a very dangerous thing to say.” he smiled.
“Anything.” Jemma said again.
“Turn over.” he told her. Jemma rolled onto her belly and felt herself being pulled over the edge of the bed and her legs being pulled apart. “Anything?” he asked.
“Anything.” she repeated.
Jemma felt his cock push down between her ass cheeks. She gripped the bed, bracing herself for the first push, but felt him move past her asshole. She was about to look back when she felt him push inside her. For a good five minutes he fucked her, sliding in and out, until she was dripping and on the verge of another climax. “Make me cum!” she yelled as she felt him pull out.
“I will!” she heard him say and he grabbed her hair with one hand. Jemma felt his cock push between her ass cheeks. “Just getting lubed up!” Adrian told her and pushed his huge cock against her tiny asshole….
“FFFFFFUUUUUCK!!!” Jemma screamed gripping the bed as her ass was forced open Jemma panted, thinking her asshole was being torn apart. Somewhere deep inside her a voice was screaming for him to stop. He was too big. Going at it too hard. But something else was over-riding that voice. She wanted him. She wanted him to know she wanted him. He could what he wanted and she would take it. Jemma felt the pleasure as she rode through the pain. The black man was grunting like an animal as he drove her ass open wider. He shoved her forward, pushing her shoulders down onto the bed, slamming himself into her aching assholr
“AAHHH… AHHH… AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” he yelled, fucking her ass harder and harder….
“FFF… FFFFF….FFFFHHH….” Jemma suddenly felt the orgasm explode and she bit the bed clothes as his fucking went on relentlessly. She rode the pleasure and the pain, clawing at the bed until she felt him pause followed by the hot release of his cum filling her bowels. Adrian collapsed on top of her.
“That’s one bottle.” he panted. She felt him staying inside her, getting soft. Her ass felt on fire. “How many do you want?”
Stop, the voice said.
“More!” Jemma panted through clenched teeth….


Samantha White heard the sound coming from the bedroom as she crept in. All she wanted to do was put the report on Adrian’s desk then leave. She watched him fuck before and had something planned with her assistant, Amy, involving a hot young redhead bitch. She’d see how much the girl wanted job…
Samantha glanced towards the bedroom and saw it was the reporter bitch he was having. Not just having, but taking her ass. She watched the black man brutal thrusts and heard the cries. She smiled as she enjoyed the sight of the blonde cunt being fucked a new asshole. The bitch wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.
“HHHHHHHHNNNNN!!!!” Samantha heard him groan and saw his buttocks twitch as he delivered his load into her ass. He leaned over the quivering reporter. “That’s another one…” Adrian gasped.
Samantha felt the pleasure throb between her legs as the blonde cunt was in throes of an orgasm. Her whole body was shaking, and it gave Samantha ideas for the redhead.
“Hhhhaaa…” Jemma Meadows gasped. “Hhhh… Mhhhh… Mmmmmm… Caahhh… Call… that… ahhh… fuck….?”
Slut, Samantha thought and realised she was rubbing herself through her trousers. “I’m just getting warmed up.” she heard him reply. Samantha crept toward the door as she heard the the blonde gasp as the next ass-fucking began. Samantha needed it bad herself now, and whether it was the redhead or Amy she was going to get it!

Lilgrove. Evening

Paulette James had dreams of being somebody. She had looked up at the silver screen and saw those stars and wanted to be there with them. She wanted to be walking down the red carpet being photographed and cheered at. She had looked around her at the small town she was brought up in and saw it for what it was. Old and hypocritical. She knew what was going on. The town was like very other small town. God-fearing and upstanding. Until it came to extra-marital affairs or the drunks or the bruises caused by furniture that no-one talked about. She had got sick of it. Paulette had looked at those stars and saw a chance. So one day she packed a bag, got on a bus and said ‘fuck you’ to her town.
The water from the shower felt good as she rubbed the soap around her breasts. How long had she been here? Maybe two weeks. The town was run down. Buildings empty, the streets were growing weeds. But she’d been promised good money. And had been given it. The thick wad of bills were sitting under a floorboard. Amy had been telling the truth about these guys. They pay what they say. Paulette ran a hand and rubbed the soap down her pussy. She could still feel the seed from the last man inside her. She remembered the look on his face as he came. The black man had thrust so fucking deep inside her before he let his seed fill her. She thought about how it felt. So hot and wonderful and and satisfying. A large box of condoms was sitting next to the bed. She used them for the first few days, but now, no. Only the new girls used them. Soon enough. like the rest, they wanted to feel that hot, black seed inside them. It was just natural…
And it was natural to want more. Paulette had found out, simply, that dreams were simply hopes and aspirations, that’s all. She needed something those stars had. Money. That’s when she met him…
She leaned against the wall of the shower and slowly rubbed her finger and palm up and down her clit. The pleasure felt so good. As good as all those black cocks that so easily stretched her cunt walls and made her cum with such ease…
He’d said he could help her and look after her. She was so dumb, so naive, so fucking gullible. She happily did as he asked. He ‘taught’ her. He taught her how to give a blowjob. She happily opened her legs to him. Paulette gave him her virginity. It was a month later when he needed her to be ‘nice’ to a friend of his. Not wanting to disappoint him, Paulette was ‘nice’ to a sweaty, fat pig of a man. That’s when it really started. More ‘friends’ to be ‘nice’ to appeared.
Paulette gasped as she came under the shower. Then slowly sank down onto her knees, keeping a finger curled inside herself.. So fucking good….
He hit her the first time she’d said ‘no’. The fat pig was back again. This time she’d seen the money pass hands and understood. She told him no. And he’d punched her. And he talked about making him look bad. Paulette remembered apologising and thought of how dumb and naive she had been. He dropped the act after that. The ‘friends’ were gone and there were just clients. bursa merkez escort bayan He introduced her to the other girls he ‘looked after’. She saw the money pass into his hands and not a cent went to her. All she got was threats and slaps. Paulette saw what happened to girls who stood up to him. He made them watch as he showed them how good he was with a knife. It was a year before she got those screams out of her head. That was her life for four years. Owned. A cunt for sale. Then he brought a new girl in. A sweet young thing called Amy Leeson.
She sat back and put her head back, just enjoying the feel of the water on her skin….
Paulette remembered the day Amy left. Just a week after being tossed onto the street. She listened to the girl say she’d get help and come back for them. Paulette warned the her about him and what he could do. Told her to go and not come back. Change her name, her appearance, anything. But do not come back. Then one day she saw Amy on the other street as he was collecting ‘his’ money. He saw her as well. And Paulette saw the sadistic satisfaction on his face as he went after her. Someone found him two hours later, hanging. Amy had returned later that day. Only then she stepped out of a big, black limo. She had an offer to make. The girls could go home or join her. Paulette thought of her home town. There was no way she could go back. Not to those people. Amy had told them there was protection now. They would keep the money they made. It was all personal choice. It wasn’t the sex Paulette had a problem with, it was being sold like meat she didn’t like. She could choose now. She could make her money. She could still make something of herself….
Paulette felt the eyes on her and she looked back. The black man was standing in the door watching her. She recognised him. His name was Callam. He was the boss of the place. She saw the rolled up money in his hand. Paulette smiled at him, remembering his body.
“Your money,” he said.
“Thank you.” she said. “Want to join me?”
The black man threw the money the other room and began to strip. Paulette turned and watch him. She enjoyed the sight of his powerful body being slowly revealed, eyeing every curve of strong muscle under that smooth, black skin. He was finally naked and she bit her lip as she gazed at the large cock that hung between his legs. He walked towards her and she gazed at it as it swung from side to side. Paulette was still on her knees as he stepped into the shower and looked down at her. She felt so weak as she ran her hands up his thighs and gripped the length of his cock in one hand. He was so fucking big, so fucking thick that her pussy started to juice up at the thought of it inside her, his seed filling her belly.
Paulette kissed the head and ran her tongue up the length. She thought of the day Amy had made her the offer. As the black boss smiled down at her, and she felt his cock slowly begin to get grow in her white hand, she knew she’d made the right choice….

The Star Grill. Evening.

Patrick Brown had been running the small diner for four years now. It also served as Wi-Fi spot and had grown to love it. Now that bitch of ex-wife was going to get the place. Just because he was caught with someone else. It had been a one-off, and now it was going to cost him his business. Well, that was not going to happen. He had made a contact who would see to it that it was not going to happen. That bitch would get a surprise. Just as soon as he had made the deal tomorrow. Ten o’clock in the morning at Drummond Park his problem would be no more. He had the cash ready and would get a good night’s sleep first.
He looked at the clock and saw it was past shutting time. There was one customer left who had seemed to be just staring at his coffee. He looked at the man. Thin, wearing a reddish suit with matching gloves and a wide-brimmed hat that covered the face. Patrick couldn’t remember serving him. “Hey, Bub. Sorry but I’m closing up now.” he told him.
“This guy runs a butchers shop,” the customer said. “And one day one his best customers comes in and says, what’s up, Mike? So Mike, that’s the butcher, tells him that he’s had to fire his best assistant.”
“Yeah?” Patrick looked at the clock again.
“So the customer says, why, what for? And Mike sighs and tells him, I caught him sticking his dick into my meat slicer. The customer recoils in horror and says, that is sick, hope you’re not using that slicer today? Mike sighs again and says, no, I had to fire her as well!”
Patrick just blinked. He had been caught with the waitress and that gag just seemed… “Who’s bright idea was it?” he said. “Don’s. No, don’t. Just get the fuck out and tell him he’s not funny.”
“So you still want to meet tomorrow?” the man asked. “About the wife problem?”
Patrick stopped. “You’re him? You’re here!”
“I was passing by and thought I’d pop in.” the man said. “I’ll take the job.”
“I thought we were–”
“Technicalities.” the man told him. “I take it you don’t want to know where I put her?”
“Put her?” Patrick asked, puzzled.
“Yeah,” the man replied and looked up. “The body.”
Patrick stopped again. “Oh, fuck.” he muttered. “You’re meant to be dead!”
The man shrugged. “Guess that’s another life gone.” he said.
“Deal’s off.” Patrick told him. “I am not dealing with you. Get the fuck out of here! Now!”
“Too late. It’s done.” The man sipped the coffee. “This has gone cold.”
“Done? What do you mean done?”
“She’s dead.” The man clicked his fingers and seemed to flash a smile. “Boom!” he said and put a gun on the counter. “The job is done. Where is my payment?”
Patrick stared at the gun. “I’ll need to go upstairs and get it.” he told him. He backed through the kitchen door and was already putting together what he could tell the police. No-one would believe that psycho out front. He grabbed his car keys and looked back. There was no sign of him. Patrick quietly opened the back door and stepped through.
“You weren’t trying to run out on me, were you?” the man asked as Patrick felt the gun barrel pressing against his temple. “That’s the problem with you little people, you’re so cliche. Well here’s another one for you!” the man grinned and pulled the trigger….
He watched the body spasm before it realised it was dead then sighed. This was the second body he had to get rid off. Then thought, fuck it. Just leave them here. He’d get his money then go. He stopped as the thought suddenly hit him. “Should have found out where the money was first.” He said then kicked the body at his feet. “That was you’re fault,” he told it. “If you’d given me the money, you’d still be breathing and not bleeding!” He dragged the body into the kitchen and closed the door, then found the keys and went out back to the front of the diner. No traffic was passing. He turned the sign to ‘CLOSED’ and went behind the counter, grabbing some apple pie before he switched the lights off. “Note to self.” he said, digging a spoon into the pie. “Get the money first next time.”
With a mouthful of pie and suitably self-chastised, the Smiler went looking for his payment….


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