Blind Date

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Balls Contracting

The room fell silent as she glided into the room and sat down at the bar. Dance music vibrated through her ears as she started the young people lewdly gyrating on the dance floor.

Disgusting, she thought as she ordered a whiskey sour and contemplated her night.

It had been a long time since she had left the house and gone out on a blind date. Ever since she separated from her husband, Dawn had kept pretty much to herself focusing on getting her life back. She felt free for he first time in years.

She spent her days at the gym flattening her stomach and toning her body. The curves of her hips and luscious breasts were not that of a 50-year-old and all the young men in the club noticed her.

Dawn was unlike any of the girls in the club. She was class. She was sophistication.

“Excuse, me. Are you Dawn.”

She looked around expecting to see a man, but instead saw the unlined face a boy. He wasn’t really a boy she thought as he sat next her, but he was definitely in his early to mid-20’s.

“I’m Matt,” he said. “My sister Dorothy thought we might be a good match. I don’t usually go out on blind dates, but I’m glad I did.”

Unconsciously, his eyes scanned her taut body. Dawn knew she had a great body and wanted to show her date that she was every bit as voluptuous as the pin-up girls on the dance floor.

The dress fit her body like a glove accentuated her ample breasts and firm ass. Her long legs followed the slit up most of the dress before disappearing just before the waistline.

“You look amazing,” he said but the look on Dawn’s face gave her away. “You weren’t expecting someone as young as me were you.”

“Actually, when Jenny said she wanted to fix me up with her brother I was expecting someone older. I didn’t realize she meant her very younger brother.”

Matt looked dejected like someone let all the air out of tires and left him the desert to rot. As she looked at his face, she realized that he was very handsome.

His chiseled looks matched his strong arms and she could only surmise he hid rock hard nişantaşı escort abs under his clothes.

Matt recovered quickly and sat describing is life and all the other meaningless chitchat that all dates have to go through. She caught him time and time again scanning her body and lingering at her chest.

His arm would gingerly touch hers and hers would brush his sending a tingling between them both. Matt told a joke and Dawn noticed she laughed a little to much and smiled a little to big with this young buck.

Oh my God, I’m flirting with him, she told herself.

As he talked, it started a tingle between her legs, but as the night wore on she could feel the dampness of her pussy. It throbbed every time his hand held her or when her leg would brush against his knee.

She found herself staring more and more into his and snatching glances at his body especially his cock. It was hidden by his pants, but she could definitely make out a bulge that meant he was as excited as her.

“Would you like to dance,” he said and pointed to the dance floor.

The deep base thumping had temporarily given way to a softer more sensual tune that Dawn recognized from the radio. He held her hand and led her out to the middle of the club.

She was a vision of radiance among the rabble to young whores that frequented the clubs. Their only real purpose was to use their body to get free drinks and a quick fuck before the night ended.

Matt rested his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him. The held each other in a rhythmic embrace letting the notes flow over their bodies. She laid her head on his chest and swayed with the music. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck and it gave her goosebumps.

His hands were strong upon her and she melted into him. She could feel his hard prick against her body. She wanted to reach down and handle it so bad; to feel the hardness in her hands and lick the precum from its tip.

Her panties were soaked as the dance continued and her mind filled with more and more thoughts şişli escort of ravaging his young body. It had been so long since she had a hard cock in her mouth and felt the hot stream of cum shoot down her throat.

She looked up into his eyes and her intentions were reflected back at her. She pulled him down to her and their lips met in a deep long kiss. Her tongue darted out and meshed with is.

She wanted him so bad. She snaked her hand down and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. His hands explored her ass pulled her breasts against him.

“Do you want to go somewhere a little more private,” she said. “What I want to do can’t be done on this dance floor.”

He nodded and led her outside the club through a back door into the alley. Once again the kissed passionately and his hand reached under her dress and touched her hot sex. The emotions exploded inside her as he massaged her pussy and began her climb to an orgasm.

She couldn’t hold it in any longer. She was wanton and needed his cock now. Dawn went to her knees and unzipped his jeans. She pulled out his cock and began stroking it slowly.

“Do you want me to suck your cock Matt? You prick is so hard in my hand I can’t wait to taste it.”

“Please, suck it. God, I want to cum.” Matt pleaded.

She licked the tip and tasted the salty sweetness of his precum on her lips. The moaned with the first contact and she knew he couldn’t last much longer. She wanted a nice hard fuck and Dawn knew what had to be done.

“Want to cum in my mouth baby or would you rather cum all over my tits,”

She lifted the shirt over her head and Matt saw her amazing breasts for the first time. Her nipples were so hard and Matt placed rolled one his fingers bringing a soft moan to Dawn.

“Not yet lover, you will have your chance,” Dawn said.

She attacked her cock with a veracity she had never felt before. It was if all the sexual need of the last few months was being released on his cock.

“I’m going to cum,” Matt grunted a second before his load shot into Dawn’s mecidiyeköy escort throat.

It filled her mouth and dribbled out of the sides, but she swallowed the lion’s share and milked his cock for any remnants.

Despite his massive cumming, Matt’s cock refused to slacken and he pulled Dawn tight against him kissing her hard against the wall of the club.

He turned her around and ripped the panties from her waist leaving her juices to run down her leg. She noticed for the first time the eyes of other men and women watching them from the darker recesses of the alley.

Hidden bodies that grunted as the stroked their cocks watching her. Matt leaned her over against the wall and inserted his fingers into her wet pussy.

There was no resistance, she was a slave to the feelings that were welling up inside her.

“Fuck me, she said. God, yes, fuck me hard.”

His hand found her clit as his fingers plunged deeper inside her fucking her like a cock. Her muscles began to tighten as she road the wave of ecstasy before exploding in a scream.

“Ahhhhhh,” said screamed as she came filling the alley with her passion. She watched as the other men stroked themselves off to completion spilling their seed in alley. Their display inspired some couples that were busy fucking further down the alley.

Matt’s cock stood erect and he slipped it into her filling her. The hot sensations of his prick inside her made her shiver. It has been too long since she had ridden a cock.

From behind, he fucked her while his fingers invaded her asshole bringing a new sensation she had never thought before.

“Tell me you want me to cum,” he demanded. “Tell me you want to fucking cum inside your pussy.”

“yes, yes, she cried. “Cum inside me. I want to you cum dripping from my pussy.”

His young cock was pounding Dawn as she once again began to feel the waves of pleasure wash over her. He body shuddered and convulsed as she came harder than ever before spraying her hot juices all over his hard cock.

As Dawn’s pussy clamped around his cock, Matt unloaded his seed inside her pussy. Thrust after thrust filled her with his cream until they both fell to the ground exhausted.

“What do you think we should do for a second date,” Matt said as they listen to the sound of other couples making love.

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