Bob Watches an Easy Bar Pick-Up

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Before you start to read any of my stories, please remember that they are just that, erotic stories, not a suggested lifestyle, and not a documented real life situation. They can contain wife sharing with multiple partners. If this offends you, read no further. Furthermore if you must read them thinking that it is all true, please be aware that it set on the planet ‘Clean’ which is free of STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. There are no such thing as cheating slut wives, wimp husbands, and broken marriages etc. etc.

If you choose to read on I really hope that you enjoy it, and will take a second to vote, but you have been warned. Do not bother writing to me to tell me the error of my ways, I know all that! Constructive feedback is very welcome, I will always reply and am open to ideas and opinions. I have now chosen not to accept anonymous comments to avoid the idiots who sit at the gates of an erotic story site moralising. Go and get a life!

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it!


Bob entered the dimly lit bar, pausing to let his eyes become accustomed to the light having just walked in from the full force of an autumnal sunset.

The place was nearly empty, just two youngish guys sitting on stools at the bar. Probably company reps, Bob thought to himself. He waited for a bar tender to appear. Somewhere in the background he could make out the strains of a Patsy Cline tune.

After a couple of minutes a scruffy bar tender appeared. Bob ordered a beer and watched as he poured it.

The bar tender took his money and vanished back into the dark depths behind the bar.

He gave the interior a quick scan and decided on a booth against the back wall. Settling back in the worn leather seating, he took a sip of his beer and pulled out his cell phone.

He fiddled with for a minute and eventually managed to fire off a quick text message. He then slipped it back into his pocket and took another long slug of his drink as he took a look around, appraising the bar.

It looked to be clean enough, but he thought that it probably never got much busier, being this far out of town.

Humming along quietly to ‘Crazy’ he studied the two reps as they sat muttering to each other, occasionally bursting into laughter.

He heard a door bang somewhere and his interest was caught by the click clack of high heels on stone approaching from the narrow lobby.

Bob looked towards the door, waiting to see what was about to appear.


His pulse quickened as the woman entered the bar, catching his attention and that of the two reps, who stopped talking as their heads turned to take in the new customer.

Bob watched as she strutted with swaying hips, towards the bar. He could feel a twitch in his pants as he took in the finer details of this sexy woman.

She erotik film izle looked about six feet tall and had a good figure, her long straight brown hair flowed in waves as she walked, and he could see even from this distance that she had the most striking green eyes. But what really got Bob’s attention was her clothing.

She wore a tight white silk blouse, unbuttoned enough to show some ample cleavage, and no obvious signs of a bra!

This was tucked into a very short black leather mini skirt.

As she got to the bar, his view of her legs was no longer obstructed by the tables. That’s when she really got to him. Her shapely dark stocking clad legs disappeared into a pair of soft black leather boots that came up just over her knees. He immediately noticed that the narrow heels were a good four to five inches high. Not as tall as I thought then, he muttered under his breath.

As he took in the full view he muttered ‘Holy shit, just fucking lovely’ under his breath, but his cock was way ahead of his head, forcing him to adjust his position for comfort.


He watched with excitement as the two reps offered to buy the lady a drink. She readily accepted and took the stool between them, pulling herself up with her back to the bar and crossing her legs. Bob tried not to stare, but he was sure that he got a flash of stocking tops as she made herself comfortable.

Bob, who was now in his late forties tried to judge the age of the three at the bar.

She was early thirties for sure, she didn’t look it, but he could see by her easy confidence that this was a real sexy woman, and no giggling school girl.

The two reps were a different matter, the dark one he put at very early twenties, his fair haired friend no more than mid twenties.

He continued to watch the two men as they tried to flirt with this sexy woman, he noted that they seemed to be fairly successful, as she was laughing easily with them.

She had finished her first drink now, it was quickly replaced by a fresh glass. The bartender now seemed more attentive for some reason, even placing a bowl of complimentary peanuts on the bar.

She took a few in the palm of her hand and tossed them into her mouth, laughing as one went down her blouse. She handed her drink to the dark rep as she pulled her blouse forward, her hand went in to try and find it.

The reps laughed and offered to help, as they peered down her top. Holding her top open for longer than she needed to, she looked up and her vivid green eyes met Bob’s, holding his gaze for a few seconds.

He continued to watch as she feigned shock at the two boys cheek, taking her glass back and giving the fair one a playful slap on the arm.


Bob finished his beer and wandered up to the bar to film izle get another. The fair rep got off his stool and stood close to the lady to make more room.

Returning to his booth, Bob noticed that the rep had stayed standing with his drink.

The dark rep whispered in her ear and as her head went back in laughter, she moved her hand and rested on his shoulder.

He saw her uncross her legs and the fair one moved closer, it looked as though his crotch was against her booted knee now. She began to move her leg discreetly, as though unaware that she was slowly rubbing his cock through his pants.

A few drinks later and things had progressed. The reps hands were becoming more free with her body, lightly brushing her breasts as they spoke.

The dark one then dropped his hand onto her thigh. Bob caught her eye again briefly as he watched the hand slowly work its way a little further beneath her tight skirt. She made no attempt to remove it.

The fair rep then stood beside her, loosely draping his arm around her shoulder, his hand hanging over her breast. He moved in and kissed her neck as his hand slipped up her other thigh, pushing her skirt up to reveal her stocking tops.

She looked a little flushed now, thought Bob. But he noticed that she was making no attempt to move their hands, in fact it looked as though she had let them pull her legs as far apart as that tight little leather skirt would allow. He was sure that they must have their hands on the warm, soft flesh above her stocking tops by now!

She moved one foot from the stool and rested her high heel on the floor. The dark one adjusted his position so that he was standing close to her, astride her outstretched leg. He couldn’t be certain, as the dark one now had his back to Bob, but he had a good idea that she was slowly rubbing his cock through his pants!

Bob’s mind was working overtime now, he could just imagine how this was going to end up, visualising her held over one of the stools taking cock from both ends, and that barman looked keen too, no doubt he be hovering, cock in hand to take a turn.

This was too much for Bob, he had seen enough. The thought of her trapped between the two young reps as they gave her the benefit of their young stiff cocks was getting to much for him.

He quickly finished his drink, stood up and made his way to the door, as he passed he overheard her telling the reps that she had to go the ladies room, and not to go away.


It was dark outside now. Bob eased himself into the car, reclined the seat a little, and fired it up, unzipping his pants to release his straining cock.

As he slowly pulled forward, the bar door opened and the sexy woman appeared, tottering over the rough ground on her four inch heels.

Bob pulled alongside seks filmi izle her and pushed the passenger door open, she eased herself in as quickly as her tight skirt would allow, throwing her handbag on the floor.

She gave a wide smile as she saw his cock illuminated by the dash lights.

Bob put the car in drive and pulled away as her head went down and took his full length in her mouth. She sucked him hard for a minute before coming up for air.

“Wow! How was I darling? I take it you enjoyed that?” asked his wife. Bob grinned.

“Paula, as soon as we get to the motel, I am going to give you such a hard fucking you may need a wheelchair to get on the plane in the morning!”


Bob had the feeling that things were going to get interesting from here on.

Paula loved to tease, but he really did want to see her take some extra cock. She wouldn’t do it Stateside, but they had a three week business/vacation trip to the UK starting tomorrow. She had hinted that she might loose her inhibitions and actually go for it in the UK with the added anonymity that it would provide. Bob sure hoped so!


As soon as they were in their motel room, Bob stripped off and lay on the bed, soon joined by his horny young wife, still wearing her stockings and boots.

Paula took hold of his cock, and snuggled up close.

“I hope that you are going to last a long time tonight darling, I’ve just walked away from two lovely stiff cocks for you! The dark one had a huge bulge in his trousers, he loved it when I unzipped him and started pulling on it while he told me what they were going to do to me!”

Paula knelt over Bob, and lowered her self slowly over his cock.

“God, you’re wet!”

“I know Hun, and guess what, when I slid off the stool, the ‘fair one’ as you call him, Pete, kept his hand on my thigh, he had been using his thumb on me, as I slid down he let it nudge right inside me so that I was trapped with his hand on my backside and his thumb in my pussy! Oh my God, I was so turned on!”

Paula was grinding herself down hard on Bob’s cock as she told him.

“Oh yes, that’s lovely darling, but I bet you would have preferred seeing me impaled on that big cock while being forced to lick and suck the other one first!”

Bob panted in agreement, he would just love to see Paula being fucked senseless before he took his turn. But tomorrow they were flying to England, he was sure she would get all the cock she needed there!

After half an hour of solid fucking, Bob was more than ready to fill this sexy little tart with a big wad of hot cum. He turned her on her back, held her ankles wide apart and rode her for all he was worth.

Just as she sensed the moment arriving she managed to pant out breathlessly between his thrusts;

“Oh, I forgot to mention, I kinda promised the barman a turn as well, what must they be thinking!”

Bob didn’t care, too late now, he knew exactly what he was thinking as he erupted like a volcano deep inside his wife.

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