Bobby and the Cop

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Time seems to go by so quickly. It was almost a year that I moved out of my mom and step-dad’s house, but it seemed like just yesterday.

After graduating from college, I returned home to the Detroit suburbs. I got a job fairly quickly as a computer tech. The company I worked for sold PCs and custom software to small and medium-sized businesses. I did diagnosis, repair, and upgrades on the PCs. It wasn’t a bad job and it paid decently for a fresh out of college job. The only part I didn’t like was that the company office was in downtown Detroit in the Penobscot building. The traffic and parking really sucked.

It was hard going back to living with my mom and step-dad after the freedom of college. Even with my older brother married and moved out, there just wasn’t a lot of privacy. So I moved into this duplex in Detroit. The house had been divided into two small, one bedroom apartments. The neighborhood wasn’t terribly bad and it was conveniently located. I could get on the Lodge and take it straight shot downtown to get to work.

It seemed like all I did was work, come home, watch TV, go to bed and then repeat. It was starting to get really lonely.

On two occasions, I had dared to venture up to 8 Mile and go into a porn shop to purchase a magazine. They were exciting at first, but you kind of get bored with them after a bit.

I found a gay bar on Woodward and I hung out there a couple of times, but I was too shy to approach anyone. I just felt really uncomfortable sitting there alone. There were a lot of young guys and none of them were what I liked. I was kind of excited when I found a flyer for an upcoming bear event.

When I arrived at the bar, I was nervous and excited. I thought I looked pretty good in my jeans and black t-shirt. I paid the cover and went in and was amazed. There were hot guys everywhere. Big stocky hairy guys, just like I liked. My excitement was not lasting. It seemed like the guys all knew each other. Worse, it was like a high school clique. As I listened to them interact, I realized that they only liked other bears or were into leather or other stuff I didn’t know anything about. A skinny, nerdy looking guy like me didn’t have a chance.

I did get hit on by a man old enough to be my grandfather and I politely declined. He seemed to be into ‘daddy’ role playing and the way he looked at me creeped me out.

I did overhear a couple of hot guys complaining and saying that another bar had ‘real men’. I made a mental note that I would found out more about that place.

In the end, I left bear night feeling even more alone than ever.


In retrospect, I should have trusted my instincts. When I walked into the bar, I knew I was in the wrong place. I should have turned around and left right away. I was so nervous I was shaking, but I didn’t want to look like a total wimp. I ordered a beer and downed it pretty quickly. The second one, I sipped at a more leisurely pace.

I sat at a small table in the corner checking out the guys. These guys were not like the bears on ‘bear night’. There was a lot of denim and a lot of leather. The guys were masculine and rough looking and a lot of them looked like bikers, which made sense since there were more than a few motorcycles parked out back. Some of the guys had a lot of tattoos. Some of them were really scary. I know I stuck out like sore thumb. I decided I’d take a walk around and finish my beer then head home. I got up and walked through the place. I saw there was a patio out back, so I headed out there. There were quite a few guys outside smoking even though it was pretty chilly out.

I was shocked to see a handful of couples making out. I mean, they were really going at it. I watched one couple go through a gate in the back and disappear down an alley. That was when I felt him behind me. I turned around and looked up.

He was massive. He had to be at least 8 inches taller than me and weighed at least twice as much. He looked like he once was very muscular, but had softened considerably. He had a shaved head and a black biker handlebar moustache and a word tattooed on the side of his neck, but between the dim lighting and the complicated lettering, I couldn’t make out what it said. He was holding a beer and a cigarette in his right hand. He locked his eyes onto mine and brought the beer bottle up to his mouth and his tongue lightly touched the end of the bottle just as it came to his lips. A chill went up my spine and I shifted uncomfortably.

“What’s your name, boy?” he growled.

“Bobby,” I answered meekly.

The man didn’t offer his name. He brought his left hand up inside my jacket and twisted my right nipple hard and I cried out in pain and stepped back, bumping up against the railing. He moved in closer and leaned in as his hand moved down to my ass and squeezed it.

“You looking to have some fun with a real man?” he growled into my ear.

Before I could answer, he had his arm around me and lead me through the gate in back and down the alleyway. casino siteleri It was really dark and I was getting nervous and scared.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea,” I started to say. “I should–“

“Shut the fuck up,” he growled.

He gripped me tighter and we turned a corner. He pushed me into a stack of wood pallets.

“I think I should go,” I said.

Everything happened so quickly. He was so fast and so strong. I screamed when he bent me over the pallets and pulled my pants down. He gripped the back of my hair and slammed my face into the pallets. My glasses dug into my face and then flew off. He pulled my jacket off and grabbed me by the waist and turned me over onto my back. I pushed and kicked at him and he slugged me in the face twice. Blood was pouring out of my nose and I was having trouble seeing. But I didn’t have any trouble feeling him against my body.

I heard him rip open a condom wrapper and his hand covered my mouth tightly. He spit and rubbed between my legs. I tried to squirm away from him, but his body pinned me down.

I closed my eyes tightly and screamed and sobbed into his hand as he shoved his dick into me. It hurt more than anything I had ever felt before. I could tell he wasn’t hung very big, but it still felt like he was splitting me in two.

When he finished, he rifled through my pants and then left me laying there on the pallets.

Tears streamed down my face as I struggled to get to my feet and put on my pants. My body throbbed in pain with every movement. My underwear was ripped, so I left them. I managed to find my glasses, but they were bent and cracked. I felt my jeans pockets and was glad I left my wallet in my glove compartment. The 50 bucks or so I had in my front pocket was gone.

I wiped my nose with my shirt sleeve and hugged the wall as I tried to make my way down the alley. I gasped and panicked when I came across a man in a sunken doorway and I stumbled backwards. The big guy stepped out and another younger guy stood up from a kneeling position.

“Are you alright, kid?” the big guy asked as he zipped up his pants.

“Jesus, what happened to you?” the other asked.

“Come on, we need to get you to a hospital,” the first man said.

They helped me down the alleyway and to the parking lot to my car. The big guy drove me to the emergency room in my car and the younger guy followed in his car. I grabbed my wallet from the glove compartment and the big guy helped me walk to the entrance.

“Listen, kid, I can’t go in with you,” he said. “I would if I could, but if my family… They’ll take care of you here, okay?”

I nodded and tried not to cry. “Thank you,” I whispered.

His eyes glistened and he hugged me. He got in the car with the young guy and they sped off.

I went inside and checked in at the desk and when the triage nurse asked me what happened, I whispered, “I was… I was raped.”

She looked at me with sympathy, but I still had to wait in the waiting room. I was cold and shivering a little bit and I realized that I left my jacket back in the alley. I tried to bend my glasses back into the right shape so that I could see the insurance forms I was filling out. I turned them in and returned to my seat. People were staring at me. I wanted to call my mom, but I didn’t want her and my step-dad Carl to know what happened. It hit me that I didn’t even have any friends I could call and I hung my head down and started to cry again.

A nurse soon called my name and he helped me into a small room where he took my blood pressure and weight and asked me what happened. He then took me down another hallway and helped me sit on a bed. He pulled the curtain around to give me some privacy while I put on the gown.

The nurse returned shortly with a doctor. Everything happened so fast it was a blur. The whole experience was unpleasant. The doctor introduced himself and examined my face and head. He probed, pinched and shined lights at me. He squeezed my nose to see if it was broken. Then I had to roll over onto my belly while he probed my butt. The nurse drew my blood and they left to run some tests and help other people.

Another nurse came in with some pain killers and to help clean me up. He was an older man and he looked at me with kind eyes and said he was sorry for what happened to me and I further embarrassed myself by crying again. When he was finished, he gave me an ice pack to put on my eye. He patted my arm and left me alone again.

As I sat there, my face throbbed. My eyes, cheeks and nose hurt, not to mention my ass. My eyes seemed to be swollen pretty badly, especially my left one. The curtain opened again and two Detroit policemen entered. They were both big and muscular, one blond and one dark haired. Under different circumstances, I would have found them both hot and checked them out, but I wasn’t quite in the mood. I just wanted everyone to go away so that I could go home.

The blond cop introduced himself as Officer Taft and canlı casino his dark-haired bearded partner was Officer Paolucci. Officer Taft asked the questions: who I was, what I was doing there, what happened. He asked me to describe the guy and his name. I was embarrassed at how little I could describe the guy and Officer Taft quickly grew impatient with me, which only served to fluster me further.

“You’re not giving us much to go on here,” Taft grumbled.

Paolucci motioned with his head for Taft to follow him. They stepped out of the curtain and moved away. They were still within earshot, though I could barely hear what they were saying.

“Give the guy a break,” Paolucci said.

“They’re never gonna find the guy with what this kid gave us. I think he’s hiding something. Sounds to me like the kid went looking for a good time and things got outta hand.”

“Fuck you, Nick. You wouldn’t say that shit if it was a girl in there.”

“You talk to him then. Maybe he’ll open up to another queer.”

“If you weren’t my best friend, I would kick your fucking ass right now. Asshole.”

The curtain parted and Paolucci stepped in followed by Taft. Paolucci smiled at me.

“Hi, Bobby,” Paolucci said in a calm, deep voice. “Is there anyone we can call for you? Mom or Dad?”

“No,” I said, before adding quietly, “I don’t want them to know what happened.”

“You don’t think they’d want to know you’re all right?”

“They don’t really know I’m… gay, and this isn’t exactly the way I want to come out to them.”

“Okay, Bobby. I understand. Now, why don’t you tell me again what happened, okay? Why were you there?”

I opened up and told Officer Paolucci everything, probably a little more than he needed to know. How I was lonely and the guys at the other bar I had gone to were all skinny and twinky and I heard that this place maybe had guys I liked. I told him I was scared and nervous, but I decided to finish my beer before I left. I then told him everything that happened with the guy in detail. I previously left out the part about the guys that helped me, but this time I told him about them as well.

The cops stepped out when the doctor returned. He told me my STI tests were all negative. He gave me a prescription for some mild pain pills and said I could go home and that my bruises should fade away in a couple of weeks, but I should try to get plenty of rest the next few days. Someone would be back to help me out. He patted my shin and left.

I got up and pulled the gown off and laid it on the bed and started to get dressed.

“Oh, excuse me,” a voice said.

I turned around and saw a blushing Officer Paolucci back out of the curtain. I blushed in embarrassment that he had seen my naked butt. I finished getting dressed in my jeans and my bloody t-shirt as the orderly came with the wheelchair. I sat down and he opened the curtain. The two cops walked with us as the orderly wheeled me out to the ER’s front entrance.

Officer Paolucci asked me where my car was. He insisted that they were going to take me home. When he saw me shivering in just a t-shirt, he took off his coat and put it on me. I started to protest, but it was so big and comfy and warm. The jacket had a gold badge on the left breast and his name tag on the right was engraved ‘T PAOLUCCI’. There was a radio on the left shoulder. It smelled faintly of cologne. It was way too big for me, but it was so warm and smelled so good that I zipped it up and folded my arms together.

We walked over to my car as Taft went to get their police cruiser. Paolucci took my keys and tried to climb into my little car.

Paolucci was a big guy, tall and stocky. He pushed the seat back all the way and tilted the steering wheel forward and grunted as he tried to get situated. I knew he couldn’t be very comfortable. My car was just not built for a guy his size.

“Sorry about that,” I said, trying not to smile.

“It’s no problem, Bobby.”

We pulled out of the parking lot and I gave him directions to my house and Taft followed us in their car.

As we drove, I glanced over at Officer Paolucci. He was a very handsome guy with typical Italian features. Getting a closer look, I could see he was younger than I first thought, still in his twenties I guessed. He had black hair cut in a military high and tight style. He had a nicely trimmed beard that was cut short and close to his face. His eyes were a deep blue. His lips were pouty and kissable. He had a black t-shirt on under his dark blue uniform shirt and his gold badge reflected the street lights as we drove. He had big, strong looking arms that stretched at the fabric of his shirt. His forearms were covered in dark hair.

He cut his eyes over to me and caught me staring and I quickly turned away, my face flush with embarrassment.

We finally pulled into my duplex and Paolucci hopped out and opened the door for me. He told Taft he’d be right out and walked me to the door. He handed me my keys and I unlocked the kaçak casino door and he followed me inside. I turned on the lights and I reluctantly took off his coat and gave it to him.

“Thanks so much for your help, Officer Paolucci.”

“You’re welcome, Bobby. If I hear anything about your case, I’ll let you know. Here’s my card if you need anything.”

I took the offered business card and put it in my wallet.

“I’ll try to check on you in a day or so and make sure you’re okay. If you don’t mind?”

“Sure, I guess so,” I replied.

“Try to get some rest, okay?”

I nodded and he squeezed my shoulder.

“Bye,” I said as I closed the door behind him.

I sighed. I felt like a pathetic loser having a crush on the big cop.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower and finally got a good look at myself. I had two black eyes and my left eye was very swollen. My right cheek was badly bruised. I had a scrape and cut on my forehead. My 5’8″ skinny body was bruised on my stomach and my sides, where he was pushing me against the wood. My black hair had dried blood streaked in it. My glasses were bent and scratched and I was going to need new ones, which I couldn’t really afford right now. On the plus side, I could get a pair that was a little less nerdy.

I wiped the tears away and took my clothes off and climbed into the shower. The warm water felt so good. After I was done washing, I just stood there with my eyes closed until the hot water ran out.

I woke up screaming in a sweat. I dreamed that Officer Paolucci and I were out on the back deck of the bar making out, but then he morphed into my attacker and pinned me down on a table…

I got up and got a drink of water and took another shower. The sheets were soaked, so I laid a towel down and slept on top of that. Thankfully, I didn’t dream again.


I called my boss on Sunday evening and told him that I had been mugged and needed to take a week of vacation to rest and recover. I told him I’d fax a copy of my ER paperwork. He was very nice and understanding and said I could have a week of sick leave and keep my vacation days.

Monday morning, I got a flowers and a ‘get well’ card delivered to my house from everyone at work.

I needed to get my prescription filled and I needed some groceries for the week. I also needed to get a new pair of glasses. I didn’t want to go out, but I didn’t really have a choice. I called my eye doctor and was able to get an appointment that afternoon.

After my eye exam, I had an hour or so to kill while my glasses were being made, so I went to the grocery store and turned in my prescription and did a little bit of shopping. I knew people were staring at me like I was a freak, and I tried not to let it bother me, but it really did. By the time I left the store I was shaking and on the verge of tears. I picked up my glasses and paid the half the insurance didn’t cover with my credit card. Once I got home and put everything up, I took a pill and went to bed.


When the doorbell rang late Tuesday afternoon, I couldn’t imagine who it was. I opened the door to find Officer Paolucci standing on my doorstep. He had said he was going to check with me, but I didn’t think he really meant it.

“Hi, Bobby. I just wanted to check on you. Make sure you were okay.”

“Um… Oh, hi… Yeah, I’m fine.”

I stood there staring at him for a couple of seconds. “Oh, sorry. Come in.”

I invited him in and took his coat and hung it up in the hall closet. I offered him a drink, but he declined and we sat down on the couch together.

“I’m sorry, but we haven’t been able to find out anything about the guy who attacked you. They talked to the bar staff. They did find your jacket and some ripped briefs. There was also, uh, a used condom they’re doing a DNA check on. But it doesn’t look promising. I’m really sorry I don’t have better news, Bobby.”

“It’s okay. I shouldn’t’ve been there, I guess I deserved what I got.”

“Hey. Don’t you ever say that, you hear me? No one deserves to be assaulted.”

I nodded and wiped away a tear.

“Listen, do you need anything? I’m off duty in an hour. If you need me to run to the store or anything.”

“No, thank you. I’m fine, but thank you for offering, Officer Paolucci.”

“Call me Tony. Hey, how ’bout dinner? You want me to bring you something? There’s a great little pizza place I know. I’ll deliver it hot and fresh on my way home.”

“Why are you being so nice to me, Off–, uh, Tony?”

He looked at me for a second. “You look like you could use a friend.”

My eyes welled up with tears and I just nodded, afraid to speak.

“Okay. I’ll be back in about an hour and half, Bobby.”

He patted my shoulder and grabbed his coat from the closet and was gone.


My house was pretty clean, but I straightened up, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom and cleaned up the kitchen. I took a quick shower and got dressed.

I let Tony in when the doorbell rang. He was wearing civilian clothes and was freshly showered and holding a pizza box.

“Pizza delivery,” he said with a smile.

I laughed and let him in and he set it down on the breakfast bar.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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