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Okay what am I going to do? I am naked in bed and Bobby wearing his top and bottom PJ’s has come in and he is hugging me. He doesn’t know that I am naked. He will freak out once he knows. I can’t lean forward. Just keep from moving.

Oh damn, my dicks hard too. That happens naturally when you are asleep. Being in his embrace is so hot too. If I could only get it to go down. If he moves, he will feel it. It’s just that my dick is so large. You can’t miss it when it’s at full staff. Don’t press it into him. Oh Bobby, please don’t brush against my cock.

“Mike what am I going to do,” came out in gasp as he cried. His mom, my half cousin-we share the same grandfather-died three days ago. Though she was my cousin, she was only four years younger than my mom. I found her via a DNA match. It was so cool to find her. We were so much alike. We hit it off right away. I was so much closer to her than my other cousins that I grew up with.

She had diabetes and other health issues. She was widowed several years ago. When her husband died, Bobby, her only son, (Bobby had four sisters) moved in to assist his mom. He had never married. A few years back the three of us were at dinner when I was on business in the area, and he stated that he was not gay but never married because he was too selfish a person.

From what I could see, Bobby was not selfish, and I doubt a selfish man would have moved into take care of his mom.

I like Bobby. I like him a lot. Yeah, I have fantasized about him, but this is not what I fantasized. I know that if he was aware that he was hugging a naked man, it would be more than he could handle.

Unlike me, he wears a full get up to bed. What man wears a complete set of pajamas when the weather is like this? I know he is religious. I don’t want this to end badly.

It’s just me and Bobby here tonight. When he moved into his mom’s, he had kept this house. Tonight several family members were staying at his mom’s place and he and I were here at his very masculine feeling home. We came here after the viewing.

Bobby please keep your hands where they are. Do not slide your hands down my back.

I am to blame for this.

Earlier when we came in, we were spent. Exhausted, we collapsed into his big comfortable Lazy Boy chairs.

I had lost my wife in an accident years earlier. I understand the grief and pain of the loss of a loved one. As we got ready to head off to bed, I told Bobby, “I am here for you. You probably won’t be able to sleep tonight. If you need to talk, let me know.” He has taken me up on my offer and I am in my birthday suit. His hands are moving, please stop.

When we were standing in the living room both in clothes he said, “Thanks.” We both got up and hugged each other. Bobby held me so tight. His hands almost were gripping me. Holding him, I could tell that he worked out. His muscles were firm and strong. It was a minute or two that we stayed united. I admit it, I let my hands slide along that firm back. Don’t think thoughts like that. I need my dick to go down.

Of course, I had to make sure that I ended up in this position. When we broke, I told him, “I am serious. If you need me, let me know. If it’s two a.m., I will be there for you. You can just knock on my door.” It’s two a.m.; he knocked; I am naked as a jaybird; and Yes, I am here for you; Someone help me.

He showed me to my room. It was nice but felt as if it belonged up in a man’s mountain cabin. I stripped naked. That is how I sleep. I don’t want clothes on. Now before sliding into bed, I did set my pants next to it in the chair just in case I needed to slip them on in the night. I normally would be fine walking to the bathroom stark naked, but I felt that Bobby would not be comfortable with it.

I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. It was sometime in the night when I heard a knocking on my door. I knew who it was and turned on the light, “Bobby?” I was not thinking about that I was nude. I was just waking up.

“Can I come in?”

Making sure my lower half was still covered, I set up in bed, “Come on in.” Oh no, I have a hard on.

Bobby made a bee line to me and grabbed me in this hug. He is holding me and crying. So that’s how I got to this moment. Now how do I get out of this predicament?

Oh crap he is starting to move his hands. Don’t go lower, please don’t, keep them up. That ‘s good. They’re going up. Oh no, he’s starting down again. Oh, damn. No….oh no.

Jumping back off the bed like his hand had just touched a burning stove. With a shocked look on his face, “You’re naked.”

Yeah, I am. How to handle this? He needs to talk. “Just one second.” Now I don’t care who sees me naked. I love going to nude beaches. It doesn’t matter to me, but with Bobby, I was embarrassed because he was. I kept myself covered for as long as I could be but there was the stretch to my pants. If he was looking, he was going to see my ass. And there was know way that he would miss my seven-inch hard cock that was bouncing up and down in front of me. It was like canlı bahis a rocket shooting out of my crotch.

If I were elsewhere, I would be making a show of it. I’d be strutting around hoping everyone saw this big piece of meat, but right now I felt like a thirteen-year-old boy who had just been caught jerking off by his mother.

Of course the pants won’t go on. I am hopping up and down trying to pull them up. My dick is flopping up and down. It makes a large splat sound as it hits my stomach on one of the bounces.

It’s so stiff. Trying to get it into my pants and it won’t go. I am trying to wrangle this snake. It is not bending. I want to tuck it into my pants. It’s so hard! Go in please. I am wrestling with it so I can stuff it in the left side where it prefers to hang out.

Got it. Zipped it up.

As I look at Bobby, my face felt red hot. He is staring at my pants. I look down. There is a huge bulge. It’s like this mountain on the left side of my pants next to a valley that is on the right side. It looks so damn big.

What to do now? I tried to slide my hand into my pants pocket to hide it but when I do it looks obscene as if I am trying to play with it.

Pulling my hand out quickly. I don’t know where to put it. It twisted this way and then that way in the air. Then I fold my arms just below my chest. I try to smile. Attempting to move on, “And you were saying?”

He was just looking at me. Staring at me like I was some weird stranger. It was like he had been watching a train wreck. I saw it on his face as his mouth still was gapped open. I really didn’t know what else to do. The last thing that he said to me before he rubbed his hand on my bare butt and recoiled away. “So you are wondering what you are going to do?”

Still with that same look on his face, “Yeah.”

Trying to move forward and hoping that this whole incident would not be discussed at some point tomorrow before or after the funeral. I feel as if I am still beat red. “Time. Yeah time, that will be it.” Oh god help me. “What I mean is that you will hurt for a time, but with time, the pain will ease.” Please take me out and shoot me now. He is still not saying anything. What have I done? I didn’t bring PJ’s. I didn’t know that I would need them. I never wear them. Lots of people sleep naked.

The silence was killing me.

“A year or two, I bet that you will find some nice girl.” I am normally so smooth and calm. Not now. “You’re a good-looking guy. You’re hot.” And he was. He just saw me naked with an erection, I should not have said hot.

“I’m not going to get married.”

He spoke, Yeah! Maybe we can move on from my nude modeling moment. “No one said you had to get married.”

“No girl would be interested in me.”

He has a great job, health insurance, he took care of his mom, is good-looking, “I know a lot of girls that would be interested in you.”

‘I don’t think so.”

Maybe he has some low self-esteem, I can help. “Why?”


“Because why.”


I was only going to be here a couple of days. “Give me one reason why.”

“I’m selfish.”

That was not true. I had seen him to many times in acts towards others of kindness and generosity. I know that he is in a very vulnerable state, but I pushed on, “You are not selfish. What is a valid reason?”

“No one would want me.” And he turned away. I could tell that there was a reason.

Gently, “Why?” All he did was shrug his shoulders. I suddenly became bold. “Women will be attracted to you and you are attracted to women, right?” He didn’t say anything. Oh. Could it be? There was something about the way that he moved, that I knew. He’s been hiding this. So share with him something that I didn’t tell my family, “It’s okay. I have never told anyone in the family this. It’s my secret. You know that I am bi. I like both men and women.”

He didn’t say anything and kept his back to me.

“It’s okay if you’re gay.” Nothing was said. “It’s okay if you’re bi.” Still silence. “It’s okay if you’re straight.”

He let out a heavy sigh.

“Whatever you tell me, I will not share.” Thinking that I didn’t want everyone in the family to know that I was bi. “I have shared my secret with you. Please don’t share it with anyone else.”

“I won’t.” This time he turned to me with tears running down his face. “I know how to keep a secret.” I knew then why he had never married a woman for sure. I went over to hug him. He squeezed me. “You won’t tell?”

“No,” I told him. “I am not going to say anything to anyone. That’s your choice.”

Whispering, “Do you think that they would like me?”



“Of course.”

“But no one will love me.”

“I can’t promise love, but there will be guys.”

“No one will want me.”

“There are lots of guys who would jump at the chance to go out with you.” Bobby is a great guy. “You are handsome. You have beautiful sandy hair. Those blue eyes of yours alone are enough to catch most guys.”

“I bahis siteleri am so old.”

If he is old, does that make me ancient, “What?”

“I will be forty next year. No one will want an old man. They want someone young.”

Taking a step back. Pointing the finger at myself. “I have found guys. I am four years older than you. I am not washed up.”

He began peeling off his top revealing his chest. It was smooth without a hair one. There were two large pink nipples on pecks that were firm and well-shaped. The abdomen was defined. The shoulders were broad and tapered in. If he were on the beach, every gay man would take a look.

I shouldn’t have, but I took my hands and felt his chest. It was like marble-firm and fit. He took his hands and felt my chest. He ran his fingers through my trimmed hair that covered my pecks. “You’re like a man. You have chest hair. I always wanted to have hair on my chest. A man has hair on his chest.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I’ve always wanted to be smooth like you.”

Taking a step back from me, Bobby slipped both hands into the side of his bottoms and quickly dispatched them to the floor. He stood in front of me, naked. His erection was what I saw first. It was a big dick. It was around my size maybe a tad bigger. His shaft was smoother than mine and about the same thickness. His cock was a nice, full, big rod. It leaned a little to the right. His bush was full but compact. He had a nice set of big balls.

Holding his hands out and exposing his whole body to me, “What will they think?” With little confidence, “Will anyone want me?”

I am sure that there would be a number of porn producers that would want this boy. The broad shoulders, the great face, the manly legs, the big package—yeah they would want him. “Lots and lots. You will have to pick and choose.”

“You’re just being nice.”

Damn this boy had no idea what he had. “Lots would.”

“Do you find me attractive?”

“I do.”

“Are you just saying that?”

Okay it is time to reveal my pervy self to him. How much more humiliating could this night be? Just be honest. “Bobby, I am a little embarrassed to say this, but I have had more than one fantasy with you.”

“With me?”

I will not repeat to him the whole sordid details. “When I got horny sometimes, I have thought of you as I pleasured myself.”

“You would really want me?”

“Of course I would,” I blurted out. “I have.”

Then there is the moment of awkward silence. I just want to crawl back into bed and cover myself up and hide like an ostrich. Could a meteor fall from the sky and please hit me right now.

He is taking a step towards me. Is he going to hit me? He is bigger than me. Maybe it will be to my stomach and not my face. I should have never come.

Softly he said, “I’ve always wanted you.” He bit his lip and turned nervously. “The first time I laid eyes on you, I wanted you. You were funny and so full of life. Plus you’re good looking.”

“What?” Is he kidding me?

“You are so sexy.”


“You are so good looking.” With that he stepped forward and touched my cheek. “Your eyes are blue like a robin’s eggs. There not dark like mine but light.” Then with a bit of a stumble, “Your lips. I…look at them…they are not thin lines like mine.” Pausing, “They seem as if they were made for kissing. They look just perfect.”

With that he leaned in and his lips connected with my lips. I instinctively move forward, and my tongue darted into his mouth.

Bobby pulled back.

There was a surprised look on his face.

I asked, “Have you ever kissed anyone?” He shook his head no. “Have you ever done anything with anyone?” He shook his head no again. “Do you want to try and kiss me again?” He nodded yes.

I moved forward putting a hand on each side of his face and gently kissed him. Just lips to lips. Softly my lips pulsed next to his. He began kissing me back. His hands moved to my back where they gently caressed me.

Then he tried. His tongue licked my lips as both were pressed together. I opened enough to let it in. Soon our tongues were dancing together. I could feel his hands moving over larger parts of my body. They would only brush the top of my ass.

Normally, I would be moving passionately down his body, hitting all the spots, but this was Bobby’s day. I let him move at his pace.

Breaking, “Could we lay on the bed?” His eyes grew wide at the thought.

I took his hand and we walked to the edge of the bed. “Do you want me to take off my pants before we lay down.” He gulped and nodded. I was about to do it but asked, “Would you want to help me?”

He swallowed again. I raised my hands above my head and looked down at my pants. The foreplay had me hard. My dick was swollen and making a big mound on the left side. Bobby fell to his knees. His hands were trembling as he tried to unsnap the pants He struggled nervously. I reached down and quickly unsnapped them and then raised my hands back up in the air.

Looking bahis şirketleri down at Bobby, his whole focus was on that big fat bulge. He had to work to get the zipper down and it took both his hands. The pants parted. Some of my bush and cock were exposed. Bobby’s eyes turned up to me for permission to go forward. I gave it.

His left hand easily got the right side started down, but the erect rod had made the other side tight. All his fingers and thumb were needed to pull the material back. When he did, the piece of meat spun out and hit Bobby in the face. He rubbed the spot and giggled.

The pants fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. Bobby looked up at me again with his wanting eyes. “You can touch it,” I told him.

If I were on my knees in front of a dick that I wanted, I would have grabbed the cock, but no not with Bobby. He had never touched another man’s privates. Both of his hands went to each side of my hips. He slowly slid his hands up and down. All the time he was watching my hard dick that was right in front of his face.

Gently his hands began working inward. The gliding hands at first did not make the cock move, but as they inched towards the hard member, it began to make it bob slowly at first but the closer he came, the more it would swing.

Before touching my dick, he rubbed his fingers through my pubes. He worked his hands around the shaft and the balls. Bobby only stopped to pull his hands to his nose where he was able to smell my musky sexy scent that oozed out as my lustful hormones kicked in.

He first took my sack into his hand and rubbed my nuts gently in his palm. Never did he look up. His whole focus stayed on my genitals.

Moving on, he took his hand and started sliding it up and down my firm cock. He did it for a couple of minutes.

I don’t really have any pre-cum. I am very dry. Stroking with out lube becomes uncomfortable. I didn’t want to freak him out by slobbering my spit all over my hard stick. “I need some lubrication.”

This time he looked up at me. His eyes were hungry. He opened his mouth and slipped the head of my hard dick into his mouth. Though it was his first time, I felt he must read or watched a lot of porn for he started by swirling his tongue around my head and paid attention to the very sensitive underside.

Bobby made love to the top of my cock. In time, he began moving down the shaft a little at a time. His head grabbed the base as he took two inches. Then in time three inches. He wasn’t making any rookie mistakes. No teeth at all. Soon he was downing four. At five, he gagged on it.

It was only for a minute before he was back at it. He was determined to take it all. Then he made six. A couple of times he gagged, but pressing forward, he was soon taking all seven. It was long, slow, deep movements. He would pull almost all the way out and then back to deep in his throat. I could feel the head pressing down its tight shaft being squeezed in the small area deep down in his throat. It felt so good.

At this moment, I took his hand and moved us to the bed. I laid him on the mattress. I was on top when, I kissed his right nipple.

“Ohhh….what was that?”

“Just relax.” I went back to work kissing and sucking it while my other hand played with his other nipple.

“Ah…what are you doing?” He gasped. “It feels so good.”

I explained, “Some men’s nipples are hardwired, and you appear to be one of them.” I continued to work them both between his soft moans of pleasure.

My mouth worked down his smooth abdomen to his bush and on to his rock-hard dick. It was like steel covered in velvet. I went to work on it taking it quickly down to the base burying it deep down my throat. I did it only for a short time because I could hear how quick and heavy his breathing had become. He was getting close.

I sat up and rubbed his shoulders, “You were getting close.” He nodded.

Next to the bed was my bag. I always carry a small bottle of lube. He didn’t even really know what I was doing. I slid down the bed and first began licking and then sucking his balls.

“Ohhh… Ohhh…” he moaned.

As I bathed his sack in my mouth, I rubbed lube on my hole. Normally, I prefer to top, but this was no normal night.

Then I shocked Bobby as I slid down to his pucker and began kissing it and then tongue fucking it.

“Ohh…Ohh… Ahh.”

My hole was greased. I kept rimming him while my hand that was bathed in lube began masturbating his cock.

He would not last much longer. His eyes were closed tight as I pleasured him.

My right hand kept working as I moved up. Up and down my hand slid on the hard rock as I positioned myself with my hole right over his erection.

Slowly I lowered myself. His eyes popped open when my anus encountered the hard head.

Excitedly, wanting it, “Are You? Will You?”

“Yes,” I nodded as I felt the pressure building as I squatted down. It was big. It was greased but still it hurt as I pressed down to get it inside of me. Then I felt it break through. It was in. The hard part was over. I could now slowly slide all the way down. I held up my finger to let him know to wait. Wait until it was all inside of me. It took a minute for me to get use to it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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