Books and Boys

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She hated Barnes and Noble. There was a lack of dust on the books and too much sunlight. It smelled like lemons. She wanted her stacks with cobwebs and musk. She wanted the air to reek of burnt coffee and parchment. She wanted single beams of light to conjure puppet shows on the walls- romantic tales of star-crossed lovers dancing in the dust-particle rain- while she meandered through rows with old books in lopsided piles spilling from the floor.

But those bookstores were gone. All she had was that pop-culture commercial castle with bistro tables and nerdy college boys. At least one of those things were worthy of her time. She’d stop by the store in the afternoon, with one thing on her mind. She’d come dressed to kill, short skirt, tight shirt with lots of cleavage. She’d curled her hair in platinum ringlets that fell just short of her unconfined nipples. She was sex in mary jane heels.

She’d walk through the store, casually at first, scoping her prey. She liked quiet boys- the shy types that hid behind their plastic rimmed glasses, track jackets and sci-fi novels. The kind that had heads full of dirty thoughts which were played out with their palms each night.

She found her target sitting in an oversized sofa chair. He looked to be 19 or 20, with mousy brown hair and wiry glasses. She took a seat catty-corner from him, at a tiny table at the end of the cafe. She placed a stack of books near her feet while she pretended to thumb through another atop the table. Of course, he was already staring at her. Sometimes, they made it so easy. She uncrossed her legs, letting the left one fall to the top of the hardcover tower she’d built just moments before. Slowly, she spread her knees, inching her scandalously short skirt even higher and revealing the pantiless paradise that lied beneath.

She smiled as she watched his book fall. Watched him glance about to see if anyone else was watching the same porn that he was. Watched him shift uncomfortably as he tried to hide the erection tenting in his jeans. She let her hand slide down to her knee. Let it caress it’s way up her thigh. Her fingers slide silently into her crevice and she moved them for him. It was her personal sign language. She wondered if he’d understand.

She let the scene play out for him. Let his mind wander through the endless possibilities before him. Of course, he’d never made a move. Guys like this never did. When she thought he was ready, she ripped görükle escort the last page from the book before her and pulled out a pen. She scribbled a note, before walking to him and dropping it in his lap.

Follow me to the family restroom.

He entered the bathroom behind her and she turned on him, quick like a cat, boxing him between her arms. He started to stammer, no doubt to share his name, his favorite comic book, or some other benign fact. She lifted her finger to his lips to shush him before replacing it with hers. She moved one of his hands to her breast and the other to her ass before bathing him with her tongue. She scattered kisses and bites along his jaw before leaning into his ear to whisper, “What are you waiting for? Fuck me.”

She reached down, grabbed his protruding cock and squeezed. He pressed her against the wall as he unbuckled his pants to expose his cock. She was impressed with his size, but more impressed with his initiative as he reached past her to the child changing station, opening it quickly before grabbing her ass and lifting her atop it.

She bit her lip and held her breath. This was the moment she wanted. That first second where a new cock rested at the entrance to her cunt. She wondered how he’d feel- would he fill her up? Stretch her hole? Would his cock curl into her? What rhythm existed in his hips? What would he sound like when he came? Could he make her cum?

The exhilaration mixed with the lust to form a tsunami inside her. Just as she was about to grab him, he plunged into her ocean. He fucked her with wild abandon. He was a boy in a candy store stuffing his face with jelly beans before his mother could find him. He moved in and out, his cock swelling more inside her as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer. She could tell he was reaching his climax as his moans gained momentum and magnitude.

“Cum on my hand,” she demanded. He pulled out, obeying her orders and depositing his viscous syrup over her fingers. She brought one to her tongue, rolling a tiny ball of cum over her taste buds and memorizing him.

“Now lick me clean, but don’t swallow,” she implored. She glued her eyes to his as used his tongue as a mop for her messy digits. She leaned in, stealing back his bubblegum cum and swallowing it.

She jumped down from the changing table and laid her lips upon his one last time. Her lips curved in a grin, her parting gift to him. She walked out the door, leaving him dazed and flaccid behind her.

She stopped for a latte on her way out. She fucking hated Barnes and Noble, but coffee, books, and boys were a combination not even commercialism could ruin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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