Borrowing His Body Ch. 06

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I have picked up this story again at the request of a few dedicated yet frustrated readers. Thank you, to those of you who spurred me on when I was completely content in abandoning this fic.

It has been nearly two years since I last updated this story. A quick preface should serve well: two teen boys, Jake and Devlin, have switched bodies through some unknown power inherited by Devlin from his paternal grandfather and his father. Jake the jock (balk at the originality) and Devlin the nerd struggle to regain control of their own bodies through the increasingly intense physical contact and intimacy they share.

Note, the story is told from two perspectives, though this chapter comes entirely from Devlin’s point of view. There will be some confusing explanations of whose body is whose body, but I ask you bear with this since it is important to the story and how things develop later. Yes, there will be more coming after this! Happy reading!


Part 6


Pinned and pining, I held in my hands the shape of my own body, yet inside was the being of another. I had him there, captive beneath me in my grasp, seeming firmer than I had ever before exerted. I held his hips now. He squirmed against me, so I gathered him up and slowly eased us onto our sides on the mattress. He maneuvered us further until there I lay, supine. Jake propped himself up with his left hand, slid down the bulk of my body, aligned our dicks, and ground as hard as he could into me. The swivel he managed with his hips was impressive. My hands shot up – surely, by some untamed, hormone-driven passion this body achieved as it rapidly approached the kind of sex it craved most – and caught his ass. The fabric of his athletic shorts lent me the freedom of movement. I palmed it. I spread it. I played it like I, rightful owner, only knew.

He cleared his throat and repositioned himself. He straddled my stomach, moving around, resting right above my pelvic bone, my threatening erection. I’m sure he was aware. “Um, so…you maybe want to lose some of…these?” He gestured down to our clothes.

I chuckled. My abs clenched. I wasn’t used to this reaction, so I ended up tossing Jake a bit, but he steadied himself with a hand on my chest. “Yeah, why not,” I said.

“Ok.” When he said it, it came out him like a puff of smoke, so I laughed again. Uneasy, putting on this sexy act as he was, my own certainty proceeded unchecked.

I lifted my shirt up with him still sitting there. He raised his hand. Then, bracing himself with those long legs on either side of my body, he raised his hips ever so slightly. I raised mine too, to free the fabric of the shirt from under me. I motioned to grab the bottom of the shirt but I could not seem to pass up the golden opportunity and instead reached for his hips. Jake had his shirt coming off over his head, so he couldn’t have prepared for my grip.

His whole body jolted when I grabbed him, and he quickly threw his shirt off and onto the floor to look down on me, slight concern marking his face. I smiled back at him, and I kept my grip firm. His hips were narrow, bony, suggestive. Extending the arch of my body slightly and inclining his lower half towards mine, I grinded up towards him.

He rolled his eyes at me. “Alright…” he said, his words lingering and seeming to tempt.

“Yeah? What’s so alright to you?”

His grin hooked to one side. “You know, kind of everything.” And with that he grabbed the bottom of my shirt and tried to tear it up and off me. I helped. He needed it, really, fragile little bird. I’d have needed it if I were still in that body, my body…

I recall trying to forget our current predicament at that time. The body swap.

I recall how I figured to make the most of it. Give into my darkest, most hedonistic inclinations. After all, I was borrowing his body.

Upon successfully disrobing me, he looked a bit too proud, so I pulled him back. He sunk down onto me, with what little weight he had, and our bodies decompressed. Flesh on flesh. The divinity of that moment, sure to be outclassed by moments to come, was not lost.

We both sighed forcibly. I chuckled softly at the simultaneity of it. He shivered in my arms.

Better suited – rather, no longer suited in our shirts, bare-chested – we resumed the play. And he snaked down my body again, worrying less about supporting himself, more about the painfully perfect feeling of our torsos bare and flush together.

He grabbed the beltloops of my jeans near the back and really forced down, his pelvis on mine. His hips were too narrow to match mine, but his cock was ever eager and hard as a challenge. He rested for a moment before beginning to gyrate, again, just so.

“Fuck,” he breathed.

And I had his ass in my hands again. I got a bit too playful, feeling that butt I knew so well. One strong hand up the short short that barely covered his casino siteleri left cheek.

He actually whimpered.

There he was squirming halfway down me. Our cocks throbbing against each other’s, the full length of his upper body extended about seventy-five percent of my own. Our height difference proved to be the sort of amusing, unavoidable situation you could giggle at then ignore. I could not wait to experience it from the other perspective…from my own body.

His head was pressed up against my chest. He nudged one of my pecs. The contact there ached. The velvet, glowing mantle of my chest. The silken, pure caress of his cheek. The sensation teased. He raked the unexpected stubble on his chin across me as he moved his head, once now twice rubbing against me like some unfixed feline.

Jake nuzzled his chin in the hollow of my chest, where flesh dove down and fiercely clung to the sturdy cage of bone responsible for this statue of a body.

And now, for yet another time uncountable, our eyes met.

I saw it. I saw him. As if he could hide now. I knew if he could have, of his own accord, leapt from his borrowed body at that moment, to regain control, he would have. He would have run, streaking through the air, back to his body, his statue, to crown it with laurels and dress it for victory over discord and baffling strife.

Instead, I stared from his high portholes and cast him down.

That psychic charge that played between us gripped each look. I knew he sensed it when he lowered his eyes. His face.

He kissed my flesh. His sigh leaked toxins all over me that spread in form of gooseflesh, until they stole up and out of my mouth in a sigh that answered his. “Jake,” the toxins spoke, through trembling lips and equally excited breath.

I had latched onto his ass and hadn’t let up since. I squeezed him once more there, then moved one of my arms up his lithe frame, his naked flesh, to the small of his back and higher until I had his chest and could press it down onto my abdomen. Our skin burned together. Even if I didn’t own it, the skin, I felt I would never forget the sensation. As inconceivable, as unforgettable as this experience would be – what with hurtling through the space between two human consciousnesses – I knew these touches, these feelings, these imprints would prove most indelible.

Palms heavy and fingers searching, I kneaded his ass. Perhaps with too much force, since he slid up my body. “Devlin…would you…” he was panting now as he moved up and down, well everywhere, he must have just needed to move to feel. His head was up by my neck now.

So I inclined towards his ear, “Name it and it’s yours, sexy.”

He snorted and pressed himself up off my body slightly, “Wow, really?”

“Shut up.” I grabbed his ass and forced his whole body back down on mine.

“Uph! Hey!”

“Shhhh, wish-granting time, what was it you wanted of me, Jake.” I raked the fingers of my left hand across his right ass cheek and up, and even further up till I’d lightly scratched the full extension of his slim back. My hand on his shoulder, next, kneading as I molded us together.

“Mmmmm…well I wanted you to…”


“Uh, yeah, ummm I wanted you to…”

“Yeah, baby, what did you want?” I cooed playfully as I pressed him down from both ends – one hand on his ass, one on his shoulder – and moved us together.

“Ugh, Dev! Would you just-”

“Mmmm yeah?”

He laughed as he noticed I’d intentionally interrupted him to such humorous effects.

“Quit messing!” He nibbled my neck. “I want you to touch me there!”

“Where?” I palmed around his ass. “Here?”


“Oh, so here?” I grabbed nearer his hip.

“Dammit, Devlin, I fuckin’ swear!”

“Oh you muuuust mean here then.” And now my hand was at the small of his back again. Frustrating him, withholding from him. It was such great fun.

He pushed himself up again, and drove into my eyes with his, resolute. “I’ll do it myself if you won’t!”

There he was, perched on the rigid mass of my toned lower abs. His head was cocked to one side to keep his hair clear – I suppose he’d realized the challenge of that rather quickly, by which I mean the difficulty of attempting conversation with a shock of hair flapping in your face – and the beams in his eyes tore me down.

I swallowed. My right hand descended back to where it was before, I slipped under the waistband of his shorts – wriggled under really, seeing as they were so tight on his ass. Again, I palmed his ass, more slowly this time. I reached further, feeling my way around his tight cheek, snaking towards the spot. Where he wanted me.

He flexed his hips before grinding himself down on my abs again, slowly leaning forward and, through the thin fabric of the shorts, pressing his stiff dick up against my bare abs. He looked up at me and bit his lip like a damned porn star and I’d have laughed if the look in his eyes weren’t canlı casino so embarrassingly captivating. I wondered how to achieve such enthrallment.

Gently stroking the inner side of his cheek, I reached further. He felt it and shuddered. I felt it and sighed, closing my eyes. He planted a kiss on my chest before laying his head down to one side there.

When I touched it I felt the noticeable change in texture. There his skin was softer. There he was rather hairless or neatly shaven. I recall how I suddenly realized that I was fantasizing about my own body.

The area near my asshole, the perineum, the softer flesh. I felt strangely masturbatory in touching there. In hindsight, I suppose I neared a mild panic attack at the thought. Thus startled, I realized Jake had stopped his heavy panting and the slow movement of his hips. He had noticed my reaction.

“Hey,” he said as he looked up from my chest, “What’s goin’ on, man?”

At first, I couldn’t help but think he was disappointed as my ministrations ceased, wanting more than anything for them to continue unchecked, but when I looked him in the eye he was so plain with me. His eyes told me how this is okay, to be assured that this is okay and that it’s me here with him. His eyes spoke to me with certainty.

Contrite and earnest, he invited me to take him. To take the body I borrowed and give it back to him. Of course, I felt an odd and pressing spirituality in this and I have continued to feel this way since it first happened. Strangely enough…

Jake, without interrupting the intent meeting of our eyes, moved back towards my crotch. “Because, I want this, you know? I want this really bad. I- I can’t explain it, man. It’s- it’s my own cock, but I want to sit- umm- sit on it- and- uhh- I don’t know what…”

“Jake, shh, you’ll have it,” responding to him now with the same resoluteness that seemed to fall away from him as he spoke. I redoubled his strength. I could see it.

I pulled him back to my face, he threw his arms to my sides, catching himself. He gripped my face with one of his quick hands. He kissed me swiftly before looking back up at my eyes and my face. “This is beautiful, it’s just- I can’t handle this.”

I smiled stupidly, glowing with self-love and our mutual love, and he kissed my teeth. My lips responded to his more eagerly than worshippers of a caring God, not dead – as in not the kind of God I’ve known.

I felt it then and there. An irrevocable and alluring…erotic synchronicity. How was I to resist this creature, this reflection of self?

He bit my lips. Capricious as he was, his tongue vied for dominance. He was so determined.

Our lips protested his move, but he finally broke from the intense play of our lips, and he moved down my body, kissing my chin first, then my neck in more places than I knew this neck had, and then each part of my sculpted chest. He traced the muscles there, missing them I am sure.

He went further. Much further than before.

He tugged lightly at the waistband of my shorts and my underwear, but this was only for a moment before he really forcibly tugged them off my thick ass. I reacted slightly. “Uph!”

There it was. My cock slapped back at my abs, making a rather audible, nearly comical whap sound.

The look I got from Jake was priceless, far too expressive for my liking…in fact how was his face doing that to me. If I could have blushed I would have, surely.

“Uh huh, see! I’ve just got to really want it if I’m trying to move your ass!” He beamed, the cheeky shit.

He leaned over my crotch grinning, testing me with his idiotic expression. My reaction was the only rational one called for in that moment:

I grabbed the back of his neck and inclined him towards my cock. He resisted almost by default, jumping a bit at my strong hand, but then he eased his way down.

I felt it. The gentleness and smoothness of his lips on my throbbing dick. The sensation overwhelmed me in an instant. Something bloomed inside me once again, and I felt the leak of precum there.

He had merely kissed it. I had closed my eyes, unknowingly, so now they flashed open as I looked back up at him, poised on the end of the bed, his ass arched in the sky, bent back down on me like some kind of shot boy, grinning wickedly at me.

I reached above me to drag a pillow down under my neck. I needed to enjoy this view.

Noticing how he had captured my attention, he turned back on the main attraction of the moment. Now, I looked down. Beyond my own throbbing member I saw Jake’s cock, sticking its head out of his shorts, stiff and pointing up to his stomach. I must have missed when he readjusted it like that. Seeing it, outlined so well by the tight gym shorts yet pink and peeking out just so, I felt myself grow harder.

That was when it happened. He put the whole head inside his mouth and he sucked. He sucked with more feeling than I had ever experienced before. He sucked as kaçak casino if he had never had the opportunity to so thoroughly express himself orally. His mouth moved down the shaft, first taking new, small amounts, which he adjusted for, before taking slightly larger amounts. He was about three quarters of the way down when he gagged a bit and let up, but holy hell…

Then with the suction again…holy hell. This force was fire to my cock, my mind. Then it spread through my skin, a rash of feelings that conquered every inch of me.

I leaned up and caved to the desire to touch him.

I grabbed his shoulder trying to caress it, but I was straining to sit up with him there, seeming to suck all reason from me by way of my cock. So I propped myself up with my other arm and reached forward again, catching his shoulder, rubbing it gently. My hand moved towards his back, towards his ass.

As I did so, Jake changed his technique. He somehow opened the back of his throat, and swallowed nearly all of my cock. My mind flipped, it seemed. I squeezed my eyes tight and braced myself. I could not allow my body to climax so early in the stages of this. I resisted.

“Wait, wait- I…”

I paused before saying, “Jake, could we maybe…hmmm, could we maybe resituate ourselves.”

He choked a bit. He let up on my cock.

“Hmmm, what did you have in mind?” he asked before clearing his throat.

“Well, I really wanted to, hmmm, how should I say this…ummmm I really wanted to…eat your ass?”

I was suddenly so tenuous. I was about to eat my own ass with the face of the man with whom I had been so infatuated for so long. This was surreal, and in retelling it I must confess how crucial it is to stop and take stock of the situation. My mind was harbored in Jake’s hulking brown body staring out at that pallid, lithe frame, glistening hair, and piercing eyes. This was the autoerotic fantasy. I was about to service myself so thoroughly it’d hurt parts of my mind I had never previously even noticed, let alone exercised in such a heady way.

He had sat up slowly, carefully, thoughtfully.

“Well, I would love for you to do that for me,” he said before pausing, “but I- I’m not sure if I’m all ready for that sort of thing…ya know?”

“Oh right…” I stopped, suddenly struck by reality. Luckily, I had come to my house for this, so we could be prepared for it all. For someone with such limited sexual experience prior to this, I must say I was inordinately well prepared for sexual prospects. I reacted efficiently, really.

“Ok, well we might as well discuss this now, especially since I know my body so well and what needs to happen in order to…well, be all ready for that…and more I suppose.” I moved slowly at first so to project my intended course, he reacted so naturally, leaning off me. I stood up and was over to my closet in a second. I threw the accordion style door open and dove in, reaching and searching for a bin in the back of my closet…filled with supplies. Ever at the ready disguised as an old collection of Pokémon cards I’ll have you know, this bin was filled with all the supplies I could ever need to secure the prospect of safe and clean and fun sex.

I came right out of the closet with it – pun intended, desperately.

Within the bin were condoms, water-based and oil-based lubricants, and two small douches, conceivably one for each of two partners – I suppose this did not prepare me for group sex really, but in hindsight I should say I have learned that often it is best to come already prepared to that kind of party.

In any event, I retrieved the bin, threw it open and onto the ground. I brushed off Jake’s chide about the theme of the bin’s disguise. Yes, yes, dirty Pokénerd, it’s all quite humorous, really.

“Alright, so this might come as rather disenchanting to you, but it is the reality of the whole situation. I am going to give you one of these…they are…ummm…” and I was blushing, or at least I could feel a blush struggling against Jake’s face’s darker, tanned skin. So I reached down to grab the object in question.

I stood up, cleared my throat, and got a hold of myself. “Anyway, what I’m about to give you is an anal douche. You need to use it, and you can do that in the bathroom down the hall. I think you can probably figure out how…and…”

“Yeah, um…yeah, I think I can figure it out.”

“Right, well you just fill this part…um here…”

“Yeah- haha, like I said, looks pretty self-explanatory!”

“Okay! Well, then, go for it, cutie!” I held it out to him comically. It was pretty standard, really, with its blue squeezer and its long slender, black neck.

Of course, then, I was entirely nude and hadn’t even considered that at the moment.

He was watching my dick flop around. I suppose I hadn’t noticed that yet either, and I don’t know how, or in what reality it was acceptable for this to happen to me, but for some reason, despite possessing this huge beautiful brown body, I could not seem to keep track of the long dick swinging off it. I hadn’t even considered where it was or what it was involved with when it was not directly involved with the task at hand, i.e. sex.

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