Both Dad And Daughter

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I was bored one Saturday evening, so I thought I’d go onto the swinger website that I had used a while ago. I had stopped going there because most of the guys are creeps. Of course, it’s a place to connect for sex, but jeez, sending me a dick pic right after I say, “Hi,” is a bit much.

I hoped that there would be one new guy who was okay. I filtered for age range, non-smoker and joined within two months and clicked search. Up came about twenty guys.

Most profiles were the boring, “Aren’t I great?” variety. Two looked reasonable, so I sent them messages, asking them what they were looking for.

One guy responded within a minute, but his attitude turned me off. I mean, of course, we were all here to have sex, but let’s have some class.

I got up and refilled my wine glass before rechecking the site. The other guy had responded, and he seemed much more genuine. He seemed like a gentleman, rare these days.

I replied to the second guy, David. I suggested that we meet for coffee and see if we click in person. He was online, so he replied within a few minutes with a proposed time and place – Sunday at 11:00 at a café in the city.

That seemed fine to me, so I replied, “It’s a date.” I printed out his photo to take with me so I could recognise him.

I don’t know why, but I woke up on Sunday feeling like a teenager before her first date. I turned on the coffee maker and then headed to the shower. After my shower, I grabbed a cup of coffee to take to my bedroom. What should I wear? I decided to wear a dress that was pretty modest but showed some cleavage.

I had a bit of time to kill, so I went back onto the site to review his profile and his messages. All seemed okay. My fantasies kicked in, and I started thinking about how he might be in bed. I caressed my breasts through my dress, and reached under and rubbed my pussy through my knickers for a minute.

It was time to go, so I set the address in my phone’s map app and drove to the café. Usually, it’s hard to find parking around there, but I had a good omen when someone was pulling out half a block away as I approached. I parked and checked my makeup.

I took out David’s photo, took a deep breath and stepped out of the car and walked to the cafe. I was about to open the café door when I heard a man say, “Ellen?” I turned and saw David sitting at an outdoor table.

“Yes. David?”

He stood up and stepped toward me and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. “Nice to meet you, Ellen. Is it okay if we sit outside? It’s such a pleasant morning. Or we could go inside if you prefer,” he offered.

“No, outside is fine.” He walked over to the table he had been sitting at and pulled out a chair for me. Wow, at least he knows how to act like a gentleman, I thought.

We ordered our coffee and then danced around the usual questions. Have you met many people from the site? How was it? Blah, blah, blah.

He told me that he was divorced with a nineteen-year-old daughter, and said that she was staying over with her boyfriend. I told him I was single with no kids.

Then he simply came out and asked, “What would you like from me? How would you like to be treated?”

No man had ever asked me anything like that. Usually, guys just act like they know it all and we are just supposed to accept what they decide and appreciate it.

“Uh, well, just treat me like a human being, with kilis escort respect.” It’s not much to ask for, but most men don’t grasp the concept.

“I can do that,” he replied.

I smiled and said, “That’s great!” I felt like I had a good one here.

Our coffee came, and we sipped it and chatted about other stuff. When we were done, he asked if I wanted to go with him to his place. Asking, not insisting, and without expectation. I smiled and said, “I would love to.”

He gave me his address, in case we got separated when I followed him – more consideration. As it happened, there was no drama getting to his place. We parked our cars, and he led me to his door, softly holding my hand.

We went inside, and I asked to use the loo. He pointed it out, and I went in and used it, fixing my makeup before coming out.

He asked if I wanted anything to drink, and I declined, saying I was okay. He sat down on the couch in the lounge room, and I sat next to him. He put his arm softly around my shoulders and gazed into my eyes and said, “I like you a lot. I would love to please you.”

Ohhh, that really did it. I was already getting ready for him, and he wanted to please me. I leaned into him, and we kissed, softly at first. Then my passion flared, and my tongue darted into his mouth as I plastered my body on his.

Unlike so many men, he didn’t immediately grab my breasts. He pulled me gently to him and caressed my back with his hands while kissing me. I was melting. I pressed against him, feeling my nipples get hard.

His hands started caressing my sides and only slowly made their way toward my breasts. I was so ready for them to be there, but he was so gentle, and he excited me with his gradual approach. When he touched the sides of my breasts, I moaned into his mouth and kissed him passionately.

He gently pushed me away, so his fingers could caress my breasts through my dress. I moaned and pulled my head back. His fingers slowly found my nipples and rubbed them gently. My moans increased, as he made my nipples so hard that you could see them through my bra and dress.

I breathlessly whispered, “I want you.”

“Oh, Ellen, I want you, too.”

He kissed me again, fondling my breasts. I moaned and moaned. His hands then reached around and deftly eased the zipper of my dress down. When he had it down, I pulled back and shrugged my shoulders so he could peel the straps off my shoulders.

He took the dress down to my waist and caress my naked torso, and then my breasts through the bra. My nipples were engorged, and his touch made my body shudder with excitement.

My hands went to the buttons of his shirt and started unbuttoning them. When I had them all undone, he undid his cuffs and took his shirt off and held me close again, our flesh pressing. My hands wandered over his back as we kissed deeply again.

He undid my bra clasp in the back and leaned back to take my straps down off my arms. My full breasts hung there for him to see, and he gazed at them and said, “Beautiful.”

He slowly laid me down on the couch and kissed my neck, then down toward my breasts, kissing all around them. His slow, gentle technique was sending me into the clouds.

He then kissed a nipple, and I started moaning again. His lips closed around it and pulled ever so gently. “Ohhh,” I cried. He then took kilis escort bayan it into his mouth and sucked, gently at first, then harder.

“Oh my god, yes,” I almost screamed. When he started slowly licking my nipple, I screamed loudly, “Ahhh!”

His tongue on my nipple drove me wild, knowing just how to ignite my fire. He licked firmer, still slowly, and I started moaning continuously. Then my body shook as he abandoned my nipple, only to find the other one and repeat the process. I was barely conscious. He had me so excited.

When on the other nipple, he licked slowly and firmly again, then suddenly sucked my nipple hard and thrashed it wildly with his tongue. “Oh, my fucking god,” I screamed. He kept licking for another minute, making me scream to wake the dead.

He stopped and pulled away. I was panting like mad. He reached down and lifted my bum, taking the dress down my legs and off of me. He took my shoes off.

Then he stood up, gazing at my body that was now naked except for my knickers. He slowly took off his shoes and socks, undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants, letting them drop and stepping out of them.

I looked at his cock in his briefs, hard and pulsing. He rubbed his cock through his briefs, and I moaned again. “Oh god, I want that,” I said.

“It wants you so much, too, Ellen.”

He peeled his briefs down, his cock springing up when free, pointing high toward the ceiling. When he stepped out of them, naked now, he lay on me, his hairy chest rubbing my breasts and teasing my nipples.

His hard cock rubbed against my pussy through my knickers. I moaned again and reached around his bum and pulled him hard into me.

He started sliding his cock up and down my pussy slit. My wetness had soaked my knickers, lubricating his cock. I moaned and moaned and finally shouted, “Oh, David, fuck me, fuck me.”

He smiled and stood up. He reached down and peeled my knickers off. Then he went over to a drawer, opened it, and pulled out a condom. He opened the packet and got the condom out. He slowly, sensually placed it on his throbbing cock.

Then he walked back over and lay on me again, taking his hand and rubbing his cock head up and down my slit, getting his head wet. Then he found my opening and very slowly slid inside me. I was so wet, he glided in so smoothly.

He popped his head inside, and I moaned more. He started moving in and out, just a little, slowly. I was in heaven, my excitement at full blast. He then pushed slowly and steadily all the way into me. “Ohhh,” I screamed.

Just then, I heard a key in the lock, and the door opened. His daughter came in, and I freaked out, looking at David in a panic. He shook his head and said, “No, it’s okay.”

His daughter casually said, “Hi, Dad,” as if nothing unusual was happening.

“Hi, Cyn,” he replied, equally casually.

David started pulling out and pushing back in. I thought that Cyn might go upstairs to her room, but she simply dropped her knapsack and watched, rubbing her pussy through her jeans.

My mind was going wild, wondering what to do. When David saw that I was looking at Cyn, he whispered to me, “She’s hot, isn’t she?” I could only nod. He smiled and kept pumping my pussy slowly with his hard cock.

Cyn unzipped her jeans and took them off. She hadn’t been wearing knickers, escort kilis so I could see her bare, shaven pussy. That unleashed a flood of pussy juice that made David’s thrusting even smoother.

Cyn finished undressing, then came over and kissed her dad passionately. He started thrusting into me faster, and I started moaning again. She pulled away and was gazing at us fucking. David said, “Cyn, meet Ellen.”

“Nice to meet you, Ellen,” she said, with a broad smile. I could say nothing, my mind and body spinning madly.

David started pounding my now-drenched pussy, and Cyn leaned down and kissed me deeply. I kissed her back, and my body went into spasms. I bucked up against David’s cock as Cyn kissed me and I came so hard. “Mmmm,” I moaned into her mouth.

I had to pull back and pant and shout, “Oh yes, David, fuck me, fuck me hard,” as I came and came.

David pounded me for a few more strokes, then pushed hard into me and held, feeling my pussy pulse its mighty orgasm around him.

“Wow, she’s hot. I like her a lot,” Cyn said to David.

When I had regained some sense, Cyn smiled at me and moved my legs off the couch enough to give her room to sit at the end. She spread her legs wide. David pulled out of me, removed the condom, moved over to Cyn and slid his cock into her dripping pussy.

David slid in and out slowly until he was sure his cock was well lubricated, then he started pounding Cyn’s pussy hard and fast. Both of them were screaming, and David came hard, pouring his cum into Cyn’s tight pussy.

I had been staring at them, amazed at the passion between father and daughter, but understanding it somehow. I was still coming down from my massive cum when David pulled out, his cock dripping with their juices.

Cyn then came over to me and casually mentioned that her boyfriend had fucked her twice that morning. Then she just dived into my pussy with her tongue, and I gasped before I could say anything.

She was licking all around – my lips, inside my pussy, my clit. I hadn’t thought that I could stand any more stimulation, but this lovely teenager knew just how to drive me wild again.

She teased my clit with her tongue before diving into my pussy again. Then she sucked my clit hard and licked it hard and fast. I yelled, “Oh fuck yes!” She pressed hard on my clit with her tongue and licked furiously.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, AHHH!” I screamed as I came hard again. She dived her tongue deep into my pussy as I kept cumming.

Finally, she pulled away and let me come back to earth. When I did, I said, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you two. I’ve never cum so hard in my life.”

They smiled at each other and then at me.

Cyn sat back down on the couch, at my feet. When I thought I could sit up without fainting, I did so, and kissed Cyn and ran my hands over her delicious young body. I wanted to return the favour, so I licked her breasts, then sucked her nipples, as my fingers slid in and out of her dripping pussy.

I then slid down and plunged my tongue into her pussy, tasting the mixed juices of her, her boyfriend and David. Yum, it was delicious. David had leaned down and was kissing her. I tried to replicate her actions on my clit, and achieved success as I heard her scream, “Ohhh yes Ellen, OHHH”.

I sat in the middle of the couch, with Ellen on one side. David sat on the other. They cuddled me.

We sat for several minutes, soaking up the satisfaction from our passion. I wondered about their relationship, but it obviously worked for them, so I accepted it.

I eventually staggered into my clothes and drove home in a daze. When there, I got a text from Cyn. “Loved meeting you. Can we play sometime?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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