Bottoming Out

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When I woke up that Monday morning, it was to the feeling of a very fine, slippery pussy surrounding my stiff cock, the soft, warm insides of a woman coating my dick without any apology, excuse, or embarrassment. I opened my eyes and found Sally on top of me, of course, riding me cowgirl-style as I impaled her sweet snatch. Her small, yet lovely breasts heaved as she obviously reached orgasm from the experience of fucking me in my sleep and giving me such a delightful wake-up call.

The mischievous wink that Sally gave me left no doubt that she had some sort of deliciously sneaky reason for what she did to me. I was already close to my release as it was, due to how great her pussy felt on my dick, as she moved her hips to enhance the pleasure for both of us. When she squeezed my cock with her still rather tight pussy, I exploded inside her, shooting my cum upward to her cervix, my dick now very strained as I felt the urge to piss immediately follow my release. Sure enough, Sally got busy between my legs, opening her mouth for my pee to pour down her throat before running off to rinse out her mouth, her ass and legs teasing me as she left.

Just then, I heard Candy laughing a bit, as Kelly walked in with a large amount of cum leaking down her legs, giving both of us a thumbs-up. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but when Kelly spread her thighs and Candy started lapping up the seed, I could sense that something major was up. I felt a little annoyed that I was left out of the planning, as head of the family, but I could tell that this was a short-notice, last-minute thing and that someone had taken some useful initiative here, so I let it slide.

Before I could get up, a very eager Belle brought me a tray full of breakfast food, up to and including some biscuits and sausage gravy, along with some fried eggs, Virginia ham, Vidalia onions, and tomatoes. The beverages were a very tall glass of milk and a smaller glass of orange juice for good measure. For whatever reason, the Bottoms were in no rush for me to get up just yet.

I heard water running and then several grunts as someone obviously fucked someone else in the shower. That sounded pretty good to me, but I was too hungry to worry that much about it. I reached up to offer some to Belle, but she shook her head.

“Oh, no, Master, you eat first, honey. This is all about you first, or have you forgotten? It’s gotta wait for all of the fucking to finish for this round, anyway. Gotta let off some steam before work. We’ve already showered…mostly, though you can hear some of the stragglers. No, my dear Godfather, you get to lay back and enjoy your breakfast, sir,” Belle winked at me while caressing my chin.

“Godfather?” I laughed.

“Well, you’re the head of the family. The patriarch. The Godfather. Il Capo, right?” she explained with a very seductive laugh.

“Il Padrino, yes. I’m from Jersey, remember? I get it. Yeah, I guess that is me. The Boss. Glad to know that I’m still in charge, given how things are this morning,” I chuckled.

“Oh, that…yes, we kinda ran a little wild, but we figured that you didn’t mind some initiative. You can always veto anything that you don’t like, after all. Same as yesterday, as I recall,” Belle reassured me with a kiss between bites of my breakfast.

“Relax. I had a moment of irritation, but I got over it. I just want to know who is doing what to whom, and why Candy and Kelly seem to be full of playful mischief. Not that I mind, but it is clear that something serious happened in some way, much to their amusement, and that it somehow affects me,” I observed.

“Astute as ever, of course. Well, let me see. It seems that Kelly took it upon herself to seduce Carver this morning, with some encouragement from Candy. Needless to say, it worked, because, well…when has any man been able to resist Kelly? Or any of us, for that matter. It seemed that Candy wanted a creampie from Kelly’s twat as her price for the help, of course. It was very hot, I must admit. Naturally, this does make it impossible for Carver to get the first load in Sally, so perhaps someone else will have to carry his firstborn,” Belle informed me with a giggle.

“It was totally worth it, trust me. I’m worth it and Carver knew that. He’ll just have to find another woman to knock up. Pity I’m not fertile today, but, hey, I wanted that big cock of his in my pussy, and he wanted it in there, too. And, no, it wasn’t about depriving him or making sure that he didn’t impregnate Sally. I didn’t think that far ahead and I’m not that cruel. Sorry, it was just pure, animal lust…on both our parts. For what it’s worth, Carver, I really wish that I were fertile today. I look forward to you breeding me, just as I do to George doing it, among others…just the heat of the moment, nothing more than that,” Kelly assured us both as Carver emerged from the shower…with Mark.

“Hey, I had fun and so did you. Guess I’ll have to wait for another day, but I know that I will have my day. Every dog has his day,” Carver grinned at us, while Candy put her arms around her beloved husband.

“Maybe so, but you, Aksaray Escort sir, are no dog,” Candy giggled.

“Not a dog, huh?” Carver smiled as he kissed her.

“Nope. You’re a wolf, honey,” Candy explained, while enjoying Mark’s hands as he stood naked in the hallway and groped them both.

“Well, this wolf has a very fine tail, I can tell you that,” Mark spoke up.

“Fucked his ass, did you?” Lowell and Martin added their voices.

“Hell, yeah, and it was every bit as good as yesterday,” Mark laughed.

“You know, Mark, Carver isn’t the only Watson who likes it up the ass. You had my pussy last night, but whenever we get some free time alone, I would love to have you take me that way. Maybe while Carver is deep inside my pussy or possibly even up your butt,” Candy invited Mark.

“Sign me up for that. I love the Devil’s threesome,” Mark winked at them, prompting laughter.

“And what have you guys been doing?” I asked Lowell and Martin.

“Oh, Martin was pounding Shannon and I made sweet love to Mary. Very romantic this time around. She is my fiancée, after all,” Lowell declared.

“Yes, well, Martin was rather passionate in his own way. My big brother gave it to me good and hard. Mary, however…yes, what Lowell did with her belonged in a Harlequin romance. Very tender and loving this time around. There’s a time for that, too, I think. Other times, however…,” Shannon agreed.

“Other times, you just want a stud to rut with you,” Mary chimed in, prompting more laughs with her candor.

“Well said,” I stated as I completed my breakfast and then told Belle, “Alright, everyone, eat your breakfast, too. In here, though. Where I can see you. Just set up shop and chow down. Though apparently Candy had a head start on her breakfast this morning.”

“Hubby’s cum, Kelly’s cunt. Perfect combo,” Candy laughed now as Belle brought in the food for the rest of them.

It was a bit crowded, but we managed to eat our breakfast in the master bedroom, though there were some spills. The best part came when Shannon accidentally spilled some orange juice on Mark and licked it up before planting a lip lock on him. The next thing any of us knew, they were hot and heavy, making out like bandits, with Shannon practically shoving her tongue down Mark’s throat. While we wanted to get busy at the shop soon, none of us could resist the chance to send at least one pair to work smelling of sex.

“Okay, Mark, make it quick. Pick one hole on Shannon and fuck it hard. I don’t care which one. Just pound it good. Get to it. We have a shop to run, remember?” I instructed him.

“Pussy, then. I want Martin’s sloppy seconds,” Mark smiled, adding, “It’s a good thing that I washed my dick after sodomizing Carver, ain’t it?”

“Yes, because while I adore you, if you gave my little sister a UTI, I’d peg you without any lube so hard that you wouldn’t be able to sit down for days,” Sally said her piece at last, having been rather quiet.

“True. You’re my boyfriend, Mark, and I love you, but you’d better never give Shannon a damn bladder infection!” Martin said half-seriously, while lining up his cock that he greased up a bit with some leftover gravy and began easing into Mark’s asshole.

“Shut up and fuck my ass!” Mark told his lover and BFF…I laughed thinking of how literal their “bromance” had become.

“I love it when you remind me that you’re the top,” Martin snickered as he belied that by pushing deeper inside his boyfriend and making him ream Shannon even harder.

“I’m the Boss, right?” I observed.

“Yes, sir!” Belle exclaimed.

“How many personal or vacation days do you guys normally take?” I wondered.

“Not that many. Daddy taught us a good work ethic, but we did take some time off now and then. And we’ve been burying our sorrows in work half the time, thanks to Mama and Daddy dying. Kept our minds off it, but we could certainly use some leisure. Why do you ask?” Sally inquired.

“Let’s call this a vacation. Don’t want to make a habit of it, but I have some money saved up and I imagine that you guys do as well between you,” I proposed.

“So…we can stay home and fuck all day? Well, I am overdue for a vacation myself. Good thing that I work for a state college…and Carver’s not hurting for money, are you, babe?” Candy caught my drift.

“I just won some nice cases, yes. And I’ve wanted to enjoy a slower pace and relax a bit. I work 16, 17, 18 hour days sometimes. Got to nail those billable hours. That has to ease up a little and I want to live long enough to enjoy my money, you know,” Carver chuckled.

“Vacation is usually longer than a day. I’m game for that,” Sally agreed, gesturing about Carver, to which I nodded.

“Master wants me to fuck you now, Carver. Guess you might have a chance to knock me up after all, however small it is,” Sally informed our guest.

“What a splendid start to my vacation, then!” Carver said as he began to ravish Sally missionary-style.

“Alright, let’s turn on the camera. Hey, if we sell this video, Aksaray Escort Bayan it might make some serious money for us on the side,” I commented.

“Oh…damn, just the idea of being a porn starlet!” Belle squealed with delight at that prospect.

“Who else fucks whom, O Godfather?” Kelly teased me.

“Lowell, I want you to take Carver’s ass while he ramrods Sally. Make it a nice, sweaty, nasty train,” I felt my dick harden at the idea, naturally.

Meanwhile, Martin exploded in Mark’s asshole, just seconds before Mark came in Shannon’s twat, and then she came for good measure, moaning in excitement at the feeling of that spunk in her pussy. The camera’s zoom was not too focused on the other threesome to catch this action, but now I honed in on Lowell, Carver, and Sally…well, once I caught a good angle at Martin’s cum leaking from Mark and Mark’s from Shannon.

It wasn’t long before Lowell really got busy ravaging Carver’s booty, not that Carver minded, especially since he was as far inside Sally as he could get. It was obvious to us that the idea of both Carver and I fucking Sally in one morning was an excellent start to this week. I could certainly use this vacation, anyway, given how rough the breakdown of my marriage had been on me, not to mention the stress of moving. I couldn’t help but wonder where Ginger was right then and what she was doing. Probably filing on grounds of desertion, knowing her, I thought.

Sally knew that she would now have at least two men cum inside her during her fertile phase, a thought that seemed to drive her wild, on top of having Carver balls deep within her pussy while Lowell sodomized him. I could tell that all of us were very turned-on by the sight of this train, as every stroke brought the trio closer to their mutual orgasm. Finally, after several more minutes of the wonderful scene of a man butt-fucking another man, who in turn was fucking a woman…not just any woman, but the sister of the man on top, at last it was too much to handle with restraint. Carver unloaded his cum into Sally, who shivered as she came, and then Lowell emptied his balls, his cock shooting his jizz far up Carver’s rump.

At this point, I was horny enough for a second wind, and who should seize the moment but Kelly. My swarthy babe eagerly pulled me onto the bed the moment that it was vacant again, straddling my face and leaning over to 69 with me. I hungrily licked her pussy without any kind of shame, not worrying if small traces of Carver’s spunk were left behind in her snatch. After all, I was more than ready to deposit a load or two for his tasting pleasure when the time came…and he had just taken my sloppy seconds from Sally, anyway. No one’s ego was at stake and I had already proven to be bi after all. Her mouth was heavenly, of course, and that alone made me deem it worthwhile as an experience, to feel the heat of her lips and tongue on my cock.

Before long, in fact, Kelly began riding my dick with her typical enthusiasm, her tits waving in my face as she bounced on my cock. She peppered me with sweet kisses from above as she impaled her body on my pole, her every stroke welcoming me farther inside her deepest areas. It was incredibly warm and wet as ever and it felt like few things else could. I did my absolute best to hold out, and somehow, perhaps due to being filmed, Kelly gushed all over my cock, squirting me with her juices. This forced me to expel my seed at once inside her slit, my ropes of cum swimming with sperm straight for her cervix.

“What time is it now?” I abruptly asked as Kelly and I cooled off from the heat of our animal desires.

“Eight o’clock, and all is definitely well. We still taking the week off?” Martin wondered.

“Sure, if everyone’s still game. I say that because Candy and Carver still have some say in the matter,” I smiled at our guests.

“Why not? I got the money to afford it and Candy here has the saved up vacation time from her work,” Carver confirmed, with Candy nodding her assent.

“Okay, but we need to get back to work a week from today, right? This is gonna be one fine ass vacation!” Belle laughed beautifully.

“Exactly. So, how about helping me move some stuff over here from my other place…my official residence, you know. After that, we can all take a dip in the pool,” I proposed.

“As you wish, my lord,” Sally spoke up, adding, “I haven’t been back there since last Saturday, and I really got close to having you take me several times there. You wouldn’t mind doing so, would you, Master?”

“Wait, so you have your own place, in addition to living with these cuties?” Candy giggled.

“Hell, yeah, and I was going to live there until Saturday, when the Bottoms here adopted me into the family, so to speak…well, actually placed me at the head of it. I still need to figure out what to do with the place. It should be good for something, I think. I’m thinking that I might rent it out now and then for…people wanting some privacy and intimacy, if you get the idea,” I chuckled.

“Kinky and profitable at once. I can Escort Aksaray dig that. You would probably make more than a little money off that and you would need a lawyer to cover your ass, I believe,” Carver fist-bumped me.

“True. It helps that I’m a CPA myself. Covers that angle. Know any lawyers?” I teased him.

“Oh, I think so. Especially given that one is now basically part of the family, I hope,” Carver chuckled.

“As is his geneticist wife. And since I’m the Boss, my word goes, so consider your adoption into the clan official,” I grinned, at which point Candy puckered up and began slipping her tongue inside my mouth.

“Considering that both of you are going to mix your genes with ours, I was already thinking of you as part of the family, even if your surname isn’t Bottom,” Sally winked at us.

“What she said,” I said as I gave her a French kiss herself once Candy finished with my mouth.

“What you ought to do in at least two rooms is drill holes in the walls to serve as glory holes, since part of the idea is profiting off the use of the house for sex,” Belle suggested.

“I must admit that I like that idea. We could even try that, especially when one of the ladies is fertile, so she doesn’t know who knocked her up until later. It would be a neat mystery to solve, if you will,” I agreed, planting a deep tongue kiss on Belle.

“The only problem with that idea is that no one would mistake my sweet, sexy hubby for the rest of you dudes. Not that I object to your fine cocks, either. Just saying that anyone will know that it’s Carver right away,” Candy giggled a bit.

“True, but he won’t know which pussy, ass, or mouth he’s fucking. The rest of us will be somewhat anonymous, I think,” I noted, “and at various points, we can bring in the other women that we mentioned. They won’t realize anything other than that it’s a large, black dick taking their holes. Hopefully when they’re most fertile.”

“Such as Mrs. Jones?” Mary piped in.

“Hell, yeah! From the way that she was described, it sounds like she could use a bit of comeuppance. She’s lorded things a bit over hubby for too long, taking it far beyond revenge into humiliation. She could use a bit of humble pie herself. After all, didn’t her god preach that the meek inherit the Earth? It’s bullshit, but, hey, since she believes it,” I laughed heartily as I walked toward the bathroom to shower.

“You know, Mama left quite a bit of money for you, Master,” Belle pointed out abruptly as she followed me into the shower.

“So I recall. What are you thinking? Where did she get that money, as it happens?” I asked her.

“Clever investments. While Daddy made the money, she salted it away and found it wherever else she could. Eventually, when the will was read, all of us were in shock. We thought that we were at best middle-class, though Mama’s letter made us wonder. Imagine our surprise to learn that we’re doing rather well financially…and you’re personally a millionaire, Master,” Belle clarified as she began soaping me up.

“What do you have in mind, sweetie?” I inquired as I enjoyed her soft caress on my skin.

“With a little more capital infusion, we could sometimes use the other house as a better studio and really get our own adult film company going. We could make some serious profits there, catering to a wide range of kinks as a sort of independent, underdog porn operation. We’re sitting on a goldmine, especially with the fact that Mary and I are pregnant and that’s a major fetish right there. Of course, I also like the idea that you had of renting out the place for people wanting to use it for sexual and other discreet activities. We could even operate on certain nights as a sex club,” Belle supported some of the earlier concepts that I mentioned and elaborated on them.

“In the meantime, I’m very aroused again and I want to go for round three, once I’ve cleaned you up, that is,” I told Belle as I washed her body clean.

“Naturally. I kinda hoped so. This wasn’t just about business for me. Want me standing up or bent over at the waist?” Belle invited me.

“Bend over. I’m going to take you from behind,” I told her, my cock fighting back against the shrinkage due to the experience of sharing the shower with the Bottom lady.

“God, I look forward so much to having your seed grow inside me! The idea of my brother-in-law as well as Master knocking me up…so hot. Just think of it. When that happens, our brat will be a sibling as well as cousin to the ones from my sisters,” Belle encouraged me as she bent over and I entered her pussy from behind.

“Oh, trust me…you will have my baby in you, sooner or later. I very much want to pump my seed inside you and fill you up with it, making you conceive one of my issue,” I grunted as I slammed deeper with each thrust into Belle.

Belle met me eagerly, almost desperately, determined to take even more inside her with every stroke. She wanted me to sheath myself to the hilt inside her, and it didn’t take long for me to bottom out inside this delectable Bottom girl. I had visions in my head of fucking her hard while she wore her bridal gown, just minutes before or after she said her vows to Mark. Then again, it would be even hotter if Mark’s cock was buried inside his best man’s ass while his bride got it on with me…said best man being his boyfriend, Martin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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