Boy Toy – Not!

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Author note: This is just a short story that I came up with, not a lot of sex so be warned. I hope you like it, be sure to vote and comment accordingly…LOL


When I met Tony, he was not what I expected. He was dating my granddaughter at the time, a smart, strong minded and responsible young lady who had been the pride of both her grandfather and I. She took to me from the day we met, which was when she was about five hours old and her mom had just given birth to her. Both she and her parents were a little surprised when we went to visit Cornelia in the hospital, I knew what they had been expecting and had been a little fearful that her father might be mistaken over the fact that he kept telling me it would be okay, that his kids would love me as much as he did.

Well, if I hadn’t been just nineteen to his forty-five and he hadn’t started dating me just a year after his first wife passed away with Cancer, he might have been right. The first words out of Cornelia’s mouth still echo in my ears even now, over twenty years later. “Dad, are you fucking insane, she’s younger then I am for god’s sake…”

Cornelia was twenty-two and a college graduate. Her husband Tom was a bright young lawyer just starting out and the two of them had dated all through high school and college. I was a waitress in the café where her dad Frank ate his breakfast and lunch every day and I had known him since I was sixteen, since that was how long I had worked there. I was paying my way through Bartending School, and going to school nights then working days at the café. I knew Cornelia and her husband from the café as well, it was right down the street from the college they both attended and often met Frank there for lunch.

Both Cornelia and her husband were the typical preppie type of students, and I hated them both on sight. Frank, on the other hand was a tall, well built man with a friendly smile and a good word for everyone he met. Even a kid who had been raised by a drug addicted mom and a grandmother who seemed to take a lot of pleasure in telling how worthless I was and how I was going to end up just like my mom in the end. This is why I worked so hard both in school and at my job, to prove to her she was wrong. That I could be someone if I really put my mind to it, and while I may not be the most upstanding person in the community, I have made a good life for myself. I own my own bar, and work now only when I want to. But I’ll explain more about that later.

Any way, getting back to the birth of my granddaughter, and yes I say mine, since I practically raised her when her parents were too busy climbing the social ladder to pay the least bit of attention to her or her younger brother Todd. Frank had taken me out to dinner that night, we were celebrating the end of my bartending classes and he wanted to discuss a business deal with me. A friend of his had recently retired and was thinking about selling off his bar. It was a hole in the wall little place in a rough part of town, and the clientele was more likely to appear on wanted posters then on a society page.

To be perfectly blunt, Frank wanted to front me the money to buy the place. My first question was; what did I need to do in exchange? No man offers a woman a hundred thousand dollars to buy a bar and fix it up, unless he expects more then profit sharing. Now until then, Frank had been very respectful and had never made an improper move on me in his life. And he was just that way when he explained that he was looking for a business opportunity for himself besides his company, and wanted to be my so called silent partner. I had to remind him that I was still a minor and couldn’t begin to own a bar or work in one unless Bayan Eskort under special circumstances.

Over dinner he assured me that all would be well, he had it all worked out and he had ways around the law. For the first time I began to wonder about this sweet, middle aged man who had always left me great tips and smiled at me when few of my other customers bothered to even acknowledge me unless there was something wrong with their order. Remember, I was only nineteen and very, regretfully speaking, naïve as a new born baby. This was happening across town in the local hospital at the same time we were discussing his business deal. His pager went off even as I told him I would consider it, but had to think about it. I had already decided to tell him no.

Frank went to answer the page and came back telling me his daughter had just delivered a brand new baby girl and we needed to go to the hospital. I could see how excited he was and I was happy for him. I also thought it might be better if he just dropped me off and I would find my way home on my own, but he refused, saying it was time his daughter met the other new woman in his life and refused to listen to any argument. He drove us to the hospital, stopped at the gift shop for flowers and we went up to see his daughter and new granddaughter.

Cornelia was not pleased to see me, neither was her husband. I stayed in the background and listened to her father tell them the facts of life, a few choice words that I had heard before but never spoken so brutally. It was clear that Frank had made up his mind about me, and that was it, his family could either accept it or go to hell. The best part had been when I got to see Monica, a blonde haired beauty like her mother and as small and dainty as a flower. I longed to hold her, having dreamed like all girls did, of having a baby and being a mommy my self.

A dream that died the day Frank put a diamond ring on my left hand and told me that night that he was too old for more kids and that was that. I was in love with him by then, at least I thought I was at the time. So I put aside my dreams and worked for his. When I was twenty one, I took over full ownership of the bar, and that’s what I did for a while, worked the bar while Frank was out screwing every waitress and secretary in the state, and making as much money as he could.

Oh, I got to give him credit, he was generous to me. I had all I could want, except a man who loved me. Now I was never a beauty like Cornelia. I was too much like my unknown father. Taller then average, full figured, pretty but not a glamour queen. I truthfully got along better with my biker and bad boy customers then I did the society set, and by the time I turned twenty five, I was ready to divorce Frank and stop living a lie, but I never did, to me, if I had it would have been admitting I was a failure at something. Monica was six by then and sure enough she was turning into a little beauty. She enjoyed attention and since I gave her more then anyone else, I guess she just grew to think of me as more then her grandfather’s wife.

Frank died when I was thirty five; I sold the house on the hill, and moved to a nice little ranch house in a nice part of town and settled in to grow old all by myself. Monica was the only one of Frank’s relatives who ever came around. And to be honest, I had enough visits from the police about her to seriously worry about her. So when she and Tony appeared on my door step early one Saturday morning last spring, I was glad to see them and a little alarmed. Tony was tall, good looking but not in a movie star kind of way. He was twenty eight, had tattoos, two missing teeth and rode a beat up old Harley that looked like it had been saved from the wrecking yard.

He looked surprised when Monica introduced me as her grandmother and looked from her to me for several turns of the head. Finally I laughed and told him not to strain his neck. Monica was my step-granddaughter but I loved her as much as if she was my own child.

“I admit I had to wonder, Mrs. Kingman, I mean you’re so nice, and her mom and dad…”

I knew then that this was not going to end badly between them. As much as I love Monica, she has a bad habit of getting involved with people her parents don’t approve of. None of them ever went anywhere, and after talking to Tony for a while, I was sorry. He was a good, level headed kid who wanted to be something in his life and was willing to work to succeed. I’m sorry to say I was right, a week after their visit, Monica was on her way to Europe courtesy of mommy and daddy, and Tony was at my house getting drunk and crying on my shoulder.

I let him cry and get her out of his system by working around the house and at the bar. He moved into the spare room and I admit I liked the company. I never tried to let my loneliness show and only when I was totally alone did it ever get the best of me. So what happened that night came as a total shock to me.

* * *

We were closing up the bar, and it had been a good night. Tony often came by for a couple beers or just something to do on a boring night of television. I knew he wasn’t dating anyone, and he knew I never brought home customers or anyone for that matter. So we were sharing a drink in the office after the place was closed and dark, and Tony looked at me.

“Helen, when was the last time a man made love to you?”

The question made me look at him in shock. “What?”

He gave me his grin and put down his drink. “When was the last time a man made love to you? It’s an easy question to answer…”

Easy for him, not so easy for me, except for Frank, there had been no one else. Now before you think I am kidding or lying, let me tell you, I’m not. It is the dead on truth. The whole time Frank was cheating on me, I never looked at another man. Oh I had offers but none of them ever felt right to me. And since Frank had died the offers had still come, but I never took anyone up on it. I had never believed in one night stands and after Frank getting into a full time relationship was something I didn’t want either.

So here was this reasonably good looking kid asking me how long it had been since I’d had sex. I almost hated to tell him. Frank had last made love to me five years before he died. He had just looked at me one night and told me after we were done, and that he was moving out of the bedroom and not to bother asking for it, so I never had. To be honest, I never saw the big deal about it in the first place, Frank had been on to climb up on top, put it in and that was it. Seldom did he hug or kiss me or even try to make me a part of what was going on.

“It’s been eight years…”

“Don’t you miss it?”

Did I? I thought about the nights I had laid in bed feeling an ache inside me so strong that I wanted to cry from it. I was still a normal, living woman and when I considered it, I was missing it more then I ever thought I would. “Tony, shouldn’t you be out looking for a gal closer to your own age. I’m not old enough to be your mother, but I could be a sister or something…”

He got to his feet then and pulled my chair out from behind the desk…I watched speechlessly as he knelt before me and moved between my legs. “But you’re not my sister. And you are definitely not my mother Helen…” His hands rested on my bare legs at the edge of my skirt and I felt them slide up my legs. “And you turn me on more then any gal I have ever met in my life Helen.” His hands gripped my legs and pulled me to the edge of the chair. “You turned me on the first time we met…”

His mouth was hard and hungry, and it didn’t take long for me to respond to his kiss or his demand for passage between my lips. I opened them, and he dived in to explore the depths and my arms went around his neck as I moaned. It felt to me as if I had suddenly been switched on by him and I was soon kissing him back with a hunger I had never felt before. I could feel his fingers on my skin beneath my shirt and moving up to find my breasts. As he closed his hands around them and began to caress them, I felt his lower body press even tighter into mine.

He drew his head back and looked at me with his gorgeous brown eyes. “Touch me Helen, touch me please…”

“I…I don’t know…”

He took my hand and put it on the front of his jeans. I could feel his bulging cock and felt a shiver run through me. Almost as if my fingers were working apart from the rest of me, I began to caress it and move my hand along the length. Tony looked at me and swallowed hard. “Oh yes, like that, it feels so good…I been hard for you for so long…”

We kissed again and again as he caressed and fondled my breasts and I stroked the front of his jeans. God, it was wonderful, it was like we were teasing each other until we couldn’t stand any more. This was what happened. Tony finally put one of his hands between my legs and found the wet crotch of my panties. As he pushed it aside I felt his fingers find the wet slit beneath and he moved his fingers up and down. “Tony, oh lord…”

“So hot, so wet…it makes me so hungry…I got to…”

He pushed my legs open as wide as they would go and the next thing I knew, his head was buried between my legs, his tongue moving up and down my slit and teasing my clit. When he shoved his tongue up into my dripping pussy, I almost came right then and there, and I actually cried out as he began to finger my clit as he did it.

Soon I was lost in the waves that began to crash over me and I gripped his head to hold him tight until I was back on earth. The next thing I knew he was opening his jeans, and his cock was plunged into me with little warning. God, his cock felt so good, so hard and hot. He fucked me as if he was a fast moving train out of control and I gave back all he gave me. When I began to cum again, he looked at me and grinned…

“Yes Helen, give me all you have inside, I want to feel you flood my cock, give it to me love, please, give me all you have…” He began to move faster and I knew he was close himself. “Oh fucking yes, I’m going to cum in you Helen; I’m going to shoot all I got in your hot and waiting pussy…”

When he filled me, he kissed me gently and held me close for what seemed like eternity. Finally we worked ourselves back to be able to leave and went home to start all over again in my bed.

Oh, I know, you all probably think he’s my boy toy, but he’s not, he’s not a toy or a boy. He is a living, breathing man with wants and desires just like me. When Monica came back from Europe she was a little shocked to find her former boyfriend shacked up with her grandmother, but she has come to accept it. And as for us, well, it’s still early in the relationship. I know that I love him and he tells me daily how much he loves and desires me. I admit it did startle me when I learned that his mom and dad were two of my best customers, and yet it doesn’t matter, they both see how happy we are together, his mom is old enough to be as much a mom to me as she is to him. She did tell me she isn’t sure how she will handle being a grandmother again, and I just tell her it’ll be a snap. I have been one for years…

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