Boyfriend’s Daddy Ch. 02

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My name is Amanda and I had hot sex with my boyfriend Jimmy’s dad. Phil and I slipped away at a family party and he fucked me in the woods. Now it seems I can’t get my mind off what had happened. I also have a problem that I really don’t want to see Jimmy anymore, just his dad, Phil.

I was sitting on my bed when my cellphone rang. It was Phil calling to ask me if I wanted him again. I was nearly going insane thinking about his cock the past few days. “I want you again Phil, I need your cock in me.” “Me too Amanda, I have to have you all to myself,” Phil was almost pleading to me.

We decided to meet at the same location where we had fucked before. This time I parked my car and Phil drove us to an old motel miles from town. It was a place where no one asked questions and you rented the room by the hour. Once we made our way into the room, Phil was all over me. We were kissing passionately standing in the middle of this small room.

Phil then picked me up and carried me over to the bed. The bed wasn’t much to brag about. The springs were worn out and they made loud noises when you bounced up and down on the mattress. Phil then managed to strip off his clothing. He pulled his underwear off and his big cock sprung loose. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

Phil’s cock had to have been eight inches long and thick as my wrist. I had nearly forgotten how huge he was. Phil then pulled off my clothes as well. I was on my back as he stood over me and looked at my body. Phil climbed onto the bed and spread my thighs apart. He lowered his mouth to my wet pendik escort pussy and then he stuck his tongue inside.

I almost jumped off the bed. I let out a loud moan and my lover’s tongue dug deep inside me. Phil acted like a madman. His tongue lapped up and down and my wet juices were coating his face. I didn’t know how much more I could take of this. I need to feel that thick rod buried inside me. It was all I had thought about for days.

Slowly Phil pulled back and looked at my soaked pussy. I had shave my pubic hairs way back. All I had was a small patch above my slit. I looked at Phil’s pecker. It was monstrous in size. I was aching to feel him slide it into me. I didn’t have long to wait. Phil took his cock in his hand and began rubbing the head across my folds. I thought I was going to faint.

He then slipped an inch or two inside me. God, that felt so good! I needed all of him now. I threw my legs around his back and tried to squeeze him into my body. Phil instead took my legs by my ankles. He pushed my thighs toward my chest. He then stretched his legs out. His cock sunk all the way into me and he began to fuck me hard.

There was no buildup. Phil took me like I was his possession. He drove his hard pecker in all the way. He was buried to the root and he held it there letting me feel the size of his pole. I had my head thrown back and I knew I was screaming then. I didn’t care who heard and I was sure the motel manager had heard it all before.

Phil’s mushroom head was hitting bottom with every cock stroke. This was even maltepe escort more intense since the first time we fucked in the woods. Phil knew what buttons to push on my body and he was hitting each and every one. I could feel his large egg sacs pounding again my asscheeks. I was totally out of it by this time. My pussy muscles held onto his cock as tight as I could. I was milking my lover’s prick.

I wanted his seed and Phil seemed to know it instinctively. “I am going to impregnate you Amanda!” Phil let it out with a roar. I knew it was crazy, but I wanted him to fill me with every drop of cum he had. I wanted his baby seed deep in me. We fucked a few more minutes then Phil arched his back. I knew the moment of truth was here.

Phil then started to spurt his sticky cum deep in me. My pussy was squeezing around his shaft, taking every drop of him. My body then shuddered. We came together that day in the motel room. Our juices were everywhere. They were running down my asscrack and onto the bed sheets. Phil wouldn’t let up.

His cock was like a jackhammer pounding into my body. I couldn’t imagine another man making love to me like Phil had just done. Phil eventually slowed down. He kept squirting into me until his cock slipped out. He collapsed next to me and we kissed.

“Amanda, I need to have you all the time,” he told me. I needed him as well. More than I could put into words. There were a few problems though. I was still seeing Jimmy yet and he was so possessive of his time with me. Phil had divorced his wife some time ago. kartal escort He could come and go as he pleased. We decided I had to tell Jimmy it was over.

Jimmy did not take it well. He had been telling all his friends about his new girlfriend. It was quite a blow to his ego. He begged and pleaded, but I told him it was over. No ifs, ands, or buts. Phil and I were still going to have to be very discrete. Even though I was nineteen, Phil was in his early forties.

My parents would be very angry if they caught a whiff of me and an older man as lovers. We would have to meet in far away places like the old motel we made love at. That is what we did. Phil and I would drive to cheap motels many miles from home.

Once we were there I would suck on Phil’s big cock until he got erect and thick. Phil would take me with his huge prick and we fucked until we were both spent. Phil never used a rubber and I wasn’t on the pill. We were taking some big chances.

Phil began to show me new positions and I also experienced anal sex for the first time. I have to say it hurt so much and I couldn’t take very much of his cock into my ass. Slowly I got used to it, but Phil mainly concentrated on my pussy. I got on top and rode him and I also got on all fours and he entered my pussy from behind.

My pussy was slowly being stretched and I was able to take Phil’s cock much easier after awhile. The best part was always take his loads of cum. I admit it, I was addicted to Phil’s cum. I love to taste it and I loved it when he blew his loads into my belly. I had become his cock whore.

Phil keeps telling me he wants to make me pregnant. I would love to have his baby, but I can see all the problems it would present. For now I just look to our weekend hookups and feeling Phil’s stiff prick fucking me senseless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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