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I suppose my particular need had been building up over quite some time so maybe I should start at the beginning.

When I was a normal horny teenager I guess it never really mattered to me what the girls I dated were really like. So long as they were reasonable looking and fun to be with a date was a date and there to be enjoyed.

Like a lot of my friends I boasted a lot at that age about my success with girls but in reality it was quite limited.

In fact I was 17 before I first kissed a girl – I still remember it, outside the dance at the local rugby club as she waited for her father to collect her. It was frantic with lots of tongues and teeth clashing and not much technique. But it was enough to make me happy and to keep me dreaming for weeks afterwards.

The following summer, 6 months later, was the first time I actually dated a girl. Sally was a shy, skinny and plain girl but my sister had tipped me off that she liked me so I wasn’t going to turn down the chance of a date just because i didn’t fancy her.

We went to the cinema. It was midweek and very quiet and nearly empty. I gave it about ten minutes after the feature started before I put my arm around her. After another 15 minutes I decided to try for a kiss! To my delight she didn’t pull away and we spent the next 10 minutes with our mouths locked together, kissing, exploring and generally getting used to the whole sensation.

We paused to get some air and I was quite pleased with how things were going. The kissing bit had gone well I considered, so what was my next move to be.

Dating a girl was such a big step that I had never really been beyond the kissing thing. But now I was realising that this was a girl beside me who, regardless of her plain features, had other features which until now I had only ever seen in magazines.

I took a deep breath and leaned over to resume our kissing. She responded again and when we were comfortable I moved my hand up and put it on the front of her t-shirt. She stopping kissing me but didn’t move to stop me.

I paused with my hand resting there. She sat staring at the screen. I tentatively moved my hand a little over the small swelling of her chest, feeling the outline of her bra under her top. When she still didn’t stop me I got a little braver and squeezed a little harder trying to feel more of her breasts.

We sat like that for a while, her staring at the movie, while I groped the front of her t-shirt. The movie was nearing the end so I realised that if I wanted to further my education I would have to move a bit faster.

I leaned over, kissed her neck, as I tugged the bottom of her top out of her jeans. Still she stared ahead so I kept going, slid my hand over her belly then up until I reached her bra. I moved it over the cotton fabric, trying to pull it aside to get my hands on her bare flesh. I reached around behind her to wrestle with my first bra-strap. After minutes of fumbling she must have taken pity on me because she leant forward and unclipped it.

She sat back, eyes back on the screen as I pulled her bra upwards and moved my hand to touch her bare breasts.

Why she wore a bra was a mystery to me. Her chest was virtually flat, her breasts just two small swellings topped by equally small nipples. But they were breasts and this was new to me so I spent the last 10 minutes of the film squeezing and massaging, fascinated by the hardness of her nipples and with a constant erection.

I don’t know why, but my continued limited experiences with girls over the next couple of years were similar. I got intimate with 3 girls in total but each time when I actually got over the hurdle of finding a girl who would date me and actually gave some thought to how they were built, I found myself fumbling under blouses straining to find anything even getting close to a B cup.

My first actual sexual experience was with a girl called Helen. She was a friend of my friends girlfriend and I had agreed to help out by being her date at a Christmas dinner and dance for the company where she and my friends girlfriend worked.

She was another plain girl, what we used to refer to as pear-shaped, no tits and a big bum! I made it clear to my friend I was doing him a big favour by going along to the party.

The night went OK, I relaxed with the help of a few drinks and even danced with Helen on a few occasions.

We shared a taxi home and she invited me up to her flat for a drink before I went home.

To my surprise, in her flat, she came on to me. We were sitting together on a small sofa when she kissed me. Despite my lack of attraction for her I was still at the stage where if a girl wanted to kiss you, you made the most of it. So, a short time later we were in each others arms kissing away.

By accident, rather than design, as we kissed and writhed about, my hand found its way on to her bum. Any time I had put it there with other girls it had quickly been moved but Helen appeared not to have noticed and continued kissing antalya escort me.

So I decided to make the most of this chance and squeezed it a bit and got to feel my way around. When there was still no objection I got braver, moved my hand down to the hem of her ‘little black party dress’ and up the back of her legs over her tights. Still I wasn’t stopped, so I kept going, up on to her bum, then slid my hand down inside the back of her tights and under her panties on to the bare cheeks of her big bum. There was little room for my hand to move so with 2 hands I pulled her tights and panties off her bum to the very top of her thighs and resumed my exploration of this new area of female flesh.

Rather than stopping me she seemed to be enjoying it because her hand wormed its way between us and rubbed my very awake cock through my pants. I got braver, moved my hand under her and tentatively probed between her legs with a single finger.

My finger moved over her ass hole first of all then encountered some wiry hairs as it travelled further. Then her flesh seemed to be more swollen and raised and as she moved her legs slightly I realised that my finger was now moving across very wet flesh, before stopping at the swollen lips of her pussy.

Once my finger came to rest there, her response was to pull at my belt and trousers until they were open and her cool hand dived into my y-fronts.

She asked me if I had a condom, which of course I didn’t, so she disappeared into her bedroom while I sat back realising at last my destiny had arrived.

She was back quickly, her tights and panties removed, and opened the condom wrapper.

While I was a virgin, I confess to having practising putting on condoms many times before, in anticipation of this moment, so despite my shaking hands I got it in place.

She lay back, urging me to be quick, to take her. She was rubbing the front of her pussy as she waited for me. I was quick alright! The sensation of sliding inside her nearly put me over the top but I did manage to hold out for maybe 2 minutes of frantic coupling before I filled the condom.

She didn’t seem to mind and I headed home later with the funny thought in my mind that while we had had sex I had neither touched nor seen her small breasts.

We dated for about 6 months and while I did of course see her breasts naked, again they were small and my attention always focussed on the delights of her lower body.

My next girlfriend and lover was my wife. We met on holidays in a resort in Italy. She was on holiday with her friend in the same hotel as me and my friend. We met one night and paired off, as you do. My friend fancied the other girl and hit it off with her so I was sort of thrown together with Jackie.

The night we met, we took a walk on the beach at about 2 a.m.. We walked, kissed and then she suggested a swim. Before I had time to answer I was watching her stripping off. She was a slim petite girl and she bent over as she slipped off her skirt revealing a soft white bum which immediately had me stirring in my pants. She turned as she took off her top. She wore no bra and once again I was seeing a girl naked with very small breasts. However my attention was diverted to the narrow trimmed strip of jet black hair between her legs. So despite her lack of cleavage my cock took over and minutes later we were messing about in the water exploring each other before having passionate sex on our clothes on the sand behind a boat, under the stars.

We got on really well in the following year and 18 months after first meeting I propoposed and she accepted. A year later we were married and settled into domestic life together.

Maybe it was the seven year itch but it was about seven years into our marriage that I started getting restless. Things were drifting along, our sex life was OK, but getting less frequent and I was starting to wonder was there more to life than what I had.

What really got me thinking was one night when I had been working very late in the office. I was in the basement car park, walking to my car to drive home when I realised a light was on in one of my colleagues cars. When I got closer I stopped, realising that my colleague, Dave, was in the car. Dave like me was a married man, but in the car with him was one of the younger girls from the office. She was no great looker but as Dave was finding out she did have a big pair of breasts and as I watched he was enjoying sucking them to the full.

They were unaware of my presence and I stood watching as she held up her big white breasts to his eager mouth. I was rubbing myself as I watched, putting myself in his place, imagining how that flesh must feel.

I hurried away and drove home but the scene remained with me. I found myself in the following weeks and months wondering about womens breasts. Wondering what it must be like to handle a nice big pair of fleshy breasts and to be able to suck on them, in comparison to the various small firm breasts that antalya rus escort I had only ever experienced.

It started to bother me. I found myself fantasising about some of the women in my office and some of my friends wifes, all with large tits. I was buying magazines dedicated to big boobs and spending hours on the internet staring at pictures of giant breasted women. I even concerned going as far as to find a hooker to satisfy my lust.

I still loved Jackie but this obsession was starting to affect me and I knew I had to do something about it.

Opportunity presented itself when one of my friends was getting married and he arranged for us to go away on a stag weekend. We had a good laugh and late on the second night after a lot of drink we headed into a night club.

The party sort of split up with some guys heading back to the hotel and others heading off with women they had picked up. I was left with 2 of the other guys and we got talking to 3 girls. 2 of the girls were sisters, aged 18 and 20, both slim and attractive. But my interest was in the third, their mother. She was in her mid 40’s (I was 30 at the time) and her make-up did a good job of hiding the years. She was dressed quite sexily but what held my attention was the sight of her heavy breasts straining under the tight pink sweater she was wearing.

We chatted for a bit while the others danced then we danced together ourselves. I was entranced watching her bosom jiggling as she moved and the occasional evidence of her nipples jutting through her top. The music slowed and she came readily into my arms and I held her close squeezing her chest to mine. My cock was rock hard and I pulled her gently closer until she could not but notice my state of arousal. When she didn’t pull away, I smiled to myself, realising that soon I would be releasing those beauties to my touch.

The music finished and the club was closing up, so we invited the 3 girls back to our hotel for a drink. We stood outside waiting for a taxi, it was cold, and raining. My two mates were holding their girls close, whispering and kissing.

I was behind Carol, so I put my hands on her waist, pulled her back against me as we stood in the shadows, waiting. She moved back into me, and I clasped my hands together on her belly, just under her breasts. The anticipation was killing me and I let my hands rub against the underside of her breasts.

Then I kissed her neck at the same time as my hands slid up and gently squeezed her huge soft breasts. She froze as my fingers spread over her sweater and I pushed my cock against her bum.

Then she pulled away abruptly, screamed at me, asked me what I thought I was doing, what I thought she was, before storming off into the night, followed by her two daughters.

I was left feeling angry, frustated and to receive a torrent of abuse from my two friends for spoiling their night.

The experience shocked me – I had never believed myself capable of cheating on Jackie. For the next 3 years I tried to put my ‘problem’ out of my mind and get on with living my life and appreciating what I had.

But it was affecting me still and while I loved Jackie her breasts did not turn me on and I was finding occasions in bed where I could not get an erection with her, and this was frustrating and confusing her too.

Then one day, out of the blue, my world fell apart. Jackie announced she was leaving me and was moving in with one of our friends. She had been having an affair for just over a year and realised that she no longer loved me nor could she live with me.

I took things very badly. I spent a lot of time out of work, unable to face people. I went along with her wishes, agreed to the seperation and ultimately divorce. We sold the house and split our assets and went our seperate ways.

I threw myself into my work, avoided any social life or activity for about a year. After a year in a dingy rented flat I finally bought my own apartment and moved in. The job of decorating and furnishing it gave me a new interest and gradually my self-confidence began to return and some normality resumed.

Some of our old friends kept in touch with me and I did start accepting the odd invitation to dinner and parties. I found it funny when invariably there would also be just one single or seperated woman also invited but despite their best efforts I realised that I wasn’t ready for any new relationship.

I did try, and after 18 months without sex, I invited the token single female from a dinner party home to my apartment. She was seperated 6 months after having walked in on her husband having his cock sucked by her own sister. We were hardly in the door when she had told me that she felt she was catching up on a lot she had missed in her married life and that she had had sex with 12 men since her seperation.

I was number 13 I mused, as I sat back while her mouth urgently sucked at my hardening cock.

Inevitably she was flat antalya ucuz escort chested – but did have quite big nipples and interestingly a totally shaven pussy. The sex for me was just a physical release and as we did it for the third time, I lay there as she bounced up and down on my cock, hoping she would finish soon so I could sleep. I didn’t return her subsequent phone calls so presumably she moved on to number 14.

As I said my friends were supportive and saw me through my rough times. One in particular, Andrea, who was actually one of Jackies friends was particularly helpful to me. She had interior decorating experience and gave great advise and helped me to decorate and furnish my apartment.

Andrea was in her mid 30’s like myself and as far as I was aware had never married. She was quite a stern looking woman, behind her glasses, and always wore her hair pulled back from her face, emphasising her sharp features. She was tall, for a woman, and usually wore dull loose clothing which did nothing for her.

However she had been a great help to me and to thank her I invited her over to see the finished apartment and to have dinner with me.

It sounds bad to say I had always seen her as a friend, rather than a woman, but thats the way it was and it felt comfortable to be with her without the expectation of anything more.

When she called to the door that night I did notice that she had dressed up a little. Her hair was down, which softened her face and she wore a loose blue roll-neck sweater and a pair of full fitting blue trousers. She wore heels, which was new to me, making her as tall as I was. AS she greeted me I did notice her perfume, something I hadn’t noticed before.

Dinner was fun. I didn’t burn anything and we ate, drank wine and chatted. We touched on my broken marriage and I found out from her that she had been engaged, then dumped, about 10 years ago and she had stayed away from men ever since.

I poured brandies and we moved from the table to my leather settee in the lounge. Again, we sat and chatted like friends.

Maybe I was too wrapped up in myself and hadn’t seen the signs. I guess we were sitting quite close together as we talked. I noticed she had got a bit quieter and I was doing most of the talking and then to my surprise I felt her hand resting on my knee.

I kept talking as if nothing had happened, my head confused. She stroked my leg gently, her eyes avoiding meeting mine.

In my head I was telling myself that I didn’t fancy her, that this could ruin a friendship that I valued. I was wondering what she was doing, was it just a friendly gesture or more? Then I was telling myself I couldn’t hurt her by rejecting her.

I moved my hand, placed it gently on hers. Her pressure on my leg increased, then she took my hand, put it on her own leg. We sat, chatting, each aware of the others touch on our legs.

Then she turned to face me, and moved her face towards mine, her eyes closed. I didn’t have the heart to say no, so my lips met hers and soon we were kissing tentatively.

I was still unsure, but her mouth tasted good and I watched as she pulled back to remove her glasses before moving into my arms again. I told myself I could sort out the friendship thing in the morning but right now I owed her a duty not to push her away.

My conscience cleared, I kissed her more passionately and felt my cock responding to the sensation of her tongue in my mouth. She noticed it too and moved her lower body against me.

My hand moved to her bum, pulling her against me as I caressed and squeezed it.

I reached around to open her pants but she was quicker than me. She undid the catch and slid off her trousers and sat back beside me.

I took my time, kissing her as I ran my hands over her panties. She moved to open my trousers but I stopped her, wanting her to enjoy herself first.

I slid off her panties, revealing a thick bush of jet black hair and the slightest touch of my finger indicated that she was already wet and eager. I explored her softly, probing and touching.

Then I slid to the floor and positioned myself between her legs and started to let my tongue taste and explore her sweet pussy.

Andrea was in heaven, writhing and moaning as I licked her. She tasted good and I was enjoying seeing the pleasure I was giving her.

With one deep probe of my tongue I heard her gasp and then her body shudder as she moaned out in exquisite pleasure. I licked her gently, letting her fully enjoy her orgasm, and then relax.

After a few minutes, she stood, walked towards the bathroom, leaving me to admire the sight of her soft white bum under her blue sweater.

My hardness was gone and in my head I was worried as to whether or not I would be able to rise to the occasion again.

I needn’t have worried.

Andrea returned, naked. I had not given her figure any thought during all the time I had known her or even this evening. Her clothing was always loose giving no indication of the size of her assets.

She stood before me, her black bush glistening from her wetness.

In front of my face were the most wonderful pair of breasts I had ever seen in the flesh. They were heavy, white and sagging and capped by wide pale pink nipples.

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