Bred by the Hive Ch. 42

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Bred by the Hive Chapter 42

By Gary LM Martin

Major Samantha Arden of the United Survey Service is a senior official in HomePlanet Security and is a very skilled ESPer, which makes her a prime target for the Hive. She has a strained marriage with her husband Gavin and is secretly in love with her superior officer, Colonel Jack Sullivan. All that changes as Sam gets taken by the Hive.

As she drove to work the next day, Sam wrestled with her misgivings. The Hive wanted her to give her former lover Janice a rider. They had had a fling in college which had cooled off but they were still very close friends. Sam hated the thought of betraying Janice like that but it was the only way to protect Jack Sullivan, her boss and the man she truly loved most of all.

“You will delight in bringing Janice into the Hive,” said Sam, as she drove to work. This had been happening more and more frequently, ever since Sam’s rider matured. A new voice came out of Sam, one that served the Hive. Gavin had said that it was a part of her, a new part that would soon control her completely… and eventually, be the only voice that spoke for her, as her entire mind was assimilated by her rider.

Every time the new Sam spoke through her mouth, Sam felt chills down her spines, but not the good kind. Sam, the other Sam, the voice inside of her, seemed to be getting stronger every day.

“She has a luscious body. You will enjoy enslaving her,” Sam grinned at herself, in the rearview mirror.

“I… I guess so,” said Sam. She felt ambivalent. She loved being part of the Hive, but at the same time still thought the Hive was fundamentally wrong. It was hard to reconcile the two very different feelings.

“Just wait until you take her, when you make her a slave, under our control. You will love the feeling of training her, shaping her to obey your every command,” Sam promised.


“Janice, can I talk to you for a moment?” Sam said, later that morning. “In private?”

“Sure,” said Janice. They went back to her office. Janice sat down behind her desk. “Shoot.”

Sam was suddenly nervous. She felt the heat of her rider, pumping against her back. “I… I don’t know quite how to say this.”

“Just start at the beginning, Sam,” said Janice kindly.

Sam sat down. “Ever since that incident with the vampires, I feel that things haven’t been the same between us.”

“I’ve already apologized for turning you into one of them, Sam,” said Janice, a bit uncomfortably.

“I know you have, and I accepted your apology,” said Sam. “But there’s more. When you were discovered, you said things… you told everyone about our past relationship.”

Janice bit her lip and nodded, looking a bit embarrassed. “Once again, I was under the control of the vampires,” said Janice. “If you remember, I apologized for that too.”

“I know, but it… hurt me for a while. And I feel like I’ve been avoiding you a bit, since then.”

“I noticed,” said Janice.

Sam looked up at her. “I want to go back to having what we had. A good solid friendship.”

“I do too,” said Janice, brightening.

“So why don’t we go out for drinks, after work?” Sam asked.

“I’d like that,” said Janice. “Bicardi’s?”

“No, I was thinking more of your place.” Sam’s face flushed as she suggested it.

“My place?” said Janice, her eyebrows raised.

“It’s more private, more… intimate,” said Sam.

Janice looked surprised. “All right, Sam. My place, at 7.”

“Good,” said Sam, grinning. “See you then.”

After she left the office, Sam heard herself, the other Sam, say, “You see? She still wants you.”

“She agreed to see me as a friend,” said Sam.

“If you believe that, you are truly blind to reality,” said Sam.


Sam drove around aimlessly for an hour after work, killing time until her meeting with Janice. She knew what she was supposed to do. She just didn’t know if she would actually go through with it.

When the time came, however, she found herself standing outside of Janice’s door. She had changed into sensible slacks and a tight white shirt that showed off her figure. She rang the bell.

When Janice opened the door, Sam was in for a shock.

Janice was dressed in skin tight jeans, and a low cut shirt that showed off her breasts.

She knows. She knows, and she wants it, Sam realized.

“Well don’t just stand there! Come on in,” said Janice, giving her a welcoming smile.

They sat on the couch. Suddenly, Sam was less comfortable than Janice. The knowledge that Janice wanted her, honestly, with her own feelings intact… it made what Sam had come to do a little easier in some ways, but harder in others. In a way, she was about to betray her best friend even more.

Sam, the other Sam, started to tell Janice about her problems with Gavin, how their marriage was failing. “I just don’t have the feelings like I once did, Janice. And now, I’m feeling these… different cravings.”

“What istanbul travesti kind of cravings, Sam?” Janice asked, putting a hand on hers. Her bright red lipstick inflamed Sam.

Sam could see it in her eyes. Janice knew. And Janice wanted her. Badly. She immediately realized there was no need to say anything more. Janice would let herself be taken. Without any resistance. The thought thrilled and excited her. Sam moved her lips over Janice’s. They kissed. Janice’s lips embraced her hungrily. As they kissed, Janice whispered, “Oh Sam. I’ve missed you so much. I have dreamed of this very moment for so long.”

Sam felt incredibly guilty. She felt physically attracted to Janice, but nothing more. She was here for a very different reason. One which Janice would soon discover, once she joined the Hive.

Janice willingly let Sam take off her clothes, and even undressed Sam on her own. Then, smiling shyly, she took Sam by the hand and led her to her bedroom. Sam looked up at the ceiling. It was all mirrored above the bed. She would have to be careful, or Janice would see her rider.

Fortunately, Janice was in the mood to be on top. She pushed Sam down on the bed and, after a minimum of foreplay, quickly mounted her and started to grind her clitoris against her dear friend’s, expertly lifting one of Sam’s legs into the air so her clit could come into direct contact with Sam’s. “Oh Sam… Oh Sam…” she whispered.

As they touched each other, as they kissed and fondled, they felt themselves getting more and more excited. Janice looked down at Sam with pure dominance as she continued to grind her clitoris against Sam’s. And then Janice’s breathing got heavy, very heavy, and she stiffened, and arched backwards, and cried, “Oh, oh, Sam!” Sam could see that Janice’s nipples were stiff and aching. Her chest was flush with arousal, and her face was soft and her eyes dreamy.

Janice, in the process of climaxing, was completely distracted and self-absorbed. There would never be a better time. Sam shifted Janice’s body slightly backwards, so Janice’s nether lips were perfectly lined up with her own.

This was the moment Sam had been waiting for. Gavin had put a worm inside her vagina before she left. “For your dear friend Janice,” he had said, petting her nether lips, and Sam had actually kissed and thanked him, which disgusted some deep part of her.

But now, locked in lesbian love, Sam’s worm emerged from her vagina. It squirmed the short distance into Janice’s lower opening. Janice, in the extremes of her orgasm, didn’t even realize it. She hugged and kissed Sam feverishly, not feeling a thing.

After they had climaxed together, they lay in bed, arm in arm.

“That was wonderful,” said Janice. She was delighted by this turn of events. She would keep fucking Sam, and make sure her return to lesbianism was complete, and then steal her completely from Gavin.

But then Janice felt something odd, circling around her clitoris. She looked down, and felt between her legs with her finger, and cried out. “Yeow!”

“Don’t try to remove it, Janice,” said Sam. “It will only cause you more pain.”

Janice looked up at her lover with shock and surprise.”Sam… what have you done?”

“I have Infected you, with the Hive Mind,” said Sam. She sat up, and proudly turned around. Janice’s eyes widened as she saw the rider on Sam’s back.

“Oh Sam… what have they done to you?”

“I’ve become part of the Hive, Janice. And now, so have you,” said Sam, turning back to her friend.

“No, Sam, no,” said Janice. Then her mouth opened wide. “Ooh…. ooohh…. Oooh….”

“That’s your first orgasm from the Hive. The first of many,” said Sam. For several long moments she watched as the worm gave Janice sexual pleasure. When Sam saw the effect start to dissipate, she said, “Do you want to feel more like that, Janice?”

Janice nodded, panting for air.

“Tell me that you will cooperate with the Hive.”

“No!” said Janice. But she gritted her teeth as she felt sexual tension building up again in her clitoris.

“Say it, Janice. Just say it!”

Janice felt overwhelming need. It was like she was on the very edge of orgasm. “All right,” she said. “I will cooperate.” And then she gasped. “Aaaaaahhh!”

“Good girl,” said Sam. “Now say it again.”

Janice’s training went on for some time. Sam knew that Janice was not sincere when she said these things, not yet, but it was a start.

Sam worked on Janice for the next several hours. Even though Janice was insincere, at first, her mind couldn’t help form an association between pleasure, and submitting to the Hive. After a few hours of training it had begun to gel in Janice’s mind. She was well on the road to becoming a slave.

Sam stroked her friend’s nether lips, admiring her sweaty body, which was trembling with fatigue.

“Do you like this?” Sam asked her lover.

“Yes,” Janice whispered, out of her mind with lust.

“We can continue, but you need istanbul travestileri to take a rider,” said Sam.

“A rider? No, Sam, no!” said Janice.

“You need to take a rider,” Sam insisted. She pressed her body against Janice, rubbing her breasts against her dear friend’s. “If you do this, we can have a baby together.”

A baby? This was news to Sam. But it was the other Sam who was speaking now.

“A baby?” said Janice. She laughed. “Who supplies the penis?”

“The Hive does,” said Sam, rubbing against her relentlessly. “They’re so advanced. They can do anything. Do it, Janice. Do it for me. Take a rider, and we can always be together. We can make a baby. Wouldn’t you like that?”

Janice was overcome with lust. The love of her life was rubbing her nude body against hers, and her clitoris felt like it was on fire. She needed sexual satisfaction now, regardless of the cost. And to have a baby with Sam! “Yes…. yes…,” she whispered.

“But you have to agree to join the Hive, Janice.”

“No,” Janice whispered.

Sam continued to rub against her. “You have to agree, and agree now, Janice. Agree right now, or I’m getting up and leaving.”

“Ah… ah….” Janice bit her lip. Her eyes were filled with indecision and pain and need. Hesitantly, she nodded.

Sam gave her a strong kiss. “You’re just going to love having your own rider. I know you will.” She saw the uncertainty and vulnerability in Janice’s eyes and smiled as she rubbed herself more vigorously against Janice. Now she was no longer trying to arouse Janice, but herself. She had to get herself properly stimulated to make the next step happen.

In the mirrors above her bed, Janice had a full view of Sam’s rider, which was starting to bubble between her shoulder blades. Sam started to grind her clitoris urgently against Janice’s scratchy, curly pubic hair. The feeling was incredible. Sam started to grind more and more rapidly. As she did so, her rider started to hump her back more and more furiously. It started to expand, and a line began to appear down the middle of it.

“It’s starting to reproduce. I can feel it,” Sam whispered excitedly. “And you’re helping to make it happen, Janice.”

“I am?”

“Yessss,” Sam hissed. “Your sexy body is helping to stimulate me to reproduce.” She smiled as she saw the horror mixed with lust in Janice’s eyes as she rubbed her vulva against her dearest friend’s.

“You’re going to look so sexy wearing my baby rider,” said Sam, kissing Janice fiercely.

“Am I?” said Janice, with decidedly mixed feelings.

“Yesssss,” Sam hissed, as she felt the rider bubbling on her back more furiously now as it sucked out energy and life from Sam’s body it needed to reproduce. It was tremendously draining, and yet it all felt so very delicious. Sam felt it not just on her back but in her nipples and her cunt. She would make a rider every day if she could.

Sam looked into Janice’s eyes as she mashed her clit against Janice’s, grinding in a circle. “It’s going to turn you into such a sexy little bitch.”

“Is it?” Janice gave a nervous smile.

“It will,” Sam confirmed, grinding her pubis against her lover all the harder. “It will control your mind, and you won’t mind fucking me, or anyone. You’ll love being controlled, and you’ll love being used, and you’ll never feel happier than when you’re made to fuck someone when your rider is hot on your back and heavy in your mind!”

“Oh Sam!” Janice cried.

The words Sam was saying was terrible, and yet Janice was extremely aroused; she couldn’t help it. Even something in Sam’s words excited her, in a way she would never admit. She was going to do it; she was going to give up her body so she could be with her lover, and a part of her was very, very aroused by the thought of it.

Sam, breathing very heavily now, single-mindedly exercised her body as hard and furiously as she could to give her bubbling rider on her back the energy it needed to finish reproducing.

Janice gasped in lust and horror as she watched Sam’s rider reproduce in the mirrored ceiling above her bed. She knew quite well that Sam was making a baby rider meant for her. But she was in such a state of sexual excitement that she could not resist. The feeling of Sam grinding her body against her breasts, against her vagina, was simply incredible. She didn’t have the willpower to interrupt it, not even to save herself from alien enslavement.

But as she watched the rider bubble and split into two, Janice started to regain her senses. A line of yellow fluid was coming out of the bottom of the rider, flowing into Sam’s asshole. Above it, where there had been one rider, there were now two. And one of them was intended for her.

“No, Sam, no,” said Janice, struggling against Sam as well as herself. She tried to struggle, but the worm in her clitoris sapped her energy. She tried to struggle with her arms, but Sam pinned Janice’s wrists above her head with more strength than a woman should have.

“You travesti istanbul look so sexy this way,” Sam said, looking down at Janice’s body. “I can’t wait to have you again, after you get taken.”

And then it happened. Sam’s rider finished reproducing. Suddenly there were not one but two riders on Sam’s back. The smaller, immature one started to wriggle towards Sam’s right arm.

“No, Sam!” said Janice, her mind suddenly clearing. “I don’t want that alien thing controlling me!”

“But it feels so good to be controlled, Janice,” said Sam, as the rider started to crawl down her arm towards Janice. There was something so sexual, so erotic, in Sam’s tone. “To be controlled, to be made to do things, against your will, to serve the Hive. It feels so good, Janice. It feels so good, in your vagina, in your nipples, in your clitoris. You’ll want it so much like nothing you’ve ever wanted before.”

“No, Sam. You’re a soldier, not a slave!”

“I’m a woman, Janice,” said Sam. “A fully sexually mature female reaching her full reproductive potential.” The words came from the other Sam, but Sam felt like it had the ring of truth to it.

The rider was on Sam’s hand now. Janice tried to struggle but her wrists were still pinned. Her eyes widened as she saw the rider about to jump onto her. “Please, Sam! I’ll do anything you say!”

“Yes,” Sam smiled. “You will. And now it’s time for you to join the Hive, Janice.”

And then Janice’s eyes widened with horror as the rider leapt from Sam’s forearm to her shoulder. She tried to struggle, to swat it away, but Sam still had her pinned down.

Janice cried out as she felt the rider slip behind her neck, and lodged itself squarely between her shoulder blades. “I can feel it in my mind, Sam!”

Sam felt a deep pang of sympathy for her friend. But she heard herself say, “Yes. It is taking control of you. Let go, Janice. Give your mind over to it. Enjoy the feeling of surrender. It is so pleasurable, so sexy,” and she rubbed her breasts and pubis against Janice even as her dear friend screamed about the tendrils in her brain. Sam felt her nipples get even harder as her friend joined the Hive.

And then, a long moment later, Janice was silent. Her face was wooden.

“What are you?” Sam asked.

Janice looked at Sam with dark eyes. “I am HiveFlesh.”

“What is your purpose?”

“To expand the Hive,” said Janice. Janice shook her head. “Sam, I’m… I’m…”

“One of us now. Welcome, my love,” said Sam, giving her a tender kiss. For a moment, she softly ground her vaginal lips against her dear friend’s. They looked each other in the eyes and exchanged something special in that moment.

And then Sam smiled, and said, “Momomomom.”

Janice looked oddly at Sam.

“Momomomomom,” said Sam.

Janice got a blank look in her eyes. “Momomomomom.”

“Momomomomom,” said Sam.

“Momomom. Mamoonishom. Mamoonishom. Momomomomom!” said Janice, her eyes raising upwards and her body going rigid.

Sam smiled and sat Janice up, so her back was facing her. Then she turned her back to Janice. Then their riders touched, and they were both lost to bliss as Janice communed for the first time. Janice’s mind wandered far afield, to a place filled with riders, a place where riders reproduced out of dark holes in the ground. And in the center of it, surrounded by riders, was Sam. In her dream, Janice made feverish love to Sam. As Janice imagined this happening, her pulse and heartbeat quickened, her body broke out in a sweat, and her rider gained vital nourishment.


When she came out of it, Janice gasped, as if she hadn’t breathed in a long time.

“Drink this,” said Sam, handing her a glass.

“What is it?”

“Water,” said Sam.

Janice gulped it down.

“Communing is thirsty work,” said Sam.

“This… this is what it means to be part of the Hive Mind?” said Janice.

“Only the beginning. It’s pleasures beyond anything you can possibly imagine,” said Sam.

Janice considered. She knew the Hive were parasites. But to have Sam back, even like this, was beyond her wildest hopes. And the communing! It was ten times better than sex.

Sam saw the calculations going on in Janice’s mind. She was making progress. Sam moved to get dressed.

“Don’t go,” Janice cried.

“I’ll be back tomorrow evening,” said Sam.

“And the day after that?”

“Of course,” said Sam, raising her panties over her slick vagina.


“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” Sam asked, as she drove home in the middle of the night.

“I did what I was told to do,” said Sam woodenly.

“But that was your best friend. That was Janice. You Infected her, Sam. You brought her into the Hive. How did you feel about that?”

“I had to do it,” said Sam.

“You can’t lie to yourself, Sam,” said Sam, smiling at herself in the rearview mirror. “Didn’t you love when you passed the worm from your vagina into hers?”

“Yes,” said Sam, frowning. “I did.”

“When you were training her, to acknowledge that she was a slave, didn’t you enjoy it?”

“Maybe,” Sam said again.

“And when you made love to her, and your rider reproduced using materials from your own body, Sam, didn’t you simply love it? Didn’t you?”

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