Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm Ch. 02

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‘Since when have you owned a kilt?’ I asked, eyeing Ethan’s choice of clothing.

‘Not until recently,’ he said, taking a sip of tea as he sat at our kitchen table. ‘But I feel they’re making a comeback. I’ll be a trend setter.’

I eyed him suspiciously. ‘Is your family even Scottish?’

He let out a low whistle. ‘I’m sure if you go back far enough in my family… one of my relatives probably is.’

‘Give him a break, Jessica,’ Mark chuckled, shifting a pile of bills as he joined us at the table with his tea. ‘I think it’s pretty bold of him.’ He leant forward to address Ethan. ‘So, are you, you know, going traditional under there, man?’

I groaned in disgust. ‘Oh, please. Not at the table. All due respect, Ethan, but I have no interest in what’s going on under your kilt. As far as I’m concerned you’re a Ken doll from the waist down.’

‘Don’t worry, Ethan. She treats me the same way,’ Mark chuckled, warranting a glare from me.

Mark continued unabashed. ‘So what have you been up to lately, man? It feels like months since we last saw you.’

Ethan took a sip of his tea. ‘Oh, you know, work. I took your advice and got a new job that’s been keeping me preoccupied lately.’

Mark raised a finger and paused as he sussed out Ethan’s words. ‘I think I suggested you go look for a job at the dairy farm a while back, didn’t I?’

A grin split Ethan’s face. ‘Yep, you sure did.’

Mark returned the grin. ‘You old dog! So, what, you met a nice hucow who’s been keeping you distracted from the outside world?’

‘Ethan took another sip from his tea with his grin still in place. He looked like he was loving every minute of this. ‘Her name is Hayley, thank you very much.’

Mark clapped his hands together in triumph. ‘Aha! I knew it would work out for you, man! So when do we get to meet her?’

‘You can come to the farm sometime if you want. I’m sure she’d love to meet the both of you.’

‘Sounds good. I’d love to see inside that place. Hell, with how well it worked out for you, perhaps I should apply for a job there, too.’

I slapped Mark’s arm as he chuckled.

‘Oh you know I’m just teasing,’ he said to me. ‘Although, honestly it might be a good idea for you to see if they have any positions free in administration or something. My wage won’t be enough to keep us afloat for long.’

‘What’s this?’ Ethan asked.

I could feel my face flushing as Mark explained it to Ethan. ‘Jessica lost her job a few months back. Company scaling back, that sort of thing. The job hunting hasn’t been going so great lately.’

‘Well that sucks. I’m sorry to hear that Jessica,’ Ethan said. He thought for a moment before continuing. ‘I can ask around, but I’m not sure that there are many office roles at the dairy farm.’

‘It’s a big place, I’m sure they have many people working to keep that place going,’ Mark said. ‘What do you do there? Maybe you could put a good word in for her.’

‘Uh… I don’t think… there are any spots free in my type of work for her. You could always sign up as a hucow. They’re always hiring more of those.’

I crossed my arms over my chest. ‘No thank you. I think I can safely say I’ll pass on that position.’

‘They have pretty good lives there,’ Ethan continued. ‘Probably the easiest work around. Living expenses paid, too.’

‘You’re not going to sell me on this,’ I said firmly.

‘I think you should give it some thought. Even as just a backup if you can’t get a job elsewhere. It’s really not as bad as you think there.’

I finished my tea with a final gulp. ‘Thank you, Ethan. I appreciate you trying to help but I’ll be fine. I had an interview at an accounting firm that I’m waiting to hear back from any day now.’

‘Well that sounds great!’ Ethan enthused. ‘I hope it does turn out well for you.’

‘Me too,’ Mark said. He glanced at the pile of bills out of the corner of his eye. I felt a pang of guilt at the thought of how much it was all building up. Mark was doing wonderfully to keep us afloat, picking up overtime at his work wherever he could, but it was getting down to the wire. I needed this accounting firm to call me back soon.

‘Well, I’d love to stay longer, but I think I’ll be needed back at work soon,’ Ethan said, pushing his chair back to stand.

Mark stood up to show him out. ‘Yeah, thanks for stopping around, man. Don’t drop off the face of the earth again, all right?’

‘I promise I’ll keep in touch more,’ Ethan said. As I stood up I noticed Ethan fidgeting with his kilt before rising from his chair.

‘And next time we’ll have to meet this Hayley.’

‘Of course. See you later, you two.’

‘Bye Ethan,’ I said as he stepped outside into the street.


It was the next evening that I received the call from the accounting firm. Mark hovered around as I listened intently to the woman on the other end. My spirits dropped as I thanked her for her time and placed the phone back on the table. Another failed job interview.

‘What’s the next interview you have Casibom lined up?’ Mark asked hopefully.

‘None,’ I told him, struggling to hold back tears as I did.

Mark wrapped his arms around me. ‘All right, let’s go have another search online.’

I buried my face into his shirt. ‘There isn’t anything else. I’ve been searching for weeks. I’ve applied at just about every business in the city. We’d just be hoping for a new one to pop up now.’

‘Can you get a temp job until then?’

I snivelled into his shirt. ‘I suppose I’ll have to.’

‘We could always move from here to help keep costs down,’ he said. ‘Maybe find a flat that’s cheaper.’

‘Maybe,’ I said, pulling away from him with a sigh. ‘We can talk about it in the morning, let’s just have a stress free evening until then.’

Though the thoughts never left my head; a constant nagging feeling at the back of my mind. I turned over possibility after possibility in the hopes of finding something that I had missed that would fix everything for us, but none presented itself. It took until I lay down in bed that night for my thoughts to return to Ethan’s proposal of the dairy farm. Funny that in the light of desperation it didn’t seem as opposable as it had the day before. The thought of changing myself to become a hucow still didn’t sit right with me, but Ethan was right, it did sound like stress free work. Exactly the type of job I had hoped to see pop up during my nightly searches online. I had always wanted to become self-employed, and that was pretty damn close to it. Good pay, too.

I tried to imagine what I would look like with a large pair of breasts like the ones I had seen on hucows. They had always seemed like a pinnacle of femininity with those curves. I had always had a curious fascination with their bodies in my younger years, to be honest. A fascination that always made me feel dirty to explore. Even now as I let the thoughts roam freely through my mind I felt the need to block them out to keep my dignity. I rolled over and tried to shake the thoughts from my mind. I was a business woman, not some lowly farm animal.

I sighed. A business woman that might soon have to go back to being a lowly waitress. I looked at Mark asleep next to me in the moonlight. He was struggling to earn enough for the two of us. I pretended to somehow preserve my dignity by letting him shoulder our financial burden. Was that really worth it? Didn’t he deserve better?


‘Are you sure this is what you want?’ Mark asked as we waited in the white tiled foyer.

I gave a defeated sigh. ‘It is the best solution to our financial problems, isn’t it?’

‘There are still other solutions, though. If you want to do this then I’ll support you, but don’t feel like you are in any way pressured to do so.’

I gave him a peck on the cheek. ‘You know, the more I think about it the more it sounds like it could be fun.’ It was honestly the truth. My insides seemed to flutter with a nervous excitement that I hadn’t felt through any of my job interviews. There wasn’t any stress weighing me down, nor would there be any over the next few months. It was like going on holiday.

‘You must be Jessica,’ a womanly voice said, breaking up our conversation. I turned to address them only to feel my jaw drop open. Before us stood a blonde hucow, naked to the world, or at least to the empty foyer around us. Her huge breasts hung down past her navel and long cocktail sausage-like nipples extended beyond that. Her hips were wide, creating a beautiful curve down her thighs. What caught my eye even more than her large breasts was her clit, which was as large as a cherry and just as red, and had what looked like a miniature bull ring pierced through it.

She stood there smiling brightly as she waited for my response.

‘Uh, yeah… Yes, I’m Jessica.’

‘Great! Have you filled out all your forms?’

I nodded over at the receptionist sitting behind the desk, who had not even batted an eye at the naked hucow. ‘We gave them to her.’

‘Excellent. If you’re ready, please follow me.’

Mark and I stood up and followed her to the double doors leading further into the dairy farm. We stepped into a brightly lit carpeted hallway. It looked no different from any other office building in the city.

‘I’m Bridgette,’ the hucow said as she led us down the hallway. ‘I’ll get you set up with your injections and show you to your room.’

The mention of injections made my stomach flutter with nerves.

We finally arrived at a small doctor’s office and entered. Bridgette indicated for me to lie down on the bed in the corner while she set about collecting the needles and vials she would need.

My heart was thumping in my chest as I laid back and watched her put on some rubber gloves and pull a tray over beside me.

‘Wait!’ I cried as she began measuring out the injection.

She looked at me with concern. ‘What is it, dear?’

‘Just… can you just… I don’t know, explain what happens after you inject me with Casibom Giriş that?’

She put the needle down on the tray and gave me a warming smile. ‘Don’t worry, dear. I promise everything will be fine, this is perfectly safe. The injection contains a special dose of hormones that has been synthesised from cows. It will give you, more or less a second puberty. Your breasts and nipples will grow to roughly the size of mine,’ she ran her hand around one of her huge globes to demonstrate. ‘You will have some more fat distribute around your hips and your clit will engorge like mine has.’

I looked down at the bulbous shape poking out between her thighs. The gold glint of her ring shone in the florescent light.

‘Will I have to get it pierced too?’

Bridgette gave a chuckle. ‘Only if you want to. This is just a personal choice.’

My heart hadn’t slowed its pace, but I at least felt more confident knowing what lay on the other end of that needle. A second puberty. It didn’t sound so bad. I could remember how curious I was at my body’s developments during my first puberty.

I felt Mark grab my hand and squeeze it tight. He looked down at me with all the support in the world. As much support as he had already given me during these last few months. It was my turn to pay him back for everything.

‘Okay, I’m ready,’ I said, taking in a deep breath.

‘Could you remove your shirt and bra, please,’ Bridgette said.

I sat up, unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my bra off. The cold air of the room chilled my nipples as my perky C cup breasts were exposed. I laid back down as Bridgette brought the needle closer.

‘One injection for each breast and it’ll be all done,’ she reassured me.

I bit my lip as the needle pierced my flesh and deposited the cool liquid inside my breast. I held my breath as she did the second one until finally it was done. She pulled the needle out and put it aside. That was it. No going back now.

I went to put my bra back on and she stopped me.

‘You won’t need that bra anymore, dear. You’ll be growing faster than you ever did during your first puberty. By tomorrow that thing will be too small. In fact, all clothing is optional here. We hucows find it easier to get around with nothing on.’

I indignantly picked up my blouse and put it on over my bare breasts. ‘I’d prefer to keep my clothes on, if that’s all right.’

‘If that’s what you’d prefer, dear, then be my guest. Happy hucows produce better milk, so no one will pressure you to do anything you don’t want to.’

I buttoned my blouse up with my first smile of the day. This was already much freer than a job as a waitress would have been. I could get used to this.

‘Now, follow me and I’ll show you to your room.’

Bridgette led us to a lift and we were taken to one of the upper floors. I stepped out of the lift and was met with a sight of many naked hucows walking and talking throughout the hallway. I stopped and stared at them all. Bridgette wasn’t lying, I would be the only clothed hucow here.

Bridgette stepped past us as I felt Mark join me by my side.

‘You’re room is just up here,’ she said, leading us through the crowd. I could feel every eye on me as I followed her. It was like being the new kid at school. Though as I looked around at the staring faces I noticed they weren’t silently judging me. Instead each face smiled back at me. A few waved too.

The situation was so surreal I almost didn’t notice Bridgette had stopped in front of an open doorway.

‘Here you are,’ she chimed. ‘3h.’

I stepped inside and looked around. It reminded me a lot of my old dorm room back in college, except bigger. There was a queen size bed, a TV, a comfy looking couch and a table with a laptop. I even had my own bathroom. That alone made it far better than my old college dorm. In the corner, however, there sat something I had never seen before. It looked like a massage table, but there were large clear cups on its underside leading down through tubes to a machine.

‘What’s that?’ I asked.

‘That will be your milking machine when you start producing. It’s more comfortable than it looks… or maybe that’s just the relief being milked gives you, I’m not too sure, come to think of it.’

I looked away from the milking machine, not quite ready to deal with the thought of being milked just yet. As I placed my luggage by the bed, Bridgette stepped over to a button on the wall.

‘Now, if you have any concerns with the changes to your body you have two options. Firstly, feel free to ask any of the other hucows around. We all went through it and can tell you exactly what you’re experiencing. But, you also have a call button here on the wall. Press that and someone will be up to see you.’

‘Okay,’ I said, sitting down on the bed. ‘That sounds fine, thank you.’

‘Good. Now I can give you two a moment before Mark leaves if you want.’

I sat upright. ‘What?! Can’t Mark stay here?’ I indicated to the queen size bed.

‘Eventually Casibom Yeni Giriş he can stay with you, but it would be better for you to be alone for the first few weeks.’

Mark came and sat beside me on the bed. I didn’t want him to leave.

‘Surely you can make an exception or something?’ he said.

Bridgette shook her head. ‘I’m sorry. Those are just our rules. A few weeks’ time and you can join her, but her development should be her main concern for now.’

Mark kissed me on top of my head and hugged me in close to him. ‘If that’s how it has to be for now, then I can wait.’

I nodded silently into his shoulder. ‘Call me every night.’

‘I will,’ he said back before planting a long kiss on my lips and standing to leave.

‘If you’ll follow me back down to admin, Mark, perhaps I can organise it so you can see her a bit earlier than usual.’

‘Yeah, sure, anything,’ Mark said enthusiastically as he gave me one last wave and followed her out of the room.

I lay back onto the bed, feeling suddenly very alone. It was only a few minutes ago that I was feeling excited about what was ahead, but now… now it didn’t seem so great.

‘Just a few weeks I told myself,’ as I cuddled up to my pillow, my breasts beginning to feel slightly tingly as the cool liquid of the injection spread throughout them.


I lay awake on my fourth night at the dairy farm. The first few nights had been fine. After chatting with Mark for hours on the phone I had settled down to some of the deepest sleep I had ever had in my life. Yet tonight I just couldn’t get comfortable. I had been tossing and turning for hours but sleep would not claim me from the feeling in my breasts.

They had already grown by two whole cup sizes in my short stay, but they weren’t what was bothering me, despite how they pushed at my slowly tightening shirts each day. No, it was my nipples that were a constant irritation tonight. They had only grown a bit, looking like small pieces of chalk now. Yet even that little bit was enough for them to feel constantly squished by my shirts. And they were far too sensitive now to be constantly rubbing up against the fabric of my shirt. The constant stimulation against them had caused my pussy to grow very wet, but I had already tried masturbating over half an hour ago; the stimulation was still too much to ignore.

In a huff I sat up and threw my shirt off. The cool night air delighted my sensitive nipples as I lay back down. That was better.

I’ll just have to sleep topless at night, I thought to myself. During the day I could keep my shirt on and then strip it off at night. But as I lay there I relaxed into the feeling of having my nipples uncramped and eased by the cool air. This was the relief that I had sought after during the day. My shirts were becoming tighter with my growing bust and my sensitive nipples were taking the brunt of that change. I dreaded the thought of stuffing my breasts back into a shirt tomorrow. I was the only one here still even wearing one, and it was causing me this much discomfort to do so.

I sighed as I thought about it. I had sworn not to become a nudist like these hucows, but wearing a shirt was becoming too impractical. Hell, when my breasts began producing milk a shirt would be even more in the way.

It was just a shirt, anyway. I wasn’t completely naked without one, I reasoned as I finally drifted off to sleep.


‘All right, now just lower them down and I’ll guide you in.’

Bridgette kneeled underneath me as I lowered my breasts into the milking machine for the first time. It had been a few days since I first started going topless. My breasts were surprising me with their size each day. They were about an h cup by now and were coming to dominate my front. I felt like my breasts led the way wherever I walked, yet they still seemed so small compared to the other hucows. I wasn’t sure if I could take the weight of them when they became that size. Though my back seemed to be adapting quickly. It felt sturdier each day as my hips widened and became curvier. When I first thought about the coming changes my hips never even registered as something I’d noticed, but with their new size I found my hands grazing against them more and more as I walked.

My breast found its way into the cup and I gasped as the machine began sucking. I could feel my nipple stretching with each pump of the machine. They had grown too. They were now as big as my thumb and as sensitive as a clit. The pumping of the machine felt amazing on them. My pussy instantly became wet at the incredible sensation and was almost surely seeping through my shorts. I had kept to my word and still remained clothed from the waist down, only letting my breasts hang out to the delight of the other hucows. They loved seeing me grow and develop. They fawned over me like a little sister.

It had been only yesterday as I massaged my growing breasts while masturbating that the first droplet of milk revealed itself. Curious, I kneaded my breasts further, rewarding me with a few more drops. I rushed to show the other hucows who all equally shared my excitement. Bridgette had promised to give me my first proper milking today, and I went to be that night excited to give my first proper lot of milk.

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