Brett and Camilla Prologue

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Camilla ran her hand nervously through her long blond hair, while Margaret Francis looked through Camilla’s file.

“I’m impressed as usual,” Mrs. Francis said, looking up to smile warmly at Camilla. “Your grades are impressive. You might graduate at top of your class.”

“But?” Camilla asked, dropping her hands to her lap.

“I think you should have a more well-rounded education. I think you should take the extra history class this year.”

Camilla groaned. “But history is so boring!”

Mrs. Francis smiled. “I know, dear, but having knowledge in history might help in your major when you graduate and go to college.” She looked down at Camilla’s file again. “Cultural anthropology. It will bring you a step higher when applying to the college of your choice. And it seems you want to go to school at the University of Alberta, which is in Edmonton.”

Camilla sighed. “And who teaches social studies this year?”

Mrs. Francis turned to her right and looked through her shelf full of books. She pulled one down and placed it on her desk. She paused for a few moments, looking through the book. “Oh, dear, I guess you’ll be having a new professor. Professor Krantz passed away this summer. What a dear old man.”

“Oh, I remember him.”

“You may not care for history, but you’ll thank me later.”

Camilla took the letter and stood up. She put her bag on her left shoulder and walked to the door, opening it. “I hope so.”

Mrs. Francis smiled at Camilla. “Good luck.”

Camilla exited the room and closed the door behind her, fuming inside. “I was so hoping to bypass social studies this year, since it isn’t a requirement to graduate,” she thought to herself.

* **

“This will be your office, Mr. Crawford,” the dean of Hildegard said, opening the door to a large office.

Brett looked around. There was a large wooden desk facing the door, with a huge window facing the mountains. Old-style curtains covered a portion of the window, but they were left open for a full view. There was plenty of wall space on the right side of the room with roll-down maps. A filing cabinet sat in one corner behind the desk.

Brett smiled when he saw the leather spinning chair behind the desk. A florescent light hung down from the ceiling illuminating the hard wood floors and walls, as well as a small lamp sitting Kocaeli Escort on the corner of the desk. Under the desk was a Persian rug. To the left of the room were 2 doors, and a few empty bookshelves. One door, he assumed, was the closet, but he wasn’t sure what the second door was for.

“What’s the second door for?” Brett asked, turning back to the dean.

“Ahhh, yes,” he responded, walking towards the door and opening it. Brett followed. “Your private bathroom.”

Brett hid the surprise when he realized he had his own private bathroom. It even had a shower installed.

“The previous social studies teacher, who passed away recently, worked long hours and so we had the shower installed. There’s also a cot in the closet,” the dean explained, looking at the shock on Brett’s face. “He was a well respected man. We’ll miss him dearly.”

“I’m sorry,” Brett said, closing the door to the bathroom. “I guess I’ll have big shoes to fill.”

“You’ll do fine. Welcome to Hildegard Private School for Girls,” the Dean said, sticking out his right hand to shake Brett’s. Brett shook his hand, his grip strong, but not tight. The Dean left the office, and Brett went to sit at the leather, swivel chair. He spun in it once, and smiled at the empty room.

Ten minutes later, Brett left the office and started to walk around the college, trying to get himself familiar with the place. He knew the school was large, so it would take some getting used to. The building, which was 3 stories tall, was in the shape of an I with classrooms and offices in the middle, and dorms on each end.

He was looking the other way when a student came barreling around the corner and he smacked into her. Her bag fell to the floor and he heard her say, “Damn it.”

“I’m so sorry,” Brett said, picking up her bag and handing it to her. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Me neither,” she said, taking it from him and placing it on her shoulder again. She continued walking down the hall.

“Damn,” Brett whispered under his breath as he watched her short skirt swish against her long, shapely legs. “I’m going to love working here.”


Camilla unlocked the door to her apartment and threw her backpack on the floor. She walked into her bedroom and quickly took off her school uniform and flopped down onto the bed with Kocaeli Escort Bayan a sigh.

Camilla was lying on her bed, feeling comfortable and cooling off when she heard moaning coming from her roommate Tonya’s room. “Great, Tanya and another one of her boyfriends,” Camilla grumbled to herself.

But even though she tried to drown out the cries of pleasure, Camilla couldn’t help but feel aroused herself. She covered her hands over her ears to try to drown it out, but she couldn’t help thinking about her ex, Brad, even though he had hurt her terribly. By sleeping with Tanya, no less.

Camilla had been a virgin and completely inexperienced. In fact, it was Robert, her other roommate, who had taught her to masturbate. “Girl, have you been living under a rock?” He had asked his usual lisp stronger than usual, because of shock. Then Brad had come into her life and opened up a whole new sexual experience for her.

After about a month of what she thought was mind blowing sex, she came home early from work one day so she could get ready for a date, only to find Tanya and Brad going at it on the kitchen table. Camilla had stood there shocked for about 30 seconds before they finally noticed her. She dropped her bag and ran out.

About a minute after that, Brad had come running out after her, with explanations and apologies. Camilla told him to go to hell and never talk to her again. And he listened.

However, she was still living with Tanya. She had roamed for hours when she bumped into Robert, before he had been her and Tanya’s roommate. He took one look at her, and knew immediately what happened, “Girlfriend, I’m moving in.” Camilla had never been gladder in her life. She wouldn’t have been able to live with Tanya if he hadn’t moved in. But she couldn’t afford to live without her, either.

“The last six months have been difficult,” Camilla thought with a sigh. She stood up and walked over to her dresser. She opened her underwear drawer and pulled out the vibrator Robert had bought for her soon after the breakup.

“You’ll need this,” he explained. “And it’ll be better than what you had with dick face.”

And sure enough, he had been right. The first time she had tried it, she had had her first orgasm, something she hadn’t been able to achieve with Brad. Not that Brad had cared, Escort Kocaeli he just wanted sex. But, because of inexperience, she hadn’t known that.

However, she had had some good times with Brad, which is what Camilla focused on when she placed her vibrator on her clitoris. She started off slow, imagining the time they had made love in the back seat of his car.


“Where are you taking me?” Camilla asked, laughing.

“It’s a surprise,” Brad replied, turning briefly to smile at her and put his hand on her thigh. His hand moved slowly up the inside of her thigh, teasing her.

Camilla’s head fell back against the car seat, and placed her hand over his, moving it up further. He smiled when he found the crotch of her panties, and teased her with his fingers.

“Are we almost there?” Camilla asked with a moan.

“Almost,” Brad whispered, his index finger slipping in the side of her panties. Already she was wet. He roamed for a minute, while Camilla’s breathing increased. He pulled away and put both hands on the steering wheel.

“Why’d you stop?” Camilla asked with a pout.

Brad ignored her and turned sharply to the right, through a bunch of trees. The next few minutes were bumpy and rough. Finally, he came to an abrupt stop. He turned to Camilla and took her into his arms, kissing her roughly.

“Damn, Camilla, you make me so hot.”

They kissed like that for a few minutes, and pulled at each others clothes.

“The backseat,” Brad whispered, while nibbling on her ear.

They climbed into the backseat and continued their making out, and tearing each others clothes off…


“Goddamn it!” Robert yelled, barreling into Camilla’s room.

Camilla stopped, mid-orgasm, and covered herself up quickly. “What the hell do you think you’re doing barging in here like that?”

“I thought you were over him!” Robert cried angrily.

“I am,” Camilla said. She sat up and sighed pitifully. “But he’s the only sexual experience I have in which to work from, you know.”

Robert sighed and took Camilla’s hand. He pulled her up and dragged her out of her bedroom and into his. He rifled through his things and came out with a few books and pictures.

“I’m not usually into straight-people sex,” he explained. “But sometimes I don’t mind it, which is why I have some stories, pictures, and even a couple videos. I’m giving them to you sweetie, for you to use instead of thoughts of Brad. Start with the books, then the magazines. If you like that, I’ll let you borrow the movies.”

“Uhm thanks,” Camilla said, staring at the pornography in her arms.

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