Brian’s Dream

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Jodi is a raven beauty, of 5 feet 9 inches, 24 years old, with an hourglass figure, at 160 pounds she was stunning. A firm believer in the supremacy of women she had started to train a slave that would catered to all her needs.

She had found his note this morning informing her that he had left her to go back to a normal life. She was so mad at him, that she had destroyed his life by telling all his contacts that he was a pedophile, and that she had kicked him out.

The previous night he had refused to move to the next level of his training as a toilet slave, he did not have problem drinking her piss but he had been sick when she fed him a small stool, during an intense ass worship session.

She had made him clean up his mess and when she sat back on his face to feed him some more. He had clenched his mouth close. She had made a mess on his face, ending up with her beating him up to teach him a lesson.

Brian was in his favorite bar, sipping a beer, late forties, balding with a small beer belly, without any relatives since the car crash that had taken away his parents ten years ago. He was wishing to meet a beautiful Amazon to practice cunnilingus with, he smiled to himself in dreams all was permitted, she would have a perfect figure, long legs, a round ass, firm breast, long dark hair attached in a pony tail. An authoritative face with black eyes and full lips painted a bright red.

He did a double take when he saw Jodi walk up to the bar and order a drink. She was all that and more. She looked at him and smiled. He looked down knowing she was out of his league, but he would remember that she was wearing 6 inches stiletto shoes, a black mini skirt showing her long beautiful legs and a white long sleeves blouse.

She ask the barkeep where the restroom were, as she turned her back on him, he stared at her ass, she drop her keys and bended down at the waist. She had seen him looking at her and she wanted to see how he would react to the sight of her ass, she almost laughed at his reaction, and went to the restroom to check on her perfect makeup.

He took a sip of his beer, he had never saw a most perfect ass in his life, and he was trying to calm down his erection so he could go home, when she whispered in his ear:

“Are you good at cunnilingus?”

He nodded his head and stuttered;

“Yes, very good.”

“Then walk with me to my car.” She said.

She asked him how he would do it, he described it to her and she invited him to follow her home Mersin Escort in his car but she specified that it was for cunnilingus only, nothing else.

Brian was ashamed to tell her that he had no car. They got to her place and she showed him the guess bedroom saying he could get undressed there.

“Hurry up and join me in my bedroom at the end of the hall, I can hardly wait to test your abilities. Remember, it is cunnilingus only, O.K.?”

“Yes Jodi, crystal clear.”

He never got naked that fast, as he was getting to her bedroom, as she was turning to look in his direction.

“You were fast, good, you can help me undress.”

She said, as she was removing her blouse, he detach her bra and was rewarded with firm breasts that proudly stood out, she turn around and he unzip her skirt, removed it and her underwear. Once again he was rewarded by two firm round globes.

She was naked still wearing her stiletto heels; he was kneeling down in front of her and started kissing her calves, moving toward her knees then her thighs and finally her sex.

After her first few orgasms, she said:

“let’s move to the bed I want you to keep performing, will you be able to?”

“Oh yes, I have never been with such a beautiful woman before, who let me gave her an orgasm.”

She was recuperating; his head was on her belly, and her leg on his back. He was in heaven; he was having the night of his life. So he dared ask her:

“Would you sit on my chest and let me eat you, I would spill less of your delicious juices when you come”

She agreed to it , she preferred to sit on her partner when she climax, she had found a talented mouth, each orgasm were intense pushing her to a new level each time.

After her last orgasm she extended her legs on each side of his head and remained seated on in chest, he was panting; she stretched a leg to move her ass closer to his face.

He started to kiss the back of her thighs and the beginning of her ass cheeks. He felt her respond by moving her ass even closer to his face. He was kissing the beginning of her crack.

“Do you know where you are kissing me?”

He nodded yes, and grabbed her hips and pulled her on his face he was licking her crack going over her asshole, which he started kissing more intensely.

She pulled back from his mouth, sat back on his chest and looked in his eyes:

“You know that you were kissing my asshole, so there will be no more cunnilingus before you wash your mouth, Mersin Escort Bayan but if you ask nicely, I will let you kiss my asshole and stick your tongue in it.”

“You would? Please sit back on my mouth?”

He asked not believing his luck.

“Please Jodi let me lick your ass.”

She obliged him, giving him pointers on how she liked it. When she could not help it anymore she ran to the toilet for a pee. When she got back to bed he was using the guest bathroom, so she went to sleep exhausted by all her orgasms, he was very good at the practice of cunnilingus.

She woke up thinking about last night, maybe he would be a good replacement, and maybe she had met her future slave? The aroma of fried eggs, bacon and coffee floated in her bedroom.

She put on her bathrobe with nothing underneath and went to the kitchen. He had set up the table for two and was serving the plates near the oven.

“This is a nice surprise, you can cook, why did you lick my ass last night?”

“I had the time of my life last night, I gave you orgasms, I drank your heavenly tasting juices, so I wanted to make the most of it.”

“The most pleasurable position for me was you seated on my chest and coming in my mouth, therefore I wanted more and I did not know what would please you, so I grabbed your gorgeous hips and pulled you on my face. I wanted to please you some more.” He said

“Jodi look at me, do you think I will be back in the bed of a gorgeous creature like you soon. I would do anything for another night like last night.”

“You would? How far are you willing to go?”

“Anything you ask me, your wishes will be my command Jodi.”

“Anything? Like what?”

“I would lick your feet clean, kiss your ass, even be your toilet, if that is what you want. I only wish that I would be given the privilege of licking you to orgasm and drink your juices once in a while.”

She was eating her eggs and he was on his knees begging her with watery eyes.

“Have you ever been a toilet before?” She asked.

“No, I have not but I am willing to learn, I would give it my best.” He said.

“let’s try it right now,”

She stood up, let her robe open, straddled his mouth and held his head steady.

“Keep your mouth open, make a seal with your lips on mine, and swallow to keep up with me.”

She started peeing, he was overjoyed at the feeling of being used for such a degrading act, the taste was potent, but he managed to spill only a Escort Mersin few drops.

“Excellent for a first time, have you thought of being a slave, my slave? You would do all the housework and be my toilet.”

She did not specified that it would be a full service toilet.

He was thinking that drinking her pee was not so bad and got on his knees to accept.

“I thank you very much Mistress Jodi, I will do my best to satisfy all your needs, the way you want.”

“We will go to your place today to get your belonging; you will stored them in the basement. What is your job?”

“I am a hardware store clerk, Mistress Jodi.”

“You will quit that, I want you naked all the time in the house, that way you are available for anything I might want to do to you. You will do all the housework and cook my meals. “

As he was seating himself at the table to eat his eggs she stopped him.

“No, you are not to eat this morning; it will have to be after we are done at your place. It is part of your training.”

He did not have much; he gave his notice to his landlord who was looking at Jodi shaking his head. She was stunning in her tight summer dress without a bra.

They were back at his new home in time for lunch.

“Slave get naked, I want you to prepare me a grilled cheese”

She had him sit on the floor beside her and fed him the crust of her sandwich.

“I want to sit on your face like last night, I like crushing you under me.”

“Yes Mistress Jodi. I will be delighted.”

“From now on you are to speak only when spoken to, I do not want to hear your comments. You may ask for more precisions if you do not understand my order.”

“I will Face sit you in the living room.”

Here is the big test she thought, will he cope? He made me come so hard. It has been two days and I need to shit, I will try to go slowly.

“On your back, and bend your knees.”

When he was in position, she put a cushion on his tights, straddled his head and sat on his chest looking in his eyes she said:

“Slave, you are to lick my asshole and then insert your tongue in, as far as you can, I do not care if you like the taste or not. Last night your were smacking your lips after, so today should be as good.”

She moved her ass on his mouth and felt his tongue starting to go in.

He was breathing hard in her cunt, seeing her clit and feeling her juices going in his mouth, and then his tongue felt a mass inside her ass.

She felt a stool moving and she pushed it in his mouth, it was giving her pleasure.

“Slave, you are my toilet swallow to keep up or your mouth will be full before I am finished.”

She was coming as she pushed more shit in his willing mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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