Briget Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of the ‘Briget’ series. It is a story about people. It would be beneficial to read the other two parts to see how the characters got here. Sometimes it may take a while to get to the actual fucking, but it’s never far away.

I have urged Dennis to begin posting his stories here as well. It’s all connected, one way or another. I hope you enjoy them.


Working the day shift was a nice change. I worked in a restaurant close to downtown. It was sort of up-scale and the clientele was great and they tipped well. I had worked there for a while and I knew the menu so it wasn’t much of an adjustment. It was just the lunch rush instead of the dinner rush. Big deal. The first two days went well.

I talked to Briget Monday night on the phone. We both worked hard during the day and needed each other to unwind. We just chatted about things like how our days went and all that. Nothing overtly sexual.

But Tuesday night we talked about our days, then she asked me if there were any hot chicks working there that I’d like to fuck. I hemmed and hawed about wanting only her and she called bullshit and told me that it was only natural; since I was a guy I would want to fuck anything that moved. She told me she had the same fantasies about the people she worked with, so I told her about Karen, this quiet, wallflower type waitress with a huge set of breasts. She wasn’t beautiful, but her tits… oh boy.

Briget had me describe them in detail, or at least what I thought they’d look like and feel like out of their harness. I could tell she was getting as turned on as I was talking about sucking and licking them.

We were getting used to employing language as just another tool to get each other off.

I gently stroked my cock and went on to describe taking Karen’s pants off and licking all the way up from her toes to finally suck on her cunt. There was a gasp on the other end of the line.

I asked Briget what she was doing.

“What do you think? I’m getting myself off, silly! Are you?”

I admitted that I was and Karen was forgotten for the time being. I asked her what she was doing to herself.

“I’m circling my clit right now, ohhh, I’m really wet… Where’s Brian,” she asked.

“He’s with his grandparents… His grampa’s having some health problems.”

Briget sighed. “That’s too bad. He could help you out. He could suck your cock for you while I listened and it would be so cool. I’d love to see it in person again, but I’d settle for just hearing it…”

I was starting to stroke faster at the thought of it. “Where’s Roslyn?”

“Well, my sweet little roomie is on the chair across from me, watching me… She’s wearing a tank top and nothing else. Remember what her pussy looks like?”

I said that I indeed remembered.

“Well, she’s rubbing her pussy and sticking a finger in now and then… oh! Now its two fingers, oh baby you should see it.”

I could picture it just fine and with a moan I came all over my belly, with one shot reaching all the way up to my throat.

There was a moan down the phone line. “Oh what was that? Did you just cum?” I just groaned in response. “Lick it up, Denny-man. Lick it off your fingers…”

I did, making sure she could hear all the slurps that went along with it. There was a shriek on the phone and I asked what she was doing.

“I’m not d-doing anything, uh—Roslyn just crawled across the floor and she’s… she’s licking me out good, ohh, Denny, can I call you tomorrow?”

I said sure, and told her to have a good time.

I was just about to tell her that I loved her and decided it was too soon for that. I didn’t want to scare her off. We said goodbye and hung up. I pictured Briget and Roslyn getting it on half way across the city. But then again that were people having sex all over the world. It was just nice to think that now I was one of them.


She called me on Wednesday saying that her and Roz had to go shopping for food, the cupboard was bare. She made me promise to call on Thursday.

Brian was spending more and more time at his grandparent’s place. His grandfather had taken a turn for the worse and Brian was helping out both at home and at the hardware store he owned. So, I didn’t see too much of him. He had a key now and he came and went as he pleased.


Thursday was a challenge at work. The manager had called in sick and being most senior, I was put in charge: a first for me. It was hyper-busy and one of the servers screwed up big time and we had to write off a whole table.

Anya, the server, nearly flew completely off the handle when she dropped a tray of dirty dishes later that afternoon. I helped her pick them up and could see her smallish breasts straining in her bra against the material of her blouse. I thought idly about cumming all over them but I remembered I had a girl I could do that with as soon as I saw her. Coming back to the real world, I looked at Anya and half-joking asked, “So what is up with you, butterfingers?”

Her Ankara escort head was down picking up shards of broken plate. She distinctly muttered “Fuck you…” under her breath. When she looked up at me, she could tell I heard it. She looked sorry immediately.

“Would you like to talk about it?” I asked, taken aback. I had had a stressful day and I didn’t feel like taking any crap from a subordinate when I hadn’t even asked to be put in charge.

“No.” She shook her head. “Sorry. Look, if you wanna talk after the shift?… I’ll buy you a beer?”

I told her I’d see her in the lounge later. She nodded, dumped the garbage in the pail and walked off. I watched her ass as she went and thought of what Briget said.

The rest of the afternoon was okay. At four I was done. The manager called in to say that he’d be in tomorrow and the person I was replacing would be back as well, so I had a day off until my Saturday night shift.

“It’s just as well,” I said. I told him about the troubles this afternoon. He said to go and have a drink and relax.

When I got to the lounge, Anya was sitting alone in a booth, twisting a straw in her rum and coke. She smiled ruefully as I sat down and lit a smoke. I didn’t know what to say so I just waited for her. I was looking for the waitress so I could get a beer and Anya put up a hand to stop me. She swallowed the rest of her drink and put the glass on the table.

“Lets go somewhere else. I don’t want to talk here.”

There was a neighborhood bar across the street that looked like a dive but was pretty nice inside. We’d go over there.

As we walked in the sunshine, I copped another look at her. We had been coworkers for a while, but not really friends. She nearly always had a boyfriend. But, we always said hello to each other and socialized in the group at parties.

She was about twenty and looked to be part Asian, but not in any truly exotic way. Her light brown skin was faultless. She was slender but not skinny and kind of pretty. She had a nice smile and was usually friendly. That’s why I asked to talk to her; she was in a shitty mood. Something was bugging her.

Or maybe it was something else.

The bar was fairly deserted. We took a booth near the back.

We gave our drink orders and just sat there. Finally she spoke. “Can I ask you a question Dennis? You don’t have to answer.” I shrugged my shoulders. She looked at her hands then looked me in the eye. “Are you gay?”

To say I hadn’t expected it would be an understatement. I guess my jaw dropped. “Like,” she continued, “it doesn’t matter if you are… well, we’re just curious.”

“Who’s we?” I croaked.

The drinks came and we shut up. When the coast was clear, she said, “Me and some of the girls at work. I mean, we never see you with a girlfriend and you don’t hit on any of the girls there and well, we were just wondering.”

“No, I’m not gay and what does this have to do with you telling me to fuck off this afternoon?”

She covered her mouth with her hand to suppress a giggle. “Oh, I’m so sorry about that” she said, “it had nothing to do with you… Okay, here’s the story.”

She bummed a smoke and we leaned across the table from one another.

She had just broken off with her boyfriend and she was really pissed off at life in general. He had basically shit on her at every turn and had taken her for granted. So when she told me to fuck off she was telling, well, men in general to fuck off. She apologized and I accepted.

We ordered another round. “So what’s this got to do with my being gay?”

She looked at me open and honest and said, “Well you can talk to gay guys about all this stuff. They’re supposed to give good advice about relationships and all that.”

“Well, Anya, I’m not gay. I just don’t like hitting on girls at work because I usually suck at it, and it just causes problems. But maybe I should have.”

“Maybe. Karen had the hots for you at one time. She would have gone for you.”

“Karen?” I made the universal sign for ‘large breasts’ with my cupped hands in front of me. “That Karen?”

She snickered and nodded. “Yeah. She lives upstairs from me and we got drunk one night and she confessed. It was kind of cute, she’s so shy and naïve…”

We had a laugh about that. We talked about other things, but for her, everything kept coming back to her old boyfriend. Finally, I had enough. “Look, Anya, I may not be gay, but I can still give you advice about relationships… I think you’re better off without him. Don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right… I guess I needed someone else to say it, too.”


By six thirty, we were well on our way to getting pissed. The bar had filled up and it was getting noisy so she moved over to my side of the booth. The booths were high-backed and pretty private. We were getting close and comfortable. We talked about a lot of things. We were laughing and giggling. And drunk. She put a hand on my knee one time to emphasize a point and pulled it Ankara escort bayan back immediately, smiling. I guess you could say we were flirting. It was so much easier now that I had a bit of confidence.

Like any time when I was so close to any woman, I was getting horny.

As talk ultimately moved toward sex, I took the bull by the horns when the opportunity arose.

I spoke quietly so only she could hear. “I’m bi.”

She froze; her rum and coke in mid-air, her eyes and mouth wide open. “What?” I guess it did come from left field.

“I’m bi.”

“Bisexual?” It was like she couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah.” I smiled. I was getting easier to admit it all the time. I was nearly drunk enough to shout from a rooftop. “I’m going with this girl I just met and… and she’s great, and I’ve had sex with a guy and I like that, too.”

“Excuse me…I gotta-” She edged out of the booth and went to the can.

I ordered another round. I was really hoping she’d stay. I could ask her for advice about Briget.


When she got back I noticed her hair. All afternoon it had been in a ponytail pulled back from a side part and now it was loose and cascading over her shoulders, shimmering and black as coal. It framed her breasts, looking great against the white shirt we wore as uniforms. The black tie we also wore was loosened and hanging down the middle.

She sat and turned on the bench seat facing me. She put an elbow on the table, a hand purposefully on my thigh, leaned close and whispered, “Tell me everything, Dennis. Everything.”

I sang like a canary.


One hour later we were driving downtown to one of the fancy hotel bars in the core area: The Clark. Anya really shouldn’t have been driving: we were both drunk, but it wasn’t too far. She was careful and we arrived without incident.

“What if she doesn’t like me?” Anya was nervous as we walked through the parking lot.

“She’ll like you,” I said, “but that’s why we’re meeting somewhere neutral. If one or the other doesn’t want to go through with it they can just leave and no one is hurt.”

“What if I don’t like her?”

I laughed out loud and considered the astronomical chances of that happening. “Like I said, just say you have to go home and that’s it. No problem.”

We were still in our work uniforms so we looked good and fit in with the other clientele. We found a low, small table for three and sat down. I was facing the door. We ordered drinks and waited for Briget.


When I told Anya my story in the bar, she leaned close and listened intently. Once and a while she’d lick her lips or interrupt to ask questions. Like, what was it like to suck a big cock, and how do you decide who does what in a threesome. I told her all about Brian and me, and Briget and me, and Briget and me and Brian and Jackie, and Briget and Roslyn and me. I could see how she reacted in disbelief; I could barely believe the story myself as I told it. But I swore that it was true and she said she believed me.

After I finished, I lit up smokes for the both of us. Anya was damn near panting. She didn’t speak for a while, then she turned to face me. “Call her.” It was barely a whisper, hoarse and desperate.


“Call her and see if she’ll meet us. See if she’ll fuck me, ‘cause I wanna fuck her and I wanna try being bi, too.”

I wasn’t prepared for this except on some kind of subconscious level. My cock was ready on all levels and it was immediately diamond hard. I had to try and be discrete as I repositioned it.

She watched me do it. “Are you hard?” she asked. “Are you horny?” I nodded, mute. “Because I am dripping… I really want to try doing it with a girl. Tonight.”

I sort of wavered, not knowing whether Briget would go for it, but at the same time, hoping she would.

Anya wasn’t having any of my equivocation. She pointed a finger at me and her green, almond-shaped eyes flashed in mock anger. “You gotta do this!” she quietly hissed. “There’s not gonna be another time that I’m this ready to try this. I’m drunk and horny and it’s all your fault, boy, telling me those stories about sucking cock and fucking all those girls, so you better call this Briget and you better call her quick.” Then she smiled.

I smiled back. “What am I supposed to do while you’re with Briget?”

“Well, Dennis,” she laughed, “since you’re not a complete faggot, I’m sure you could figure something out.”


I called Briget and caught her at home. Roslyn was at the library.

“You’re not going to believe this,” I said, and told her about my afternoon with Anya. I was ready for her to yell and hang up, but she immediately responded by coming up with a plan. “Give me forty-five to get ready. Meet me at the bar in the Clark Hotel, and if she wants we can try it out.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

“Okay, see you at quarter to nine… and Denny? I love you.” She quietly hung up.


Anya was getting more nervous as time went on. At nine o’clock Escort Ankara Briget was late and Anya was taking it as a rejection. When Briget walked in it was like my world stood still.

She was dressed in a modest, knee-length black skirt with a silky, cream-colored blouse with a black blazer. She must have been wearing a push-up bra, for her cleavage was glorious. Her thick auburn hair was pulled loosely off to the side and bound with a simple green bow. She looked like a professional woman after work, calm and reserved; about 180 degrees from the naughty girl I was falling in love with.

She spied us and walked to our table. I noticed with no small amount of pride that heads were turning to watch her pass. She was smiling and I stood up to meet her. She had low heels on and we were eye to eye. I kissed her on the cheek she demurely offered me, and then turned to Anya, who sat there with somewhat stunned look on her face.

“Anya, this is Briget, Briget, Anya.”

“Very pleased to meet you, Anya.”

Anya took Briget’s hand when it was offered her and the handshake seemed to linger. I moved to the other chair and allowed Briget to sit beside Anya.

I had nothing to worry about. After some initial hesitancy and awkwardness, the two girls got on great. I even felt left out as they talked about all sorts of things. They sealed their bond when Briget seconded my opinion that she was far better off without her boyfriend. Soon they were laughing like old friends; clinking their drink glasses and everything.

I sat back and watched Briget. She had told me, when we met, that she always wanted to be a lady in public and a total slut in private. I was seeing nothing but classy behavior as we sat in the hotel bar. I had switched to coffee because there was no way I was going to miss any of what might happen tonight. If anything was going to happen: I hadn’t received any concrete signals either way.

We had been there for about forty minutes when Briget announced that she had to go to the ladies room, and would Anya like to join her?

I sat there and watched as they disappeared around the corner. I lit another smoke and waited. And waited.

When they came back to the table it was fairly nonchalant. They sat for a moment, then Briget nodded her head and they leaned over the low table and motioned for me to join them there.

Briget looked at Anya. “Go ahead.”

“Well,” stammered Anya. “I… I would really like to spend the night with the both of you.”

“Doing what?” prodded Briget. This had obviously been discussed in the washroom.

Anya’s voice dropped to a quiet growl. “Fucking.”

Briget looked at me. “Denny-man?”

My heart was in my throat, but I took the cue. “I would be honored to spend the night with the two most beautiful women in the entire city…fucking.”

Anya’s chest was rising and falling at a greater rate. She bit her lower lip.

“And I just want to say,” said Briget, looking between Anya and I, “that I would really enjoy sucking and fucking, being fucked and sucked by the two of for the rest of the night.”

I looked at the two women with me. Hearing the coarse and vulgar language being used by the both of them, outwardly so sweet and demure; made my cock as hard as it had ever been.

Briget was flushed. She reached for her purse. “I say we go.”


I drove Anya’s car, with Anya between Briget and I crowded in the front seat. Nothing much happened but the tension was unreal. We stopped for a six pack just to keep the buzz going. We parked and hurried out of the car and up the stairs into Anya’s little apartment. She locked the door when we got in and we sort of stood there, just looking at each other, sort of nervous. Anya went over to her answering machine when she saw the light blinking. She pressed the button.

A plaintive voice crackled from the tinny speaker. “Anya? It’s Karen. Where are you? We were supposed to go out tonight! You should have told me you were going to ditch me, you little… Well, call me when you get in. Please.”

“Aw shit,” moaned Anya, “Karen! I forgot all about that. It’s her fucking birthday and I promised to take her out for a drink… Shit!”

Briget walked over to Anya and wrapped her arms around the smaller girl from behind. Anya stiffened for a moment and then sighed and relaxed as Briget’s hands ran slowly up her belly to lightly cup her breasts. “Why don’t you call this Karen now?”

Anya sighed again. “I’ll call her tomorrow…” She spun around and the two girls kissed, once, twice, and then deeply for about a minute with their hands all over each other. When they broke apart, Anya cocked her head at me to come over, too. When I got there she turned to me and pulled me into a sensual deep French kiss.

I could taste Briget’s lips like bruised grapes on hers. She pressed her little tits against me and ground her pelvis into my growing cock. I grabbed and squeezed her ass and pulled it into me, grinding. I felt up one of her tits and she just about squealed. We were getting really hot and Anya broke from the embrace and looked at me red-faced and breathing raggedly.

“I… I really gotta go to the bathroom. Wait here.”

Briget spoke from behind us. “Don’t worry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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