Bring Me to Life Ch. 02

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First, I want to thank you all for your patience. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes, and the last couple months left me little time to work on this. To top it off, I accidentally deleted my mostly edited copy instead of my rough so had to redo all the edits from the original markups (thankfully still had the markups in my email!)

Chapter 2 picks up right at the end of chapter 1, if you haven’t already read the first chapter you will be missing a lot of the character background.

Much like my first chapter, this will be a longer, character focused piece. The writers I admire most on this site are the ones who can tell a well developed story, so that is what I seek to do as well.

Note for clarity: Though not overly specific on location, the story is written as occurring in Canada with respect to observed holidays. Boxing Day, the day after Christmas in Canada, would be comparable to Black Friday in the U.S, and is also typically a business holiday. (While many Canadian stores do offer Black Friday sales now, this is relatively new for us in the last few years with Boxing Day being the more traditional day. Many stores additionally extend their Boxing Day sales through to New Year’s Eve).

As always, special thanks to careythomas for being such a fantastic editor.


Alexis – Friday, December 26th, 2014

I woke up to Max’s nose pressing against my hand, Mikey still had her arm around me resting on my stomach just below my breasts, and I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my lips as I remembered what she had done to me the night before. Seeing my eyes open, Max whined more insistently making sure I understood that he needed to go out.

Gently removing Mikey’s arm from around me so as not to wake her, I slipped quietly out of bed and, with a brief stop in the bathroom to grab the robe I’d seen there, went downstairs with Max to let him out the back door. I watched him tearing across the familiar ground before running to the edge of the yard, near some trees, to relieve himself. The simple morning routine was one of many that had once reminded me of the void Sam had left… but this morning it seemed to emphasize the new beginning I had started with Mikey instead of what I had lost.

Making a mental note to pick up after him later, I let him back in and, after preparing the coffee pot and setting a timer to brew a pot of fresh coffee in thirty minutes, I climbed the stairs back up to the bedroom, slipping Mikey’s bathrobe off my shoulders as I rejoined her on the bed. Max, content with having emptied his bladder and seeing that I wasn’t staying up, had curled up on the floor downstairs to wait for us.

I had been a bit preoccupied the night before and so between the fireworks Mikey had made go off in me and the darkness of the room I had not yet had the opportunity to see Mikey properly, something I had every intention of remedying (and more) before we got out of bed this morning. I found myself holding my breath as I pulled the covers back, careful not to wake her just yet, and released it in an appreciative sigh as her bare chest came into view.

Her breasts were gentle swells, their naturally tan color only fractionally lighter than the skin around them, topped with small brown nipples which, for now, were barely protruding from the slightly lighter areola. I remembered the feel of them rubbing on my bare chest the night before, and knew that when aroused they would harden and stand out proudly. I let my eyes drift down over her smooth stomach, then pulled the sheet further down revealing first her hips and then her gloriously bare sex.

When Mikey had rolled to her back after I slipped out of bed, she had pulled one leg up slightly providing a gap in her thighs that allowed me a tantalizing view of her lips. Trailing my fingers past her stomach and over the smooth skin of her mound, stopping just above her pelvis, I wondered at how smooth her skin felt, observing that she must wax since I couldn’t feel any trace of stubble. As my fingers brushed her stomach her legs spread a bit further in response and a silvery gleam caught my eye from between her lips as I realized she had pierced her clitoral hood. I had never understood how someone could bear to have that done before, but seeing it on Mikey unexpectedly sent a searing heat deep into my loins and I felt myself getting wet with arousal.

Lifting my eyes back up her body, I was startled to find her looking back at me, her eyes smoldering with that same emerald fire that had so captivated me, and seeing that I had noticed her watching me the side of her lip twitched up in her trademark impish smile, “Like what you see, Lexie?”

Not having the words to express everything I was feeling, I just nodded as I lowered my mouth to hers. As our lips touched, I felt her bahis firmaları hand slide up my back to cradle my neck, her fingers lightly stroking my skin, and her tongue slipped across mine, inviting me to join her in a passionate dance. As much as I wanted to give in to her fire, I was on a mission. Last night had been about me, this morning would be about her.

Nipping gently at Mikey’s lip, and earning a low growl from her in response, I kissed each of her eyes, then her forehead, before sliding to flick my tongue across her earlobe and whisper softly in her ear, “It’s my turn today.” The low moan that elicited from Mikey made me shiver in response as I trailed my lips over her jaw and down her neck, nipping lightly at her skin as I did. As my lips crested her breast I could see the bud of her nipple already waking to my touch. I slowly circled her breast, kissing my way around and up first one, then the other, while carefully avoiding her nipples.

As I finished with her second breast and started to move away, I felt Mikey’s fingers tighten in my hair as she growled down at me, “Damnit Lexie, if you keep teasi… Ah!” This last as I finally closed my lips around her right nipple, suckling lovingly as I flicked the tip of my tongue over the sensitive bud, my right hand sliding up from her left thigh to caress her other breast and finished by gently pinching and tugging on the stiffening nub. “Oh yes, oh Lexie, that feels so good!”

When it felt like her right nipple was fully aroused, I moved my mouth to her left and repeated my ministrations there as my left hand replaced my lips on the other. I slid my right hand, now displaced from her breast, up to caress her cheek as I looked up at her. I was still amazed that the intensity of fire in her eyes didn’t scorch me, they looked fit to burn through steel, but when she looked at me all I felt was warmth, love, and need.

Pressing my lips tightly around her now firm nipple, I slowly pulled my head back, her breast being pulled up slightly before her bud slowly began to slip from between my lips, finally releasing with an audible pop before I lowered my head again to kiss her sternum and resumed my southward voyage across her stomach. As I reached her navel, I paused again to dip the tip of my tongue inside and flicked it up against her, drawing a light gasp followed by a heavier, frustrated groan as she realized I had stopped again.

I didn’t linger too long, though I did enjoy the opportunity to kiss and lick all around her taut stomach, before cresting her mound and down along her inner thigh. With a satisfied moan she spread her legs wider, giving me full access to the valley between her thighs, and I inhaled the scent of her arousal deeply. On the surface were notes of lavender from her preferred soap, but beneath that was her… just her, and that was what I focused on. I briefly considered teasing her further as she had done to me the night before, but realized I was far too eager to taste her to tease her any longer.

I slid my hands up the inside of Mikey’s thighs, gently caressing her skin, until the tips of my fingers just barely touched her labia, then leaning forward I exhaled softly against her lips making her hips jump in response. Finally, the moment I had been looking forward to since she took me the night before arrived; I extended my tongue and touched the tip just below her opening and slowly dragged it up, parting her lips and catching her arousal, slightly sweet with just a hint of musk, between her folds before circling her clit, careful not to stimulate that bundle of nerves too much just yet.

I was rewarded with a moan as Mikey’s fingers again tightened in my hair, and dropped my head to repeat the movement. As I took my second swipe with my tongue, I let my finger tips lightly brush the outside of Mikey’s lips and pulled them open, exposing her pink core to my hungry eyes as I again brushed just past her clit without touching it. “Mmm more, please… need more,” she moaned above me, making my lips twitch in a smile.

Pulling back ever so slightly, I looked up at her and ran my tongue over my lips pointedly before commenting, “Why Mikey, are you actually begging?”

Groaning at the loss of sensation as I pulled away from her, Mikey growled back, “I’ll do whatever you want if you just keep doing what you were,” she promised, but added with a flash in her eyes, “but if you stop, I will find some way to make you regret it.”

Chuckling at her obvious need, I winked back at her, “Promises promises…,” I replied, before giving in to my own need to devour her and lowered my lips to hers. I had always had a long tongue, and now I was going to show Mikey just how well I knew how to use it as I thrust the tip against her opening, slowly pressing a full inch and half of it into her before pulling it back and thrusting again. She gasped as she realized just what I was doing, followed by a sexy chant of moans accompanying each thrust of my kaçak iddaa tongue, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh my! How are, oh! You, oh! Doing that, ahh!”

I felt her clamping down on my tongue as I kept thrusting into her, and knowing she must be getting close, slid my hands up to rest on her mound so that I could let my thumbs drop to either side of her clitoris and gently massage the sides of the hood, pinching it between them. Her groans turned into squeals of pleasure at this added stimulus, and with a final cry her hips thrust up towards me as a gush of her delicious cream filled my mouth.

Mikaela – Friday, December 26th, 2014

My chest was heaving as I slowly began to float down from my orgasm and looked down to meet Lexie’s eyes staring back at me. Storm clouds filled them, flickers of lightning dancing through them, as she offered a self-satisfied smile, “May I assume you enjoyed that?”

Despite how sexy she looked lying between my thighs, her face covered with my juices, I suddenly found myself chuckling at the question, but managed to recover enough of my wit to quip, “Hmm, I’m not sure I can accurately judge that just yet, you may need to do that a few hundred more times for me to be certain.” Looking past her beaming smile, I noticed for the first time the large wet spot on the sheet below her, “Oh wow… was that… I mean, obviously it was, but I’ve never…”

It was Lexie’s turn to laugh as I rambled, raising herself up my body to cut me off with a deep kiss before pulling back to answer she replied, “I’ll just have to take that as a compliment, then.”

I was about to quip back when my stomach gurgled loudly, throwing Lexie into a fit of giggles and burning my cheeks, “As much as I’d love to spend all day in bed with you, I think we should get something to eat,” Lexie raised an eyebrow at me and smirked at my turn of phrase, “… some FOOD, for breakfast. I find myself suddenly famished.”

Lexie laughed again and, able to think relatively clearly for the first time this morning I reflected at how rare that sound had been to date. As the joyous sound filled my ears I silently promised myself to give her as many opportunities as possible to laugh in the future. Looking at herself in the mirror, Lexie noticed the gleam on her face from where I had squirted her “I’ll get cleaned up and join you downstairs,” with a glance at the clock, she added, “the coffee should be just about ready, I set it to brew when I let Max out.”

Pulling on a long t-shirt, I looked back at her smiling, “Mmm, great sex and coffee? Better be careful, Lexie, or I might never let you leave,” I winked at her as her chuckle followed me out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

As I entered the kitchen I saw that the coffee was just about done, so I set about making breakfast for us. On a whim I decided to show off a bit and make up a couple omelettes, so I rifled through the fridge and pulled out brie cheese, prosciutto, mushrooms, and eggs. For good measure I took out some bacon, I didn’t know about Lexie’s breakfast preferences yet but if she didn’t want any then it would be more for me. I finished by taking out the hazelnut creamer I had bought for her before closing the fridge and getting started on breakfast.

I had just finished chopping up the mushrooms, prosciutto, and brie for the omelette and was getting ready to cook when I heard the telltale scrape of a chair moving behind me letting me know Lexie had joined me, “Bacon, sweetie?”

From behind me, she replied “That would be great. What else are you making, it smells wonderful?”

“I’m heating up some prosciutto with mushrooms and brie for an omelette, a side of bacon obviously, and your coffee should be…” a quick glance to confirm, “yep, ready to go if you wouldn’t mind pouring us a couple mugs?”

“Mmm, sounds delicious, do you take any sugar in yours?” I heard the chair scrape again as she stood and felt her standing behind me. Even though I couldn’t see her, and she wasn’t touching me, my body just knew she was there and was responding to her proximity.

“One cube, raw sugar please. It’s in the pantry behind you. I forgot to take it ouuuut,” the last was half moan half yelp as her fingers slid under the hem of my shirt to squeeze my bare ass and dip between my thighs, “Oh! Lexie, as much as I love your touch, over a hot stove while I’m making omelettes really is not the best time.”

Her throaty chuckle so near my ear sent a thrill down my spine, “I know, just think of it as a promise for later today.” With that I felt her move back and busy herself with making up our coffees, placing mine next to me before resuming her seat.

Satisfied with how the prosciutto, mushrooms, and brie had warmed I mixed in the egg, taking care to cook it evenly, and lowered the heat on the bacon which was just about ready. Taking a sip of my coffee, I spared a quick glance towards Lexie who appeared to be lost in thought. The storm in her eyes had kaçak bahis receded for now, and as I found myself looking into the warm pools of sapphire that I could so easily drown in. Although she had come a long way in the last couple months, still there was a hint of the shadows that had clung to her for so long around the outer edge of her eyes. Turning back to the stove, I knew in my heart that I would happily be by her side every step of the way as she worked to banish them forever… no matter how long that journey might be.

Dishing up the omelette and bacon onto two plates, I turned to place them on the stretch of counter that separated Lexie and me and, grabbing my coffee, moved around to sit down next to her. This seemed to startle Lexie out of whatever thoughts had been on her mind and she looked at me with a warm, if slightly uncertain, smile, “Sorry Mikey, I guess I got lost in thought.”

“You never need to apologize for that sweety… well, as long as you don’t do that in bed anyways, I’m not sure my ego could handle it,” I flashed her a grin to let her know I was teasing and felt a thrill pulse through me as I heard her chuckle in response. Just knowing that I could lighten her mood meant more to me than I could express, “Do you want to talk about it?”

She was quiet for a moment, pushing the omelette around her plate as she bit her lip worriedly. I lightly brushed her knee and, when she looked back up at me, continued, “Is it about us?”

Her expression shifted instantly, though not how I would of expected. Instead of looking worried or upset she tilted her head and I could almost see the wheels turning in her head as she gave my question, which I had thought to be fairly straightforward, serious thought. Finally she gave a little nod as though satisfied with her conclusion and nodded to me, “In a way, yes…” I felt my heart clench at those words, suddenly concerned that she might be having regrets about what had happened. I must not have disguised it very well because she quickly turned and grabbed my hands in hers, holding them tightly, “Oh sweety, no, I didn’t mean that. It’s just…” she took a deep breath and looked down at my hands clasped in hers, “I just mean that, well, it is about us now, right?” As if to make sure I fully understood, though I had to strain to hear as her voice dropped to a soft whisper, “It’s not just me anymore…”

Instantly my heart melted as I realized that she wasn’t worried about what was developing between us, but rather about how to adjust to this. “For as long as you’ll have me, yes I will be there for you.”

“I forgot how comforting that was, having someone there… I shut everyone out over the last year, except Marc, and I didn’t have much choice with him since he is my boss.”

Placing a soft kiss on her forehead, I stood from my seat to wrap my arms around her and hold her close, “Well, you have me now. That’s a start,” then sliding back onto my stool and pulling my plate in front of me I continued with, “Now… I didn’t just slave over a hot stove for you for nothing, so eat up.”

Lexie allowed herself a soft chuckle as she mimicked me in taking her plate and began to eat. Smiling to myself at the low moan of pleasure as she savored her omelette. I reminded myself that as far as Lexie had come over the last few weeks, she still had a lot of healing to do, and I silently promised to be there with her through it all.

Alexis – Friday, December 26th, 2014

While my first bite had been a bit distracted, the smooth creaminess of the brie with a hint of the salt in the prosciutto coupled with the egg and fresh mushrooms quickly focused my attention on the food in front of me. Mikey definitely knew her way around the kitchen, and before I realized it I was scraping the last bits of the omelette from my plate. Feeling my cheeks flush a bit in embarrassment at how quickly I devoured my food, I took a sip of my coffee and turned back to Mikey who, only halfway through her own plate, smiled back at me as I asked, “So, did you have any plans for us for the next few days, or was your original intent to seduce me and have your way with me all weekend?”

I was rewarded by Mikey’s eyes going wide as she sputtered and started coughing, I had finally managed to surprise her, but she regained her composure quickly enough and replied, “Believe me sweety, not for lack of wanting to, I had no intention of seducing you this week, I didn’t think you would be ready for that. I picked up some movies,” I thought I managed to keep a straight face, but Mikey had learned to read me pretty well by now and I must have given something away as she giggled and continued, “Don’t worry, not Christmas movies, just movies I enjoy and wanted to share with you. I know it was a big step doing Christmas at all this year.”

Smiling at her amusement i shook my head as I replied, “It’s not just that, I’ve never been a big fan of the whole ‘season’ of Christmas. I’m not saying I was a Grinch, at least I don’t believe I was, I enjoyed the day and spending time with loved ones… but there’s only so many Christmas songs and movies and they get played to death every year.”

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