Britney Ch. 20: Last Call

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The bar was named “Misery’s”.

The owner bought the bar a few years back after a nasty divorce. In his mind renaming the rundown club after his bout with depression kept him from literally losing it all. A message that even his therapist found profound. His therapist frequents this bar out of respect.

Tonight, Keith Foxx and his buddy Ellis Dupree were going to get drunk and decide their own bouts of depression.

“So what’s the deal with you and Rita?” Ellis tilts an elbow on the bar to face Keith.

Keith Foxx shrugged, “She has her life, I have mine. No divorce looming. We have a love for each other still. Just not in love. Anymore.”

Ellis shakes his head with a grimace, “Damn shame. You have a beautiful ole lady and she’s never home. I gotta give you credit Buddy boy. You raise your kids well. Basically, single parent and all. Me? I can’t even get a date. Never had kids. I got respect for you.”

With a smirk Keith raises his beer mug toward Ellis.

“Try not to look so obvious when checking out my daughter’s chest next time then.”

Gritting his teeth Ellis hides his eyes, “Noticed that did ya?”

“Yup. She doesn’t help matters though. Not totally your fault. She’s growing up way too fast.”

“Sorry Keith. I’m old and weak.” Ellis swigs his beer.

“No harm done. You should see her friends.” Keith recalls pictures.

The two men chuckle and order another round.

Six miles away, Britney had built her friend Grace into an unrecognizable beauty. Make up covering her usual features added to her lengthy pigtails kept her incognito.

Fueled by her desire to impress her friends, young Grace chose her own clothing. What there was of it.

She decked herself out in snug pair of white stretch shorts that concealed very little at the crotch, commando at that. Her red tank top barely contained her busty 34D’s. Minus the bra her nipples were shameless and bullet sized. Her long legs bare until the sandals on her feet broke the sleekness.

Joining Britney in the living room of her home to show off her choices Brit admired her Mennonite rebel.

“Sweet Jesus! You’re hotter than me.”

Grace blushes gently spinning in step to show off.

“I’ll never be as sexy as you are. But, thank you.” Grace fidgets, “So where are we going?”

Brit wore all black this night. Wearing a snug tank top with bulging cleavage, complimented by a pair of black stretchy shorts that allowed her butt cheeks to escape, made Brit mean business.

“Just for a walk. Let’s see who we run into. It’s all about getting checked out.”

Grace dances in step, giddy about the prospects.

“Can I show off?”

“To the right targets, absolutely. Let’s just breath and feel the electricity. Too much too soon will get us into trouble.”

Pouting Grace nods.

“Quit being pathetic. Do you think I was a slut the first time around? Well, yeah, I guess I was. Come on Stripper. Let’s wiggle our asses all over town”

Grace skipped along like she was six years old.

The sun was setting and the night was warm.

Both girls walked toward the down town area. It was here that the teenagers cruised their cars, bikes, skateboards and sneakers. There was a stretch of six blocks that made up the zone. The local police allowed them to do illegal U-turns safely to make a continual circle in the street.

Brit and Grace reached the town square and found a congregation of teen boys from the Senior class. Some from in town, some from neighboring towns.

Casually walking toward them their attention suddenly locked on to the oncoming beauties. A round of whistles reached their attention quickly.

“We have admirers.” Brit smirks at Grace.

“I feel so alive.” Grace shivers.

A trio of out of towners pep up and walk toward them.

“Ladies! You look enchanting tonight.” One boy in a black tank top covered by an unbuttoned plaid outer shirt flirted.

Brit smiles stopping in front of them, “Look it’s Romeo. Where fore art thou.”

He chuckles, “You are one HOT Julliet.”

“Julliet’s! There are two of us.”

“My bad. That’s some really long hair.”

Grace wags one of her ponytails at him, “Whips and chains.”

The trio all recite “WHOA!” in unison.

Brit puckers at her friend, “Reel it in Pippy.”

Grace snorts, “Pippy Longstocking. I get it.”

The boys wince at each other.

“So, what are you two up to tonight?”

“Taking a walk. Strutting our stuff.” Brit grins.

“Awesome. You strut really good.” Another chuckles.

“I’m Kyle. This is Boyd and Rick.”

“Hi. We’re Sexy and Gorgeous.” Brit teases.

“That you are.” Kyle eyes her chest.

Grace notices and pouts, “You can look at mine too.”

“Easy Pippy.” Brit giggles.

“We are.” Rick admires her nipples stabbing through her tank.

Grace swivels in step and grabs her ass, “You can look at this too”

Fanning herself Brit pauses the guys with a finger, “Hold that thought.”

She guides Grace by the arm a few steps away from them then exhales urfa escort loudly.

“Calm yourself down. You’re sounding like you want them to rape you in the street.”

Grace pouts, “I can’t help it. I need attention.”

“You’ll get that soon enough. Just chill okay?”


“Stop looking pathetic.”

Brit looks over her shoulder at the trio.

“Now that everyone knows our anatomy, let’s begin again.” She smiles sheepishly.

Kyle looks between Brit and his buddies then nods in agreement.

“We’re from Castleton. Drove down here to see what’s up. Tired of the same ole scene. So far this scene seems a whole lot more appealing.”

Grace turns away and bends over to touch her toes. In the process all eyes glue to her cheeks revealing from her shorts. That and the deep recess of her tucked clothe between her butt crack.

Brit rolls her eyes and snaps her fingers to keep reality amid the hungered boys.

“While the winding roads around here do look worth driving, the curves get mighty dangerous. You should try keeping your eyes on the road. Accidents do happen.”

Boyd chuckles and prefers eying Brit. He found her body remarkable. Her face and smile perfect. What revealed flesh he noted was flawless. Eyes that sparkled in the moonlight. Okay, within the local night lights.

She realizes Boyd is fascinated by her and bites her lower lip. Kyle and Rick however were ogling Grace far more intently. Suddenly, Brit felt jealous. She knew she could steal these boys away in seconds but at the same time she wanted Grace to discover herself. Perhaps, Grace wanted it a little too much.

Running palms beneath her tank Grace exposed her belly button to the trio. Not to mention how low the waist of her shorts were hugging her hips.

“My shorts make me feel pudgy.” Grace pouts for response.

Rick grins, “Love the waist line. I think your body is perfection.”

“Belly button is beautiful. You need a little bling hanging from it.” Kyle adds.

Grace prowls her fingertips around her navel and dips nails beneath the band of her shorts amid her pubic region. By doing so her shorts creep up in the crotch. It was then that the boys discovered camel toe.

Brit was losing her battle with Grace. Frowning toward her she sighs heavily and takes a step back behind Grace before lifting her own black tank to expose her breasts to the three gents. Only then did their eyes overt from Grace. She just as quickly lowered her shirt and winked at them.

The boys remained in shock and couldn’t form words. Brit took advantage of that to huddle up to Grace.

“Less skin more flirt.” Brit advises.

Grace stomps her foot, “Nooo! I want both.”

Taken by surprise Brit edges away from her and acts shunned, “Oooookay then.”

Brit was feeling defeated by her friends exuberance. All she could do was follow along as best as she could.

Stepping away Brit decides to journey over to one of the local store fronts where a bench rested next to the doorway. The business was long closed down for the night. In doing so Boyd and Rick followed her and stood over her as she sat down.

Grace was left with Kyle who was getting braver by the second. He had made comments about Grace’s skin looking smooth and soft. In her need she reached over and claimed his raised hand, guiding it to caress her belly. She immediately turned red and giggled as his touch tickled her flesh.

“Ohh yeah. That’s really soft.” His fingers tease below her belly button gently moving lower to the band of her shorts.

“I shaved earlier. It’s even softer down here.” Grace peels the front of her shorts out right before his eyes. His gaze averting to her fingertips he swallows timidly and takes the risk of running his own fingers below her waistband. In doing so he discovers the thinnest strip of pubic hair he had ever felt.

“Miss a spot?” He winks at her almost embarrassed.

“Did I?” She pouts and peels her band further out and downward until he could literally see the hair amid the upper compression of her pussy.

“That’s really cute.” He nearly stutters touching it.

As his finger tempts her she shivers and breaks out in a shrill giggle that makes him jump away. Grace drops her jaw at his abandonment and winces.

Before another word could be spoken Kyle turned his attention to Boyd and Rick. They were now sitting to each side of Britney. Boyd had his arm around her while Rick was rubbing her left leg.

Kyle chuckles and looks back at Grace, “Looks like my buddies are making good friends with your girl.”

Grace narrows her eyes discovering Kyle’s interest waning in favor of eying Brit’s own hands rubbing both of his friends legs.

“Yeah. She’s easy to make friends with.” Grace mutters taking the initiative to cuddle up under Kyle’s arm and press herself next to his hip. The move brought Kyle back for the moment. Even though both grew nervous.

Kyle liked her boldness but something bothered him about her. He wasn’t quite sure what it was. Yet, he balıkesir escort also found Brit enticing as well. He was torn between the two.

As Kyle and Grace stood in front of the trio on the bench, Brit looked up at them.

“I never knew Castleton boys were this attentive.” Brit coyly grins.

Boyd chuckles dangling his arm over her chest until it caressed her nipple erection. He feels her grip on his leg increase as his knuckles taunt her breast.

“You’re worth our attention.” Rick follows up.

“Awww! I feel so special.” Brit raises her hand from his leg to pat his cheek playfully.

Grace fidgeted and hugged Kyle’s arm tighter, “I want to feel special.”

Kyle smugly looks at his friends as he plants his hand on Grace’s ass rubbing it. The move made her flare her eyes and grin sheepishly toward Brit.

Brit smirked at her friend. It had suddenly felt like a competition.

Eying Boyd’s knuckles over her breast Brit raises her own hand up to turn his palm toward her tit and press it down over it. The move made Boyd exhale with a pucker as he allowed his fingers to squeeze her tit. He had to look toward Kyle to see if he was observing.

Grace winced toward them and reached behind her to grab Kyle’s hand and slide it up to her waistband. She then eased his fingers under the band. Kyle then took the hint and slid his entire hand inside her shorts to squeeze her bare ass.

Kyle then nodded with a smirk toward Boyd. Challenges all around.

Rick felt left out as his hands continued to rub Brit’s leg.

Staring toward Grace, Brit reached her hand over and planted it directly over Rick’s crotch. Light squeezes made Rick hum a shrill, “Woooohoo!”

“See? Now everyone is happy.” Brit expresses.

Grace wiggles at Kyle’s touch as she leans over to press her head on to his. He loved the closeness. The erotic drama unfolding led Kyle to trail his hand further toward Grace’s butt crack until his middle finger teased her anal cavity. The sensation made Grace tense up and shiver uncontrollably. The dance in step made Kyle chuckle and offer her a kiss on the cheek. The kiss made Grace coo like a dove.

Brit shook her head at Grace smirking like the devil. She strayed her attention from the boys beside her to predict the next move her friend might make.

Boyd and Rick however weren’t as caring.

The hand over Brits breast was released and making its own decisions now. Boyd’s hand took the risk and slithered down her tank and grasped her flesh. Her breast was soft, bouncy, and warm. Brit’s nipple under his palm like nothing he had ever felt.

She had no response but to let him continue. Her eyes were solely on Grace.

Rick on the other hand clenched her fingers over his erection. She wasn’t putting up a fight. Finally, as Rick observes Boyd he decides to utilize his other hand and slip it under Brit’s tank top at the hem and locate her other tit. Now both of her breasts were being played with. Still she maintained her gaze on Grace.

The traffic was beginning to notice their mischief. Cars tooted their horns. Whistles ignited by passerby’s. This finally caught the ears of all of them. The boys grew smug and felt like they were King’s. The girls absorbed the wolf calls and felt like they had the world by the balls.

Kyle whispers into Grace’s ear, “Looks like you have fans.”

“Are you my fan?” She bites her lower lip.

Before he could reply he hears a loud voice from a pickup truck, “WAY TO GO DANVER’S!!” ,which made Kyle look behind him.

He chuckles and yells back, “SUP ROTHSTEIN?”

Amazed Grace flutters her fingers at the boys in the truck slowly driving in procession behind other vehicles. With Kyle’s hand still down her shorts she wiggles her ass in their direction. Giggling she eyes Kyle who nods his appreciation. She made him look good.

“Brandon Rothstein. He will brag about me forever back in Castleton. Thanks.”

“I can make him brag even more if you want me to help.”

He eyes Grace then looks over at Rothstein and his friend in the truck. Returning his gaze to Grace he nods, “How?”

Grace slides both of her hands under her shorts without Kyle removing his fingers. In a swift tug she pulls her shorts down past her ass cheeks and slightly bends over mooning the truck. Kyle still toyed with her ass hole in the process.

The truck screeched to a halt and nearly caused an accident.

The screeching made Boyd and Rick look up from their playfulness and spotted Grace with her shorts down. When Grace stood erect they saw her pussy in plain view.

Brit huffed and forced herself from the clutches of the boys. Standing up she shuffled away from them until reaching Grace.

“Hey! Don’t cause a wreck. How would we explain this to the cops? Not to mention if those cops informed your parents.” Brit whispered into her friends ear.

Grace acknowledges with a whine, “I’m having fun.”

“I am too. But, we have to be careful. You especially. My Dad knows what I’m like. My Mom not so trabzon escort much but Dad would cover for me. What would your Dad do?”

Grace exhales pouting and pulls her shorts up. Kyle by then removes his hand and frowns. As he pulls away Grace twists and grabs him, “Don’t leave.”

Having overheard Brit, Kyle merely throws his hands out, “I don’t want you to get into trouble because of me.”

Brit grabs Grace carefully by the elbow and looks at Kyle, “We can still have fun. Let’s just not create a traffic jam.”

Kyle agrees and motions Rothstein with a thumbs up, followed by a pair of unfriendly birds. Groans could be heard from a distance. Not just Rothstein. But, from a number of cars.

Brit realized this suddenly and looked around at the motorists. Gritting her teeth Brit turns Grace around and looks at her, “Oh what the hell.”

With a blur of motion Brit yanks Grace’s shorts to her knees. The honking proceeded in fashion. Grace was in awe of Brit’s sudden change of mind. As soon as Grace had her moment Brit joined her. Ass facing the street Brit drops her own shorts and moons the crowd.

Playfully Kyle leaped in and swatted Grace on the ass. With a yelp Grace burst into laughter.

Brit decided to go one step further and literally step out of her shorts and race about the sidewalk bottomless. Her pussy in view of traffic. Kyle taunted Grace by bending over and helping her out of her own shorts. Now both girls danced together wearing only their tank tops and sandals.

Boyd and Rick joined Kyle holding the shorts of both girls. They each took turns slyly sniffing the clothing.

The traffic began chanting, “Take your shirts off!”

Brit led Grace over to Brandon Rothstein’s truck and huddled at his door.

“Put your tailgate down and let us ride in the back.” Brit expects.

Rothstein looks over at Kyle giving him the bird back just as his passenger “Steven” races from the truck cab to drop the tailgate.

Brit and Grace motion Kyle and the guys to jump in back of the truck with them. A mad dash later all five of them climbed aboard.

Traffic moving once more the girls sat with their legs dangling from the tailgate. The triad of boys huddled behind them. The car behind them put their headlights on bright to spotlight the girls. They too were Castleton and Coopersmith residents visiting. Best night ever.

Brit whispers into Grace’s ear and they both break out into laughter. In a unified move the girls pulled their shirts off and handed them back to Kyle and Boyd. Sandals came next until both girls sat on cold hard metal. Totally nude.

Honks followed eager cheers.

“Ready?” Brit yells over at Grace.

“Let’s do this.” Grace replies.

The girls lean back against the boys and prop their heels on the tailgate edge. Once in position both girls reach around and begin rubbing their clits. Knees wide for perfect viewing. Masturbation became a frenzy.

Kyle reached his hand over to squeeze Grace’s right tit. Boyd followed suit gripping Brit’s chest and pinching her nipple taunt.

Rick scooted between them and embraced both girls remaining tits.

Within six blocks full circle both girls squealed and cum all over themselves. Hands raised to the sky let everyone know they completed their mission.

In a sudden maneuver Rothstein pulled his truck into an empty lot that was well lit from pole lights at every corner. A Hardware Store.

Shutting the truck off Rothstein and Steven raced from the cab to get a view.

Brit grins “I think they want a taste.”

Grace giggles and lifts a finger toward Steven. Instead, the Seniors from Castleton gripped both girls by the ankles and dragged them to the edge of the gate. It was then that they both buried their tongues in the girls snatches. Neither girl complained.

Cheers erupted from Kyle and the gang at their friends sudden inspiration.

Steven ate Grace, gnawing on her clit until he forces her to cry out and grip Kyle by the leg.

Rothstein had similar intention yet pursued adding fingers up inside Brit. She leaned forward to run her fingers in his scalp and offer instruction.

Grace felt Steven probing her for his own finger insertion and winced. She was terrified to hear the end result.

“Holy shit. She’s still a virgin.” Steven lifts away in awe.

Brit scowls, “Shut the fuck up and eat that bitch.”

He did indeed.

Both girls offered their thanks by scalding the boys chins with warm juices.

As everyone relaxed to gain composure. Kyle eased in to sit between Grace and Brit. He pulled Grace into a hug.

“I still like you.” He whispers into her ear.

This melted her heart.

Brit smiled, “Get a cab.”

In a timely response Kyle chuckled, “Good idea.”

Jumping off the tailgate he pulls Grace with him and guides her to the cab of the truck and helps her in. Once there they made out like bandits.

Brit sensed the other boys angst.

“Oh Godammit! Who’s fucking me first?”





Nobody lasted long.


She kissed Kyle the entire time.

And, got sea sick from the bed rocking.

Blocks away Lance Foxx and his friends were searching high and low.

Lance finally put his cell away after no answer. Fuming, he and Evan followed by Styles walked in the general direction.

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