Broke Oak: Cousin Sarah Ch. 01

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{Note: These stories are from my experiences and I have changed names and obscured some descriptions, but what you read is real.}

I grew up with Mom, Dad, and two older sisters living in a home in a suburb of Phoenix. My aunt Linda lived maybe a mile away from us. She had a son the age of my oldest sister and a daughter, Sarah, only four months younger than me. Linda’s husband, Uncle Jeff, had died in a car wreck when we were all pretty young; I don’t really remember him, to tell the truth. Aunt Linda taught high school, never remarried, and recently retired from the school system. She is not wealthy, but she has enough to travel often and she does, sometimes for months at a time.

Now, this story is about my cousin Sarah. The information about her mom was just to explain the background for what took place.

Sarah called out of the blue. She wanted to come and visit during one of her mom’s trips abroad. School was out (like her mom, she teaches high school); her recent divorce was final and the dust settling; and, we had not seen each other in about 10 years.

I warned Sarah about my new living arrangements. She notionally knew for years that I was a nudist, but had not yet heard that I lived in a nude community fulltime. I shared this with her, explaining that she could wear as little or much as she wanted for a couple of days, but by day three, would be expected by the resort rules to be nude. I also let he know that from my perspective, she was always welcome to visit and that I would look forward to having time with her after all these years. Sarah thought about all this — the silence was palpable — and then said she would be okay with it and would participate from the beginning.

Arrangements were made, time passed, and the day of her arrival finally dawned. I drove up to San Antonio and met her at the airport. Her morning flight turned into an early afternoon arrival, so after we gathered her luggage and discussed why women always pack so much, we hit the road and stopped for lunch on the way back.

“How should we work out this nudity thing?” Sarah asked as we waited for our food. “I mean, part of me is just fine with it, but part of me is still a bit squeamish. Can we set out a kind of plan and then stick to it, so I don’t have to think about it, I can just go step by step?”

“Sure, but before we make a plan, can you tell me what most concerns you or is the biggest ‘unknown’ floating around in your mind?”

“Well, I truly think I am fine with being nude and being nude with others, it is mostly how to ‘get Ankara bayan escort nude,’ so to speak. Any ideas?” she responded.

I had to give Sarah credit, she seemed to be pretty level-headed about this. So, based on what she shared, I suggested that we plan to drive to my home, we’d park and unload the car. She was warned that there might or might no be nude people visible once we were on the grounds, but we would just not make a big deal about them and go straight to the trailer. Once inside, I’d show Sarah where the bedroom was (I would be sleeping on the couch, of course) and then I would go in the front room while she used the bedroom. We would both get nude and wrap in a towel. Sarah would come into the front room ad we would have a soda. Once she was seated and we had our sodas, I would remove my towel and sit down. The Sarah was to stand, remove her towel and sit down and we would simply drink our sodas and catch up on old times.

The plan sounded perfect for what Sarah wanted and we ate our burgers that were just being served.

After lunch we got in the car and drove. It isn’t a long drive, but we kept up a steady patter of family updates, personal hurdles and triumphs, and shared sadness over loss of my wife and her divorce. We had always been close as youngsters and we both missed that closeness over the many years since we became adults.

Chatting made the drive fly by and we were at the security gate before we knew it. I entered the code and when the gate opened drove in, turned left once and pulled into my driveway. Nobody was in sight and we did as we planned, grabbing the luggage and going inside.

My mobile home is a double-wide, with two bedrooms, but one is my office and still hasn’t been unpacked or organized since I moved in. I led Sarah down the hall and to the left where the master bedroom was located. I showed her to the master bath across the hall. It was the only shower and tub, the half-bath was at the other end of the trailer.

As a nudist, I have more drawers and closet space than I know what to do with and pointed out where Sarah could put her things. I set out a large beach towel and took one for myself, then told my cousin, I’d see her in the front room when she got ready.

In the front room, I quickly stripped and wrapped my towel around my waist then set out two diet sodas from the fridge.

I could here Sara opening drawers and moving around, so I glanced over the newspaper until I heard her footsteps entering the room.

Sarah came in and sat, as planned she had her Escort bayan Ankara towel wrapped around her, from just under her arms, it hung down to her knees. I went to get our sodas, put ice in the glasses, popped the tops and then put them on our respective end tables.

I wanted to move smoothly so everything felt normal and natural and was doing fine until I remembered that I had not mentioned to Sarah that many nudists, me included, sport shaved pubic areas. I hoped it wouldn’t shock her, but it was too late, so as normally as I could, I removed my towel, placed it on the couch and sat down. I noticed that Sarah had watched my every move and she had to have seen my smooth status, but did not blink or react in any way.

True to plan and without a word, Sarah stood and faced at ninety degrees, she removed her towel and spread it on the easy chair, then turned and sat. Of course I watched, I had every natural curiosity about her body and perhaps a few unnatural ones, as well. Sarah is a beautiful woman. She is just slightly heavy, maybe by fifteen pounds. I think she is 5-8 or 5–9 and weighs maybe 155 pounds. Her breasts are likely a C cup and do sag, but not alarmingly. Her nipples are a dark pink, not very erect and areolas an inch in diameter around them. Sarah had trimmed but not shaved pubic hair, typical of a bikini shave for a ‘textile’ woman. Sarah’s legs are longer nude than you would expect from seeing her clothed. But one of the striking things about her appearance was that her skin was smooth and flawless. She was not very naturally tanned and her Irish heritage certainly showed.

I was a little embarrassed because Sarah caught me looking at her, and I smiled and shrugged. I could feel a stirring between my legs, but I felt I was in no real danger of actually getting hard from this.

As planned, we chatted, caught up, and generally visited while we finished our sodas.

“So, how does your first ten minutes of nudism feel?” I asked.

“Fine,” Sarah responded, “it was the walk in here that was the hardest, being nude has been real easy once we just did it. Can I ask you about some things?”

“Sure, what is it?”

Sarah breathed deep and swallowed once, then asked “Well, I noticed that you appear shaved, is that usual, unusual, or what? I hope it isn’t an uncomfortable question.”

“It is very common here, and at most nudist resorts, for both men and women to trim very close or shave completely.” I stood and faced her “Go ahead and look, you will see that most of the men do at least some shaving, I Bayan escort Ankara shave my pubic area, testicles, shaft, and the area behind my testicles actually. Well, the truth is I don’t always shave it personally; there is a couple here and last spring we sort of formed a team to help each other shave because it is so much easier than doing all the close up work yourself.” I then sat down and asked if she had any other questions.

Well, Sarah stood and asked my opinion of how she was trimmed. I looked at her — I could have done that for a long time, but kept my appraisal brief and shared that she had more hair than many women here and yet there were several with far more than her. I assured her she would fit right in and not to feel different or odd. Sarah’s brunette hair formed almost a diamond shape above her slit. The hair on her lips was short and went horizontally as though it was purposely parted. The hair on her mound was not straight, but rather than being curly, was more like wavy, not very thick at all, and probably trimmed for a bathing suit.

“One more question, Gus, do men get excited very often in the nudist environment?”

I tried to give a short, but accurate, answer without overwhelming. “Well, the easy answer is ‘no’ because that is the ‘party line’ of nudism. But the fact is that it does happen in what can be called public nudism — seldom — but it does. On the other hand, in private nudism, like when folks might get together in very small groups or around one’s home, it happens much more often and nudists just accept that it is a normal body function. I get one every morning and often during the day — in fact, I don’t even do anything about it if I think it won’t offend somebody and if I think it will, I just hold my towel in front of me.”

“I know I said one more question … but can I ask things as they come into my mind? I’ll try not to ask stupid questions or say the wrong things in front of others.”

I looked at Sarah, realized that she was serious and making every effort to fit in and answered “Of course you may, and I will try to never mislead you.”

“I know you are probably getting tired of this, but … one more question, can you tell me about the team that gets together to shave each other? How does that work? What do you do? I’m just wondering at this stage …”

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you all these things. But first, let’s walk around and I’ll show you the resort and introduce you to folks. While we are out and about, you will see that nudists are very normal folks and come in all sizes and shapes. After we get back, if you have any questions about things, we can talk more, ok?”

Sarah had not been here an hour and she was already taking a positive approach to life at Broke Oak. I wondered how this was all going to work out.

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