Brooke Doesn’t Have These

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I Want

Roberta Russell had just finished wheeling the garbage can out to the curb – one of the few things her now ex-husband had done well when he was around – and after she did the chore she felt herself flush a bit. It wasn’t from the minimal effort she had just made, but was something that had been happening a lot now that she was a half century old. The lemonade and vodka cocktails she had for lunch probably added to it.

There may have been another factor that contributed to the quickening of her pulse and the tingle in special places, and that factor was walking down the street towards her, the lad pretending he was just taking a stroll instead of going by the Russell’s home hoping that he would “accidentally” run into Roberta’s daughter Brooke.

“Poor kid can’t take “it’s over” for an answer,” Roberta mumbled to herself as she looked at the boyish looking college sophomore who looked a lot like he had when he was a kid, even though he was on the cusp of turning 20.

Roberta knew how trying to hang onto a doomed relationship felt since she had been the only one in her marriage that worked to save it, so she empathized with the teen. Brooke was going to be a heart-breaker, her Mom realized, and poor Ethan Turner was just one of what would likely be a whole bunch of roadkill her daughter left in her wake as her life went on.

Ethan wasn’t very hip looking and didn’t look like a college kid, but Roberta always thought that he was as cute as the dickens, and so when the boy came over to her she welcomed the visit. The lad had a goofy “aw shucks” smile as usual, and that combined with dimples made Roberta shiver a bit as he came up to her.

“Hello Mrs. Russell,” Ethan said as he pawed at the gravel at his feet.

“Hello yourself,” Roberta replied, her eyes going over the lean 5’8″ frame clad in a tank top and shorts that revealed little muscle. “What are you up to? Taking a walk?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“She’s not here, if that’s what you’re wondering,” Roberta told him, and Ethan blushed when he realized she knew why he was prowling around. “He picked her up early.”

“He” was the new object of Brooke’s affection, a dim witted jock at her school, and Roberta gathered that Ethan knew all about her daughter’s latest flame.

“Yeah, I figured,” he mumbled.

“I know it hurts, but sometimes you gotta let go,” Roberta said candidly. “I speak from experience, but at least you’re young and cute. When you’re an old bag like me it’s tougher. Besides, Brooke was really too young for you.”

“That’s what Mom told me,” Ethan said, and the older woman grinned when he tried to subtly rearrange himself in his shorts. “Hey, can I bring that back to the garage for you?”

“Sure. Nice to have a man around the house again,” Roberta noted, and as she followed Ethan to the back she enjoyed the way that the sun made the light down on his calves sparkle.

After being married to a man for a couple of decades who was like Sasquatch, seeing a guy with practically no body hair was a little arousing, and not even what she had heard her daughter tell a friend about certain parts of Ethan that she found lacking took away from her enjoyment of the boy’s body.

“Thank you Ethan,” Roberta said as they reached the garage by going through the side door so as not to have to open the overhead door which was acting cranky, and the middle aged woman cringed when she saw the clutter that had formed recently. “Boy, this is a mess.”

“If you want I can help you clean it up some day,” Ethan offered. “Nothing else to do.”

“A handsome 20 year old college boy with nothing to do in the summer?” Roberta scoffed as she tried to summon the courage to do something she would likely regret. “You need to get out there and let girls know you’re available.”

“Maybe when school starts again things will change. I think that the local girls know too much about me now,” Ethan mused, pausing before adding, “I’ve heard that Brooke’s been telling her friends about me.”

“Oh, you know how silly teenage girls can be,” Roberta said as she played with the zipper on her sweatshirt.

“You know why she dumped me, don’t you Mrs. Russell?” Ethan asked as he watched the zipper go up and down. “Maybe not the only reason but the main one.”

“Do you want me to lie or tell you the truth?” Roberta asked softly, and seeing the kid cringe made her feel bad. “She didn’t tell me but I overheard her gossiping on the phone.”

“Hey, who among us is perfect? Look at me. I’m a dumpy old woman whose best days are in the rear view mirror and getting smaller all the time.”

“That’s not true. I think you’re really pretty,” Ethan offered. “Always have.”

“You’re sweet, but even guys my age want younger women, or even girls like Brooke,” Roberta said as she took a step towards the lad, şişli escort her mind spinning over what she was thinking. “How can I compete with girls who look like models? I don’t blame guys for not wasting time with me.”

“You’re just as pretty as Brooke. I figured that’s where she got her looks from,” Ethan said nervously while looking at Mrs. Russell continue to play with the zipper.

“I wish,” Roberta replied, and after taking a deep breath pulled the sweatshirt zipper down all the way and then let the garment open up to reveal that she had nothing on underneath, having just thrown it on after showering to take out the trash. “Matter-of-fact I only have one thing going for me. Brooke doesn’t have these.”

By then the teen’s eyes were fixated to Roberta’s breasts, the large bell shaped breasts no longer firm and perky but pendulous and hanging to her thick waist, but Ethan seemed to not mind their flaws.

“Wow,” Ethan said almost inaudibly, and then Roberta was taking Ethan’s hands and putting them on her breasts, pushing them on the pliant globes hard to encourage the kid to knead them on his own.

“Don’t be shy Ethan. They like being handled a little roughly,” Roberta encouraged, smiling when his grip got harder and more intense. “That’s it. That’s my man. Feel my nipples get hard and swollen? Tweak them and watch them really pop out.”

When the bug-eyed kid began to squeeze them on her own, Roberta sighed and shrugged off the sweatshirt that had been hanging on her shoulders and ran her hands through her short cropped black hair while letting her head roll back on her shoulders, trying to look as sexy as she could manage.

“What…” Roberta asked when she saw Ethan’s eyes divert from her breasts, and she winced when she saw the kid was gawking at the deep craters of her armpits where it was clear she hadn’t shaved in a couple of days. “Oops. Forgot to shave. Sorry. Bad girl. You should spank me.”

“No. It’s okay,” the boy told the blushing Mom.

“If you want we could go inside. You could even shave me if you wanted,” Roberta offered, getting a blank stare in return. “Or we could just go inside and talk about it.”

Ethan looked to be in a daze and incapable of speech, probably not expecting his former girlfriend’s mother to act like this, she mused to herself. Finally Roberta lowered her right hand and slipped it under the elastic of Ethan’s shorts before he had a chance to stop her.

“It’s okay honey. Relax,” Roberta told him as her fingers slid through a tiny patch of pubic hair before finding the teen’s penis, keeping a straight face while her hand held the limp dick.

Roberta was embarrassed that her daughter was familiar enough with the male anatomy to know that Ethan’s penis was indeed as small as she had told her friend, but it didn’t matter to the older woman who kept smiling as she tugged on the soft tube in the cramped quarters of his underwear, because her skin was tingling with desire after feeling a man for the first time in a couple of years.

“Am I hurting you honey?” Roberta asked as she kept smiling while Ethan kept kneading her breasts. “Didn’t think so, and just so you know, I don’t think you’re that small at all. Do you like what I’m doing? I thought so because I can feel you getting hard.”

Ethan’s eyes were glassy as he looked up at her with a pleading stare, and when Roberta felt him become erect she let go for a second so she could ease his shorts down his legs. Gingerly Roberta went down to her knees on the dirty cement, finding herself at eye level with Ethan’s erection. The divorcee slipped her hand between the lad’s legs and cupped his balls, rolling the modest orbs in her palms and in response his dick bobbed wildly.

It wasn’t so much that Ethan was that small, probably not much less than average in length, but his penis was very slender, not much thicker than her thumb. The smooth pale prong was circumcised, and the gumdrop sized glans had a bead of semen on the puckered tip.

“It’s very nice honey,” Roberta said after looking up and seeing her daughter’s ex looking down at her, and then she leaned forward in anticipation of wrapping her lips around the stiff dick while her hand still kneaded the orbs in the hairless sac, but those plans got derailed when Ethan cried out.

“No Mrs. – wait – don’t,” the teen almost screamed a second before the pale spear jerked up and down wildly as ropes of semen spurted all over the shocked middle aged woman before she could let go of his nuts. “I don’t believe this is happening!”

“It’s okay Ethan, really it is,” she tried to reassure him as he fought not to break down. “That was all my fault.”

“I’m such a freaking loser,” he sobbed

“No you are not Ethan. What do you think about coming inside with me so we can get a little more comfortable?” mecdiyeköy escort Mrs. Russell suggested as she struggled to get to her feet while her knees complained. “You could help me clean up.”


“I have a knack for doing stuff like that,” Ethan commented as Brooke’s mother ran a cloth under the warm water at the bathroom sink.

“Ejaculating all over the face and tits of the mothers of your old girlfriends?” Roberta chuckled in an effort to make the guy feel a little better, and she was glad to see a smile appear at the corners of the kid’s mouth.

“No, but you know.”

“I guess. Here,” she said in offering Ethan the washcloth, and the jittery teen managed to clean up the copious mess while getting in a little more breast play, something Roberta noticed with amusement.

When Ethan finished Roberta suggested than he could keep tidying her up, and Ethan looked startled when she went into the little closet and emerged with a can of shaving gel and a fresh razor, putting the things in the stunned guy’s hands before he knew what was happening.

“I got the feeling that this bothered you,” Roberta noted as she slapped a little water under her arms before putting her hands behind her neck.

“You do know how to shave, I assume?” Roberta asked, although when she looked at the smooth cheeks Ethan had she wasn’t so sure.

“Well, yeah, but not this,” he mumbled.

“Do the right one first. Just squirt a little gel in your palm,” Roberta instructed, and after Ethan complied she continue. “Now just rub it all over my armpit.”

“Like this?” Ethan asked as the gel turned to foam while he massaged the gentle cavern.

“Exactly,” Roberta said, and as Ethan rubbed away she sighed and asked if he was grossed out.

“No. I’ve seen my Mom shave her pits and legs, but she has an electric razor,” Ethan replied.

“Doesn’t get as smooth as far as I’m concerned, but then again I’m a bit hairy, aren’t I? Now just take the razor and use gentle strokes, up, down and sideways because the hair grows in different directions.”

“Like this?” Ethan asked as he worked with an cautious intensity, a trickle of sweat going down the side of his face as he did.

“Very nice,” Roberta sighed at the odd sensation of someone else doing this for her. “I usually do this in the shower but I forgot. Good job honey.”

“Thanks. You want me to do the left one too?” he asked, making the older woman laugh.

“Good idea,” Roberta responded, and as Ethan ran the razor under her left arm she added, “You know, I’m liking this so much that maybe I should have you stop by every couple of mornings and take care of me. Maybe even do my legs too. That would be a gross way to spend your summer, wouldn’t it Babe?”

“No, this is kind of fun,” Ethan said as he finished. “I didn’t think you were gross before though Mrs. Russell. My older sister, back when she lived at home, didn’t shave for a whole year. Everybody in the house thought she was weird but I kinda liked it.”

“Now you tell me,” she exclaimed in mock anger while checking out Ethan’s work in the mirror. “Looks great, but you have to check to make sure they’re smooth.”

“Like this?” Ethan asked while rubbing his fingers under Roberta’s arm.

“That’s one way, ” the woman replied as she took the back of the lad’s head and brought to the now smooth hollow, and to her delight after the shy guy lightly kissed her underarm he let his tongue glide over the cavern.

“Sort of my Kryptonite – really sensitive there,” Roberta explained as she shivered and encouraged the affection, and went she used her other arm to reach down and check Ethan’s crotch she was delighted about what she discovered. “Mmm… I think you’re enjoying this too. Nice to be young, isn’t it? Why don’t we get more comfortable?”

Ethan eagerly followed his ex-girlfriend Mom into the bedroom and watched her lower her slacks and panties, and when Roberta saw him staring at the dense triangle of hair between her legs sh informed him, “Not going to be shaving down there my boy. I did that a long time ago and couldn’t stand it.”

“No. I like it hairy like it is,” Ethan said as she shed his clothes, and as he stood there naked his re-energized dick sprang up and down before he cupped his hands over it.

“Honey, I’ve already seen it. I told you I liked it and if I didn’t, you wouldn’t be in here, right?” Roberta reasoned, and after Ethan moved his hands he nodded her approval. “You make too much of that. You aren’t built much different than my ex down there.”


“Yep,” Roberta lied as she rolled onto her back on the unmade bed and beckoned Ethan over, and without hesitation he straddled her at the hips and started kneading the fleshy globes which were still prominent even with Roberta on her back.

“Having fun?” Roberta asked as Ethan grinned.

“When I do this,” he explained about the way he was slightly moving up and down on top of her, “I can feel your bush against my dick and balls. Feels so good.”

“Can you feel how wet I’m getting?” she asked. “You’re really getting me horny. I want that stiff dick of yours in my pussy.”

Ethan nodded and after reluctantly letting go of Mrs. Russell’s breasts, shifted so that he was kneeling between her parted thighs, but what followed was some major fumbling as the kid tried in vain to find the opening even though it was dripping wet. Roberta mercifully took over, reaching down and taking his pulsating tool in hand and guiding him to the gate while reassuring him.

“There. Kind of tricky finding your way through the jungle,” she kidded while moving him in. “There we go. That’s it. Oh Ethan!”

Roberta howled loudly when the lad plunged forward, trying to make it good for him in addition to being happy she could feel him in her aged and well used pussy. After he dipped in and pulled back out, the wild eyed teen began moving in and out, slowly at first but faster and harder with every thrust.

The older woman knew Ethan wasn’t going to last but she had almost cum when he first penetrated her so when she felt his dick spurting into her she was already cumming herself, scratching and clawing his back while she came hard, and after he was spent he collapsed on top of her, breathing like a locomotive and almost on the verge of tears.

“Oh honey you were so good!” Roberta gushed in between kisses.

“I was?”

“Couldn’t you tell when I came? You made me cum so good. Sometimes I don’t cum and never so fast!” Roberta continued, chuckling when she saw a couple tears running down his cheeks that she wiped away. “Was it good for you?”

Ethan didn’t answer but just nodded vigorously, squeezing the woman tight for the longest time, and the embrace continued until he asked timidly, “Do you want me to leave?”

“No babe. You can leave when you want,” she replied.

“Can we do it again?” he asked hopefully.

“Sure,” Roberta replied but was stunned when she felt him poking into her. “Are you kidding?”

Ethan wasn’t kidding, and as it turned out what he may have lacked in other ways one thing he did have was endurance. By late afternoon Roberta finally had to tell Ethan she could take any more because she was sore.

“Been a while since I’ve been with a man,” she reluctantly told him. “I’m kinda sore down there You’ve got me burning.”

“Anything I can do to make it better?” he offered, but after Roberta shook her head no he pulled himself up and moved down between her legs. “Probably not good at this.”

“Oh Ethan, you don’t have to – I mean, I’m a mess down there,” she responded when he lowered his face into the delta.

“I made the mess,” he quipped before dipping his tongue into the steamy cauldron, so even though Roberta really was spent she let him lap her like an eager puppy.

Besides, Roberta mused to herself, not many men would venture down there after all that, and the older woman even pretended she was cumming again when she sensed his tongue was running out of gas. He rose from the valley, red faced and dripping wet, but also with something else.

“Ethan, I take it you like going down on me but this is crazy,” Roberta said when she saw him with a nearly erect dick. “You’re something else – hey, waddle up this way.”

When he got up to her side she turned to face him and took his dick in her mouth, and she just suckled on it as if she was trying to swallow it with his balls on her chin.

“I can’t believe this!” Ethan cried out, and Roberta kept sucking until he called out a warning that he was cumming.

Apparently Ethan was almost tapped out because unlike his other rather sizable loads, when his dick twitched a very manageable spurt of seed hit the back of her throat, although he seemed to enjoy it.

“And now my randy lover, I’m afraid it’s time for us to part,” Roberta informed her guest. “Wouldn’t do to have a certain someone see us like this when she got home, and one other thing…”

“I’ll never say anything to anybody ever,” he pledged even before she could finish. “I want to but I could never do that. Hurting you would ruin the best day of my life.”

After Ethan waddled to the bathroom, with Roberta giggling at the dimples in his pale white butt, the lad did a quick clean up and got dressed. Roberta led him to the door and kissed him before opening it.

“Maybe we’ll do this again sometime,” she suggested.

“Tomorrow?” Ethan asked eagerly, getting a shake of the head for an answer.

“Sometime. After all, it’s going to take me a long time to recover,” she noted, making Ethan smile as he left.

“You’re going to hell Roberta Russell,” she admonished herself, but after thinking about it she decided that it might have been worth it.


Thank you for reading.

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