Brother and Sister Share a Bathroom Ch. 03

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This is what happened in the next three weeks, told by Jack.


Shit, it’s nine already. I checked my watch again then groaned, I was going to be late, very late. I closed my eyes, when I opened them I laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Hi sis, I didn’t realise you were in the bathroom.” I smiled to myself then said “I thought it was Monday.”

“It’s Sunday.” She then added, in a mocking tone, “You are doing an advanced computer course and you don’t know what day of the week it is?”

I ignored that and said “Come to bed.”

“Can’t, I have too much to do. If you fuck me now I will just go to sleep afterwards and waste the morning.”

I was trying to think of something to say that would persuade her when she opened the door and popped her head in. I put on a miserable face.

Smiling she said “Nice try, but it’s a no.”

I gave a fake groan then said “OK, but will you change your mind about not sleeping in my bed tonight?”

“No.” She then added “I sleep better on my own.”

When she went back into the bathroom I closed my eyes, there was now no rush to get up. I thought of what we had done together last night. We had three weeks left to do the same again, and more. I felt my cock stiffen but I kept my hand away from it, I needed to save it for Jill. We were going to have plenty of time together so we could do what we wanted when we wanted. That was my last thought as I drifted off to sleep.

When I eventually got up I had a leisurely shower, then I went down to the kitchen, there was a note on the table. It was just about readable, she had obviously scribbled it in a hurry. It said ‘Will be back about nine. You will have to sort yourself out for food.” I was disappointed, I was hoping to spend the day with her. However it would give me time to study without any distractions, and if she got back when she said we would still have time for some fun before bedtime.

I checked my watch, Jill would be home soon. I smiled and then stared at the page again, it was a difficult topic and I was struggling to concentrate. I was debating whether to call it a day when my phone rang, it was Jill.

“Hi Jill, everything OK?”

“Yes, just hold on a minute.”

“Sorry about that, was just speaking to mother.”

I was confused, “Where are you?”

“I went home to see mother and father.”

I interrupted her with “Are you still at their place?”

“Let me finish.” She sounded irritated.

I could hear a sigh before she continued with “Mother is coming to stay with us for a few days, I am now driving back with her.”


“It’s complicated, I will explain when we get in. We have stopped for some food. It’s going to be at least another two hours before we get back.”

“What’s going on?”

“Please Jack. I am tired and it’s been a long day.”

I wanted to say more, but I just said “OK.”

There was quick thanks from Jill then she ended the call. I closed the book and rubbed my eyes. First a hurried note on the kitchen table, then mother in the car, very strange, but I would just have to wait until they got here for an explanation.

It was just after ten when they arrived. I heard them outside, then there was a knock on the door. When I opened it Jill was searching for her key and mother was behind her.

“What took you so long?”

“Sorry sis. Hi mum, how are you?”

Mother didn’t say anything. I looked at Jill and she mouthed ‘No’. I still had no idea what was going on but I heeded the warning, without saying anything else I gave mother a big hug.

“She is going to sleep in the box room, I am taking her there now.” As they walked past me mother said, in a weak voice, “Jack please get my suitcase from the car.”

I nodded, then I went to get her things.

The bedroom door was closed, I could hear Jill’s voice but couldn’t make out the words, I hesitated before knocking.

“Thanks, just put it in the corner. Make me a coffee, I will be down in five minutes.” Then she added “Mother doesn’t want anything.”

I waited in the kitchen, Jill’s coffee was getting cold. When she did eventually join me I could see how tired she was.

“It’s almost cold, do you want me to heat it up?”

“No thanks.” She downed it in one, after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand she said “I suppose you want an explanation?”

I was tempted to give a sarcastic reply, but I could see she was not in the mood, instead I just nodded.

She gave a long sigh then said “I got a call from mother this morning, she was in a right state. She said she was leaving father. I asked where she was going to go, but she had no idea, she just wanted to leave him. Eventually I calmed her down and persuaded her to come and stay.” She stopped then shrugged her shoulders. The meaning was clear, ‘What else could I do?’.

“You did the right thing.”

She gave me a weak smile then said in a low voice “I was so looking forward to.” She didn’t complete the sentence.

I held her hand and said “Me Bomonti Escort too.” I then repeated what I had said before, “You did the right thing.”

For the next few days it was all mother and Jill. They seemed to be talking a lot, I wasn’t excluded but I could see it was all mother and daughter stuff so I left them to it. However I was getting frustrated, I needed some special time with Jill.

Thursday was going to be a busy day for me so I set my alarm for seven-thirty, but I was woken before then by knocking on the bathroom door. I was still groggy but managed “Come in.” Jill was wearing a short nighty, that got my attention.

“If you hurry up we can have a quick one in the bathroom before I need to leave for work.” Then she added “And before mother gets up.”

She didn’t need to ask me twice. I wanted to lick her but she said we didn’t have time. However I did get five minutes on her big nipples before she urged me to fuck her. This time she was on her back and I was pushing her legs up high. I had a great view of her cunt. I was just getting ready to enter her when I heard footsteps in Jill’s bedroom, she must have heard them as well because she froze.

There was a knock on the door, “Jill are you in there?”

Jill replied quickly “Yes, don’t come in.”

“I couldn’t sleep.”

My cock accidently brushed against her cunt lips, Jill stifled a moan.

“I won’t be long in the bathroom.”

I couldn’t wait any longer, I pushed the tip in, Jill hissed “No.”

Ignoring her I pushed the rest in, then I stopped. I looked at Jill, she hesitated then nodded. It was a simple gesture but the meaning was clear, ‘I want you to fuck me’.

As I started mother said “Thanks again for all you have done for me.” Jill just grunted.

“Is Jack OK with me staying?”

I was now fucking her hard, I wanted her to come whilst mother was listening. There was a delay of a few seconds before she responded with a clipped “Yes.”

I was ready to come. I looked at Jill, she was biting her lip, and from the look on her face she was ready as well. I pushed her legs higher, almost onto her shoulders, then I went into her as deep as I could, right up to my balls. I felt her cunt contract as she climaxed.

“Jill are you OK?”

I was hoping she would answer, if not mother might open the door. She was still recovering but managed to say “Sorry, just getting ready.”

I pulled out, my cock was still rock hard, I hadn’t managed to come. Jill looked at it, then smiled at me. She pointed to her mouth.

“Mum, have you any plans for the day?”

Whilst mother was thinking of what she would do, Jill was servicing my cock. It didn’t take long, when she took it deep I climaxed. Jill gagged, then said “Just gargling with mouthwash.”

“I might just stay in. I am in the middle of a good book that I would like to finish.” Then she added “That reminds me, I didn’t bring any mouthwash. Is there any of that left?”

I whispered “No, my balls are empty.”

Jill only just managed not to laugh, then she squeezed my balls and said “There’s plenty left, it’s a nice taste, I think you will like it.”

“Thanks, I will try it later. I am going to get some breakfast. I can shower later after you and Jack have gone.”

As soon as mother left Jill repeated her final words, “After you and Jack have gone?” There was a worried look on her face.

I laughed. “She means after you have gone to work and I have gone on my course.”

“I thought she meant.”

I interrupted her with “After we have both gone from the bathroom.”

“I thought we had been found out.”

I gave a confident “No”, then I started to wonder.

The rest of the week was uneventful. We had started a new topic and the lecturer was taking it nice and slow. In the evenings I did some studying but I also managed to find time to watch some television. I was expecting mother to say more but she didn’t. There was lots of talking but it was all casual stuff, nothing was said about why she and father had argued.

The weekend was a big disappointment. On Sunday I managed to get Jill into the bathroom whilst mother was downstairs, but just after we had started she came looking for Jill. All I managed was a quick grope of her tits. Mother wanted to go shopping, when they left I knew that was it for the day. I got back into bed and played with myself.

On Tuesday evening Jill said “I am out with some friends tomorrow. I am going to be back late so nobody wait up for me.”

Mother added “I am going to do the cooking.”

“And I can finish that assignment, it’s got to be in for Friday.”

However the next day when I talked it over with the lecturer I realised there was more to it than I had first thought. I stayed late and he gave me some help with it. When I got back Jill had already gone out with her friends.

“Sorry mum, I should have called.”

“Yes you should have”, but she didn’t sound annoyed.

“I will warm it up for you.”

I gave her Bomonti Escort Bayan a big smile.

“I need you to do something.” She must have seen the worried look on my face because she laughed, then said “I only want you to get me some books from the loft.”

The meal was good. I apologised to mother, I would have to leave her alone whilst I did some studying. The first hour was OK but after that I was struggling to concentrate. There was a knock on the door.

“Just come in.”

“Sorry Jack, do you remember what I said about finding me some books?”

“Yes, do you need them now?”

“If it’s not too much trouble.”

“Nothing is too much trouble for you.” Then I added “Give me five minutes to finish this last page.”

“Thanks. I am going to take a bath, will you leave them on the kitchen table? When I am finished I will go down and make myself a hot chocolate.”

“So if possible you want Crime, Historical, and Romance.” I stopped to think of any others she had mentioned earlier.

“Yes. If you see something you think I might be interested in then include it, but no Science Fiction.”

The loft was almost dark, I must remember to ask Jill to get a torch. Fortunately I knew where to find the books. When I had tidied up a few weeks ago I had put them all together. It shouldn’t take me too long, then I started thinking of the last time I had been in here. I looked over at the narrow shaft of light coming through the spy hole, I could feel my cock thicken. I then thought of mother down below taking a bath and to my surprise my cock got even harder. Were her nipples as big as Jill’s? Was she shaved? How big were her cunt lips?

I had never really thought about her in that way before. Mother was just mother, always there. In terms of appearance she was different to Jill. You can tell from their faces that they are mother and daughter, even though mother has blue eyes and a longer nose. However mother is only just over five feet tall and is very slim. Her tits are small but look good on her small frame. I made a mental note to check the label in her bra the first opportunity I got. She may be my mother, and she may be fifty-five, but she was still capable of turning heads when she was out shopping.

When I looked into the bathroom mother was naked, she was bending over the bath testing the water. When she turned round I got my first look at her nipples, nice but not as big as Jill’s. Slowly I unzipped myself, I was rock hard. She checked the bath again, swirling the water around with her hands to mix the hot and cold, satisfied she stopped the flow. I expected her to get in, but instead she placed a hand towel on the floor. She then reached into a bag that was at the side of the bath and pulled out some things. I strained to see what they were. In her hand she now had a small mirror and a razor. She dipped into the bag again and, after some searching, brought out a small pair of scissors. I was intrigued, but all became clear when she sat on the towel and rested her back on the side of the bath. She was trimming her pubic hair.

As she spread her legs I had a good view of her cunt, it was facing the spy hole. From what I could see it already looked neat and tidy, I guess she was just going to trim a few stray hairs. She then pulled her knees up and I got an even better view. If Jill’s lips were suckable these were eatable. I could see they were big, a proper mouthful. I closed my eyes and stroked my cock. When I looked at her again she was trimming herself. It didn’t take her long, she was now moving the mirror around checking if it looked OK. She must have been satisfied with what she could see because she put the mirror down beside the unused razor. I wondered if she did this every time she had a bath.

I was now moving my hand quicker, I wanted to come whilst I could still see her cunt, when she got into the bath I would only be able to see her tits. However she didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get in. She put all the things back into her bag then she pulled it nearer to her so that she could see inside it. There were some other things she needed, a tube of toothpaste and a roll-on deodorant bottle. She squeezed the tube onto her fingers, then she started to rub it slowly between her legs. So it wasn’t toothpaste, it was a moisturiser, or a lubricant.

She was now playing with herself. At first she was pulling and stretching her big cunt lips, then she settled on giving her clit long stokes with two fingers. I was building up to a nice climax and it looked as if she was as well. I could hear long loud moans from her and I was finding it difficult not to join in. Without stopping she reached for the deodorant bottle, it was small in length but with the top still on it was thick. I wished my cock was that thick. Slowly she inserted it. I watched open mouthed as it went in. The look on her face was pain and pleasure, but mostly pleasure. It looked as if she was going to push it all the way in but she stopped with about an inch to spare.

She was now Escort Bomonti furiously rubbing her clit and I was frantically working on my cock. Her eyes were closed and she was talking to herself, just loud enough for me to hear.

“Fuck me, fuck me.”

I was responding with “Yes, yes”, probably too loud.

Her body shuddered and then she climaxed. I needed a bit longer. When I reached it I saw her pull the bottle out, gasp, and then in a dreamy voice say “Oh Jack.”

Did she really say Jack? Had she heard me in the loft? Lots of things for me to think about whilst I looked for those books.

The next day when I got up I was hoping mother would still be in bed, I felt guilty about watching her in the bath. However when I went into the kitchen she was already there.

She gave me a smile and said “Thanks for finding the books.”

“I just hope they are what you wanted?”

“They are.”

I could tell she was in a much better mood, probably the result of what she had done to herself in the bathroom. Jill then joined us.

“I am a bit late today, I need to hurry up. I think I will skip breakfast and get something later on at work.” Then she added “What did you two do last night?”

“Not much. I had a nice bath and Jack got me some good books from the loft.”

Jill looked at me, then her face changed, I must have looked guilty.

Calmly she said “Did you manage to see OK in the loft?”

It was a loaded question. I averted my eyes and said “Yes.”

As mother left the kitchen to go to her room Jill shook her head. When she was sure mother couldn’t hear she stared at me and said “What did you do?”

I hesitated, then said “Mother had a bath and I found.”

She interrupted me with “I don’t want the bullshit answer. What did you do?”

I closed my eyes for a few seconds. When I opened them I took a deep breath, then in as firm a voice as I could manage, I said “I watched her in the bathroom.”

“I bet you played with yourself.”

“I wasn’t the only one.”


She sounded surprised. Now she was curious, there was a puzzled look on her face.

“Do you want me to tell you about it?”

She nodded. I spent the next few minutes giving her the details. She was fascinated with my description of mother’s cunt lips, and amazed when I got to the part where she inserted the deodorant bottle.

“I have seen that bottle, it’s very thick. I don’t think it will fit into me and I am much bigger than mother.”

“We can try it later.”

She ignored what I had said and urged me to continue. When I had finished she got up from the chair and leant across the table, as if to reach for something.

“It’s too risky to fuck me here, put three fingers in.” I didn’t respond quickly enough so she added “Now.”

As I pulled her knickers to one side she spread her legs wider, and stuck her bum out more. Her cunt almost sucked my fingers in, listening to what I had said had obviously got her wet, very wet. I didn’t even have to move my fingers, she rocked against them. Within a minute she had climaxed.

“I needed that.”

She was right about it being too risky to fuck, we could now hear mother’s footsteps on the stairs. We would have been caught.

“I thought you were late for work?”

With a straight face she said “I am. Jack was just helping me out with something.”

Before she could ask what I had helped her with I said I was late as well, and then we both left the kitchen.

The rest of the week was mostly studying. I was now up to date with all my projects and assignments. I was looking forward to the weekend, I might get some time alone with Jill.

I woke early Saturday morning, I wanted to make the most of the day. I would do all my studying now, aiming to finish mid-day. That would give me the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday to relax. I would start the day with a shower, then have a quick breakfast.

As I entered the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around me, I got a surprise. I hadn’t knocked, and mother was there, naked. We both froze for a few seconds before I averted my eyes and said “Sorry, I should have knocked.”

“It’s not your fault. It’s this silly bathroom, it should have locks.”

As I turned to leave mother said “Wait, you can help me with something.”

Without thinking I turned round to look at her, but it was OK, she now had her back to me.

“That bra of mine is difficult to put on. Will you please fasten it at the back?”

I picked it up, it was hanging over the side of the bath. The label said 34C, so now I knew her size. I tried passing it to her but she didn’t take it.

“It’s easier if you put it on for me, from behind.”

I hesitated then started to do what she had asked. I got close to her, my towel was touching her naked bottom, and then I put my hands under hers, near her armpits. She slipped one hand into the straps and then did the same with her other hand. The bra needed positioning. I could only do that by holding the cups and moving them onto her. I did that as quickly as possible, with the minimum of contact between my hands and her tits. I then fastened the bra at the back.

“It’s not on properly. You need to adjust the cups.” She then added “Take your time I want it to be comfortable.”

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