Brother in Law

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I call him my brother in law but he really is not related to me, he is the man who is married to my sisters husbands sister. I met them at my sisters wedding, she his girlfriend was being terrible to him at the wedding, treating him like crap thru the whole night, the man could not do anything right in her eyes.

She was overweight, not a pretty girl whatsoever, her not being nice to the man, made her look even worse than she really was, she treated him like her personal slave, he catered to her hand and foot, she called him nasty names, had him wait on her all night, getting her drinks, more, and more food, she never stopped eating it seems.

We ended up at the same table, we started to talk, the man was soft spoken, but a big strong guy, a hard working man, he worked in road construction, he had this look in his eyes, you could get lost in those eyes. They were kind sweet eyes, the eyes of an angel, you could tell by looking at the man he would never be mean to a living soul.

I liked the man from the start, if he was gay I would have thrown myself at him right then and there, but alas he only had eyes for her. As the night went on we continued to talk, he was a very well informed man, we talked about everything, from politics to gay pride parades, he was very opened minded, I even hoped a little bisexual.

He stayed to help with the clean up after the celebration was over, she would take their car home, I would drive him home, we lived in the same area. When we finally finished we headed out, he was a great guy, the kind of man you hoped to meet, even fall in love with, hopefully marry.

I dropped him off at his place, we traded cell numbers, I suggested we go to a game one day, or just hang out, I was so infatuated with this man. Weeks went by, I had texted him a few times but he was always busy, so I stopped messaging him, one Friday night at about two in the morning I got a text message from Paul,

“Sorry to message you so late Tom but could I come over?”

“Sure come on down, do you want me to come pick you up?”

“Would you mind I know its late but I’m a mess please Tom, please come get me.”

“Be right there Paul.”

I threw on some sweat pants and a tee shirt, jumped in my car and drove over, he was sitting in his driveway, suitcase at his side, you could see he was crying. I got out and helped him get in the car, I got his suitcase, we were off. The lights were on in the house, she was home, but I still did not know what had transpired.

Paul was a mess he was in tears, he had marks all over his face, his shirt ripped, he had scratch marks on his chest.

“Paul are you okay?”

“I will be thank you for picking me up, I did not know who to call.”

He again burst into tears, I assumed it was her who had did this to him, if I did not like the woman before.When I got him in the house, I had him remove his shirt so I could tend to his wounds, not serious small cuts and abrasions, seems she was convinced he was having an affair with some woman from work, you only had to look at the man, he was not that kind of guy, he was loyal, true, if you got to be with a guy like him, he would bend over backwards to please you.

I cleaned up his wounds as he told me the sordid story, she found a text message on his phone from a coworker she had texted him

“Lets grab a coffee,”

It was all very innocent, She took it the wrong way, convinced herself he was sleeping with this woman on the side. He later told me it was she who was seeing another man on the side, gaziantep escort that man was at his old house now. I was amazed there would be another man who would even want to be with a woman like her.

When I got him cleaned up I asked if he was hungry, he had not had dinner basically nothing to eat since lunch, I had some leftovers from dinner, ribs, rice with a stir fry veggie, a side salad, the man could eat that was for sure, sitting there shirtless he was so very sexy, with his hairy chest, beautiful black hair, rich and thick, his nipples were perfect , I could imagine myself licking him head to toe.

“Do you have any clean clothes with you Paul?”

“Yes I threw some clothes in my suitcase, not sure what’s in there.”

The clothes all dirty was shoved in the suitcase, he could not stay in these, after he finished eating I brought him to the spare bedroom take off your clothes, I will throw on a load of laundry.

“Could I use your shower Tom I did not get a chance to shower after work today.”

“Paul you don’t have to ask, you have your own bathroom, you will find everything you need, including a brand new toothbrush.”

I got to see the man naked he was a perfect specimen, not a body builder, more of a working mans body, the muscles all perfect, the man had a beautiful cock uncut with its foreskin hanging from the tip, his big bull balls hanging behind his magnificent tool. The man had a beautiful ass, perfectly shaped, with a strip of hair along the crack, black hair on the white skin was beautiful in contrast.

I took his clothes to the laundry room, as I sorted his clothes I imagined being in the shower with Paul, soaping his beautiful form, kissing his full lips, my hands holding his massive penis in my hands, rolling his big bull balls in my hand.

I got the laundry in, cleaned up the kitchen, I heard the shower shut off, I started to turn lights off Paul came out of the bedroom only a towel wrapped around him, I could see he had been crying again, he came up, pulled me into a hug, the man craved attention, he needed to be held, he had endured years of abuse from this woman, Paul cried as I hugged him.

“Paul you need to get to bed your very over tired, you need some sleep.”

He sheepishly looked at me and asked.

“Can I sleep with you Tom, I can’t sleep alone.”

I took Paul by the hand, led him to my bed, I removed his wet towel, tucked him in, kissed him on the forehead, took off my clothes, got in bed with the man. Paul immediately pulled me to him, we would spoon, I felt so safe, warm, in Paul’s arms, his hairy chest on my back his huge pole at my back door. I could feel his cock pulsing as it slowly got harder, Paul only pulled me in tighter, he was soon asleep, his breathing was so soft, with a small snore attached to it.

I got myself comfortable with the fact his huge cock was at my ass, I wanted him in me so bad. It being a Friday night we did not have to be up early the next day. Paul still had a firm grip on me when I awoke, his cock dripping precum between my legs, I reached down to get a sample of his juice, his cock was pouring it out, I repositioned his cock so it was at my entry, with all the precum, the mans cock slowly slid into my hole. I started riding his cock, gently fucking his big cock, his cock felt so right in my hole, at some point Paul woke up, his grip more intense, his lips on my back kissing me.

Paul gently fucked me till he came, his orgasm rocked his whole body. We held this position till Paul’s cock started to slide out of my hole, there was some uncomfortable silence, I turned to Paul,

“That was great, just what I needed.”

I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. I got out of bed to make coffee, I was in the kitchen naked getting the coffee maker ready when he comes up behind me, runs his hand down my back, squeezes my ass cheeks, I turn to him, he pulls me into a kiss, a manly rough kiss, I turned us around put him against the cupboards, took his face in my hands, ever so gently I kissed him, no tongues, nothing forced, a soft gentle kiss, his eyes went from open to closed, he gave me a soft moan, my tongue slowly invaded his mouth, he then pushes his into my mouth, I gently suck, then massage his tongue with mine, his eyes open wide then slowly close once again, my hands are all over his beautiful body.

We stood there kissing like two young lovers while the coffee brewed, I released Paul, getting out some food for breakfast, poured us coffee, I would make the man a full breakfast, I was busy cooking he was sitting at the island watching me, reading the paper, sipping his coffee.

“Tom I am not used to being treated like this, I never get this at home, my old home was never ever this clean.”

“You are home Paul for as long as you want or need, your a great guy, you should be treated like a king, I would treat you like the man you are, don’t feel you have to have sex with me, I saw the opportunity this morning, I took it.”

“Tom the sex was just what I needed, its been so long since the last time I had actual sex, I mean without me just stroking one off, she never wanted to have sex with me.”

I filled the mans plate with food, eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast.

“Tom I can’t possibly eat all of this,”

“Paul eat you need to beef up that sexy body of yours, also keep your strength up.”

I walked up to him gently kissed him on the lips, ran my hand thru his thick hairy chest,

“Eat I don’t want you getting sick because your not taking care of yourself.”

We enjoyed a beautiful day, after breakfast a shower, together, we went for a walk in the park, did a little grocery shopping, we had lunch at a small cafe, it was a perfect day, Paul was the perfect companion, I would miss him if he ever left me.

Saturday night we decided to watch a movie, I made popcorn, put out chips, candy, soda just like the movie theatre, we found a movie we both wanted to watch, we snuggled under a huge blanket in our underwear, we ended up holding each other, it really was a great movie, bit of a tear jerker ending, we were both in tears at the end of it.

It was late we headed off to bed, without thought he came into my room took his underwear off, climbed in bed, lifted the covers so I could get in with him. We got into a spoon position again, Paul’s huge cock rock hard, ready to enter my hole.

I pulled away, lifted the covers, took Paul’s cock into my mouth, his precum tasted so good, I ran my tongue under his foreskin, the man was going crazy, he had never had his cock sucked like this in his life, I could not believe a man could have never had his cock sucked properly. I would make this blow job one to remember. I took Paul’s cock into my mouth to the base.

Paul’s reaction was one of shock, he would have never thought anyone could swallow something so big. I held his cock deep in my mouth, sucking down rubbing my tongue on the bottom of his cock, his eyes were rolling in his head, he was holding my head to make sure I would keep his big cock in my mouth, like I would let it go.

Paul screamed

“Fuck Tom I’m cumming, Oh Fuck Tom, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!”

His cock swelled he blew a massive load, his cock shot so much cum, I tried to swallow it all but some escaped out of the sides of my mouth. I cleaned his cock up as it slowly shrunk, I gently pulled back his foreskin, cleaning his knob, I sucked it, I licked it, I slowly stroked his cock to get it stiff, I grabbed the lube, lubing us both up, his cock slipped right in me, his balls on my ass his pubes tickling my ass cheeks.

I rode his big cock till he was on the brink for the second time tonight, he stroked my cock, I was ready to blow, my cock shot a massive load, his hairy chest covered in my cum, Paul’s cock was soon filling my hole.

I got a cloth, cleaned us up, climbed back in bed, Paul pulled me close to him once more, I could really get used to having him in my bed each night. When I woke up the next morning Paul’s cock was riding against my ass crack, I reached down, put him in me, his cock like a piston, Paul fucked me hard, it felt great in my ass, soon he was shooting me full of cum, his cock slowly slipped out, I got up to make coffee.

Paul came in the kitchen, a short time later, naked his cock rock hard again, he grabbed me positioned me against the stove, sliding his cock in my cum soaked hole, he fucked me hard, his staying time was getting better, I soon shot a load all over the front of the oven door, he once again filled my hole with his seed.

Paul pulled me into a kiss, he held the kiss, his hands all over my body, his hairy chest was so comforting the man was just so sexy, just then his phone rang, he reached over and grabbed it, looked at who was calling, made a weird face,

“Hello, Yea its me,”

there was a long pause,

“No I am never going thru that again.”

a short pause,

“You don’t love me! you never loved me! you don’t even care for me!”

Paul pulled me in tighter to his furry chest.

“No I am not seeing another woman, I can assure you I am not with another woman.”

he gave me a sly smile,

“I have a great guy, we are living together, yes it seems I am gay, so no I am not interested in you whatsoever, so don’t call me, leave Tom and I alone.”

She never called Paul again, we eventually picked up the rest of his belongings, she called us names while we were there, Paul never even acknowledged her, he got his personal stuff, leaving her with all they had bought thru the years of being together, he did not want anything that reminded him of her, or her abuse, before we left she made the comment,

“So your with a fag now, does he suck your little cock for you at night? You two make me sick! Fucking perverts!”

Her new man tried to stop her, she yelled at him

“Shut your fucking mouth it has nothing to do with you.”

Her new man stood back, not saying another word, before we left Paul turned to them,

“I cannot believe I put up with your abusive behavior for so many years, I met a man who shows me what real love is, treats me like a king, he does not disrespect me in any way, we are partners, lovers, equals, I love this man with all of my heart and soul.”

He looked directly at her new man.

“I feel sorry for you sir, you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into, you can do a lot better than her, she does not love you, she is using you. Good luck, have a good life.”

He only stood there red faced, head down.

She yelled obscenities as we left, he did not acknowledge her, we walked off hand in hand, I love Paul, he tells me

“I love you more each passing day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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