Brotherly Love

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Female Ejaculation

I know this sounds like all the other incest stories, but this happened just after my nineteenth birthday, I was having a girls night and there were six of my closest friends and myself all in my bedroom, we were doing our nails and trying on clothes talking about what boys we wanted to screw and how far we had been with a boy, you know just girly stuff.

All night my brother Paul was being a pain he was two years older than me but that night he was acting like a boy going through puberty, he would not leaving us alone, he constantly was coming into my room trying to catch one of the girls in a state of undress it didn’t happen but it was more by luck than planning. As we were talking we were passing a bottle of wine around and playing a truth or dare type of game when ever you had the bottle and the music stopped on my cd whoever had hold of the bottle had to take a drink from the bottle and choose either truth or dare.

On one occasion I had the bottle and I was telling a story about when I walked in on my mom and dad doing bursa escort it when Paul walked in asking for some CD that he said I had. The next one to have the bottle was Helen she said that she fancied one of out teachers from when we were at school and had actually French kissed him on the last day of term.

As the bottle went around we were all getting tipsy and the statements of lust became more sordid with each swig of the bottle when it got to me again I chose dare and the dare was to kiss the person I most fancied in the room. Well as we all had been friends for a long time none of the other knew of my sexuality, as I had to choose one of the girls in the room, I chose Clare as I knew she wouldn’t mind at first it was just a quick peck but all the other girls said to do it properly so Clare reached over and pulled me into a deep passionate kiss.

All the time this was going on Paul was trying to look through the crack under my door it wasn’t till Michele opened the door to go to the toilet that we found bursa escort bayan out.

Now Michele was quite a muscular girl and she grabbed him and dragged him into the room half tossing him on the bed the rest of the girls jumped on him grabbing his arms and legs by this time he was yelling to be let go but the girls in there drunkenness were having non of it. Clair told me to pull his jeans off. At first I said no and protested for them to let him go but they pushed it saying go on get them off so I sat on his chest then I undid his pants slipping them down his legs showing his Bart Simpson boxers.

His hard on was showing through his boxers and I must admit I was quite impressed as it had been many years since we had sheared a bath as our mother washed out hair.

Clare I think it was put her hand inside his boxers and pulled his prick out and started to jack him off, she seamed to be good at what she was doing and she smiled as she pumped her hand up and down his shaft. It was not long before escort bursa he shot his load and his cum spurted out of the eye of his prick and landed on my T-shirt. Now I don’t know if it was the drink or it was just lust, but with a lot of prodding by the other girls I slid my self up his chest holding my pussy just above Paul’s face. I felt the one of the girls pull my skirt up and could feel my wetness soaking into my knickers the girls were telling me to sit on his face but from where my pussy was over his face he could see my sex lips seeping my juices. Clair hadn’t stopped pumping on his prick and Paul was groaning and moaning pleading to be let loose. After a few more minutes he was really screaming with a bit of help from one of the other girls I had moved my head down and was licking my brothers cock as Clare continued to milk his prick after a few more pumps he cam once again, this time splashing my face, much to the delete of the other girls.

They all were laughing as I got off his chest and he tried to get out the room with gear’s and hoots from the girls and his jeans around his ankles.

Clare on the other hand had other ideas she came over to me and licked my brothers cum off my face then giving me another long slow kiss and I tasted my brothers cum from her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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