Brothers and Sisters Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 — A Larger Circle

I didn’t say anything about my supposition that Ryan and Penny were siblings.

Instead, I helped Anna prepare breakfast for us and our guests. We were all naked, and I must say also aroused. Marie teased her partner — her brother — because his hard-on refused to soften.

After we’d cleared the dishes and were lingering over cups of coffee, I went to the television and connected my cellphone. I scrolled through the pictures we’d taken the day before until I found one with Ryan and Penny. They were lying back in the shade of our large beach umbrella. Neither wore their usual sunglasses, and their expressions were pretty neutral.

I turned to Anna, Marie, and Dave. “Take a look at this picture. What do you see?”

Marie chuckled, “Why it’s Ryan and Penny, of course.”

“Look closer. What do you really see?”

I used my fingers to blow up the image so only their faces showed on the large screen TV. Ryan and Penny had the same shaped eyes, the same color, their hair was close in color, their chins were distinctive, the trace of some dimples, the shape of their noses, the cheek structures, and the jawlines were all the same.

Dave gasped, “Oh, my God. I see what you mean!”

Anna said, “What? What am I missing?”

Marie said with excitement, “They’re brother and sister, or closely related. They’re just like the rest of us. No wonder they like us so much. Whether they know it or not, we’re all alike.”

Dave said, “We should get them over here right now. We have got to talk about this with all of us present.”

Anna called Penny. I heard her explaining that Marie and Dave had stayed overnight, and that we wanted them with us that day. Her telltale sentence was, ‘We have something to talk to you about.’

I guess getting them to come over was easy, because twenty minutes later the missing couple knocked on our apartment door. Marie answered the door — still naked.

Ryan laughed, “Oh, I guess the party from yesterday is still going on.” The four of us nodded.

Penny and Ryan were served coffee after they, too, joined the nudity that was prevalent in the apartment. Dave and I were horny for Penny almost immediately.

Penny said, “What’s up? Anna, you said you needed to talk to us about something.”

Anna grinned broadly and held her coffee mug in the air in a toast. “First off, we wanted to acknowledge the close family relationship that you and Ryan share.”

Dave, Marie, and I went, “Hear, hear,” as part of the toast and we all drank with our coffee as we looked at the pair.

The blood had drained from Ryan and Penny’s faces. Ryan stammered, “Errr… what do you mean? That’s not…”

I interrupted. “What we are pretty sure we have in this room right now are THREE brother-sister couples — couples that are deeply in love with each other, but also willing to expand that love to include other people.”

The room was silent for over a minute as we all looked at each other. Ryan and Penny carefully examined Anna and me, and Marie and trabzon escort Dave.

Ryan said, “Holy shit. I didn’t see it until now. You’re serious.”

We all nodded.

“And how did you figure it out about the two of us?”

I turned on the TV again. The enlarged image of Ryan and Penny was still on the screen. I just pointed. I finally spoke, “I had a small epiphany a few minutes before then when I realized that you were in the same boat that the rest of us were. I guess seeing you in my mind gave me the realization.”

Marie spoke, “Just know that we won’t say anything to anybody. Heck, we’re all keeping our real status a secret from each other.”

Ryan said, “Where I work, we would say that this is not a problem but a huge opportunity. You are correct about Penny and me, by the way. She’s my ‘kid’ sister by three years and the baby of the family.” Ryan worked in an investment house managing large networth clients. Penny was a very busy substitute teacher to the local school system. She worked most days, but in different classrooms and schools and even grades.

“How long have you had a relationship?” Anna asked.

Penny said, “Since I turned eighteen and discovered boys. He was the only boy I was ever interested in. Although it was very risky, we started having sex almost immediately at that point. We’ve just never stopped. We were and still are two bundles of hormones that want to fuck all the time.”

We all laughed and nodded in agreement.

Marie said, “I was a little older before we had sex. Dave and I are fraternal twins.”

I said, “Anna and I also were in high school when the sex started. We realized how deeply in love we were as she started her college career.”

Penny said, “Did either of you ever get caught?”

Marie and Anna both told of close calls, when a parent or another sister almost found them naked with a cock buried deep in their teenage pussy. Penny had a similar story.

Penny and Ryan had grown up with the best arrangement at home before they finally finished college. Their siblings and parents’ bedrooms were on the first floor with the rest of the living space. Their two bedrooms were upstairs with a shared bathroom between. Further, neither parent came upstairs after they realized how adult the kids were behaving.

Penny said, “Ryan and I quickly figured out that we could minimize visits if we stopped being pampered children and became untypical young adults. Our rooms were always neat and clean. We both vacuumed weekly, and traded bathroom duty back and forth. Eventually, any room inspections just stopped.

“By then, I was sure that I had my lifelong guy, and knew it for sure. “

Anna and I had been nodding as Penny talked. We didn’t have the convenient room arrangement, but we sure felt secure in our relationship. Marie and Dave had similar stories.

As we’d talked about all the sex we’d started having, Ryan, Dave and I sported our arousal. I always wished that the girls gave off some obvious signal the way that we males did. Occasionally, trabzon escort bayan I’d see erect nipples, but an air conditioner could do that, too.

Penny came and pulled my chair away from the table so she could sit in my lap. Except, she didn’t just sit. She took hold of my wavering staff, held it in position, and then sank her wet vagina down on my pole until I was fully embedded deep inside her. I got a devilish grin from her over her shoulder.

Marie repeated the act on Ryan, and Anna was soon impaled on Dave’s hard shaft.

Penny said, “You know, we didn’t talk about how easy it was for each of us to start having sex with somebody other than our chosen partner. For Ryan and me, it started at one of the high school proms. To prove that nothing was happening between us, we each got ‘outside’ dates for the event. The protocol was to also rent a hotel room.”

She laughed, “Well, Ryan and I shared the rental room with our dates. I was with one of his classmates that Ryan had bribed to take me as his date. We went to hotel after the prom and fucked the night away in the same room, but with our official dates.

“We both got off on watching the other have sex with somebody else. We’d been each other’s firsts, but suddenly we could see them fucking another person. When our dates were fucking each other, we even got a chance to make love.”

Dave said, “Marie and I did all that with the same result another way. We had the same concern; namely, proving to our parents that we were sexually hot for somebody other than our sib.

“In my case, I took out a girl named Cindy Walker. She was the school bike and a sure thing. We fucked about five times in the backseat of the car out at lover’s lane. I left the condom wrappers on the floor of the car to be discovered the next morning by my dad. He never said anything, but I got the stink eye from him along with a smirk.”

Marie said, “I was slightly different. I was a cheerleader and we were all supposed to be all lovey-dovey with one of the football players. I chose one of the running backs, Doug Taylor. We did start to fuck, but it was only occasionally, since Dave was getting me every day.

“Anyway, after a particularly busy and sexual week with both guys, I got a bladder infection; what’s called ‘honeymoon cystitis’. My mom took me to the doctor, and, of course, since I was underage, she stuck with me through the exam. I had to confess that I was sexually active and had been overly active the week before.

“Mom just rolled her eyes. She knew I was seeing my football guy, so made the logical jump about my behavior. My brother never entered the picture, although I did have to give it a rest for a week while I took antibiotics.”

Anna nodded, “I had a similar experience. I just got a boyfriend and that was where I practiced blowjobs so I was better for Matt. Later, we started fucking, just so I could say we did. He was fun and we never got too serious.”

Everyone turned to look at me. I said, “Margaret Simpson — horny, proverbial girl-next-door, escort trabzon classmate that liked me and I liked her. We started going out when I was a sophomore and discovered girls, and, fundamentally, I let her jump my bones whenever she wanted. I didn’t resist too hard.” I laughed. “If Anna wasn’t in the mood, Margaret always was. For a while, I had to increase my stamina so I could fuck the two of them twice each day. Anna, of course, knew about Margaret, just as I knew about Doug Taylor. Margaret lived four houses away from us. A few times, we’d sneak out and fuck on Mr. Johnson’s patio when we were sure he was away. It was just something daring we were doing. Anna and I went there, too.”

Marie asked, “Whatever happened to Margaret?”

I shrugged, “Last I knew, she was on her way to being an RN. She’s probably working in some hospital by now, and maybe has the start on a brood of kids.”

Anna turned to Ryan, “You said this situation with all of us is an ‘opportunity’. What did you mean?”

Ryan grinned, “Just that there are many ways that we can portray what’s going on between the six of us, or even how we all live. If we’re inter-dating, then the suspicion that we’re siblings is greatly reduced.”

Dave said, “Marie and I are worried that we’re becoming suspected of having a sexual relationship again. If we each borrow one of you, then we can start to show the flag for an ‘outside’ relationship that is thriving in all the right areas to deflect suspicion.”

We were all quiet for a moment as we digested that idea.

Anna said, “I like that idea. You’re correct, that could benefit each of us. How would you see it working?”

Dave shrugged, “We’d have to decide, but maybe I take you home over one of the major holidays — like Thanksgiving. We sleep together in my old room, proving that we have a sexual relationship. We are attentive and loving to each other, obvious in the NRE phase of our relationship.”

Marie waved her hand for attention. “At the same time, I maybe go off with Matt to his parents’ home, and we do the same act. This has a multiplier effect as we go around the six of us.”

I nodded. “I sure need to do something to deflect attention from Anna and me living together. This is now going on a long time. Maybe Anna could also complain to our parents about how I always have my girlfriend in my bed and am making too much noise.”

“Oh, I like that one,” Dave said. “That could work both ways. I could complain about Marie making noise with her loving boyfriend, too.”

Marie said, “There are lots of comments we could make about our sibling’s boyfriend or girlfriend; they’re noisy, groan a lot, snore, are too touchy-feely or clingy, think about sex all the time, come around too often, don’t come around enough, eat too much or too little of what we have, and so on. We just need to make it sound like they’re with our sibling A LOT!”

We laughed.

Dave asked, “Have you had family visit you yet?”

We all shook our heads.

“When that event happens, and it will, we should all be on stand-by to assist each other with whatever illusions are needed.

Dave’s question about visitors was prescient. A week later Anna and I were informed that our two younger twin sisters, Cindy and Sandy, were coming to visit as part of a college tour they were making. Of course, they asked to stay at our apartment.

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