Bubblegum Intimacy Pt. 02

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Boom, boom, boom.

The bass of an early 2000’s RnB song reverberated through my bones as I circled my hips amidst gyrating bodies. Darkness provided a haven for lips to press on slightly salted skin and hands that grope and stroke indiscriminately. We had been in a hypnotic dance state for hours, letting the music take us to where inhibitions warn. Heat sliced past my latex cut out mini dress and gave way to beads of sweat that lined my exposed cleavage. I broke from my dance with a few other girls to find refreshment.

Walking into the corridor where there were far fewer people, I felt a pair of eyes on me. They tugged at the hem of my dress. Smoothed over my curves. Licked at the apex of my thighs. A shiver ran through me as an inaudible moan escaped my lips. In a trance, my vision rotated around the room, seeking those eyes. But they disappeared.

With shaky legs, I manoeuvred through the crowd and into the kitchen. Luckily, it was my friends Patricia’s house. I’ve been here enough times in the day to know where I’m going without stumbling into a room that hosted an unsuspecting tryst. Chuckling to myself at the scenario, I opened the fridge. Eventually, I found what I was looking for. My hips continued to move as I gulped a whole glass of orange juice, licking my lips. Refreshed and ready for another round.

About thirty minutes had passed, the air in the living room had become thick with depravity. Bodies mingled and meshed together like a pit of snakes in heat. The vibrations of the beat rumbled through us, akin to a charmer with his flute. My gaze flitted up from my new dance partner and locked on the prying eyes from earlier. A slow smile crept on my face as I identified the perpetrator. It was my good friend and the owner of this house, Janice.

She was five foot six inches of delicious. Two ringlets ran down either side of her face, the rest amassed in a messy bun on her head. Paired with a distressed crop top and booty short two-piece she donned and mismatched earrings, she had a freshly fucked aesthetic. Again, delicious. Her skin was a deep caramel, a few shades lighter than mine. I watched her flush red as she returned my smile. There was something different in the way our eyes interacted with each other, something carnal.

Locked in her gaze, my hands trailed up the legs of the girl in front of me. Pressing my groin against her round ass, I flicked my tongue on her neck and her back arched towards me. My eyes never left Janice as I continued my sensual dance. The skirts of my dress rose higher and higher whilst I moved. Janice began to stalk towards me in her heels, swaying her hips with every step. I released my dance partner as she approached. In one motion, Janice pressed my back to the wall with her body.

I could feel her nipples whilst our breasts mashed together. Desire rose in me, imagining what those nipples would feel like between my fingers or my teeth. Or how the mounds on her chest would spill through my fingers as I massaged them. Slowly we began to grind together with her leg in between my thighs, breath mingling. Our hands explored each other’s curves as if our thirst could only quench with soft flesh. escort bayan My wetness began to leak from my thin lace thong and onto her leg. Janice drew in a sharp breath and thrust her thigh onto my pussy. We ground against each other to the music, as unaware of the people dancing around us as they were of us. Either way, I didn’t give a fuck, neither did she.

Suddenly, she released me from her embrace and sized me up with her probing eyes, now dark with lust. My body stayed poised, allowing her to get an eyeful as I did the same. Janice flashed another smile at me, this one dangerous, and leant back in. Instead of placing a thigh between my legs, her right hand touched the outer folds of my cunt and teased wetness out of me. I froze, half in shock at her brazenness and half in wanton lust. She removed her fingers and rubbed my juices on my lower lip before sucking it off deeply.

My full lips moved with hers leisurely as we kissed, tongues touching playfully. Expert fingers resumed working in my folds before reaching my clit and circling it. I pushed my friend off of me and cocked my head to the side. She understood my meaning instantly. Holding her perfectly manicured hand in mine, she led me from the living room and into her room which was just to the left. Janice closed the door behind me and locked it with a click. I sat down on her four-poster bed with a slight bounce and popped my heels off, sighing in relief. Goosebumps crawled onto my skin with excitement as the noise from the party muffled behind the door.

She seemed to know what I thought as she drawled in her voice, deep with desire, “It’s just me and you now, sexy.” I smiled back at her, “Lucky fucking me.” I could have sworn something flashed in her eyes as she said, “Not yet.” Janice kneeled on the rug at the side of her bed. Keeping eye contact, she took one of my feet into her hands and began to massage. A moan sprung from my lips whilst she tended to my arches and kissed the ball of my foot. “Mmmn, you like that baby? You were going so hard in there.” She murmured as she continued on the other foot.

I managed a whimper as I flopped back onto the bed, lost in her care. “If I knew you were a masseuse, I would’ve seduced you ages ago.” I breathed, enjoying her worship with massages and kisses up and down my legs. Janice chuckled, “I’ve been watching you, biding my time. I’ve wanted to do this for so long, but I didn’t think you liked pussy.” Shaking my head, the only words I could muster were, “I like everything.” She giggled again. It was a rich, lilting sound that made my nipples perk up and strain in my dress. Not noticing she was now naked at my feet, I struggled to get my garment off and instantly regretted the wardrobe choice.

After a few moments of us laughing and tirelessly trying to pull latex over my ass, Janice stood up and rummaged around her cupboard. I sat up and peered at her bronze skin. Tattoos stretched from the nape of her neck to the back of her knee in intricate swirls and designs. Her ass was juicy and shaped like a peach that my teeth ached to sink in. My fingers found their way to my pussy, awaiting her return. Janice turned around with a pair bursa vip escort of scissors in her hand and a dangerous look in her eye.

She approached me and whispered, “Sorry, not fucking sorry.” Janice cut my dress down the middle before I could protest. My breasts spilt over, I could see excitement jump in her eyes as she took in my naked skin. I grabbed her by the throat, consumed with desire, kissing her deeply till she moaned in my mouth uncontrollably. We squeezed breasts, thighs and buttocks till we were one heap of writhing brown flesh. Nibbling and sucking a nipple, I touched her sopping cunt. She ground into my hand, begging for more.

Janice pushed me away, loving the change in power dynamic and slithered up my body. She smiled at me one last time before grabbing my head and slammed her mons on my face. Like the obedient pussy eater I am, I lapped at the juices between her lips and squeezed her nipples tight, letting her ride my face. Her fingers found my cunt and fingered me feverishly as she had her way with my mouth. I stuck my tongue out, allowing her to bounce her luscious cunt on it like it was a tiny dick. My tongue piercing must’ve hit an erogenous zone as she let out a guttural moan but didn’t let herself cum.

Pushing her away, I raised an eyebrow. “Edging, are we?” Janice returned my dark look and wrapped her hand around my throat before spitting in my mouth. “Shut up cunt.” My eyes rolled back into my head as this sex goddess or demon (I wasn’t sure at the time) slithered down, hand still on my throat. She kissed and bit her way down my body before raging war on my pussy with her pouty mouth. Fuck. Janice licked, fingered, rubbed, sucked and slurped on my pussy till I was about to come and then stopped. I moaned in protest before she slapped me harsh across the face. “Shut up cunt.” She repeated in a growl. A cauldron of sexual frustration and desire bubbled in me and my hand wrapped around her throat with the other slapping her right back. I loved the way her cheek bloomed red at my contact as she shuddered and whimpered.

With our hands at each other’s throats, we kissed and thrashed into each other when she reached down to grab a crystal phallic shaped item. “Open,” she commanded. I complied. Slowly but with fervour, she placed the dildo into my mouth and instructed me to suck. For a few minutes, I closed my eyes and let the goddess Aphrodite take me. I sucked and licked whilst Janice watched. Then I held it myself and went to town – putting on a show for her. That sexy chuckle vibrated in her throat as she pulled away from me. She reappeared wearing a strap on that had a thicker crystal phallus attached to it.

My jaw dropped. I took in the being before me, questioning my sobriety as it had to be an illusion. One hand gripped the bar above her head which now blazed with fiery curls that reached just above her breasts, nipples standing at attention. Her curved waist expanded gracefully to a lower abdomen: sporting the strap on atop her powerful thighs. Janice’s eyes fixed on me. I saw no more games on her face. She beckoned at me with one finger; my body moved before I could bursa elit escort think. I slid to the edge of the bed till her crotch aligned with my face. Then I invited the phallus in.

Moaning as if she could feel my hot mouth on her, Janice pressed her hand into the nape of my neck, moving deeper into my throat. I wrapped my tongue around the shaft, making sure she saw my efforts to please her. Occasionally, my tongue piercing clanked on the crystal, adding to the cacophony of sucking and spitting noises. After a while, my eyes welled up with tears. I carried on, enjoying the look of ecstasy on her beautiful face. Finally, she purred, “You love sucking me, don’t you, dirty girl?” I answered by taking her further into my mouth and squeezing her ass in both hands. Janice reached down to squeeze and roll my nipples hard which sent me into a frenzy.

One hand fell to my pussy; I alternated between sucking her cock and rubbing my clit in sharp circles. After a while, she pushed me on my back, stroking the large phallus with a dainty hand and said, “Are you ready for this dick Babe?” I nodded and bit my lip in excitement. Kneeling and poising the tip between my folds, she rubbed up and down my slit and commanded again, “Tell me how much you want it.” Squirming to get it in, I shuddered, “Please… Give it to me.” Janice threw her head back in a cruel laugh, “I need more than that if I’m going to fuck you slut.” She pulled back but continued rubbing till it was just a whisper against my pussy.

I pulled my knees to my chest, exposing myself and mewled, “Please! I need it! I- I need your dick deep and hitting my spot! I need you to fuck me until I scream and cum and cry all over your fat cock!” At this point, all barriers came crashing down as I begged my friend to fill me. She coldly relented, “Not enough.” and pulled away completely. I cried, “Fuck me, Sir! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck-” and with that, she entered me mid cry to the hilt. Not moving, she leaned over while I squirmed and drawled in my ear, “Good girl.” Building up a steady pace, she moved her hips in and out, stretching me with her length.

“Fuck.” we breathed in unison. Tears welled up in my eyes as she picked up the pace, holding my nipples as reigns as she rode me. Janice handed me a vibrating bullet to tend to my clit while she fucked me. And damn, did she fuck me good. Only a few minutes passed of her whispering disgusting things into my ear; I thrashed as my orgasm wracked through my whole body. Fireworks exploded in my mind. My soul felt as if it were being ripped open and mended repeatedly. Quickly, she dismounted my heaving body and rubbed the discarded bullet to her clit. About a second later, she hollered and squirted all over me as I lay there, barely able to open my mouth and taste her cum.

Flopping down next to me, we shook and shivered in a messy heap until we calmed down. The sex demon/goddess seemed to cease possession. I noticed that the eyes I gazed into belonged to my friend again. Janice smiled her beautiful smile and cooed, “You’re a dirty bitch aren’t you?” I laughed as she stroked the hair from my face, “Me? You’re the one who went all demon slayer on me!” We fell into giggles until our limbs wrapped. Janice’s eyes were almost black and shone like projections of the galaxy. I leant in pressing my lips to hers, tender and loving.

Somewhere amongst being tangled in each other and exploring the softer intimacy between us, we drifted to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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