Bunny in the Woods

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Disclaimer: this story may contain more mentions of the exploration of a little sissy’s guts than some of you are comfortable with, but it does not involve any actual scat. Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing too nasty here — just consider yourself warned.

All characters are over the age of 18, so enjoy yourselves!


Light rain pattered on the roof. The smouldering fire crackled faintly. That familiar firewood smell found its way to my nose as I woke. I opened my tired eyes and looked around the room. The lights were off, but morning light shone through the windows. A pot sat on the stove alongside dishes in the sink. The TV was off and both couch and sofa chair unattended. I couldn’t hear the shower running. He must’ve gone already. I sighed loudly, disappointed that my man wasn’t in bed next to me, spooning my naked body underneath the thick fur rug. I turned over to my nightstand and checked the time on my old iPod Touch — 9:23am. Well, now was as good a time as any.

I reached under the covers to find the thigh-high socks I’d worn last night. I grabbed a bundle of fabric I presumed were my socks and pulled it out from under the covers. Two pink-white striped socks — check. But in my tiny hand were also a pair of massive black briefs.

I dropped the socks and brought the briefs to my nose and inhaled his intoxicating smell. My little clitty grew slightly as I imagined smelling what these briefs had contained last night. Barely two inches hard and accompanied by a couple of tiny eggs the size of blueberries, what hung between my legs could scarcely be considered a penis and testicles. My talents lay with receiving, not giving. And yet I fondled my clitty all the same while breathing in my man’s wonderfully sweaty scent.

Before long, I realised I had to pee, so I dropped the briefs and put on my striped socks, then opened my nightstand drawer and pulled out a pair of light pink bikini-cut panties. Throwing the heavy rug to the side, I stood up and slipped on the soft panties, making sure they sat perfectly against my pale, bubbly cheeks. Prancing over to the fire, I lay a few more slim pieces of wood against the burning glow before walking around the corner to the bathroom.

The air in the bathroom was cooler than the rest of the cabin, thanks to its distance from the fire. Goosebumps began to cover my body as I dropped my panties to my ankles and sat down on the cold seat. I wondered how long it would be before he returned. I hadn’t seen his truck parked outside so he must have gone into town to pick up my medicine and his mail. That reminded me — I needed to take my pill with breakfast.

The cold air on my naked tummy was making me gassy, and I began farting noisily while my weak stream dribbled silently into the toilet bowl. If he was here right now, he would be inside of me already. For some reason, he never shies away from any aspect of my body, whether dirty or clean, smelly or sweet. He’s as comfortable with my insides as he is with the outside, which helps considering how often he’s filling me. But he’s normally even more comfortable seeing, hearing and smelling what comes out of me afterwards. Luckily for him, I love everything that he does with my body. I belong to him, serving at his pleasure. In exchange, he cares for me like a husband would a wife. I love him, and he loves me. So potent is his love, he empties it within me — usually a few times a day.

After I dabbed my clitty dry and pulled up my panties, I washed my hands and face. I stared at the cute, young girl grinning in the mirror. I could barely comprehend how lucky I had gotten by finding him. It was almost like winning the lottery. My life was pretty much over four months ago. And now I have it back, better than ever before.

The hormones he’s been giving me have turned my already-feminine body into more and more of a girl’s body. My lips are pink and full, my Adam’s apple all but gone. Lovely, round mounds sprouted from my chest — a B cup now at their fullest. Hips wide and skin soft. Hairless, too, as long as I keep shaving my legs. I still carried some puppy fat, but my tummy was quite slender. With flowing blonde hair and wide green eyes, no one could tell I hadn’t always been a gorgeous girl.

I grabbed a clean, white singlet from the clothes line next to the washing machine on my way from the bathroom and slipped it on. My tummy was rumbling, and I was ready for breakfast. As I poured myself a glass of water and started cooking some scrambled eggs, I thought about how much I loved our home here. It was a small yet cosy log cabin, deep in the woods and many miles from any other potential human contact. It even took about 15 minutes of driving down the trail to reach what could be considered a main road. From there it was another 30 minutes to get to the nearest town. It was safe to say we didn’t get any visitors out here in the woods of Wyoming. Life was simple, and the people even simpler. We didn’t need much other kaynarca escort than each other to stay happy. Hell, he was happy here by himself for years before he found me. But it turns out even the most contented men can find greater pleasures.

After eating breakfast, I took an estrogen pill from my medicine case and popped it in my mouth, washing it down with the rest of my water. I carried my dirty dishes and added them to the rest of the pile before grabbing my iPod and putting on some music while I went to work clearing out the sink. He didn’t expect much from me now that I lived with him, but I tried to do as much of the little things like cleaning dishes and washing clothes as I could. He never demands anything, and always tells me that he can take care of the both of us just fine, but I like to help out where I can, so we get to spend as much time together as possible. When he first found me, he told me that he’d gotten very lucky in life, and he wanted to share some of that good fortune by taking care of someone in need – someone like me. I try every day to repay the debt I owe him for saving me. But he’s not interested in repayment — all he wants is my company, and I’m happy to oblige.

I finished rinsing the dishes and threw a load of dirty clothes in the washing machine before sitting down on the couch to read some more of my book while I waited for him to come back. It was almost 11am by now, so it wouldn’t be long before he returned. The light rain began to fall a bit more heavily on the roof and cabin grew cooler, so I put my book down and arranged a well-balanced pyramid of firewood on top of what was already burning. With the help of some extra newspaper, the fire quickly began to grow as I sat back down on the couch to continue reading.

* * *

An hour or so later I raised my head to peak out the front window as I heard a distant rumbling creep closer. I was familiar with the sound and few things in life made me got me more excited than hearing his truck driving back up the trail to the cabin. I got up from the couch to get a clearer look out the front and saw his black Dodge Ram creep closer to the cabin before coming to a stop a short distance from the door. The rain continued to patter down around as I opened the front door for him. Seeing him gesture through the windshield for me to stay in the cabin, I continued to hold the door as I watched him open the driver’s side door and step out into the rain. Standing there, a few inches taller than the top of the cab and about half as wide, was the mountain of a man I called Daddy.

Rain dripped down his dark chocolate skin, his muscles hugging the outline of his wet t-shirt. Holding a bag in each hand, he strode toward me and reached the door in a few short steps. Why exactly he built a cabin with a door too small for him to walk through, I’ll never know, but he bent down and passed through gracefully, giving me a strong peck on the lips while he was on my level. He passed the bag in his right hand over to his left and turned around to close the door before turning back, standing at full height before me. Here, the difference between us was clear as day. He was a whole 16 inches taller than me at 6’6″ to my 5’2″. The top of his head was only dark skin, as smooth as one of my ass cheeks. He had plenty of thick, bushy hair in other places, while all I had were the light blonde locks that reached down a few inches past my shoulders.

“Hi, Daddy,” I said, my voice rising an octave to convey my excitement to see him.

“Morning, baby gurl. How’s my little Bunny doing today?” Daddy asked, reaching down to put his right hand on the small of my back and plant a proper kiss on my thick lips.

Daddy’s fat tongue took control over my mouth as I felt his week-old beard begin to scratch my chin and cheeks. I surrendered myself to Daddy, standing on tippy toes to get as close as possible to his massive, warm body. His wet clothes began to transfer their moisture onto my white singlet, making my budding breasts and pink nipples even more visible than before.

Daddy ceased the kiss and stood back up to full height.

“I’m gooood, Daddy, even better now that you’re home!” I chirped, smiling up at him.

“That’s lovely, sweetie — looks like I got you a bit wet though,” Daddy replied, bringing his thumb up to rub my nipple through the singlet while staring at my chest.

“Ohhhh, in more ways than just this one,” I moaned, closing eyes and bring my tiny left hand up to hold his thick wrist as he fondled me.

I jumped slightly as Daddy gave my left butt cheek a playful slap, then I giggled while he grinned, walking past me to place the bags onto the dining table.

“I bought a few things in town you might like,” he said, pulling a couple of new books from one of the bags and placing them in front of me. “They should keep you occupied while I’m out.”

“Thank you, Daddy! But I’d rather you keep me occupied by staying here,” I teased.

“I küçükyalı escort know, I know, but there are things to get done — like picking up the mail, and buying groceries,” Daddy replied, emptying the bags. “And getting these, of course,” he finished, handing me several bottles of hormone pills.

“Oh, I was beginning to think you wanted me to be a boy again, seeing as you didn’t buy any last time you went into town,” I said, sarcastically.

Daddy gave a hearty laugh before replying, “Yeah, well, there should be enough there to keep you feeling like my baby gurl for a little a while longer.”

“Thanks, Daddy,” I responded quietly, wrapping my arms around his massive barrel chest and resting my cheek on his damp shirt. “I love you.”

He wrapped one arm around my body and kissed the top of my head.

“I love you too, Bunny.”

“I think it’s time I get out of these wet clothes though,” Daddy said, breaking the silence.

“That’s a fantastic idea! I like you waaaayyy better without clothes on.” I replied, trying to hide a smile.

“God, you’re a cheeky one today, aren’t you?” he said, grinning. “How about you get that sweet little butt on the couch while I throw these clothes in the laundry?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I responded, skipping slowly over to the couch while wiggling my ass ever so slightly.

“Oh, you have no idea what’s coming for you, baby,” he laughed, pacing over to the washing machine while stripping his wet clothes off, leaving only his briefs on.

“Well, I think I have some idea, Daddy,” I teased, sitting down on the couch in front of the fire.

He walked over to sit next to me, and the couch moved under me as he comfortably sat his entire 220 pounds down. I weigh half of what he does, only 110 pounds. If I ever did have the right to say I was a man, that is no longer the case. My previous life as a boy was over, and all I want to do with my new one is complete my transformation into a gurl.

Daddy put his arm around me and pulled me close onto his big hairy chest as I began feeling his enormous tool growing underneath his briefs. The soft cock hiding below was already fat and meaty, and I was desperate to taste Daddy’s monster.

“Are you ready for me to feed you your lunch, baby gurl?” He asked affectionately.

“Please, Daddy, I’ve been waiting for so long to feel another of your thick loads filling my tummy,” I responded obediently.

“On your knees, sweetie, then open wide and show me your tongue.”

I did as he asked and buried my knees in the thick rug on the floor, my mouth wide open and the fire warm on my back. Some might say this relationship is unnatural, or immoral. They might say it’s wrong because he’s big and I’m small. Or that he’s heavy and I’m light. Or maybe because he’s black and I’m white. Though it could be that he’s a 45-year-old man and I’m a 19-year-old gurl. Who knows? Any which way, those people aren’t here right now. It’s only Daddy and me. And the bond that we share is as natural as it gets.

“Good gurl — now it’s time to enjoy yourself,” he said, pulling his briefs halfway down his ass, knowing that I would spring to action in helping Daddy take off more of his clothes.

His briefs hit the floor and his beast flew free. Eight inches long and 1.5 thick, this big, black, uncut anaconda wasn’t even done growing. In less than a minute it would be its full 10 inches, two inches wide, and more than six around. Beneath the shaft hung two fleshy balls the size of large walnuts. These things can produce so much seed that having Daddy feed me a load is enough to let me skip a meal.

I wrapped my tiny right hand around his fat shaft, but it was too thick to grip completely. As I started to stroke Daddy’s foreskin up and down his cock, I fondled his hairy balls with my left hand. Before long the big black cock in front of me was fully engorged, ready for me to suck and slurp on.

I lapped up the precum that was beginning to accumulate on his tip before planting a wet kiss on his piss slit. I looked up into Daddy’s eyes while my lips were still on his cock head to see him smirking while nodding his head.

“Go ahead, baby gurl, take me down into your throat,” he said, softly.

I nodded back in understanding and licked up and down Daddy’s shaft to make sure it was wet enough for me to deep-throat. Once I had lubed it up with my saliva, I began the intensive task of taking his entire cock down my throat. I had become quite adept in the process over the past few months, and my throat muscles were taut but flexible now. All I had to do was take deep breaths through my nose and open up my throat as much as possible.

The process hadn’t always been this easy though. When I first came to live with Daddy, he had to train me to take his cock deep down my throat. As always, he was very patient and understanding with how long it took my body to become accustomed to accepting his massive length and sancaktepe escort girth. He always kept a plastic bucket close at hand in case I gagged and threw up while he was training my throat, but that precaution was no longer necessary. My throat was far more malleable now, and my gag reflex was all but gone.

Daddy moaned in pleasure as his bulbous head passed the back of my throat and worked its way closer to the depths of my stomach. I pushed my mouth further onto his thick shaft as my eyes began to water and my clitty began to leak. I opened my throat as much as I could, and before long Daddy’s hairy balls rested against my chin while the remainder of his bush tickled my nose.

“There you go, slut. You love taking your Daddy nice and deep, huh?” He put one enormous hand on top of my head while he stroked my bulging throat with the other.

“C’mon gurl, suck on this Daddy cock a bit longer and I’ll fill you up real soon.”

I slowly pulled my mouth off his monster, feeling the intruder slide out of my throat inch by inch. Excess saliva slobbered out of my mouth as Daddy pulled his cock out completely. He used the tip of his BBC to wipe the snot running from my nose, only to feed it back to me right after. Having him dominate me so completely made me so horny. All I wanted was to feel him shoot his seed deep inside me. Only then would I experience the release I needed.

I continued to stroke him, lick him and suck on his fat nuts for about 20 more minutes before he tapped me on the head twice, letting me know that he was close to cumming. Gently grabbing onto my blonde hair, Daddy fed his member back down my stretched throat while he leaned down to slap my bubble butt and rub my hole with one of his thick, black fingers. My clitty continued to leak, creating a little wet patch on the front of my panties.

My face was buried in his sweaty crotch and his cock was close to breaching my stomach. Seconds later, he pushed his fat finger into my tight, puckered hole and began to cum. Daddy’s cock convulsed over and over, stretching my throat further as he unloaded what felt like gallons of thick sperm straight into my tummy. This was enough to make me cum, dribbling a small amount of juice into my panties. It was hard to be sure what the exact volume Daddy’s load was, but I was certain that he had given me a healthy dose of protein — and far more than I could ever deposit into my panties.

Daddy waited for a minute before pulling his finger from my hole and giving my bum another playful slap. Another minute went by as he pushed my head back gently, pulling his monster out of my throat, letting it rest in my mouth, so I could lick his head clean as the last few drops of cum flowed out of his piss slit.

Once Daddy was satisfied, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and got up, leaving his briefs on the floor in front of me. He walked to the pantry to find something for lunch while I sat back on my heels, still dazed from the lack of oxygen while I was deep-throating him.

“I think I’m gonna make myself a sandwich for lunch. You still hungry, Bunny?”

It took me a few seconds to even comprehend the question, and when I looked over to him to answer, he began to chuckle at the sight he saw. A mixture of saliva, snot and cum dripping from my nose and hanging from my lips. My mouth was agape like a fish, my eyes glassy and confused. In that moment I burped loudly as some of his thick cum made its way up to my mouth before I swallowed it down again. Food was definitely the last thing I needed now.

“No thanks, Daddy, I feel so full at the moment…” I burped again, then got up and sat down in his seat on the couch, still warm from where he sat only minutes earlier. My tummy started to ache a bit and I felt as though I’d need to poop very soon.

After making himself a ham and cheese sandwich, Daddy walked back over to me on the couch and put his plate down on the arm rest. He looked down at me, confused by the expression he saw on my face. “What’s wrong, baby gurl? I thought you weren’t hungry?”

“I’m not, Daddy, I just think I have to go to the toilet,” I replied, rubbing my belly softly.

“Number 1 or number 2?” He asked.

“Number 2, Daddy. I feel like I need to make some room for your cum inside my tummy!” I giggled.

“That’s ok, sweetie, I’ll take you to the bathroom.” He bent down and picked me up, one hand under my arm and the other on my butt. It was as if I weighed nothing in his arms — this huge, naked tower of a man carrying his fuck bunny to the toilet while his seed sloshed around in her belly.

Daddy kept the one hand on my butt as he leaned down to lift the toilet lid, before placing me down on the cold seat gently. I pulled my panties down to my ankles for the second time today as I began to dribble a little pee into the toilet bowl. He took a step back, admiring the little sissy gurl that was his lover.

Before long I stopped peeing and began to fart as I pushed last night’s dinner out of my bowels. If the poop was messy, Daddy would have me douche my hole before we settled down in bed for the night — he didn’t mind barebacking a dirty pussy, but he wouldn’t want me to have to clean up too much of my own mess from his cock afterwards.

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