Bunny’s Quiet Friend

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Ah, the weekend! I stretched out my legs luxuriantly on the couch, knowing full well that I could never get away with it at home. Now that I was 18 and able to stay over at my brother’s place in the student ghetto, I savoured these weekends away – away from my parents’ over-bearing, ultra-conservative rule.

Todd and I had “survived” my parents’ dictatorship differently. He had always rebelled, and I think my parents allowed him to move out in order to avoid the inevitable confrontations that would have occurred. I, on the other hand, did not resist. I was obsessively studious, always came directly home after school and never dated. It was just easier that way – I didn’t have to confront either my parents’ disapproval or my debilitating shyness around girls.

I was determined to make the most of my brother’s haven. He was a pain sometimes, but he generally left me alone, knowing what I faced at home. I even had my own bedroom over here.

Actually, truth be known, there was another reason for me to be here this weekend – Bunny. True to his nature, my brother was dating a girl who was completely the opposite of someone my parents would have approved of. With long, wavy, raven black hair and an ample, curved, toned body, Bunny oozed sensuality. But what really distinguished her from my parents’ ideal was her gregarious, uninhibited, mischievous personality.

Bunny had me all twisted up inside. The way that she dressed and pranced about the house and the way that she touched and teased me made me feel all tingly and had me thinking improper thoughts. I haven’t taken so many cold showers in my life as since the two of them started dating. I probably should have just avoided her altogether, but I couldn’t help myself. It was like looking at my teacher’s cleavage in biology class. I know that it was an unforgivable sin, but I couldn’t stop doing it. Oh, I am such a weak, immoral person!

So, this weekend, my brother has an away game with his varsity basketball team, and he and Bunny are out partying tonight before he goes, and I’m just lying here on the couch, and eventually they’re going to come home, and in the morning, he’s going to leave, and… Bunny might stay on, and… and…

I’m just lying here on the couch. That’s all. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just lying here and watching TV. Gosh, I feel so jumpy inside. And my penis is getting really firm. Maybe I should take a cold shower right now. Or better yet, maybe I should actually turn the TV on. Be calm, be calm.

Suddenly, I heard giggling at the doorstep, and then three people jostled through the front door, laughing.

“Bunny!” Todd growled in the hall as another girl quietly closed the door behind them, “Keep the noise down. One of these days, my neighbour is going to complain.”

“Ohhh, poor baby,” Bunny replied, throwing her arms around my brother’s neck and giving him a big kiss on the lips, “Maybe I should go pay a visit on your neighbour and see what is making him so uptight. I’ve seen the way he looks at me. Maybe it’s something that I could… FIX.” Bunny reached down and grabbed my brother at the crotch.

“Bunny, bunny, bunny,” Todd yelped and danced out her grasp. “Don’t! The kid’s here.”

Bunny swivelled her head in my direction. “Timm-mmeee!” she cried, bounding across the room and onto my lap.

Bunny was dressed in something as perky as her attitude. She looked like she was wearing a school uniform, but if the girls in my class dressed like that, they would get kicked out of school. She was wearing a tight, white blouse that was tied high on her chest instead of buttoned. Underneath her tight, bare midriff, she wore a pleated, red plaid miniskirt that swung and bounced provocatively when she walked, and then underneath that, and below a surprising amount of bare thigh, she wore a pair of thin, white, thigh-high nylons. Her hair was tied with red ribbons off to the sides in a pair of flirty ponytails.

She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big, wet kiss. Her lips were soft and mushy. The smell of her sharp perfume and night’s worth of alcohol consumption filled my nostrils. She spun around on my lap and lay back on my reclined body – her head beside my cheek, her back against my chest, her bum against my… my… my stiffness.

Grabbing my hands, she pulled them onto her stomach so that I was hugging her in place. The buttery soft skin of her abdomen undulated under my fingertips as she breathed.

With flare, Bunny raised her arm over her head and wrapped it around the back of mine. “Shoolee,” she called to her friend in the affected accent of a faded movie actress. She pressed her cheek into mine. “Shoolee, come and meet my real boyfriend,” she said, “This is Timothy, my secret lover, my paramour.” Todd guffawed as he went into the kitchen to get drinks.

The girl at the door had long, fine, blonde hair and sharp, aristocratic features. She was subdued compared to Bunny – well, everybody is subdued compared to Bunny. But the quiet girl didn’t seem shy; she seemed, rather, bursa escort bayan to be poised and deliberate. I took it that she was Bunny’s age, but she seemed older in attitude, more refined and genteel.

She approached the couch. She was wearing an expensive, white cotton shirt that was tailored to hug her middle. The short tail of the shirt was left out over the waist of her tight blue jeans. The wide cuffs were unbuttoned and flipped up at the wrists, and the shirt was open in a vee down to a single, done-up button at her abdomen. Underneath the shirt, she had on a stretchy, black tube-top. Her bellybutton and flat stomach subtly peeked into view whenever she stretched her body in certain directions.

“Timothy,” Bunny said, “This is Shoolee, my exotic and submissive French au pair, who attends to my every whim.”

Returning to the living room, Todd laughed again. “Bunny, you’re too much.” He set beers down on the coffee table and then flopped into an armchair with one in his hand.

“Hi, Tim,” the blonde said, extending me her hand, “But it’s just Julie, and I’m just a classmate.”

I extended my hand, but Bunny beat me to it. She reached out, grabbed Julie by the arm and yanked her towards us. “Come say hello.”

Julie toppled onto us with a weighty flop, and Bunny pulled her in tightly. Julie struggled to get up but had difficulty gaining purchase. Their two bodies wriggled on top of my chest and groin. Her head fell between Bunny’s face and mine, and the soft, pale skin of her cheek brushed along my chin. She smelled flowery, powdery and delicate.

Finally, Julie pulled herself away from Bunny’s grappling. “Bunny!” she sighed with annoyance but not surprise. Shifting to the end of the couch, she lifted our legs and dropped onto the cushion underneath them. “Where do you get all your energy? I’m tired.”

“Well, then come lie down with us.”


“We can get all comfy and cuddle up together.” Bunny hugged my arms around her middle and shimmied her backside against me.


Bunny lifted a leg and angled her big toe under Julie’s arm. “Come snuggle.” As Bunny tickled with her toe, Julie jumped. “Don’t!” She grabbed Bunny’s leg and fixed it firmly back on her lap. “Bunny?” she whined, “I’m tired. Let’s just go to sleep.”

“But the night’s still young.” Bunny jumped up, grabbed the remote off the coffee table and dropped into Todd’s lap with her back to us. “There’s great stuff on the tube at this hour.” As Bunny flipped through the channels, Julie rested her head on her hand and propped her elbow on the back of the couch. She sighed exhaustedly.

Realizing my manners, I lurched upright and swung my legs onto the floor. “Oh no. Don’t,” Julie said, feebly attempting to stop me without success. “Well, thanks,” she said, accepting the gesture. Then she straightened her arm along the back cushion and rested her head on her shoulder.

Bunny hesitated on Baywatch, travelled two more channels ahead and then returned to the sun, sand and tight red bathing suits. “There! You see,” she crowed, “Quality! And you wanted to hit the sack.”

Julie looked from the TV to me and rolled her eyes. Then she dropped her head back onto her shoulder. “Ohhh, Bunny. I’m tired.”

Taking a swig of Todd’s beer, Bunny swung her arm around his neck and snuggled her face in towards his ear. I could barely hear them talking. “You like watching this, don’t you?” she said, as she began to nibble on his neck.

“Bunny, we shouldn’t have this on. The kid…” Todd’s warning was interrupted when Bunny found a sweet spot on his neck. “Ahhh!” he cried.

I turned my head away from them immediately, but watching the jiggling on the TV seemed no less arousing… I mean, no less shameful. I was getting very hard.

“Bunny, don’t,” Todd tried to assert his authority, but Bunny’s nibbling turned into smooching.

Julie had enough and shifted towards me on the couch. At the junction of our two cushions, she stretched out on her side and rested her head on my lap. “When you two are through, wake me up,” she announced, brushing her fingers back through the soft, fine hair that had fallen across her face. I was a bit shocked to have her head suddenly in my lap, and I pushed back in my seat.

The tussling couple in the chair ignored her, and Bunny’s kisses became wetter and louder.

Julie’s head rested lightly on top of my leg and faced out towards the room. I could feel her cheekbone and ear on my thigh. My balls began to tingle as if her head had set off a proximity alarm, and my hard-on strained against the confining fabric of my pants.

“Bunny, stop it,” Todd whispered, “It tickles.”

“You’re talking too much,” Bunny retorted and moved her kissing to his mouth.

Julie shimmied her head to find a comfortable position and then scooched her body further up the couch. She laid her head back in my lap, nestling her face between my thighs and burrowing her cheek between my legs. My eyes widened as I assessed her nearness to bursa bayan escort my groin.

Still not settled, she snuggled her head back towards me until her ear nuzzled into my… my… my balls. Oh my! I gulped for air.

“Tim?” Julie said sleepily.

“Yes?” My throat was dry.

She felt blindly for my hand and then pulled it over her shoulder. Through her crisp, white shirt, I felt her shoulder yield to my light grasp. “Don’t let me fall,” she said.

“No, ma’am.”

“Ma’am?” Julie mumbled quizzically but was soon breathing in a sleepy rhythm.

Whatever Bunny was doing with Todd was shielded by her body. Her arm was lunging at his lap and being parried by Todd. “Don’t, Bunny! Don’t!” he said anxiously, “Not here!”

Finally, Bunny gave up in exasperation. “Geeeez!” she exclaimed. “Okay. Fair warning,” she said, “I will give you to ‘three’ to get to the bedroom. After that, I’ll do you wherever I tackle you. Got it?”

“Yeah,” Todd answered.

“Okay. Ready? ONE…”

“Get up. Get up.”

Bunny got off Todd’s lap but leaned against his chest from in front of the chair. “TWO…”

Todd burst out of the chair and hustled out of the room. Bunny chased immediately in behind and, from the hallway, yelled “THREE.” There was a clunking sound of body parts hitting the floor.

“Hey! No fair!” Todd cried. “Hey, no! Not my pants! Stop!”

“You whiner!” Bunny said, “All right. Do you want to move to the bedroom?”



“What? That’s not part of the… Hey! Don’t tickle!”


“Yes. Stop! Yes, all right! STOP! Hand-cuffs! Hand-cuffs!”

“Mmmmm. Okay, you go in and get ready. I’ll go say good night.”

In my lap, Julie remained oblivious to the commotion, breathing in a wispy rhythm.

Bunny returned to the living room, retying her top and straightening her hair. “I have to say good night, lover.” She stopped in front of the couch and looked down at the two of us. “You two make a cute couple.” I blushed.

Bunny leaned over my ear and whispered, “Are you going to be a good boy tonight, Timothy?”

“Yes!” I replied indignantly.

She kissed my forehead and asked, “Why?” Then she shot me a wry smile.

She shifted to sit on her haunches in front of Julie’s sleeping form. Very carefully, she undid the button that was holding Julie’s shirt closed and draped the end of the shirt over her side. Her tube-top covered breasts extended out past the edge of the couch. Then Bunny grabbed my hand off of Julie’s shoulder and carefully pressed it onto her upper breast. As she squeezed my hand, my fingers sunk into the soft, conforming mound.

I zipped my hand away in shock. Luckily, Julie remained asleep.

Bunny giggled. “You are such a sweetie, Timothy,” she cooed and then leaned towards my lips. Her mouth enveloped mine, sucking my lips into her teeth. Her lips were wet and soft and forceful. Then, her tongue pushed between my lips, flicked against my top front teeth and slithered back.

Bunny pulled her head back and stared into my eyes. “I have to go take care of your brother now. You can make out with Julie when I’m gone.” She combed her fingers through my hair and then hustled out of the room. In the hallway, she yelled towards the bedroom, “Are you locked up?”

“Yes,” Todd replied in the distance.

“By the way, you forgot to say ‘no tickling’.”

“What?! Hey!! No!” Then the door slammed shut. The racket continued in the bedroom, but the noise was muffled by the closed door.

I glanced down at the sleeping figure in my lap. I wondered if I should wake her but decided against it. She looked so restful. Her blonde hair and pale skin gave her the semblance of purity and peacefulness. She was like a marble statue – stoic and sublime, but also soft and beautiful.

Then I looked over at her breast. The stretchy black spandex clung to the breast’s curve and hinted at where her nipple was located. I was ashamed that I had violated it earlier, but my remorse soon gave way to the memory of its fullness and softness. I suddenly had an evil thought. If she’s sleeping, is it really so bad to touch her? She would never know, would she? How often would I get this kind of a chance again?

I moved my hand over her chest and listened intently to her breathing. It was soft and rhythmic; she was fast asleep. I lowered my hand. It was just above the material. Was this wrong? What if she woke up? I would just squeeze it once and then never do it again.

Suddenly, she stirred. She shifted her upper body first and then rotated her entire body over onto her other side. Settling back into my lap, she laid her head on top of my sac. Her face was turned towards my groin, and her lips rested on my… on my… on my fly. With another little budge of her head, she pressed her mouth inadvertently onto the base of my cock and then settled back a mere inch away.

I panted excitedly and stared down in disbelief. My groin glowed bursa merkez escort with a warm buzz.

“Tim?” Julie said, keeping her eyes closed.

“Yes?” I choked.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing?” I suddenly felt guilty. Had she seen me trying to touch her?

“Where are Bunny and Todd?”

“They… they went to bed.”

“Mmmm,” she murmured, “Then what are you doing?”

“Nothing.” I couldn’t tell her that I had been ogling her and about to fondle her. “I… I… uh… didn’t want to wake you up?”

She turned onto her back and gazed up at me softly. She looked so beautiful lying there in my lap. “Ahhh,” she cooed, reaching up and brushing a hand across my cheek. “Bunny said that you were a real sweetheart. You go to bed now. I’ll be okay out here.”

“Maybe… um… maybe you should take my bed,” I offered.

She sat up and wrapped an arm around my neck. Her face was uncomfortably close to mine, and I had to shift my eyes away from her gaze. “Are you asking me to sleep with you, Tim?” she asked accusingly.

I swallowed hard. “NO! No, I… I just meant that I could sleep out here instead of you. I didn’t… I mean I…”

Julie broke out laughing. “Relax, Tim. I’m just playing with you. I know that you’re a gentleman.” She leaned in and gave me a sweet little peck on the lips. “I just don’t want to move right now. Could you cover me up?” Then she scrunched down on the couch and curled up on her side.

I leapt to my duties. I slid a little throw cushion under her head and then hustled to the end of the couch for the crocheted afghan. Fluffing it out, I draped it over her body and then tucked the ends under her toes, around her sides and under her chin.

Julie let out a little giggle as I swaddled her. She rolled over and looked up at me from her open-weaved cocoon. “Thanks, daddy,” she said in a little voice that made my knees go weak. I coughed.

“Do you need anything else?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.


“A kiss good night.”

A shiver went through my body. I kneeled down beside the couch unsteadily. Bending over her face, I looked into her tender, innocent eyes. My mouth and lips went dry. I leaned in and kissed her mouth, barely, with quivering lips. Then I stood up immediately and rushed to switch off the lights and leave the room. “Good night,” I called out over my shoulder. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I was having trouble getting air.

Before I could get out the door, I heard Julie call to me calmly from the couch, “Tim?”

I stopped and turned back. The room was now dark and shadowy. “Yes?”

“That wasn’t a very good kiss.”

“No?” I quavered.

“No. I think I need a better one.”

“Okay.” I swallowed and picked my way back to the couch in the dark.

Kneeling beside her, I stared down at her dark shape. Approximating the location of her mouth, I gathered my courage and leaned in again. This time, my lips hit the corner of her mouth, and I had to slide them over her mouth. My lips skittered awkwardly on her lips as I adjusted.

When I was more centered, I did my best to give her a better kiss. Her soft lips yielded to my press and squished against my mouth. It was heavenly, and I almost forgot to stop, but eventually I raised my head. I looked down vainly into the gloom to distinguish her reaction.

“Tim?” she said softly. I could feel her breath against my chin.


“Do I make you nervous?”


She giggled. “Thanks for taking care of me. Go to bed now.”

I got up unsteadily and hobbled to my bedroom, my erection pinned distressingly at a painful angle in my pants. When I entered my room, I fell back against the closed door and panted, ripping open my pants to free myself. What the heck was I doing?!! I’m going straight to hell.

*** Going to Bed ***

I paced for a while, considered taking a cold shower and then did some push-ups and sit-ups. Eventually, my erection subsided, but my thoughts didn’t. It was hard enough to be a good person with Bunny around, but I was getting used to her off-the-wall antics. This Julie was different. She was so tender and virtuous and genuine that it shook me up. I didn’t know how to react to her. There was something real about her.

I decided that I would just calm down, and then I would turn out my light, and then I would go to sleep. Simple.

I got changed into pyjamas and climbed into bed. Both my room and bed were a lot smaller than back home, but I treasured them more because they represented my newfound independence. In fact, I kept all my best stuff over here. In any case, although I generally didn’t complain about their size limitations, tonight, they were definitely too small. I couldn’t sleep. The room closed in on me, and the bed provided little surface to my tossing and turning.

Okay! It’s time to get serious. I lay on my back and cast my arms out to prevent myself from moving. I closed my eyes and thought about… about… about nothing. No, I would have to visualize something. Blackness. I would think about blackness. I would lose myself in blackness and slowly calm my thoughts. Blackness. Black cloth. Black spandex. The curve of black spandex as it conforms over a softly yielding breast that beckons for my hand to compress its… Aaarrrghh!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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