Burlesque 2001

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A few years back, a guy who owned a really nice gentlemen’s club, saw my show (I am a stand-up comedian) and asked if I would do some time for a special burlesque show he was setting up. I decided to do it and got together all my dirtiest material for the big night. I get up in front of this all male audience and after a couple of minutes of “what the hell is this” they got into it. What really turned them around was how all the dancers came in the room and were laughing their asses off.

I went up a couple more times that night and talked to some of the people in the club, after I got off stage. One of the dancers that I talked to had a great mix of intelligence and feistiness. She invited me back to her apartment and I said I would be glad to accompany her. She said we should take her car and Adrianna (her name) tossed me the keys and said to drive, while she gave me directions

While I was driving down the street she told me to, Adrianna started lifting up her skirt and rubbing her panties with a couple of her fingers. She told me that she was really turned on by me and hadn’t been with a “boy” for over a year because she had been exclusively seeing one of the other dancers at the club. She then began to pull her panties to the side and rub her completely naked slit. I had seen her breasts and butt while she danced, but had not seen this part, as it was the law for the dancers to wear a g-string. Adrianna was a very nicely proportioned, wild-maned brunette, with 36C milky white breasts, an equally white and meaty round ass, with the rest of her accentuated with a rich, dark tan. Let me say her greatest physical characteristic was two very penetrating green eyes.

I am at this time, barely managing to drive, with a large hard-on. She says that we are almost there, but she is too horny to wait. I tell her to take the other hand which was not rubbing her clit and put a couple of fingers in her wet snatch to take care of things, until I can solve her dilemma. She smiles and does what I say, plunging her fingers in her hot pussy.

We almanbahis adresi pull up to her condo and she gets out of the car, wearing only her birthday suit, as she had decided to completely disrobe in the car, after we parked. I followed her lead and took off all my clothes, exposing my six feet, 200 pound frame of muscle to the world. Adrianna commented that “I looked even better than she expected and couldn’t wait to grab my bubble butt and plunge my big cock inside her.” No one saw us outside, but it felt very sexy walking with her in the buff, out in the warm summer night. We walk in to her condo, only for me to discover, that there was a female sitting on the couch in a thong and tight tank top.

Adrianna said “I had no idea Jennifer, that you would still be up. This is Steve. He is the comedian they had at the club tonight. Steve, this is Jennifer, she is my roommate. She is a nurse at the hospital” I am standing there with a raging hard-on and Jennifer is sitting there not batting an eye. Jennifer had curly blonde hair and a well-toned body, with very muscular legs. Her breasts were 34C with small, but very long nipples. Her shoulders and nose were scattered with light brown freckles, which looked really sexy with her almond colored eyes. Jennifer’s most beautiful part was a set of pouty lips that many models would kill for.

Jennifer said she was glad to see that Adrianna had started seeing men again. Adrianna tells her that she felt the desire and since Angie (her stripper girlfriend) wasn’t working tonight, she thought she would go for it. Then Adrianna grabs my cock and starts jacking it in her hand, while talking to Jennifer about how fun it is going to be to sit on this cock. She says she would be glad to share, (I about ready to burst at this thought) but Jennifer says “Adrianna, you know I like to be one on one with my men and as cute as you are (she says to me), I don’t trust what Adrianna would do if we were sharing you. Now I am going to bed. The living room is yours. Have fun.”

Adrianna almanbahis adresi continues to stroke my cock, while we both watch Jennifer’s thonged ass jiggle its way back to her room. Adrianna pulls me over to the couch and says that she and Jennifer are great friends, but her roommate only likes men. She said she once got it on with Jennifer and they both came a couple of times, but Jennifer felt weird about it and wanted it to end there, which it had. I said that was cool because I was completely into being with you. We started kissing passionately and I went down on her and sucked on her clit, while twirling my tongue around it, which gave her the first orgasm of the night.

Adrianna said she had to have my cock inside her. I asked her if she had a condom and she said she didn’t because she hadn’t had a need in quite awhile. I told her that I hadn’t come prepared, either. She said that Jennifer probably did and that I should knock on her door, because if she did the knocking, Jennifer would probably tell her to go away. So I get up to go to Jennifer’s room.

I knock on the door and tell her that I needed to ask a favor. Jennifer tells me to come in and when I walk into the door, I see Jennifer naked, sprawled out on her bed, rubbing her pussy with a small white vibrator. I tell her that she looks completely hot and she said that she was imagining me fucking her, while she was masturbating. I tell her about the condom problem and she says she can help me. She gets up and reaches into her dresser drawer, pulling out a condom package. Jennifer walks over to me and says she will be glad to help me with it, as they can be tricky to put on. She gets down on her knees and takes my whole cock in her mouth, slowly letting it back out of her mouth. She says the condom should slide on nicely and pulls the condom out and grabs my cock with one hand pulling the skin tightly against my belly, while sliding the condom on with her other hand. She then stands up and gives me a deep kiss and squeezes my chest and almanbahis adresi butt. Jennifer then tells me to go back out with Adrianna and says to talk extra loud so she can hear us while she is using her vibrator.

I walk out of her room and back to Adrianna, who is straddling the couch on all fours, with her ass pointed at me, while she is rubbing her pussy. She asks me why I was took so long and I tell her that Jennifer had to look a while for the condom. As I slide my cock inside her, Adrianna says it feels so fucking good getting fucked by me. I tell her we better get into another position, because doggy style will make me come the fastest. ( I usually have great control, but this night was pushing my limits.)

She tells me to sit on the couch and then she climbs on my lap. We start kissing and rubbing our sweaty chests all over each other. She then asks me, while I am thrusting up inside her, what Jennifer thought about me coming to her room naked. I explained that since she was using a vibrator on her pussy when I got in there, that might give you an idea of her thoughts. I then told her how Jennifer had taken the same cock I am fucking you with and had swallowed it whole, rubbing her lips up and down it.

Adrianna said to me that she was as completely turned on as she had ever been and I told her I felt the same. She asked me if I had ever stuck my finger up a girl ass, while I was fucking her. I answered by looking her in the eye and rubbing my fingers on the outside of her pussy, while continuing to fuck her. I then took my completely lubricated middle finger and gently slid it up her ass, while looking her straight in the eyes with an animalistic look. She told me that felt like such a nasty girl and loved how both her holes were filled. SHe then started shaking and cumming hard, while screaming how good her butthole felt with my finger moving in and out of it. I couldn’t last any longer and thrust deeply inside her pussy with an incredible force.

We laid on the couch and I said loudly how I wondered how Jennifer was doing in the next room. Adrianna laughed and Jennifer opened the door and peeked out saying that she was doing just fine. I ended up leaving not long after, as I was set to perform a few states away, the following day, but that was my greatest sexual experience…so far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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