Business Trip

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Johnny and Brina work for the same company. Johnny works in the quality department and when a big issue came up with a customer he had a responsibility to get it resolved between all departments. The issue was a big enough deal that it required a trip to the customer’s facility. Johnny had to go as representative from the quality department but the customer all but demanded that a production representative be present. Since the production manager didn’t have time to go Brina was chosen. Brina was working as a production assistant and one of her many roles was to go between production and engineering on various issues so she was a natural choice to send on this trip.

Happy Monday! this was not how I had expected to use my time this week at work. At about 5 hours away this customer was far enough that it required an overnight stay. So we left in the company vehicle Tuesday afternoon to drive to the town and get rooms so we could be there early on Wednesday. We were both dressed in our casual work attire. I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous traveling with Brina as she was a pretty girl even dressed as casually as she was. It was a cordial trip. Nothing earth shattering but the conversation was going ok. Mostly commiserating about work or talking about the issue at hand and I was hoping that I was not giving any sense of my nervousness around her. We stopped and ate at a restaurant before arriving at the hotel mid evening and checked into our rooms.

At check in the clerk gave us some drink vouchers for the restaurant, which at this time of the evening, only the bar area was open. We decided to go up to the room and change from our work clothes and meet back down at the hotel bar for a bit before calling it a night. We took the elevator up to the 4th floor where are rooms were just down the hall from each other. I went into my room and after checking the pool and spa times I put on my swimsuit. I always travel with my swimsuit as I love hitting the hotel swimming pools and a good sauna. I came back down a few minutes before you did and found a table off to the side. When you came in you looked great. You had a pair of slightly loose workout shorts on and a T-shirt over a sports bra. Nothing too revealing but quite the change from work clothes

You had told me that you might hit the workout room after I explained my swim trunks and plan to go swimming before heading to bed. So after using the 4 free drink cards and buying couple more the conversation was getting much more comfortable. After a catting for a while we decide to head our respective ways before it was too late. Well as it turns out the workout room was on the second floor with a large glass window overlooking the pool area. I didn’t know it at first but when you were checking out the room I was down there stripping to my trunks and diving in.

After a couple laps I flipped over on my back and worked my way slowly across the pool with a backstroke. It was then that saw you watching me from the window and noticed you quickly look away. You were on the treadmill Konya Escort and now I’m intrigued. I already had a secret thing for you for about as long as we had worked together but I would never let it show. But as I swam to the edge I just rested there with my head on the edge watching you workout, with you now also watching me. Now of course my mind is thinking good thoughts and thankfully being early in the week no one else was around the pool area because my hardening member was beginning to show through the front of my shorts. It was Hard not to.

So this particular place had a nice whirlpool and a sauna room tucked off to one side it was actually around the corner from the entrance on the other side of the locker rooms. You had stopped the treadmill and retrieved a towel and I figured you were finished and were heading to your room so I decided to hit the whirlpool. As I got out and stood up I was fully tenting! I tried to tuck but I was clear that was not going to work. I glance up to see you at the windows watching me with a slight smile on your face. I quickly turn and scurry over to the whirlpool and get in now very red faced.

So I lay back in the whirlpool and close my eyes figuring you were headed off to bed. Figuring I’d be taking care of my hard member later on but needed it to calm down before I could leave. But having a “hard” time of it. I hear the pool entrance door click open then click shut. I was thinking to myself, wonderful, someone else is coming to swim so now I’m stuck. I do not open my eyes right away. Not until I heard something drop on the floor directly across from me do I opened my eyes. When I open my eyes there you are, Oh wow, there you are. With your t-shirt and towel now on the floor by your feet you are standing there in a wonderful bikini. Apparently you are as excited as I am as your nipples are standing proud and clearly visible through the thin material of your bikini top. At that moment my jaw decides to take a swim.

“Mind if I join you?” You ask and being Mr smooth I stammer “uh ok”. You step down into the whirlpool and are now standing on the seat. You watch me even though I cannot seem to break away between your breasts and the outline of your pussy under your bikini.

You start to sit down into the water and do so slowly because the water is HOT. And now there is no chance on earth I’ll ever be able to get out anytime soon as I’m so hard against my shorts that it’s uncomfortable. I don’t want to be obvious but I’m sure you notice as I had to try and rearrange myself to ease the discomfort. We chit chat about the swim and workout briefly before you bring up watching me swim and how you enjoyed it. Then I admitted that I had a pretty good view also. Suddenly I felt a foot rub against my leg. It may have been innocent I don’t really know but I could not help it. I moved my other leg and very deliberately ran my foot up from your ankle to your knee. I figured if I miss read the signs I could write it off as a sorry I didn’t know your leg was there. But that didn’t Konya Escort Bayan happen.

Instead your foot moved further up. With each creeping movement of your foot I matched the movement with mine. Slowly moving upwards until now you are rubbing your toes up and down the underside of my shaft through my suit. My toes eventually find the insides of your thighs and as you spread your legs a bit my toes wander across the thin fabric of your bikini bottoms tracing every crease and line.

Our breathing is increasing from the intensity. We are in a bubbling whirlpool so we can’t really see much of the action below the waterline. But our eyes are locked in an intense stare neither of us seemingly willing to break the gaze. Slowly I sit up and kneel in the whirlpool coming over to your side I lean in. You meet me in a sensual kiss. Maybe moments but it seemed like hours. I break the kiss and move to your neck. My hands wandering to your sides slowly, upward, they come to the sides of your breasts. As I kiss across the top of your chest you slide upwards just enough to push your bikini covered breasts up out of the water. I cup the underside of each breast and carefully work my tongue over your hard nipples through the bikini top.

As I continue to tease and massage your wonderful breasts, your hands begin to wander down my chest and around my sides slipping under the back of my swimsuit down to my ass just slowly massaging each cheek. You reach one hand back around and grab my shaft through my swim shorts. You start to tug on the velcro of my shorts and I quickly undo them and pull them down and off leaving me standing there with the water coming only to mid thigh. I’m now standing in front of you completely naked with my full seven inches pointing right at you. You reach out and gently stroke me as I settle back into the water. I reach forward and gently touch your neck on each side just behind your ears. I slowly massage your neck working my way to the back of your neck I untie your bikini top pulling it down and tossing it to the side onto our pile of towels and shorts. I all but attack your now bare breasts and as I’m sucking and rubbing them you are trying your best to push me over the edge. I reach down under your bikini bottoms and begin to slowly massage your now engorged lips. Taking great pains to give equal attention to all parts making your body squirm under my touch.

The whirlpool is just not conducive to good lubrication so we look around and quickly jump out of the whirlpool and slip into the sauna room that was right between the locker and whirlpool. No sooner had the door closed and our eyes adjusted to the dim light we all but attacked each other. Locked in a deep kiss I lift you up so you are now standing on the first step. I kiss my way down your chest across your nipples down to your navel. I grab the sides of your bikini and pull them gently down revealing your most sensitive spot. As I lean in, I kiss first at the top of your mound, then the inside of your thigh. You moan and spread Escort Konya your legs wider while still standing.

I reach up and taste your wetness as I plunge my tongue between your lips. You are moaning now and your legs quiver. I pause long enough to set you back onto the top row as I dive full into your now very wet and spread vagina. As I watch your face your eyes meet mine in an intense stare.

Sucking each lip into my mouth and massaging it with my tongue your body shivers and reacts with each motion. My nose rubs on your hard clitoris as I plunge my tongue as deep as I can into your warm hole. As I drag my tongue out slowly up, up, you feel the heat of my breath as I enclose my mouth over your clit and suck using my tongue to vigorously massage it. You are building rapidly now. Your body shakes then goes suddenly rigid as your orgasm takes over your body leaving you breathing hard and trembling.

As you come down from your natural high you stand me up. You lean in and take as much as you can of me into your mouth. Now it’s my turn to gasp. You use your mouth and hand expertly as you move up and down and up and down my hard shaft causing me to nearly buckle at my knees. You can sense I’m getting close as you slow down leaving me whimpering for you to continue. You smile at me as you gaze into my eyes and say I need you in me.

With that I reposition so I’m directly between your legs. As we both are fixated on what I’m doing I take the head of my cock and slowly tease your lips. Up down back and forth across your clit. Down gently just to your dripping entry with a little push the head slips in. Just barely then I pull out. You look up and find that I’m staring into your eyes. You return my gaze with that intensity that only few girls have. As I tease more you reach around me with your legs pulling me into you, taking me all the way until my pelvis meets yours.

We pause. I lean in and we kiss deeply as I begin to thrust. Gently in and out. Slowly at first allowing you to adjust to my body. Gradually picking up speed we’re now both breathing so heavy that even kissing is impossible. I’m massaging your breasts and nipples while you sneak your right hand down and start to rub your clit in time with my thrusting. In and out, in and out. The slap of my balls on your tight ass and the wonderful juicy sound the only other thing to be heard over our breathing.

Your body begins to shake as you arch your back and start to draw me tight again. Its building… All…most… there… Aaaaaaaahhhh you cry out as your body seizes up. I don’t stop. In and out, in and out. My chest tightens and my stomach crunches tight… so close… I shake uncontrollably as my body goes rigid. Thrusting my cock in as far as will go shooting my warm load of cum deep into your body. Your pussy clenching tightly around my cock seemingly trying to pull the cum from me. Over and over I shoot until I have nothing left.

I slump forward onto your breasts both our bodies trembling with bliss from our climax. We smile breathing heavily on each other. Neither wanting to relinquish the embrace. As nature takes its course I start to soften inside of you. Still not able to breathe right I chuckle.

“What?” you ask.

“So which one of us needs to go mess up their room a bit before we go to bed?” I ask.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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