Buying My Step-Sister Ch. 09

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(I liked this so much I couldn’t break it into two chapters… so enjoy!)

Thanks for reading. All characters are 18 or over, and this work is purely fictional. It involves brother/step-sister incest. If that is not your thing, feel free to click away! I wrote this story for myself, but hope you enjoy.


It was Clara that first took an envelope. With a large and audible gulp, Ashlynn picked up the other one, again repeating “I’m not into girls, “then adding “We stop if I say stop, right?”

I nodded, and smiled. “Yes, certainly. I can work with that. Now before I undress both of you, I want you to each step over to the side of the bed, and face the two large mirrors.” I had managed to discreetly flip my newly-installed camera switch by the door, (Need to change that though, I thought) then I enjoyed peeling each one of these lovely young ladies out of their respective clothes.

“Now ladies,” I said, as I stood between them and had them face the large mirror opposite side of the bed, “You are both incredibly sexy in your own way. I mean, look at yourselves, can you blame me for not partaking in an opportunity to be with you both?” I gestured towards the mirror. Ashlynn’s initial shyness was mostly gone, and she did smirk, as Clara outright beamed at the positive reference to her.

Stepping between them, back to the mirror, I then continued. “Take your breasts,” And thru their bras I began to knead a breast on each of them, “They are both SO nice, different sizes, yet each one compliments you.” Seeing Clara’s hands go behind her back I said “No Clara, not yet.”

Lowering my hands to the inside of their thighs, I slid my finger up…and just under their panties. “Well both of you are certainly wet, so you must be OK with it on some level…” and with using a finger on each hand, I played with the entrance to both their vaginas.

Standing up and facing Clara, I whispered “remove your bra” and gave her a kiss. Clara wasn’t that much on tongue action, but I have to say, her nipple was nice in my mouth. Large, like an almond,

I felt Ashlynn’s hand on my back, so I turned to see that she had already removed her bra. Although her pencil erasers were smaller, there was something sexy about them, sticking up fully erect, and I have to say they tasted better, if that makes sense.

At this point, these two ladies then began to undress me. They were both OK with undressing me, and let me tell you, it was wonderful! Shortly I was down to my boxers, my fully stiff pecker poking out, and as Ashlynn pulled my lips to hers, Clara began to remove my boxers, kneeling as she pulled them down.

Ashlynn’s kiss was hotter, and she used that tongue to full effect, dancing inside my mouth. I held my thumb and forefinger up, and she licked them, then we both went back to kissing as I began to tweak and toy with her nipple.

Clara was not idle though, as I shortly felt her tongue slide along the underside of my shaft as she took me into her mouth. Immediately Clara was bobbing that head, as she played with my balls, making me moan into Ashlynn’s mouth.

As we broke this mutual embrace, I guess you could say we ‘changed up,’ with Ashlynn kissing her way down to my cock, why Clara worked herself up to my mouth. Clara was by far the kinkier of the two, and she moaned loudly into my mouth as I pinched and twisted on her large nipples.

Ashlynn took time to run those gorgeous lips down my shaft, then under and up, and take me full into her mouth. She was apparently good with it, because in just a moment I heard her making that ‘slurpy’ sound as my dick head found the soft rear portion of her throat. She was the better of the two by far, I thought.

It was incredibly, powerfully erotic, and I not only wanted more, I needed to keep control over this, so I pulled myself out, and pulling the body pillow over, both these lovely ladies readily bent over it, looking at me in the mirror.

“Now one thing I never want you two doing,” I said, as I pulled the g-strings escort karkamış over to the side on each of them, “is to think compare these…” and inserted my pointing /middle finger from each hand into both of them, making them gasp. They were both COMPLETELY soaked. Ashlynn’s may have been ‘looser’ from having a baby, but Clara didn’t use her kegels as much. In moments they were both producing mutual moans as my fingers plunged in and out of both at the same time.

“Now who had my cock first?” I asked

Clara answered “Me, Sir.”

“Right, so you wait for a bit,” I said as I stepped between Ashlynn’s legs. As I inserted myself into a waiting Ashlynn, she gave a low “Uhhh-h-h-h…” grunt and a smile.

Looking at Clara I said “Play with yourself, but no orgasm.” She nodded quickly and began to watch as her friend proceeded to take my thrusting.

Ashlynn wasn’t looking at Clara, she was watching me in the mirror. She had a look of lust & total satisfaction as I stroked in & out of her. Her moans were loud, and she smiled as I pumped her. Ashlynn is a gorgeous step-sister, and the slight wincing expression on her face as I thrust powerfully into her was a wonderful thing.

But this wasn’t just about Ashlynn, so I pulled out of her. Giving her a tug at her arm she understood, and happily moved to lick her juices off me, then she took the same position as Clara as I moved over.

Clara’s ass was even more PAWG-like than Ashlynn’s, and the feel of that rubbing on my stomach was great as I began to thrust away. Clara was very vocal, and in addition to her moans she was telling to fuck her, and telling me how much she liked my dick. Clara had those dark doe eyes, and as she looked back at me, they had a glazed look as she smiled and again told me how much she loved my dick.

I slowed, and then pulled out. The cameras didn’t have the right angle, but both those asses laying there side-by-side was a beautiful sight to behold, let me tell you! As both ladies stripped off their panties, I got on the bed.

Ashlynn was first, and she ‘cow-girled-up’, straddling me quickly. As she sank herself fully onto my shaft she moaned loudly, and began to lightly grind.

Clara wasn’t the kind of girl to be left out of anything, and so she also straddled me, but at my face, and was facing Ashlynn. I gladly circled my biceps around Clara’s thighs, and took her vagina into my mouth, suckling it and using my tongue.

Ashlynn now began to bounce, HARD. She was moaning & calling out my name. I wasn’t able to answer, as Clara was trying to smother me with her pussy. I was steadily lapping and suckling, and Clara was soaking my face in her juices, and that twat tasted wonderful.

Ashlynn reduced her bouncing, going back to the grind, and accepted Clara’s ‘nudge.’ They both shifted, switching positions. Now, it was Clara to sink herself onto my waiting shaft. Clara was immediately telling me how hard my dick was, and she began to a steady, rocking rhythm.

I knew that a man giving Ashynn oral was her weakness, and when she leaned forward, shifted her hips, and suddenly I could feel her clit under my tongue, Iknew it was on the way.” I immediately clamped hard on her thighs and began to flick rapidly. Ashlynn tasted better as well, of that I was sure.

Clara knew Ashlynn wasn’t bi, but that didn’t stop her from letting Ashlynn lean forward and nuzzle her face into Clara’s neck. Clara knew that Ashlynn was going over the edge, and she stopped her humping my dick to offer a steady platform as Ashlynn’s moans turned to screams, as she had an incredible, convulsing orgasm.

That was more than enough for Clara as well, and she pushed back slightly, putting her hands on my chest. Pushing up to take some weight off, Clara also had a grunting, thigh pulsing orgasm, yelling “FUCK YESS-S-s-sssss….” As it overcame her.

I’m not submissive, so having a woman sitting on my face is really all that kept me from blowing my load. But that karkamış escort bayan is not to say that I wasn’t about to. I mean. It’s a pair of gorgeous women and a bucket-list item, right? So I moved those two ladies off me, they both sunk naturally to the floor. Simple truth is, they were barely there, shoulder to shoulder, when I was over the edge & blew my load. I dumped a fat spurt on Clara first, the goo flooding one side of her face, getting her eye & hair, then I the second spurting rope was solidly in Ashlynn’s face, getting her nose and some in her mouth. The rest was spattered on the both of them fairly equally I guess.

They both had been well paid, we all got well fucked, and those two were well marked. All in all, it had been a good day, working out even better than I had ever dared to hope.


As always, the realities of that damn thing we call life got in the way over the next week and some. Soon enough though I found myself back at Dad’s place. To her credit, Ashlynn played it very cool, just being totally cordial in front of Dad & Gina. Actually my dick & my wallet both needed a break, so I just played it off as well, and enjoyed some time on the beach with the fam., hanging at the pool, and taking turns prepping dinner, the usual family stuff.

Ashlynn and the baby were heading off to school in just a few days, and as with all things, this season appeared to be ending. It so happened that the “baby” wanted to sleep with Dad & Gina, so they decided to catch a movie in their room. I was about to head off to mine when Ashlynn asked me to carry a box of down to her room, to stage with her other stuff, and of course I agreed.

In her room, she asked “why no contact since, well…you know.?”

“Really Ashlynn, it’s been work. You heard dad & I discussing the cases and courtroom strategies over dinner.” I added “Do you have any regrets?”

“About that last time?” Ashlynn responded, “No. Seeing Clara naked and you two having sex was weird. But…No, I didn’t. You?”

“I don’t regret that…or ANY other part of what we’ve been doing, In fact, it’s been almost too much fun.”

“She smiled a wicked smile and said “Yea, it sure has.”

Just then some boxes shifted and I said “Ah…shit. Let me restack a bit of this, hang on.” And then went about doing that very thing.

“Hey, Johnathan?” I heard from behind me.

I turned around, and there was Ashlynn, completely naked, and standing there looking at me!

“Stay and keep me company for a while.” She said. I grinned. She was naked, and there was little to say. I pulled off my shirt, and Ashlynn ‘helped’ unzip and remove my pants

Ashlynn put her hand around my shaft and started stroking it as we talked.

“Hey I’m not complaining as you can feel, but I have to wonder where this came from. I mean, what are we doing here?” I replied enjoying the nice slow dick massage I was receiving.

“My way of saying thanks. I saved every bit of what you paid me, it will help a lot when I’m away.” Ashlynn whispered, “We’re doing something I’ve come to really crave & will sorely miss, so forget about the damn arrangement site for once.”

She stroked the ol’ pipe a bit more, running her thumb over the head, making me frown (in a good way) and said, “When it was the three of us. I had no idea I would cum so hard sitting on your face.”

“Well that is not normally my thing, but have you done 69 before?” I asked.

“No, I never tried it, and I want to know if it as the act or the three of us that made it so damn powerful.” She sighed, adding, “Can we try it again…please?”

Well who am I to say not to that? Throwing the sheets back, I got in the bed. “Turn around and put your pussy on my face.”

Ashlynn quickly got on top of me on all fours. She moved back carefully until my nose touched her pussy lips, making her gasp. I felt her tongue start licking my fat ol’ mushroom dick head as I began to lick that sweet tasting pussy. It karkamış escort was already nice and wet, and Ashlynn started to squirm right away, moaning on my dick.

In just minutes Ashlyyn was sucking me proper, all of me in that wonderful throat, and jacking my shaft at the same time! Damn my step-sis was very good at giving head. She must have liked it, because I could feel her hips tighten, then loosen as she regained mental control. She wanted it to last, just as I did.

Ashlynn was rubbing her wet pussy on my lips and nose for some time, but again those hips tightened and began to jerk just a bit. She was close, and I could feel her moaning on my dick as she kept it in her mouth. Ashlynn was now losing that mental control, and had to pull me out of her mouth, “OH MY GOD JOHNATHAN!! UUmmmmmmOOOoooooo!” She tried to say without screaming, then groaned into my crotch as her pussy juice ran down my chin.

Ashlynn Luker had a particularly wonderful taste. All women do taste different, but I think I said before I’d bottle that pussy juice if I could, and sip on it all day. I moved her off me, and rolling her onto her stomach, I began to rub her lower back.

Ashlynn giggled, “Oh my God, I didn’t expect it to shoot so hard!” She remarked, “I had no idea it could be that intense.” Then she began to roll onto her back saying, “I want to look you in the face as you fuck me, Johnathan Roberts.”

Well that took no prompting either, and as I moved into position between her legs, I slid an arm under one, lifting her ankle to my shoulder. I pushed the old pipe down… and it slid easily in. Ashlynn smiled as she kept her eyes locked on me.

I was sitting up, on my knees, and with one arm I kept that thigh clamped close to my chest, and with the other I kneaded and played with her breast, alternately pinching her nipple. “Dammit Ash,” I panted down low, ‘you actually feel better than you taste…You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever had…DAMMIT I’m going to miss this.”

Ashlynn just smiled and grunted as I stroked away. She was looking at me, her mouth partly open, her eyes glassy. I’m sure i was tje same. This continued for some time, until she began to look up, and ‘bow’ her back, thrusting her tits towards the ceiling.

A second orgasm washed over her, and she fell back into the bed, panting. I know, I should have gone longer, but the fact was no sex in two weeks after a two-plus months of constant pounding had me feeling ‘pent-up’, and we both knew I was close.

I pulled out and Ashlynn quickly slid down, holding Ashlynn quickly my cock straight up. Stroking it hard and holding the head, she opened her mouth at the last moment, and with a loud grunting groan I fired off a massive spurt of goo that got her mouth and nose. Ashlynn held my dick just right as I fired three more blasts that hit her in the face and pretty much coated her well, getting some in her hair too. She kept stroking my jerking cock as cum just flowed down on the head, then licked that off her chin.

The crown of it though was after, when Ashlynn finally let go of my rapidly deflating dick. Taking her phone out from under her pillow, she quickly popped three selfies of her cum-covered face. Seeing me staring at her she simply said “I want to keep these, and send them to you to. I want you to remember me after I’m gone.”

Like I could forget.


Life rolled on, as it has a tendency to do. I was sitting in the airport in Atlanta, waiting for my connecting flight, when I got a text. “Hear you’re going to be in town on business. Got time for me?”

Ever the total smartass, I responded “How do you know I didn’t bring Clara?”

“Clara is hooked up with some female thru the site, or so I hear, and you’re no female. Do you need a reminder?” And there was a picture of a smiling Ashlynn, covered in my goo.

“Oh, I haven’t forgotten. About to board the plane to GSP now, see you in a few hours.” I smiled as I spent the next few minutes clearing this evening’s schedule, as it looked like I was going to be QUITE busy.


Hey everyone, and thanks for reading! this is one part of a multi-chapter story, so please give me your votes and constructive criticism, any suggestions as to storyline appreciated!

Special thanks to Kenji Sato for this editing help. Without him, this would not have been possible!

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