Buzzed and Seduced

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I always kind of thought my friend (Carson) from college might be gay but I never said anything and neither did he. I think he understood that I was comfortable with my sexuality and the fact that he was very masculine made it very easy for us to get along well.

One night, him and I were drinking some beer while watching a basketball game. It was a double-header so by the time the 3rd quarter of the second game came around, we had both consumed a good amount of alcohol. So much so, that Carson clumsily dropped one of his unopened beers and foolishly opened it right after. More of it got on my shirt compared to his.

“I’m so sorry,” Carson cried cleaning up the little bit that got onto the couch.

“It’s alright, man,” I slurred. I was dancing on the borderline of buzzed and drunk so the spill hardly phased me. Carson took off his stained shirt.

“Here,” he said with his hand out, “let me get your shirt and I’ll throw these in the wash for you.”

Really feeling the rush in my head, I sat up a bit and stumbled to get my arms out of the sleeves.

“Let me get that for you,” Carson offered as he helped pull the shirt up and over my head.

My face was inches away from his chest. He had a slimmer, toned build where as mine was a little thicker and more athletic. You could tell I was the one lifting weights about 5 times a week and that he ran a few miles every morning. I could tell the alcohol was doing the thinking in my brain when after Carson left the room to wash our shirts, I was still fixated on his torso and chest. That’s when I knew the beer in my hand was going to be my last one of the night.

Later on, halfway through the fourth quarter and two more beers in each of us, I could feel Carson’s eyes on my shirtless upper body. I didn’t let it bother kartal otele gelen escort me because the alcohol in my system had my mind and body at ease. I was actually starting to grow very tired and each blink of my eyes lasted longer the last. The beginning of a 12 hour shift that started before the sun even came up and the fact that we were hours past when the sun had gone down was starting to weigh on my eyelids.

Thinking back on it now, Carson must have saw me as putty in his hands but at the time that never even crossed my mind.

My next “blink” would have probably been my last before passing out but I could feel rubbing on my cock. With my eyelids still shut, I simply just thought I was dreaming. After a while the feeling became too defined. I knew it was a hand rubbing the outline of my cock through my jeans but I couldn’t even focus on the fact that the only other person in the room was another male. I let it play out longer with no strength in my eyelids to open.

Then it stopped. I was still too relaxed for it to bother me but the sudden stop of my rubdown was because Carson had gotten up from his seat beside me. My eyes peaked open just a touch to see Carson standing above me. They closed again for a short second and when I slightly re-opened them again, Carson was now on his knees in front of me.

In my mind, I believe I asked “what are you doing?” but even I remember those words never left my mouth.

All of a sudden, I felt lips on my lower abdomen. Then I felt the hands on my crotch again slowly finding their way to my belt. I never felt the lips leave my body as my belt became undone. My eyes were opening more and more with every blink. He began lightly kissing my thigh as he slid my pants istanbul kartal escort down to my ankles. The most embarrassing part was the fact that my cock stiffened immediately when released from my jeans.

The cool air on my shaft and the soft lips on my thighs caused my breathing to slow down yet intensify. Then I felt his tongue slide down my inner thigh from the knee to just a hair away from my cock and I winced out loud. It was in that moment that my mind began to start working. My eyes got a little sharper and focused on what was going on. Before I could even fight it though, Carson’s tongue was on my ball sac. Moving his tongue the way you work a clit. My breathing got harder followed my more winces.

My mind was thrown a road block due to the sudden pleasure but seconds later, my earlier thoughts began to re-surface and just as I was about to speak up again, he licked up from my balls along my cock all the way to the tip. My mind was thrown in a swirl again. He worked the head of my cock the same way he did my ball sac. Teasing me as I throbbed fervently.

Shortly into this new sensation, my mind was at war with itself. Part of me wanting to say something now and the other wanting to feel more. Before any part of my mind could even decide, Carson swallowed my cock.

I let out a rather loud moan as I clenched the pillow on the couch. He started so slow and gentle that I could feel my cock pulsating in this throat. The way he would take his time increasing his pace with every suck had my heart ready to explode out of my chest and my lungs needing an oxygen tank.

The pace now was at an unreal level. “Oh, God!” I let out, throwing my hand over my mouth. I don’t why I was trying to be quiet. I guess because in the kartal rus escort back of my mind this felt wrong and I didn’t want any of my neighbors to somehow crack the code that I had another male over inhaling my cock better than It’s ever been touched before.

My silent “Yeah’s” and “Oh’s” filled the room getting louder with each thrust of Carson’s mouth. His hands reached down to massage my balls and I let out that weird pleasurable laugh that you hear in porn sometimes.

“Ah-ha-ha-yessss… that’s it… Uh, don’t stop,” I moaned.

The only thing in my mind was that I was in ecstasy. All I wanted to do was explode. I watched as his head bobbed up and down on my cock and was still into it, focusing on the fact that it was a guy and not a girl. I was starting to get close so I grabbed the back of his head. He knew what was coming and went even faster and harder.

“Oh, God,” I whispered in disbelief thinking there wasn’t another level of intensity possible.

My body tightened, my breathing stopped, my fist clenched in Carson’s hair, my eyes glued shut and my mouth gaped open more than I had ever felt it.

“AAHHHH, UHHHH,” I shouted as I erupted into his throat. I felt four streams of jizz shoot through my cock as his lips never departed. “Ahh god,” I whispered in pleasure as I shot two more streams down his throat.

I laid my head back on the couch and the rest of my body followed and sunk into the cushions. I couldn’t even move but could still feel gentle licks on the tip of my dick. I just lay there in ecstasy and shock.

Within seconds I was passed out on my couch.

I awoke the next day with my pants around my ankles and my dick still hard as a rock. That’s when I knew it wasn’t a dream. All of last night just spinning around in my head. Was it weird that I wanted more? Of course not. Who doesn’t want head like that?

I picked up my phone and texted Carson asking him that even though there were no games on tonight if he would still want to come over and hang out.

He sent back a message that read, “I wouldn’t be anywhere else tonight,” along with a winky face.

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