By Invitation Only

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I received my invitation from you in the post. I knew it was from you as I recognised your handwriting. It merely gave an address, a date and a dress code. It gave me a few days to prepare.

After much anticipation the night finally arrived. I put on what the instructions told me: high heels, black stockings, a tight black skirt with a white blouse and black bra with a long overcoat on top. I took a taxi round to your flat, the driver constantly peering down my unbuttoned blouse. I walk up the stairs to your door and wait outside. I can feel my pussy already begin to moisten with anticipation; I’ve no idea what the night might hold. I take one final look at the invite to ensure I have the right address before following your final instruction. I take the blindfold out from my pocket and place it over my eyes before ringing your doorbell.

It seems an eternity before the door swings open and I hear your sultry voice inviting me inside. I gingerly step over the threshold as you lead me inside. I stand still and feel you move behind me, slipping off my coat. Next I feel your hands slip round me and under my heavy breasts, undoing the final few buttons of my blouse. Next to go is my skirt, by the time it hits the floor you are already un-hooking my bra. You’ve barely touched me yet but already my nipples are painfully stiff and I can feel moistness developing between my legs. I don’t realise it but we are standing in your living room with the curtains wide open Onwin so anyone can see me as they walk past.

You take me by the hand and lead me through to another room. You push against me and I fall backwards onto what feels like a bed. Lying flat, you hook your thumbs into my knickers and ease them down, a string of my pussy juice clings to them as you slide them down my toned pale legs. I feel painfully exposed. You take one of my arms and stretch it above my head; I feel cool metal against my wrist and hear the click of a ratchet. Handcuffs! You pull my other arm up to join it and fix the cuff to my wrist. Both my arms are stretched above my head. Next you repeat the process with my legs. Fully restrained, I don’t have much room for manoeuvre. I can hear your soft footsteps padding around the room, I hear you leave.

I don’t know how long it is till you return, maybe a minute, or five, ten, maybe thirty even. All the time my anticipation is building, my waxed exposed pussy is getting wet, wondering what is going to come next. Finally you return, you lean over the bed and kiss me on the mouth. Slow and sensual with your hot tongue pushing into my mouth, I strain against my bonds to kiss you deeper. You break off leaving me wanting more and kiss down my neck and along my collarbones. Your light kisses leave a trail down my body as you work your way down, paying extra attention to the underside of my breasts, you know that drives me wild. You tease my Onwin giriş nipples with your teeth, pulling them taught causing me to yelp with pain and excitement. This slow burning sensuality is leaving me aching for the main course, but you haven’t finished teasing me yet.

My thighs are next for your kisses and your hot lips drive me wild, I try thrusting my hips forward but you push me back down, ignoring the pleas of my pussy for attention. Next thing I know the doorbell goes and you leave to answer it, I hear some hushed voices from the next room. More people! But how many and what will you have them do? They move into the same room as me, I’ve no idea how many there are but there are lots of footsteps. I’m right on the edge of cumming and I haven’t even been touched yet, you know I’ve always wanted to be an exhibitionist. It doesn’t take long before the first set of hands is upon me, straight for my breasts, cupping them and squeezing my nipples. I can tell they belong to a man by the strength and roughness of them. The next one starts trailing his fingers up my thighs.

I feel more hands on my breasts, I loose count of the hands on me as I wallow in their undivided attention. They can’t stay away from my dripping pussy for long; I feel my lips spread exposing my pink pussy for all to see. Someone else runs their fingers along my lips whilst another circles my clit. My back is arched and my muscles are taught, it won’t be long till I cum, hard. The pressure on my clit increases and I cum hard, thrashing against the cuffs and crying out loud. As I reach the peak of my pleasure I feel a hot load of cum rain down onto my breasts, it’s quickly followed by more on my face and I open my mouth to taste some of that hot salty load. More follows onto my clit and face before a fifth load splatters against my breasts. The groans of pleasure from the men drown out the cries from my own second orgasm.

No sooner than the guys have emptied themselves than I feel several hot pairs of lips and tongues on my body. The cum is being lapped up from my sticky body, the attention is wonderful, one is licking my face and giving me a cum-filled kiss, two have a breast each, one is licking my tummy and another has made her way between my thighs. I feel her sucking my swollen pussy lips into her mouth and pulling them out, tight. She takes long slow lingering licks of my saturated pussy from my ass all the way up to my hard clit. The cuffs dig into my wrists as I fight my bonds, my orgasm is rising in me, once again I cum, even harder than previously, all the time my clit is being sucked furiously. With one final spasm I collapse, spent down onto the bed.

You remove the blindfold to let me see my tormentors. Five females and their male partners smiling down at me, I look across at you to see your mischievous grin beaming at me as you stand with video camera in hand. You always knew I wanted to be the centre of attention in a bukkake session. You leave me to doze off after my exertions. When I awake I pad through to the lounge to watch my exploits back on TV with you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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