By Your Side Ch. 03

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Tyler drove up to Viv who was waiting on the curb. She smiled at him and went to the passenger side. “Hey cutie.”

“Hey Viv. Morning.”

“So I went out with Jake last night,” she said devilishly.


“Woah. What happened to your eye?!” she yelped. His eye was bruised and his lip was slightly cut. Viv touched his cheek.

“Nah. It’s nothing. Just ran into a door.” Viv looked in the back seat. There was a bag full of clothes and a pillow and blanket.

“One hell of a door. Did they hit you again?” he didn’t answer. “You could’ve called.”

“It’s okay. I’m fine. Just a few days.” he replied.

“No no no no. You’re coming home with me mister.” she insisted.

“I stay at your house too much. It’s alright, I’m fine.” he said and concentrated on the road.

“Sweetie… Please, just come over. We have plenty of space and my mother LOVES you. She’s misses you bunches.”

He smiled and they pulled up to the school parking lot. “So you were saying about Jake?”

“We’re having lunch today. Do you mind?” she asked sweetly.

“Not at all, darling. Why would I mind?” he smiled and they walked into the school. Tyler dropped her off at her first period and met up with Carrie for English.

“Fuck. What happened to your eye?” Carrie gasped. “You need to get out of that house.”

“Already ahead of ya. I pay for my own car, I have my savings account saved up, I have a job.” he replied. “And I’m think about coming out to my parents around then soon too.”

“Good for you, bro. You need too. You’re smelling more and more queer everyday.” they both laughed.

“I think my mom is trying to give me a hint every time she does my laundry.” Mr. Richards walked up to the front of the class. He started writing today’s plans on the board.

“So Viv’s party Friday. You going?” she asked.

He laughed. “No dip. Have I missed görükle escort any of her precious moments?”

“Well she has tons of precious moments.” Carrie giggled.

“Do you still have a thing for her?” He asked.

Carrie smiled and blushed. “Maybe.”

They both laughed. “You know she’s straight right?”

She looked at him and smiled wickedly. “She’s bi. She just leans more to the penis side.”

They both burst into laughter. “Mr. Adams, Ms. Wedding, do you have something to share with the class?”

“Nope.” Carrie announced.

“Then would you two please pay attention?”


Jake walked out to his car. It looked like it was going to rain. He saw Tyler walk out with a black eye. He resisted the urge to go up to him and asked what happened. Probably his parents again. He’d ask Viv later. She came up to him.

“Ready?” she peeped. He smiled at her and they got in.

“What do you feel like eating? Italian? Chinese? Mexican?”

“Hm..” she thought. “What do you feel like?”

“Er.. Italian?”

“Sounds good.” she smiled.

They ate and had some small talk. Then drove back to school. He pulled up into the parking lot. Viv kissed him on the cheek.

“Later darling.” she said and walked into the building. Jake looked over at the lockers and saw Tyler organizing papers. He was short compared to Jake. He smiled and walked on.

“Jake!” he heard Tyler’s voice call to him. He wanted to say something, but how could he?

He turned around, “You’re going to be late for class.” Jake said. He saw a smile stretch across Tyler’s face. Jake smiled back and walked to class. He met up with Michael.

“Sup dude?” Michael said. He was dressed for church.

Jake laughed, “What’s up with the clothes?” Michael rolled his eyes.

“I’m teaching youth group now and I have to go straight after eskort bayan school.”

Jake laughed even harder, “Seriously!? That’s too funny.”



“MOM!” Viv yelled. “Look who I brought home!”

Viv’s smoking mom came over and pulled me into her arm. If I wasn’t gay, I would’ve popped a boner.

“What happened sweetie?” she asked sweetly. Viv and her mother were so much alike.

“Just some trouble at home. Do you mind If I stay here? Just for a few days.” I asked. God I hated asking for favors, especially big ones like this.

“Of course Hun! You can stay in the guest room. Make yourself at home.” she pinched my cheek and descended into the backyard. I picked up my bags and walked to the guest room where I have stayed plenty times before.

“I got to take a shower.” I said.

“There should be some soap, toilet paper and whatnots in the bathroom.”

“Thanks.” I said and she walked out. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower and started to undress. I looked at the full sized mirror. I was fit, not ripped though. I had a slight 6 pack. It wasn’t very defined. Jake’s body popped into my mind. His tone body, his great arms. And his 6 pack. Oh it was amazing. I’ve seen him naked plenty of times. My cock started to stir and I touched it through my briefs.

I took them off and walked into the shower. The warm water hit against my back and all over my chest. I circled my hand around my cock and thought of Jake’s hot, naked body. I thought of his hand around my dick, slowly jerking me off. I thought of his lips. I wanted to know so badly how they felt against my lips. I wanted to taste him. Every bit of him.

Then I came.



I couldn’t wait till viv’s party. Then I’d have an excuse to talk to him. His name raced through my head. Tyler. I got so hard. altıparmak escort Just the thought of him made me a horny gorilla. I layed down on my bed in just my briefs and thought of him. Then I stopped.

He left me. Why am I doing this? He hasn’t even come out yet. He’s just going to break my heart… Again.

Is he worth it though? I heard my phone buzz on the bedside table. I picked it up. It was Michael. I picked up.

“What’s up man? It’s like 2am.”

“DUDE. I need you to come pick me up.” his voice was frantic and he sounded frightened.

“Where are you?!”

“I.. I don’t know. Oh god. Please come help. I tried to call Wes but he didn’t pick up.”

“Where are you Michael?” I repeated.

“Club. Um.. 67th and Hander.”

“Stay put!” I demanded. I was already half dressed and outside. I dialed Wes.

“Hello?” I heard a sleepy voice answer.

“I’m picking you up. Mike is in some shit. Be outside in 2 minutes!”

I pulled up and Wes jumped in. “What’s wrong!?”

“I don’t know!” I sped off and drove to Hander street and got out.

“Mike!” Wes called out. We saw him. He was freaking out.

Wes ran up to him and held him. “What’s wrong babe?” he led Mike into the car.

“Get this shit away from me.” he whimpered and handed Wes a small bag. Wes held on to him.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

He started to panic and breathe hard. Wes made soothing noises and rubbed his back.

“It’s okay baby. It’s all right. Calm down.”

“We can’t take him home like this Wes.”

“He can come over to my house.”

“Parents?” I asked.

“Gone. Remember? Africa for 2 months, only ones home is Stacey and I.”

I drove to Wes’ house and we went in and put Mike on the couch. He was starting to fall asleep and Wes helped him to the bedroom. He came back out.

“Thanks for everything.” he whispered.

“It’s no problem.”

“I can’t believe it.” he handed me the packet. “It’s crank.”

I grabbed it. “Jesus. Are you going to flush it?”

“Fuck yeah.” I check my phone. 4:30am. “You should get home. We have class tomorrow.”

I gave him a hug and left.

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