Cabin at the Lake Ch. 08

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As before, all characters are well beyond 18.

Mark continues to open up. Donna discovers a secret about Julie.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for his editing and suggestions.

Enjoy. Comments are always welcome.


Waves of contractions from Julie’s pussy continue to milk my cock. I’m vaguely aware she is telling me I had not hurt her. Even in my post-orgasmic fog I note that I thought of it as her “pussy” not her “sex” or “vagina”. Why that tidbit should be worthy of notice in the larger context of her eating my former patient’s pussy while I fuck her in front of my former patient’s masturbating twin brothers is quite beyond me. This is the time when normally I would be having a mental crisis, this time, as the fog of sex lifts and one becomes a rational being once again, this is when I normally “freak”, as the kids say, or used to say.

I ease out of Julie’s sex. A mixture of clear fluid and thicker, milky white fluid begins to flow down her legs, some dripping directly onto to the couch. I can hear the awakening rational part of my brain screaming at me that this is all wrong, so very wrong and in so many different ways, but this voice is distant. Its stridency is easy to ignore. The animal part of my brain remains alert. It recalls the mélange of tastes I had sampled earlier, lying in the open air, with my cock in Julie’s mouth and her pussy in my face. That part of my brain is insistent. I offer no resistance. I simply turn and drop to my back on the sofa.

I pull her to my mouth. I hear her moan, “Easy, sugar.” She long ago tamed the animal part of me. She tamed it before I ever acknowledged it existed; it listens to her. Instead of mauling her with my mouth, I content myself with licking her thighs, working my way upward. Our combined juices drip onto my forehead as I savor her thighs. I’m surprised when I push my tongue into her slit and my mouth fills. I would have assumed she must be nearly dry by then. My nose bumps against her clit and she gasps. When my tongue touches her clit, she reaches down and pushes me away, gently, with one hand.

“No, sugar,” she purrs. “Not yet, too sensitive.”

Disappointment fills me but only for a moment. What in the world do I have to be disappointed about? That is, beyond myself and my lack of control or sense of right and wrong.

I wiggle from underneath Julie. She pulls away from Donna and tugs at my arm, pulling me down to sit between them. Julie’s head falls into my lap. She lifts my cock with one hand, cradling it like it was a small child. Her tongue pushes into my meatus, before licking its way down the underside of my cock to my balls. I let my head fall back onto the couch. I’m tempted to tell her to stop. I know what she means by being too sensitive. I’m tempted to tell her to stop but I don’t. Her mouth feels to fabulous as it begins to work its way back up the side of my cock, toward the crown. It’s the most bizarre feeling. It feels like my cock wants to get hard. It has that full sensation but I can tell it’s not. I’m not that old and I’m more horny than I ever imagined I could be, but I’m exhausted.

My eyes are closed. I’m lost in the sensations coming from my cock. şişli escort I’m lost in wonder that I can taste myself and Julie on my tongue. When Donna kisses my cheek, I’m startled. I tense for a moment then relax. I’ve known this moment was coming. I’ve tried to pretend it wasn’t. Tried to imagine I was a, more or less, passive observer of this Bacchanalia, but that’s a lie. In the heat of the moment, seeing her as a patient who needed me to be focused, needed me to be on my game that is what I had done. Later, still the professional but also a man, I noticed how lovely she was, both body and spirit. I don’t feel guilty about this. I was not tempted. Nothing could have tempted me away from Julie, but even if I had never met Julie I would not have been tempted to stray past the clear line of what was ethical.

I was well past that line now, however. The fact that Donna was no longer my patient was a flimsy shield, a chimera of a rationalization that almost no one would buy should this become public. I would be ruined, and rightly so. Or so I would have said yesterday.

Today what I do is turn my face, seeking her mouth. Julie’s fingers, the ones not cradling my cock, squeeze my hand. I know it is a signal of approval not reproach. I don’t fully understand that, but I put a hand on her shoulder and caress it, letting her know her message was received.

I let Donna’s tongue enter my mouth. Our tongues dance, two puppies skipping around each other, saying hello. The flavor in my mouth is too intense to taste her. I share it with her and she grows greedy. When she has devoured my mouth, she pulls away and begins to kiss and lick my cheeks, my eyes, my slick forehead. She growls deep in her throat and the canine metaphor is nearly complete. My inner nerd is never far away and I hear him wonder if it is possible to have a pack without an alpha.

As if one, the two women move away from my body. My hand slips from Julie’s shoulder to rest on the couch, cupping her ass. My other hand rests on Donna’s leg. When I open my eyes, they are exchanging a glance. As I wonder what they are thinking, it becomes clear.


I try to keep my distance but as Mark finds his release, I feel turmoil threatening to overwhelm him. I open myself, hoping he can see how much I’ve enjoyed this, how much Julie has enjoyed this. I want him to understand that I’m a rational, mostly grown up woman who understands the risks. I understand what I’m doing. So does Julie. So do my brothers.

I honestly have no idea if he’s getting the message but I do sense the turmoil ebbing. Maybe it’s me or maybe he’s still just out of his mind with lust. He doesn’t seem to hesitate but flops on to his back and begins to eat Julie’s pussy. A little too fast. I hear her hiss a warning and he drops it down a notch or two.

I glance at my brothers. They’re in agony. They have been forced to sit and watch a live-action porno. I can tell how frustrated they are. I want to go to them, offer them relief, but I’m afraid that would be too much for the good doctor. Julie can’t take much of his attention, no matter how gentle he tries to be.

He sits down between us. Julie begins to clean his cock. His mecdiyeköy escort head falls back. If not for the rapidity of his breathing, he would appear to be asleep. I tentatively kiss his cheek. He surprises me by actively seeking my mouth. I let him kiss me. Let him? Who am I trying to fool? I want him to kiss me and I want to kiss him. I revel in trying to separate the flavors of my beautiful new lover from those of her hung-like-a-horse fiancé. I discover it’s a hell of a lot more enjoyable than a wine tasting. I can’t say I appreciate a note of blackberry or a hint of pepper but I don’t give a shit. I savor the taste of pussy and cum on his tongue. It gets me higher than any glass of wine I’ve ever tried.

When I can no longer taste the tang of cum on his tongue, I turn my attention to his face. His cheeks shine in the pale light of the lamp. The hair along his right temple is matted where Julie has dripped into his hair. He closes his eyes again as I begin to clean his face. I can see Julie watching. She smiles.


My orgasm still ripples my pussy as I jump in, trying to head off whatever shit my silly lover is preparing to throw at himself.

“Oh my God, sugar, that is what I’ve been waiting for,” I tell him, with total honesty. “That was amazing. And before you ask, no you didn’t hurt me, not a bit.”

I watch my love’s face as he pulls out of me. I feel so alone, so empty. Is it because my body misses his cock or am I sensing something deeper? I search his face. It’s quiet. I don’t see the usual look of uncertainty in his eyes. That’s a good thing. I hope so at least.

I nearly jump with shock when he rolls onto his back and pulls my pussy towards his mouth. I can feel the nub of my sex still twitching. I put a hand on his head. I don’t want him to stop, mostly for his sake. I’m as satisfied as I’ve ever been in my life. I whisper for him to go gently. My clit is happy but feels on fire at the slightest touch.

Mark’s tongue begins to lap at my thighs. My God I must be a mess. My cup sure as hell has runneth over. I hear my mother’s cluck of disapproval. Behind it, I hear a soft raspy chuckle that teases my memory. I nearly have it when Mark’s tongue pierces my cunt and I feel a gout of cum and pussy juice fill his mouth. He begins to nuzzle my clit and the entire contents of my pelvis spasms. I have to pull away.

I maneuver him to sit between Donna and me. I know what I hope she’ll do but I don’t have the energy to spare for worrying whether or not she’ll do it or whether Mark will let her. I scoot back and lower my body to the couch. My nose fills with the musk of his cock and the spice of my cunt. I let his soft, but glorious, cock rest in my hand. I touch the tip of my tongue to his piss slit and push a little. I can’t really get my tongue inside but it does open a bit. I draw my tongue down the thin crooked line of skin along the underside of his cock. His balls are wet with jizz and my pussy. I nuzzle and lick them before kissing my way back to the head of his cock.

I’m keeping an eye on Mark’s face and on Donna’s. She doesn’t spare me a glance as she leans over to kiss my fiancé’s cheek. Excellent, I congratulate her silently. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I want to watch my love’s face when Donna kisses him. I’m not worried. I know this man inside and out. The only way he’ll leave me is if I drive him away and I have no intention on earth of risking that. If I see a shadow of doubt or fear, I’ll ride to the rescue.

When he turns to kiss her I give his arm a little squeeze, wanting to be sure he knows I’m okay with what he’s doing. I more or less stop doing anything to his cock but holding it and letting my lips brush against it. I’m absorbed in the sight of his and Donna’s tongues playing with each other. I feel his cock pulse in my hand but it stays soft. Just as well, if he gets hard I’ll want to ride him and I don’t think my poor pussy could handle another round, not just yet anyway.

I almost change my mind about my pussy being too tired when Donna starts to lick our mess off his face. Damn that’s hot. I’m getting all wound tight again but my cunt really is sore. Fuck. Out of the corner of my eye I see Terry and Gary, watching their sister. And me, at least Gary is, and clearly trying not to. Poor baby.

Donna and I look at each other. She smiles and then jumps, ever so slightly. I smile.


I don’t care if the doc might slip a cog. I can’t take this shit. I need to either fuck someone or get my cock sucked. This is bullshit. Gary is just as close to losing it as I am but on top of that I can see he’s tying himself into knots over Julie. Poor fucker.


Jesus God she’s beautiful. I try not to look at her, her breasts, the silky shine between her legs, that flawless skin that glows like chocolate just before it melts. Fuck. Is Mark going to be any less freaked if I stare at my own sister than if I stare at his fiancé? Any less freaked than if I beg Terry to plow my ass while he jerks me off?

I can tell Terry is about to lose it.



I smile at Julie. Happy for her. I’m glad she talked Mark into coming for the weekend. I think it will be good for him, for them. It’s already been great for me.

Then she’s inside my head. I jump.

“You too?” I ask, silently, only thinking the question.

Julie smiles. “Uh-huh. You white folks are always underestimating us.”

I catch a glimpse of what she wants to do.

“What about your sugar, Julie? Won’t he flip out?”

“You tell me? You read him as well as I do, maybe better. Bitch.” Again no words are spoken and I don’t need her smile to know the ‘bitch’ was a joke. She’s not angry.

“Ask him,” I suggest and Julie frowns.

“I don’t think he has the tickle,” she replies.


“That’s what my momma calls it,” Julie explained.

“I’m not so sure. Ask him.”

All of this passes between us as quick as a single thought.

Julie moves up beside her man. She kisses him long and hard. She holds his face in her hands and stares intently into his eyes.

He shrugs.

“If that’s what you want, Jewel,” he replies to her question. I find myself clenching my hands together. Julie’s eyes fill with tears and she kisses him again.

His answer filled her with joy. Not because he said it was okay if she gave one of my brothers a blow job but because his answer had been sure and strong and entirely without the need for words.

Tickle indeed.

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