Cabin Fever Ch. 02

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Big Tits



This town was just the back of beyond and so strict. There was no way Kay would ever get her hands on a dildo and she ached to try one. However, when she thought of it she had a sense of guilt. When talking with Donny and Matt about masturbation the other night, dildos were mentioned; Matts cousin Rachel had one. Kay hadn’t said she wanted one but she may have shown more than a passing interest. She was sure Donny had picked up on this. Unlike Kay Rachel lived on an army base near a large city, so could probably buy one and hide it easily: Kay didn’t feel she could, or should. There was certainly nowhere in town she could buy one. If she wanted one she would have to go to a city or order it on the internet, but even that was fraught with danger. What if her parents found out, what their little girl was up to? She would feel so ashamed and disgraced that it wasn’t worth it. She heard her mother calling her for lunch and with a forlorn sigh, went downstairs.

After her lunch Kay had some revision work ahead of the final exams of the semester. She retired to her room and began to pore over her books. By early evening Kay had begun thinking about Matt and Donny playing with their cocks, right in front of her. The pants she was wearing were the red ones Donny had cum in and they had known it; that was real sexy. Once more she resorted to ‘Mr Carrot’ for company. When she had finished it was in a sorry state and retired to the bedside cabinet. Feeling the soporific effect of post coital bliss, she fell back to sleep.

Kays mother went to see how she was, at about nine o’clock, but as Kay was still asleep, left her. On the way out, she spotted the distressed carrot and deciding that Kay must have finished with it. How odd she thought, chewing it without even peeling it. Shaking her head she took it downstairs.


Just before midnight Kay awoke with a start. She switched on the bedside light. She looked around, her typical girls room, with posters of movie stars, CDs, books and even a china doll or two. There was a glass of water, on the bedside table, but no carrot. She jumped out of bed mortified. What if mum or dad found it? What would they think? She looked on the floor and under the bed, a picture in her night shirt, that just covered her underwear. As she pushed the bed gently back, it snagged on something, maybe the carpet. She had to push harder. The bed suddenly released jumped away and knocked a doll on the floor, with a crash. She held her breath. Moments later her mother burst into the room, in her nightgown followed closely by her father, in his striped pyjamas.

“What is it? What’s happening?” Her mother was panic stricken. Kay lifted her hands to placate her.

“It’s ok mum. A doll fell down that’s all. Nothing to worry about.”

Her mother just looked at the skewed bed and Kay on the floor.

“Have you lost something dear? You gave us quite a shock.”

Kay flushed with embarrassment. Her father peered at her suspiciously.

“Yes? What is it? Rummaging around at all hours of the night.” He frowned knitting his grey eyebrows and pouting under his moustache of the same hew.

She had to think quickly.

“I …er … I lost my mascot – my lucky … gonk.” She said. It was the best she could think of. “For the exam.”

“A what? …. A gonk!” Her father was annoyed at being woken for such trivia. “A gonk! A lucky charm. Some pagan symbol. I don’t know.” His hand went to his hips. “It’s hard work and study that will bring you luck not a lucky charm. Find it in the morning.”

Kays mother flashed a disapproving look at her husband, knowing the hard work Kay had put in to her studies. He rolled his eyes to the ceiling, clamping his lips together and furrowing his brow.

He turned toward the door and told them to leave it until the morning and get some sleep. Her mother bent and patted Kays head and mouthed ‘there, there we’ll find it, tomorrow. Don’t worry.”

When they left Kay was so relieved. Sat on the floor she lay with her back to the bed and laughed quietly. She just couldn’t believe it. The first day she’d tried something like this and she had almost been caught. The problem was she still hadn’t found the carrot. She would have to be careful in future. Mmmm she surprised herself ‘In future’ so this is only the start, she thought.



Kay woke up, showered and began dressing. Today was the royal blue underwear set; She had to think of how to show it to the boys. She looked at the cotton patch which still had Matts (now dried) cum on it. She could smell it. It wasn’t very hygienic but she decided to pull them on anyway. When she had snuggled them into place, she felt the familiar butterflies in the pit of her stomach, and pressed a finger down the slit of her vagina. The thought of Matts cum on her gusset really turned her on. She was wet feeling nervous and the excitement of anticipation, in equal measures. She looked at her firm breasts, wet a finger then ran it round isveçbahis and over her hardening nipples. They tingled and she also felt tingling between her legs. She went back down there with her hand but stopped, as her mother called her.

She chose a knee length, white flowered, pleated dress, that flared out from the hip as she twirled. She finished off dressing with a short red woollen jacket, white ankle socks with a lace frill near the top and light brown, flat bottomed slip-on shoes. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and the sleeves of her jacket came to mid forearm. She checked to ensure the dark panties didn’t show through her dress and they didn’t. However when she happened to have the window behind her, she could see through her dress the shape of her hips and legs. Well, she decided, somebody else’s treat. She sprayed her Chanel perfume that dad had bought her on her neck and wrists, fastened her wrist watch, picked up her books and headed off to college.

When she arrived it was bright but fairly windy and she had to keep holding down her dress, with both hands. She had a lecture first thing, so rushed off to the lecture theatre. The early part of the morning was fairly boring as it was more or less revision that Kay had already done. She felt horny in the panties and lazily rocked her legs back and forth squeezing her tender love oyster.

She looked around to see if there were any fit guys in the auditorium. She spotted one or two, particularly one with long brown hair who occasionally glanced at her and smiled. He was cute and had fine well kept, even teeth. She smiled back eventually and then limited her viewing to the odd glance as she didn’t want to seem too desperate for his attention. She couldn’t quite manage to cum but a had a warm tingling sensation between her legs.

After class she went to the library to study and sat on a high stool revising. Shortly after she arrived, the guy from class came in and catching her eye approached her.

“How’s it going?” He smiled. “Pretty boring this morning?”

He was about six two and had a winning smile which revealed a dimple in his right cheek. Kay thought his ice-blue eyes were like deep pools sucking her in. He had an air of confidence about him. He was wearing a red lumberjack check shirt, jeans and boots. His shirt was open at the neck, so she could see some of the thick hair on his chest. He was wearing imitation dog-tags on a silver chain. She fel ashiver throughout her body.

“Yes it was boring, I’d already covered the work in my revision.” She replied equally confidently. “How’re you getting on, with your own study?”

He placed his books on the table and leaned with one hand on a chair, the other in his pocket. She glanced and could see he looked pretty well stacked, as he stood right foot pointing to the floor as his right leg bent behind his left, taking his weight. She lifted her eyes to his face, annoyed at herself for checking him out; which was only because of how sexy she was feeling.

“I’ve been working but could have done more. Anyway this is my last exam so I’m easing off, ready for the break coming up. Going to travel.” His voice was deep and melodic and he made her feel comfortable.

They talked for a while and Kay warmed to him. His name was Rod and he was a real charmer. He asked for her e-mail address and if he could write whilst travelling. She agreed and eventually he had to leave to get something in town, for his travels. She thought he was a real hunk with a cute, firm, little butt. She reluctantly returned to her studies, until lunch time, though she was distracted.


Kay headed across the college square toward the café area when she spotted Matt and Donny. They were in an arched corridor that opened onto the square. It was fairly quiet as most of the college was either at lunch or lectures. When only yards away from them the wind caught her dress and she deliberately made a poor attempt at keeping it down. Everything was on display. Matt and Donny and two other male students got full exposure. From her cute lacy white socks, up her shapely tanned legs, to the silky royal blue panties tightly covering her plump labial lips. She slowly got the dress under control and walked on to the café, without saying a word.

Donny and Matt turned to each other, eavesdropping on the two students.

“Did you see that? What a pair of legs.”

“I could see everything and I mean everything. I’m going to have wicked dreams. She’ll definitely be starring in my wank tonight!”

They pushed each other making lewd gestures and walked off to class.

“True to her word.” Donny slapped Matt on the back, as they walked to the café. “If only they knew we’d both spunked in her panties and you in the ones she’s wearing!”

In the large college cafeteria there were disorganised small tables everywhere. Tall and low coffee tables with some larger dining tables, all rearranged by talking or masticating students during several breaks throughout the day. There was a long isveçbahis giriş counter at which lunch was served with an orderly queue, penned in by a steel bar. Kay was at the front of the queue as Donny and Matt entered. Kay was feeling hot. Partly because of Rod and because she had ‘flashed’ the spunky panties to the guys, including the two she didn’t know. She got served and walked with her tray towards some friends. As she passed Donny and Matt she looked at them and without changing her pace said.

“Your turn boys.” And continued walking.

Donny and Matt then remembered that they had to acknowledge seeing her panties, in the most daring way. As it was a competition, they could not confide in each other, so remained with their own deliberations. They got served and joined Kay with her friends. There was six of Kays class friends, four girls and two boys, hanging around talking at a high coffee table. They either stood or sat on tall metal and wood bar stools. As they talked Matt decided to offer his acknowledgement.

“I have a fetish about silky blue panties.”

They all turned and stared at him without a sound. Stunned.

Kay went bright red and stared at him her eyes like daggers. They gave him the most peculiar looks and one or two of the girls edged away from him, shaking their heads. Suddenly they all fell about laughing. Donny who had been stood behind Kay decided to acknowledge her. He flipped out his dick and placed it in Kays hand. She flinched at first but then slowly gripped it and massaged it by the side of her right leg. She could feel the dribble of liquid on her fingers and made a mental note not to pick up a biscuit with that hand. They were stood near the wall toward the back of the room but the place was crowded and anybody could have seen his erection at anytime with only the slightest movement from either of them. It was exciting.

“Matt – what are you talking about?” Asked one of the girls, who knew him well and was shocked.

“I er .. er just thought I’d come clean.” He stumbled over his words, reddening realising how ridiculous he had made himself look. The girls looked raising their eyebrows or frowning at each other. They turned away and began talking.

“Must be the strain of the exams.” Said one.

“Yes perhaps … I’m just going to sit down over there.” He pointed vaguely and started to move to a table in the middle of the room, pulling Donny with him. Donny tugged a napkin from his plate to cover his exposed erection and his coffee cup crashed onto the floor. Even though it was fairly noisy in the room a number of people turned to check out what was happening. Donny doubled over to pick up the cup and try to tuck himself in.

Kays friends looked down upon Donny as he struggled with his trousers. All Donny could hear was whispering mixed with laugher. Kay was laughing aware of his discomfort, as he almost crawled after Matt to a low coffee table. Donny and Matt finished their lunch but not without some peculiar glances being cast at them.


“That was hilarious.” Kay was talking to Donny on the phone. She couldn’t go to the cabin tonight as her exam was in the morning, so was catching up with them. “I have to say the pair of you made yourselves look ridiculous but funny as well. You were like a comedy double act.”

Donny unlike Matt had gotten over the incident in the cafeteria.

“Well it was embarrassing but I think Matt was worse than me.”

“Yes he was outrageous and he’s set the girls wondering if he’s flipped. ” She continued. “But you were no better and if we’d been caught ….”

“So who wins then?” Donnys competitive spirit came to the fore.

“I really can’t decide and will think about it. You’re pretty even at the moment but there is the rest of the week.”

“It’s white tomorrow isn’t it?” Donny enquired.

“It’s my exam tomorrow. We’ll have to see.”

“You did promise.” He mock chided her. “Oh and good luck by the way.”

“As I said we’ll see.” She was more forceful this time, she was feeling stressed about the exam. “And thanks, by the way!”

“Do you want me to, you know what, in them, before you wear them.”

“Donny!” She whispered chastising him but smiling. “What are you like?”

“I could …. collect them tonight and give them back in the morning. I could say it was a text book or something.” Matt struggled as if he was having difficulty breathing. “Didn’t you enjoy the experience of wearing panties that somebody had cum in? They’d be like a good luck charm.”

She rolled her eyes at the thought of good luck charms and how her father had reacted last night. She had enjoyed the pleasure over the last two days, she found it so sexy, but she wasn’t going to be easy.

“I’ve got an exam. Do I need this distraction right now?” She asked sarcastically and then teased. “Anyway what would I wear until you gave me the panties?”

Donny hadn’t thought of this and continued to talk about the experience for several minutes. She was getting isveçbahis yeni giriş quite turned on as he talked and then he said.

“I’ll get them to you first thing. It’s not like you’ll be panty-less all day.”

This sent a shudder through her body. She had enjoyed today and the thought of their cum being there had enhanced it. She acquiesced whispering.

“First thing right? You better had. My exam’s at nine.”

Donny couldn’t believe his luck, he had an adrenalin rush and his cock twitched.

“I’ll be right over. Oh! Kay you’re gorgeous you really are.”

She smiled at his flapping and felt flattered at his comments.

“Hurry before I change my mind.”

In ten minutes Donny was in the house talking to Kays mother, whilst Kay searched for the ‘text book’ and ‘CD’ he wanted to borrow. She came down with a bag and handed it over, holding his gaze. He said.

“I’ll get these to you first thing.”

She replied, smiling.

“I’ll be lost without them. Thanks.”

Her mother shook her head.

“You kids. Lost without some music and books, you don’t know what life is about.”

Donny in his politest tone.

“I find these can add so much to my miserable existence and I can in turn add something to them.”

Kay suppressed a laugh and apologised as she left to revise.


Donny went home immediately to his room, clutching the bag to his chest. He opened out the white panties. He smelled them. The aroma was freshly laundered material. He stripped down to his underpants and lay on the bed. As he held the thin lacy material he stroked his cock, imagining Kay wearing these tomorrow. Her soft black hair nestled in the cotton patch. He groaned in frustration as his member awoke from its brief somnolence. Rarely these days did his cock remain at rest and sometimes it was embarrassing. Occasionally the most innocuous events would cause it to spring to life, like his neighbours wife pruning the roses; meticulously identifying diseased leaves or stems and delicately but efficiently removing the corruption; it would be bolt upright. It was worrying. Back to the job in hand.



In college first thing Tuesday morning Donny strolled up to Matt with a smug smile. Matt looked at him and said.

“What’s up with you?”

“Oh just happy because I know what Kay’s wearing – underneath.”

“Yes and so do I.” He stopped to think. “It’s Tuesday… let me see … White!”

“Could be. Could be right. Could be wrong.” This teasing went on for some time until after a bout of physical horseplay and name calling Donny said. You’re absolutely wrong, I know for certain.”

Matt looked puzzled.

“What! Has she changed her mind?”

“No.” He opened his bag and revealed the all most sheer, white panties to Matt. “It’s just she hasn’t put them on yet!”

Matt gasped.

“Oh my God. What’s she going to be wearing then?”

“I have no idea but I have a job to do first thing. Deliver these to her.” Donny leered eagerly. Matt calmed him down.

“Hang about. Don’t be hasty.” It was Donnys turn to look puzzled. “Don’t we have to do something with them first?”

“I’ve done it mate. Right on the button. Last night.” Donnys smug expression returned. Matt cut in.

“Yes and what about me? Don’t I get a go?”

Donny wondered about this.

“Weren’t you the fussy one the other night not wanting to cum in the same pair of panties?”

Matt argued with Donny until he eventually gave in.

“You better be quick. She’ll be in shortly.”

Matt smiled taking ownership of the white panties.

“With these? I’ll crack one off in no time.” And headed off the toilets.

Several minutes passed until Matt returned with a flushed face and proud grin.

“Told you I could do it.” As he handed them back to Donny.

“I can feel the dampness on them.” Donny looked distastefully at Matt.

“Well roll them up when you pass them to her, so she doesn’t notice.” Replied Matt.

Kay arrived and they made small talk until Donny attempted to secretly slip her the panties. Matt just had to enquire.

“So what are you wearing?”

She rolled her eyes at Donny then smiled coyly at Matt and placed her finger beside her nose.

“None of your business.” She discreetly pushed the panties into her bag and headed for the ladies toilet. The boys hung around as it was end of term and they had no real classes of consequence to attend.

“By the way, guess what I made yesterday?” Donny said pleased with himself.

“I don’t know, what have you made?” Asked Matt casually interested.

“I’ve made Kay a dildo. Remember we were talking about it the other night?”

“Well we talked about a few things.” Matt was now intrigued. “What mateial have you used?”

“Wood of course.” He said it without a hint of humour. Matt knew that Donny was exceptional with a lathe, but this seemed unbelievable.

“Wood! Wood?” Matt burst out laughing. “You can’t be serious. What about the splinters?”

Donny dismissed him contemptuously for his lack of knowledge.

“There are no splinters. It’s polished and waxed.”

“How did you manage to make it without anyone finding out?”

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