Calabasas Moms Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 (of three): Make sure you find the correct hole, the wet one

“You are welcome to stay. I prefer to fuck in the morning.” He murmured his agreement or some kind of approval, she could not determine. She snuggled back against his chest. “Kurt?”


“Do you ever wake up the middle of the night with an erection?”

“Mmmm some times, why?”

“If you wake up hard, give me a little nudge with your cock and I will spread my leg like this so you can slip it back inside.” Where it belongs, thought Brenda. With that she draped her left leg over his left thigh and wiggled against him once more. “I like it like that, too.” He heard it, thought he was just dreaming while he was too tired and getting too relaxed to say anything, he kissed her shoulder blade to indicate he heard and understood her.

He did wake up a couple of hours later due to the urge to pee. It took a moment for him to remember where he was. He saw the beautiful room, the windows and the moon light shining and a woman sleeping inches away. What a wonderful night. He could still taste her pussy on his lips and smell it on his neatly shaved red beard. He quietly pushed the covers off and got out of bed. The bathroom was very large and luxurious. There was a bidet. He did his business and washed off his face. He liked the taste and smell of pussy but she might not. He gingerly got back into bed and laid on his back for a while, re-living the previous evening. As the thought about her fantastic body and warm pussy, he started getting excited. Then he remembered what she said about waking up with an erection. But she was sleeping so soundly. But she wanted more. But he wanted more. His animalistic urges took control. He was getting hard. She was still lying facing the window. This would be a first.

He turned to his right to get into the spooning position again and pushed his cock against her warm back. That got him almost full erect. He pushed again, pushed again and kissed her neck. Nothing. She must be a heavy sleeper. He kissed her neck again and she pushed against him. She was awake but not enough to speak but did turn over to face him and reached for his now hard cock. “I will be ready in a minute and rolled over again to face the window. She pushed the covers off of them and rubbed her pussy. It did not take a minute, only about 25 seconds and she draped her left leg over his left thigh. “One request, darling, make sure you find the correct hole…. It’s the wet one.” He reached around to guide his cock to the warm hole and finally felt wetness. “That’s the one.” And he pushed. As he did, he was rewarded with the wet grip of vagina. It took three strokes before he could feel her juices fully bathing his cock. The first two strokes found only semi-moist skin. Now he was inside her.

“Fuck me deep and hard. I like it this way.” He used is left hand to feel her breasts. She began to moan. She was glad that she allowed Sydney to have the downstairs bedroom, clear on the other side of the house. She was also glad that his cock was buried deep. Deep, deep, deep, deep was all she could think of. It was so satisfying. His pace was perfect. She leaned back into him and used her left hand to pull his neck down to her. They fucked for a long time and she had a nice little orgasm. It was small but satisfying. She stopped him and dislodged him from her. “I realized that I never sucked your cock last night.”

“I don’t mind…. Hey, how about a 69 position?” She jumped up and repositioned herself on the bed facing the bathroom and the bedroom door. In the moonlight, she could see that his cock was glistening with her juices. That excited her. She liked pussy, as her girlfriends could attest. His cock tasted good. He brought another pillow under his head so he could make better contact with her bottom. Her pussy was wet and her lips were coated with come. He loved it. He licked her anus and she giggled. “That was a first.”

“Would you like seconds?”

“God ya.” So he tongued her butt hole for a while making her grunt over and over again. In the meantime, she was licking and sucking is cock. This went on for a while and he said that he really wanted to feel it in her pussy again. No problem-o. She got up from that position and straddled his waist.

She guided his cock into her and sat down with a loud, “Ungghhh.” She rocked herself into him feeling her clit push against his groin area. She started rubbing her clit as well. Rocking and rocking and rocking. He could see her pretty bush in the moonlight. It had been about thirty minutes since he got up to go the bathroom. He always wore his watch to sleep and about twenty minutes since he glided back into her. “I am getting tired, darling,” she said. Would you mind fucking in missionary for a while?”

“Sure.” She got off of him. Instead of heading to the front of the bed, she laid with her head pointing toward the bathroom. She spread her legs and he climbed in. He found her warm Kuşadası Escort slippery lips and started thrusting. She started moaning and wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her ankles. They kissed the whole time they were in this position. He started slowly and she moaned softly in unison with his thrusts. He tried to get deeper so he was wiggling his hips with each downward push. This added movement made her feel more pressure and he was pressing his full weight against her clit. She felt herself starting to come. She never had an orgasm in this position. She reached for his ass with both hands and pulled him even deeper. She felt a bunch of small shudders, six or seven or eight and she grunted loudly and bit his shoulder, no blood but it would leave a welt that he would savor for a few days. He felt his orgasm building so he concentrated on finishing and did so about two minutes after her. He murmured, “That’s all I got, babe,” collapsed and rolled over to face the ceiling.


That brings the story to his exit from her bedroom and Sydney spying him heading downstairs, to call Monica. “Brenda, why would you let that get away? Millions of women would like a man like that. If I were not in a relationship I would call him today. He loves to eat pussy and he has a hard cock. What else is there?” said Monica.

“I told you why, and besides that was three months agao and I just don’t see a relationship with him. I haven’t seen him since, although he calls all the time. It would all be too complicated. Sydney and Angie are best friends and…I just don’t want to settle down.”

Brenda did not want someone like that. Sure, he was a well-respected real estate attorney but he had to work for a living. Brenda could guess—she had dated many attorneys—that he made about $250,000 per year. In California, that meant he was living off just under $10,000 per month after taxes. Not a bad income but Brenda pulled $350,000 out of her business. Considering she did not have to pay social security taxes, she cleared about $13,000 per month, and she owned her business that was worth about four million dollars. The house was paid for and she still had all of the divorce settlement which had doubled twice in the past twelve years. “Why would I want to settle for that?”

“You sound seriously conflicted, girl.”

“I can tap that anytime I wanted.” What Brenda did not say was that there were many other people she wanted to bang.

Monica was at Brenda’s house because the two of them—and Sonia Waters—were planning the kids’ summer pool party, which would be held at Brenda’s house over Labor Day weekend. The bell rang and Sonia walked in. “Hope I am not interrupting anything, girls.”

“We were just talking about…”

“Men! That is what you were talking about,” screamed Sonia. Sonia was also divorced, as were almost all of the parents of Sydney’s friends.

“Sonia, if you are looking for a good time, Brenda can tell you where to find it.”

“Oh, shut your mouth…or I will never talk to you again….” They made all of the arrangements for the food and the DJ and the parking. The wine was flowing on a Monday afternoon. The mouths were going strong and their minds were racing.

Sonia stated off. “I just want to see Raymond at the party. I am hoping for a ring side seat.”

“You watch your mouth and cool your jets,” said Monica. “These are children, after all.”

“Not Raymond. Girls he is prime time.” Raymond played quarterback and had all of the girls drooling, according to their daughters. Raymond is Black with big white teeth and a killer smile. All of the girls wanted him. “I know that he is eighteen already ‘cauz my Stacey was at his birthday party.” I would love to ride that, girls. Sonia was also African-American, divorced and horny. “Who do you want..secretly of course, Ms. Brenda?” Brenda kept her mouth closed but she had designs on someone. “I can see you are too wet to mention someone right now.” “OK you whore,” turning to Monica, “who do you want?” This party was as popular for the kids as for the parents, the single parents. It was the time that the adults could create fantasies about hot young bodies.

Brenda knew who she wanted. She knew the minute she saw that little hottie. Monica was clearly bisexual, preferring men to women about 3:1 but she definitely craved the taste of pussy, though. She had some lovers among the divorced mothers of Sydney’s friends. There was Bethany, the former wife of a well-known Hollywood actor/celebrity. They had lunch at the club and played tennis. Behany was slim with long brown hair and green eyes. She could have anybody but one day after tennis and showers in the club’s new locker room, Bethany invited Brenda over to her new house. The new house, modest with four thousand square feet. She no longer needed the 9,500 square foot house she got in the divorce, the one with the theater that could seat 24 and the guest house, and the trophy Kuşadası Escort Bayan room and the sauna/steam room.

They sat at the pool and each had a glass of wine, this after the two glasses Bethany had at lunch, one for Brenda. “I want a swim,’ announced Bethany.

“I don’t have a suit.”

“No matter, I won’t wear one either.” The house was situated on a cliff overlooking the Valley with no view from the neighbors. They stepped into the pool from the stairs. After lounging in the water for ten minutes or so, Bethany turned to Brenda and kissed her deeply. Brenda kissed back. “I take it that you are Ok with this,” said Bethany. Brenda did not talk, just threw her arms around Bethany’s neck. They made out and fingered each other to orgasm. There were other satisfying trysts with women, which suited Brenda because she did not want to get involved romantically with any single person.

The person who Brenda had her eye on was a nineteen year old high school senior. Suzie was adopted at the age of six from China and had not learned enough English to start first grade so her parents hired a tutor and kept her home with the intention of starting her in first grade at eight. This would make her a year older than the other kids in her class but she had a lot of catching up to do.

Learning English was not too difficult. She progressed well with the constant help of her tutor six days per week and her very intelligent parents. She was fully integrated into her class academically when second grade began. That is why she was the oldest in the senior class. Brenda—and every boy in the Valley—had designs on her. She was 5’6″, had long black hair which extended to her clavicle (but wore it in a bun for school and social events), had a killer body, perfectly apportioned, a 34 D chest, a perfectly shaped ass, flawless brown skin, a million dollar white as alabaster smile (her father was a dentist and mother a dermatologist) and an energetic bubbly personality. She was also a straight “A” student (4.21 GPA) and a contender for valedictorian. Everyone who saw her wanted her.

The senior class party had begun at about eleven and most of the kids had arrived by noon, just in time for the catered lunch to begin. The geeky boys were laying on the chaise lounges, oogling the girls. “Tola…tola, tola,” said Brent.

“Why are you always saying, “‘Tola? That makes no sense,” said Jeff. Everyone knew that Brent was the class clown. “So, what is ‘Tola’?”

“‘Tola can mean anything you want it to mean, according to my bother Jesper, who is a Beta at UCLA. But mostly it stands for ‘munch-tola’ or ‘cunt-tola’ or ‘slit-tola’ and is usually uttered in reference to a skirt you want to go down on.” Jeff and Nolan who had just joined the conversation looked confused. They were geeks too. “Aah, munching box, eating at the “Y”. Are you guys dense. Man, it’s all about pussy.” Now this part is true. “Look at me. I am not much to look at. I am pudgy, don’t play sports or have a lot of money like all these other kids. What I have is skill with my tongue. If you can make a girl come with your mouth, you can probably get a BJ, maybe even some cunt.”

“You are always saying ‘cunt’ but you mean ‘vagina’.”

“A woman has a ‘vagina’ when she is driving a car or cooking dinner. She has a ‘cunt’ when it is wet and a hard cock is filling it up.” The other geeks turned red. “I just saw the chick who will be swallowing my semen later this afternoon. She just arrived.” The other geeks snapped their necks to see who had just arrived. “I didn’t say she just arrived, you turds.” Was this just idle boy-talk?

Brent was 5’10” and weighed 240 pounds, a straight “A” student and would be captain of the school’s geek team if there was one. But he had guts as well. One day last year he was delivering a package for the print shop where he works. It was a hot day. He walked up to the door of the Andrews home, a big house with a gate. Mrs. Andrews opened the large front door. Cindy Andrews was an average American, overweight with working class looks. That was one of the greatest days of his life. He learned a lot about women that afternoon.

That is just about what Brenda was thinking at that moment because—as she was standing in the kitchen with a full view of the front door, Suzie walked in. Brenda flushed and felt a tingle. This girl has made her wet since she was jail bait. “Mrs. Spencer, I did not have time to put on my suit since Church went longer than usual. May I use a bathroom?”

“All of the bathrooms on the first floor and in the pool house were occupied,” Brenda lied. Go upstairs and use the master bathroom to the right of the second floor landing.” Suzie skipped. Brenda followed.

Suzie had just entered the master bath, having closed both the bedroom door and the bathroom door. Brenda knocked on the bathroom door and just went in, carrying towels. “When I sent you up here I forgot that the towels were still Escort Kuşadası in the dryer.” She hung some of them and placed some others in the cabinet. This was all a ruse because Brenda had taken the towels out of the bathroom earlier that day just so she could deliver them when another of the hot eighteen year olds were in there.

Brenda tried very hard to be nonchalant. She bumped into Suzie and brushed Suzie’s butt. Playfully, Suzie pushed back and used her behind go bump Brenda back. Was this just girly playfulness or did Suzie enjoy the contact? Did Suzie just want to be buddies or was there something sensual? It was now or never. Brenda leaned into Suzie, put her hand behind Suzie’s neck and ever so gently pulled her in. Suzie could have resisted. She could have said ‘no’. But she didn’t. Brenda put her hands on Suzie’s perfect behind pressing into the bikini bottoms. This had been the object of her desire. Brenda squeezed nicely. Suzie murmured during the kiss. Brenda used her right hand to slip beneath the bikini bottoms and Suzie murmured some more. Brenda began kissing down Suzie’s neck and slid her tongue down slowly. Suzie liked this. Brenda wanted to know how much Suzie liked it so she pulled her right hand from Suzie’s ass and dropped them into the front. She found some hair. Suzie’s bush felt nice. Suzie pulled Brenda’s head down so their kiss was even deeper. Brenda used her tongue expertly to dance around Suzie’s tongue. Boys had French kissed her but they were rough and slobbery. Brenda’s kiss was softer and more romantic, just what Suzie had wanted.

“Mrs. Spencer` do you do anything else with your tongue? I mean in a way that is more satisfying?”

Brenda was floored and did not waste any time doping to her knees and yanking down Suzie’s bikini bottom. Brenda tossed them aside. In front of Brenda was the sexiest thing she had seen in a long time. Suzie’s bush was trimmed nicely. The boys must really like her. It was cut short, in length, and shaped into a perfect “V”. Brenda used her tongue to run up and down Suzie’s slit but did not push it further than the outer lips. This was teasing Suzie just as intended for Suzie lifted up her right leg, placed her foot on the stool that Brenda used to sit when applying makeup and used both hands to angle Brenda’s tongue deeper into her pussy. Brenda responded by using her tongue to dive into the teenager’s vagina. This made Suzie squeal. Brenda turned Suzie around so she was looking into her butt. Brenda just sat on her ankles admiring the beauty of the fine behind. Brenda spread the butt cheeks and licked the girl’s but crack. When she got to Suzie’s anus, she lingered.

Brenda was pretty sure no one has licked the girl’s ass hole before and hoped she would be the first. She licked the hole over and over and over. Suzie jumped and squealed. Yup, that was probably the first time. Suzie put her knee on the counter. “That was incredible.” Sure, the first time. “Please do that some more. Gladly, Brenda thought. She bent Suzie down so her pussy was closer to her face and licked for a long time. Brenda then bent her head as low as she could so she could lick Suzie’s clit. “Aaahhhh,” was Suzie’s response. Suzie felt an orgasm coming on so she turned around again, pushed Brenda back so she was leaning backwards and she slowly helped Brenda to the floor so she was laying on the cool stone. To Brenda’s great delight, Suzie sat over Brenda’s chest and inched forward. Brenda was eager to follow the kid’s lead so she pulled her upward to her face and scooted toward the shower. For the last movement, Brenda pulled Suzie’s pussy down her face so Suzie was sitting on Brenda’s face. Brenda started sucking and sucked for a long time. Suzie was screaming now and running her fingers through Brenda’s hair. Thank goodness the music from the party was so loud. Suzie’s voice got higher and higher and higher and higher until just in rhythm with the crescendo to the song, Suzie grunted and shook and collapsed backward on the floor.

The two women giggled for few minutes. Suzie was enjoying the final warm tingling of the great orgasm. Brenda was smiling, the happiest she had been in a long time. Suzie started feeling guilty and ashamed for using Brenda so she scooped up her bikini bottoms, wiggled into them, leaned over the sink, created a large lather with the facial soap, splashed water on her face, took a towel from the rack and rubbed off all of the sweat and excess water. Before leaving, she bend down to give Brenda a nice kiss on the lips and said, “Mrs. Spencer that was wonderful,” and ran off as fast as she could.

Brenda was in a daze. How wonderful? Was is good oral? A great orgasm? To sit on someone’s face? Or, maybe to make love to Brenda. Brenda sat on the stool and contemplated that for a while. She thought about washing her face but loved having a sheen of pussy juice on her face running down her neck. She used a brush to straighten her hair and skipped downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, she saw Micah, another divorced dad she had used a couple of times. “I am here to pick up Monica when the party is over.” Micah had the nicest and thickest cock she had ever had. “What were you doing, Mrs. Brenda _____.” You look a mess.

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