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Big Tits

Kimiko strode through the front door of the plush gym, and showed the desk clerk the membership card she had been sent through the mail. The clerk glanced up, and told her she had better hurry, because the gym would be closing in a half an hour. Kimi thanked her and said that would be fine. The clerk shrugged and returned to her work. It had all been arranged.

Kimi located the women’s locker room, went in, and changed into a white sports bra, loose grey shorts and her gym shoes. She put her street clothes in an empty locker, closed the door, went into the rest room and sat down in one of the stalls. After a few minutes, she heard someone walking quickly through, checking to make sure everyone was gone. A minute later, the lights went off and the room was silent. Kimi waited in the dark.

Some time later, the lights went on again. That was her cue. She opened the stall door, and went to the mirror to check her appearance. Satisfied, she walked out of the locker room and into the empty, brightly-lit gym. Or almost empty.

A large, muscular black man was lying on his back working out at the bench press, his legs parted, straddling the bench. A member of the 49ers starting defensive backfield, he was tall and lean, with almost no body fat, but incredible muscle mass and, from the looks of things, amazing upper body strength. His head was shaved, and his skin was smooth, hairless, and glistening with sweat from his exertion. He wore a 49er logo muscle shirt and loose crimson silk gym shorts.

Kimi approached him, and without a word, knelt down, reached down and grabbed his shorts. The man lifted his hips, and Kimi slowly pulled his shorts and his jock strap down to his ankles, untangling them from his size 14 gym shoes. His big, trunk-like, uncircumsized cock rested against one of his muscular thighs. Kimi moved up and sat on the bench between his legs, reached forward and slid her fingers around the shaft, slowly moving the loose skin up and down the shaft. The football player returned to his work, straining to lift the barbell with the huge weights on it. His smooth, hairless cock came slowly to life, lengthening and thickening under her touch, until it reached it’s full size, at least 9 inches, she thought. The glistening head emerged from beneath the foreskin each time her fingers pulled downward on it, then slipped out of sight as she her fingers slid upward again. Kimi found such uncircumsized cocks fascinating, and great fun to play with. She bent forward, holding it up with her fingers, extended her tongue, and slowly encircled the exposed glans. Then she kissed the tip, and eased her head down, engulfing him in her warm, wet mouth. The man moaned softly as he felt his cockhead taken into the sanctuary of Kimi’s mouth, but he kept pumping the weights as her lips slid down, taking him surprisingly deep. Her head began to bob as she sucked him, her mouth flooded with saliva. Her fingers held him at the base as she sucked, soft slurping sounds filling the silent gym.

Kimi sucked him patiently, enjoying the feeling of his cock in her mouth. She adored sucking cock, and this one was big, a challenge truly worthy of her best efforts. Occasionally, she opened her jaws, her lips not touching it, and took him deep into her throat, fighting back her gag reflex, and tried to swallow the bullet-like head. Then she would release him, and move down to lick and suck on his heavy, hairless balls. She made love to them patiently, stroking his big dick lightly with her fingertips as her tongue explored him wetly, delicately, nibbling and suckling the heavy orbs. Finally, she took him back into her mouth and nursed hungrily on him, her lips ovalled tightly and her fingers gripping the wet shaft at the base.

He let her suck his cock for several long minutes, enjoying the sensations. Finally, without a word, he reached down and lifted her head, forcing her to reluctantly let his cock escape from between her lips. She looked up at him, a trail of silvery saliva extending from her lower lip down her chin. Wordlessly, he motioned toward a nearby piece of equipment. Kimi nodded. The black man got up, walked over, and lay down on the bench, on his back. Kimi walked over, slid her shorts off, leaving her sports bra and shoes in place, and straddled the man’s face, sitting on kocaeli escort bayan it. His long tongue immediately snaked up inside her vagina, causing her to gasp with sudden pleasure. She raised her arms, resting her elbows on two pads just below eye level, her arms resting against two other pads. The equipment was designed such that you moved your arms together in front of you, thereby moving weights that exerted pressure and exercised your upper body. Slowly, Kimi began to move her arms, exercising them as the black man feasted on her pussy with his lips and tongue, his hands on her hips. Her gaze was fixed on his cock, which was engorged and pulsing with blood. She squirmed on his face as she worked out, rubbing her clit on his lips and tongue as he sucked on it and licked it. Once, he lifted her ass with his hands and his tongue slithered back against her asshole. Stiffening it and driving it inside, she moaned softly and writhed against his embedded tongue as he fucked her ass with it. Soon, her pussy and ass were drenched with his saliva and her own flowing wetness, and his face was bathed with it. Undulating her hips on his face as she worked out, she soon brought herself to her first climax of the evening, gasping aloud as his lips fastened around her clit and suckled it as she stifled a scream of ecstasy.

He lapped at her sex gently as she shuddered hard with the aftershocks of her orgasm, savoring her taste. Finally, she pulled herself off his wet face, and waited for what came next. He got up and led her to the equipment for doing pull-ups, with a padded bench and a wide bar with grips for your hands. He lay down on the bench, and Kimi quickly straddled him and guided his cock into her sopping wet pussy, grateful to have him deep inside her at last. She reached up for the bar, grabbed it and began slowly lifting herself up just enough so that the head of his cock almost slipped out of her. Then she lowered herself, her pussy accepting just the crown of his cock, before raising herself again. She teased him this way for several repetitions, until she couldn’t stand it any more and let her body plunge down and impale itself on his cock to the hilt. She fucked herself on his cock several more times, until her arms began to get weary.

The next station in their grand tour of the gym was an elaborate machine for doing squats. It had a flat metal plate at one end for resting your feet on, and a sled-like inclined bench that you could lie on and move up and down the ramp, with weights on your shoulders. The black man sat on the lower end, his cock still rigid. He motioned for Kimi to climb onto the machine, with her feet against the metal plate on either side of his waist. She arranged the weights on her shoulders, and slowly slid her body downward, bending her knees. The black man reached down and closed his fingers around the shaft of his cock, and as Kimi eased down, he positioned his cock so that the head rested between her drenched labia, poised at the entrance to her vagina. Slowly, she let herself slide lower, and his cock eased into her tight little pussy, stretching it deliciously, until it was buried in her all the way. Resting that way for a moment, she realized that her hands were free, and she reached up and lifted her sports bra, so that the soft material rested above her breasts, exposing them. Her nipples were stiff and eager as she cupped her breasts, pinching them between her fingers.

She waited like that for a moment, then pushed with her feet until his cock slide almost out of her, then let herself down again. She began establishing a slow rhythm, impaling herself on his fat cock, fucking herself with it, as he reached down and began to massage her clit with his big thumb. She groaned as she worked, thinking that she’d never had such an intensely erotic experience in her two years as a call girl.

Very soon, Kimi felt another orgasm building up quickly inside her body. She began to completely relax her knees on each downstroke, causing his cock to skewer into her hard each time as she plunged down on it. Then she began to lift herself still further with her legs, until his cock completely escaped from her yearning cunt. His cock was perfectly aligned, though, and as she let go with her knees, her body slid down fast and his izmit escort cock slammed into her dripping-wet pussy each time, jolting her with pleasure. Fucking him hard this way, she quickly brought herself to a shattering climax, her pussy grasping his buried cock tightly as she bit her lip and cried out with the intensity of her orgasm. And still he held back.

Finally, she came down, panting from her exertion and the powerful waves of her climax. She pushed herself up for the last time, letting his rigid cock slip out of her, and she disengaged herself from the equipment. The black man got up, and silently led her to yet another machine, this one designed for leg lifts. Kimi lay down on her stomach, the bench being designed such that her butt was raised much higher than her head, with her legs underneath two padded rods that you lifted to exercise your thigh muscles. As she lay there, the black man kneeled and ran his tongue the length of her cleft, from her clit to her asshole, his big hands spreading the firm cheeks of her ass. She groaned as his tongue bathed her, licking her everywhere at once, it seemed to her. But soon, he raised his head and positioned himself behind her, with his legs straddling hers. Flexing his knees, he poised the head of his cock at the entrance to her vagina, and slowly slid into her. Kimi moaned as the big cock filled her welcoming pussy once again. She began to force her legs upward against the weights, exercising as he began to thrust powerfully in and out of her, fucking her now in earnest. Pounding his cock into her, his balls slapping hard against her nakedly exposed clit, he soon brought her to her third powerful climax of the night, making her whimper and sob from the tremendous force of it.

As Kimi lay there trembling from her orgasm, the black man slid his big dick out of her and positioned the glistening, wet head of his cock at the little rosebud of her ass, grasping her cheeks with both of his huge hands and immediately exerting pressure against the resistant muscle. Kimi closed her eyes as he began to penetrate her ass, and then sucked in her breath quickly, allowing his massive member to pop inside. The pain of his entry made her cry out, and he waited for her pain to ease before pushing his cock deeper into her ass. Slowly, Kimi began to relax and accept the obscene invasion, and before long, he was able to sink his cock almost all the way inside her. Then, slowly, relentlessly, he began to fuck her, increasing his tempo as he buried his cock repeatedly in her tightly clenching ass. This time, there would be no holding back, and he drove powerfully toward his own long-withheld orgasm. Soon, Kimi felt his cock expand ominously as he thrust it into her powerfully, burying it in her to the balls. She writhed back against it, wriggling her ass as his balls contracted. At last, the black man broke his silence, throwing his head back and groaning out loud as his cock erupted in her tight ass, his come spurting into her like water gushing from a fire hose. Again and again his cock flourished as spurt after spurt of hot, syrupy come flooded her bowels. Kimi loved the feeling of his come bathing her, thoroughly enjoying the thought that she had finally made him lose control.

At last, his balls were empty, and he slowly eased his spent, dripping cock from her ass. Without a word, he led her on her unsteady legs to the men’s locker room, and into the shower, turning on the hot water. Soon, the room was full of steam as they thoroughly soaped each other’s bodies, washing themselves clean and, inevitably, renewing each other’s arousal. They rubbed against each other and grabbed each other playfully, slippery skin against slippery skin, as the black man’s cock came back to life. Toward the end of their shower, he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her like a feather so that he could kiss her, his cock sliding into her pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and kissed him hungrily, their tongues twining in the steamy room as he slowly fucked her, his big hands clasping her ass cheeks as the hot jets of water shot against their bodies, both of them enjoying the sensations of his deeply embedded cock. Then he slipped out of her and upended her body easily, turning her over like she was a rag doll, burying his face in her pussy escort bayan as she dangled her legs over his shoulders. As he lapped at her freshly washed pussy, she took his renewed cock between her lips and sucked it, returning the favor.

After the shower, they dried off, and he led her to the sauna, turning on the head and pouring water on the hot rocks to fill the room with steam. Kimi lay back on the wooden bench, and felt the heat slowly open her pores. But the black man was not finished with her yet. He grabbed her legs with his powerful hands and slowly bent them back and apart, exposing her naked pussy to him once again. He bent forward and began again to make love to her with his huge tongue, licking her up and down as if he were a big Labrador dog. When she was once again dripping wet with arousal, he guided his cock to her waiting pussy and slid inside, sinking it deep inside her with a powerful lunge. As the steam enveloped the room, he fucked her with a steadily increasing tempo, his huge cock pistoning in and out of her as he held himself over her with his rigid arms. On and on they fucked, their bodies smacking wetly together, sweat dripping steadily from his nose and his chin onto her heaving breasts, sweat glistened on Kimi’s skin from the heat, both of them concentrating on the incessant, driving rhythm of his cock, fucking and fucking and fucking and FUCKING and FUCKING until Kimi’s body erupted yet again, arching upward against him and screaming as she came. And still he fucked her, relentlessly, like something inhuman, like an animal, like a machine, never stopping, never even pausing, his powerful athlete’s body never tiring, until she lost herself in her screams of pleasure, in the hard pounding of his cock, surrendering to the unending waves of orgasm again and again, until her body neared exhaustion, until she thought she would never stop coming.

At last, he drove into her for the last time, groaning as his balls pumped out another huge load of sperm into her welcoming cunt, flooding it to overflowing with his viscous come. Kimi trembled violently as he filled her with his semen, gasping and trembling from the almost unbelievable wrenching power of her last, shattering orgasm, her breath catching in her throat each time her pussy spasmed and contracted tightly around his heavily spurting black cock.

They lay in each other’s arms for a long time, neither one wanting the sensations to end. Kimi basked in the glow of her multiple orgasms, enjoying, as she always did, the feeling of her pussy completely stuffed full of cock and come. At long last, he eased out of her, and sat back on the bench, his features easing into a smile. After a moment, he began to chuckle…and then to laugh. She soon joined him, giggling and finally laughing.

“I thought you were NEVER going to come!” she said, through her laughter.

“Hey, it was never in doubt. I paid good money to fuck you to death, Kimi, and damn if I’m going to just get off, without getting ALL my money’s worth out of that luscious body of yours.”

Kimi giggled again. “I didn’t mind, really. You could fuck me all night with that thing. I feel guilty even charging you. I just hope I didn’t ruin you for Sunday’s game.”

“Naah, I’ll be fine by then,” said the black man. “Besides, this was a pretty good workout. Coach would be proud of me. Besides, he wouldn’t begrudge me a chance to experience my all-time favorite fantasy.”

She grinned. “I probably lost ten pounds. Listen, be sure and tell the rest of the team about me, okay? I’m their biggest fan and I’m not going to rest until they all sign my official team photo, one by one, or in groups.”

“Oh, they’d all love to meet such a loyal fan, I’m sure,” said the black man, with a grin. “At least the straight ones would.”

On their way out of the gym, after having signed Kimi’s poster and placed a stack of $100 bills in her hand, they walked together past the front desk, where a young man stood waiting to let them out.

“Hey, thanks, man,” said the 49er. “I owe you one.”

“No sweat, buddy,” said the assistant manager of the gym, smiling. “I’ll be expecting those season tickets. By the way, I got the whole thing on video. Even the sauna. You don’t mind if I show it to a few friends, do you?”

They stared at him, and he suddenly burst out laughing. “Just kidding, man. But you should have seen your face! You looked like you just got busted for steroids!”

Laughing, they walked through the door and out into the darkness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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