Calliope’s Daddy Ch. 03

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Authors note: Every character on this story is over the age of 18 and while there is talk of the past no sexual shenanigans went on with any person under the age of 18. Thank you once again to my copy editor LaRascasse who, has made his life’s work to kill every semi colon he sees in my writing. I hope you enjoy this chapter.


Laying down beside her Padraic kissed her tenderly, lingeringly, “Daddy is here.” They continued to kiss deeply and passionately. He pulled her against him as they made out. Lifting her leg over his hip he entered her slowly and with feeling stroking into her gently. Time seemed to go slowly as they kissed and fucked lovingly his hand moving between them to tease at her clit, “Cum for Daddy baby, cum with Daddy.”

Small delicious waves rolled through her body as she quivered in his arms and felt him pulse inside her filling her with cum. So very unlike their earlier harsher encounters, Callie looked up into his face with wide green eyes and kissed him again deeply, whispering, “Thank you, Daddy.”

Padraic left Callie once he was certain she was asleep. Pulling on his boxers he went out the door. He too was exhausted but he was fastidious and exacting in all things. His work colleagues called him a control freak but he preferred to think of style as more discerning. He liked things to be a certain way, His home, His work and His love and he was prepared to work to have the things he wanted how he wanted them. Compromise was not something he did well. He went to the study to retrieve their ice cream bowls and take them to the kitchen, smiling to himself. Callie was what he wanted. She would, in time, be his perfect little angel and today was a wonderful start. He had not been this happy in a long time.

As he cleaned the bowls his mind drifted back to several years before. Her name was Michelle but to him she had simply been Shelly. They had fulfilled each others needs, two halves of a whole. Dominant and submissive, Daddy and baby girl, Master and slave, she had wanted and needed all of the training he gave her. They explored so much of the darker side of BDSM together and he had thought her as happy as himself until she left him for another.

They had attended a wild weekend with the Hell Fire Club, one of the largest BDSM Clubs in their state, who once a month put on gatherings of one sort or another. Trusting each other they had invited others to play with them from time to time always returning home in each others arms. Shelly had become very friendly with another submissive girl, Meredith, through this club and that particular wild weekend, the submissive made her move on Shelly.

Meredith belonged to a man who encouraged his girls to actively seek other subs to join their household. Meredith wanted Shelly as her own sub and had told Shelly about the life of being a switch. The idea of a polyamorous household fired Shelly’s imagination. It seemed to her like the Hell Fire party could go on forever in that house.

Padraic had been heart broken when she had come to him and begged for release. She was young and vivacious and there was so much more she wanted to explore that he couldn’t or wouldn’t give her. He turned his back on her and let her go. Walking away from her he had said “Go then” and walked into his den as she packed. He had decided there and then that he would not invest so much in a submissive again. That was until Callie came into his life. She needed someone to care. She needed some structure and stability in her out of control life. Callie needed a Daddy to love her.

Padraic knew he would need to be harsh, unrelenting and possibly cruel at first to make her see Daddy knew best. But he saw so much potential in her in the last two days, that he knew her training would not be traumatic for either of them. If anything he looked forward to the challenge of dominating the sassy, feisty young girl. As a half brother to Callie’s real father he had seen her grow up as a sweet natured quiet girl. He had been surprised when he had received the call from her mother out of the blue. Desperate and emotional, Callie’s mother had begged him to help her out of control daughter.

Padraic had expected a drug addict or filthy overused slut when he arrived at the jail to bail her out. What he found was a sassy little princess who trusted no one. When raging at him had failed to get her what she wanted she had attempted to seduce him. Padraic chuckled quietly remembering her clumsy attempt and the look of shock on her face when he had demanded better from her. The little princess was not used to be criticised or put in her place.

Padraic looked at the bags still sitting on the table. He had begun her transformation today, and though it was an expensive outing he had been very pleased with the results. If he took the bags into her room now he would not be able to help himself but to wake her again, so he picked up the art supplies she had chosen and the new notebook computer and Escort Kız walked into his study with them.

Placing them on his desk momentarily he moved some furniture around and went to retrieve an old battered school desk from the playroom. He bought it when a local school had sold off all their old furniture years ago, the flip lid made an amazing banging sound that took him back to his own childhood. Settling it in the corner with a too large chair behind it he placed her supplies within flipping through the blank pages of the visual diary considering how she could use that for his pleasure.

Returning to the playroom she selected a few items to take to his study. It would be some time before she was ready to play in here but he would need to start testing her limits. Emptying a small decorative chest he began to repack it with the toys he had selected, as well as several restraints. His mind’s eye imagined a few modifications he would need to make to his study which would become their temporary training room.

Taking the chest to his study he looked around and moved a few more things about. He hadn’t shared his study with Shelly but she had known he was a Dominant when she came to live with him. She had enjoyed his playroom as much as he. Callie was still naïve in many ways but she would learn and he was happy to take it slowly with her. He had no doubt that she would enjoy the training as much as he did once this week and the court case was over and she signed his formal contract agreeing to stay with him for no less than 13 months.

Gathering the remaining bags from the table he made his way to her room. Letting the light shine in from outside the room he waited for his eyes to adjust before as quietly as possible putting her new clothes away. Unable to resist the girl he stood above her and stroked a finger lightly over her cheek trailing it down her throat and over her small breasts. Callie stirred but didn’t open her eyes.

Padraic felt his cock stir again, ‘fuck’ he thought, ‘this is the girl I have waited for.’ With his cock growing harder with each stroke of his hand over her small body he pinched her nipple lightly, loving the answering whimper as her eyes fluttered and closed again.

Smiling he pinched the other nipple, “Daddy,” she whimpered plaintively. He smiled as he attached the tweezer clamps and tightened them to the point they would hold without being overly painful. The bed was purposefully built higher than average so a girl would be made to climb into it and so it was thigh high for Padraic. One hand travelled tickling down her body to her hot wet cunt as the other slowly teasingly tightened the clamps further.

Padraic delved his fingers into her wet little hole holding his thumb against her clit as he stretched her again. Callie was panting now and though her eyes remained closed, he turned her head toward him. He rubbed his cock over her lips smearing them with precum and groaned as she parted them and licked out with a small pink tongue.

Callie was enjoying the dream like state that remained while she kept her eyes closed, her nipples throbbed and sent tendrils of pain into her breasts that flowed through her body to meet with the tingling feeling he gave her as he finger fucked her tight hole. She found herself wanting to suck his cock in her heat and need, parting her lips to lick and lap at him, the taste driving her to suck him into her mouth. Her hips bucked and rolled against his fingers as he began to thrust into her mouth.

Padraic’s desire to dominate this girl over came him and he placed his free hand behind her head guiding her movements deeper turning her upper body to him as he fucked her mouth, her gagging spurring him on, his fingers curling to her G spot. Pulling from her mouth he demanded, “Who do you belong to baby? Who’s your Daddy?”

She was panting her eyes flickering open as her hips rolled and bucked still over his hand, “You, Daddy!”

Quickly he rolled her to her belly pulling her legs off the bed and raising her ass with a pillow placed under her hips. The tweezers on her nipples bent and pulled against her as he moved her body making her squeal and he entered her roughly. She knew what he wanted and she gasped, “Please Daddy fuck me. Fuck me hard with your big Daddy cock.”

Padraic heard her words and pounded into her hard and unrelentingly. He needed this girl he needed to have a girl of his own again. He fucked her hard and fast and as he felt his balls tighten and his cum rising he reached beneath her to pull off the nipple clamps roughly, basking in her cries as she came with him. He growled out the words… “You’re Daddy’s little fuck toy aren’t you? You’re Daddy’s little whore now.”

“Yes, Daddy, yes,” was all Callie could get out as pain and pleasure flared through her body she was amazed that the names he called her made her hotter and her body shake more in pleasure. “Yes Daddy’s fuck toy,” as the words left her mouth she came. Her cunt began to spasm and milk at his cock drawing out his orgasm.

Padraic roared as he came, he collapsed over her his ragged breath strong in her ear. “Yes, baby, you are mine now.” He climbed onto the bed and pulled her to him kissing her deeply. “Mm such a good girl for her Daddy,” Padraic placed his hands on her shoulders and started to push guiding her down his body, “Clean Daddy’s cock, baby, show him how much you love it.”

Callie lapped and licked at his softening shaft and balls before taking him into her mouth. The two fell asleep with Callie’s lips wrapped around Padraic’s cock like a pacifier.


Padraic woke with the head of his swollen cock still within the sleeping girls lips. He groaned, barely moving before finally he pushed further unable to help himself. Responsively, she suckled. Callie woke as the cock in her mouth moved. Not quite awake and thinking it still a dream she tightened her lips around the cock. After barely more than ten strokes he came and she sucked all of it down draining him completely as he growled. Pulling her up to him he kissed her and stroked her hair until she fell back to sleep.

Padraic rolled from the bed and walked softly from the room. He went to shower and shave before heading to the kitchen to brew some coffee. Padraic longed for her company. He had been alone so long and to him she was a perfect fit. Perhaps it was fate that Callie had come into his life now when he was finally ready to move on from what had happened with Shelly. She needed someone to look after her and show her they cared and he needed to be that person. Once again he considered waking her but he knew it was best to let her sleep so pouring himself a cup of coffee he went to his study and went through his emails.

Padraic let himself get engrossed in his work and several emails went back and forth that it surprised him when Callie walked in dressed in the blue transparent baby doll night gown from the night before and curled up in a large chair watching him work. She looked sleep tousled and so cute in the over sized chair he smiled.

“Good morning my baby girl,” Padraic smiled broadly at her. “Ready for breakfast or do you need a bath to wake up first?” he asked lightly.

Callie just shook her head and curled in a tighter ball on the chair. She didn’t know why she had sought him out rather than staying in the nice warm bed except that she wanted to be near him. Callie hugged her knees as she sat in the big chair and watched him through hooded eyes. Her mind rolled over the last few days and she was surprised to admit that despite all the demands he made of her to be a good girl and the punishments she had received, this was the safest she had felt in years. She realised that there was more to this contract than just fucking an old man occasionally. It would not be so easy to win him over and get her own way with him and again she wondered at her alternatives before shivering and discarding them.

“Are you cold baby?” Padraic’s voice held concern. He was always acutely aware of her whenever she was close by. He watched as she shook her head, strands of golden hair bouncing around her face. She was a little angel, beautiful and perfect in his eyes. He found her absolutely irresistible and he could feel his cock harden again as he gazed at her.

“Come and give Daddy a good morning kiss,” Padraic smiled at her as she obediently rose and padded across the carpet to him. Every inch of her was visible under the transparent blue material and his desire to possess her totally filled him again. Padraic pulled her onto his lap and wrapped his arms tightly around her as she tilted her face up to kiss him. Kissing her deeply he pulled back, “Do you need to go back to bed, baby?” Padraic watched as she shrugged, “Well when you are ready to talk to Daddy, let me know.” Padraic smirked and turned back to his computer holding her in his lap, loving the feel of her leaning against his chest her head resting just below his shoulder.

Callie closed her eyes, she had never really had this sort of closeness with another person. She was independent and had become increasingly isolated as she had grown up. She listened to the strong steady heartbeat. Sex had always been just sex to her, another way to manipulate things to get what she wanted, money, gifts, etc. This type of intimacy was new and strange, and she wasn’t sure about any of it except that she liked being held in his lap like this, his large hand stroking her back and ass absently as his other clicked the mouse.

Callie’s whole body ached, he had spanked fucked and used her body so much in the last two days muscles she wasn’t even aware of before protested as she moved and her pussy felt almost bruised from the pounding it constantly received lately. She squirmed slightly thinking about it.

Starting to sit up she felt Padraic’s arms curl around her tighter, “Where are you going baby?

“I was going to get some juice maybe. We bought some last night, didn’t we?” she said her voice still dry from sleep.

“Daddy will get it for you,” Padraic stood up holding her by her ass cheeks as she squealed and wraps her arms tightly around his neck and her thighs over his hips as he walked to the kitchen placing her on a stool near the bench.

“Thank you Daddy,” Callie murmured as he placed a glass in front of her and filled it three quarters full.

“Your welcome baby,” he leaned over the counter to kiss her before taking out bowls and milk and cereal and placing them on the bench. Pouring them both a bowl and adding milk before placing her in front of her ignoring her protests that she wasn’t hungry and juice would be fine. “You have to eat baby, or Daddy will wear you out to quickly,” he smirked at her, “You are irresistible to Daddy. I want to play with you all the time. Now be a good girl and eat your breakfast.”

Callie picked up the spoon and played with the cereal before putting it down again, she never ate breakfast usually. Looking up she saw Padraic was frowning at her. “Really, Daddy,” Callie tried in her best wheedling little girl voice, “I’m not hungry.”

Padraic voice was stern and low, “Daddy knows best, now eat baby. You know what happens to naughty girls who don’t do what Daddy says or do you need another lesson?”

Callie sighed dramatically and picked up the spoon. The sigh was one step too far and Padraic stood up and picking Callie up from the stool he bent her over the bench. Spanking her ass on every word he growled. “Good girls do what they are told when they are told. Good girls do not sigh at their Daddies!”

The spanking had been delivered quickly with no teasing caresses or delving fingers. When she was placed back on her stool and the cereal bowl pushed in front of her once more she was sobbing quietly tears running down her face, her little ass glowing hotly and stinging. “Now eat your breakfast, baby, like a good girl.”

Callie sniffled, “Yes Daddy.” Watching him sit beside her she saw he was aroused his boxers tenting at the front yet he hadn’t fucked her after the spanking like he had in the past. He hadn’t made it erotic or sexy, and she inexplicably was disappointed. ‘Is he truly that angry with me that he doesn’t want me anymore?’ The small scared voice in her mind asked as she looked at his stern face. Callie picked up the spoon and began to eat.

Padraic stayed silent watching her and when she was done he took the bowl away. To the sink, and picked her up again gripping her cheeks cruelly making her whimper as he carried her to the bathroom and ran her a bath. Squirting in some bubbles he placed her in the steaming water. “The next time Daddy asks you to do something, you will do it, baby. I do not want to have to repeat that little lesson. Do I make myself clear?” His voice was still a low growl.

Callie nodded, “Yes Daddy.” Padraic shut off the water and left her without another word. He stopped outside the door and listened carefully. Hearing her sob, it took some will power not to go back in to comfort her, but for the punishment to be effective, he had to leave her to think about it for a little while. She had to know he would not be a pushover like the men she had known in the club. The little princess had to learn that Daddy would be obeyed.

Callie was in turmoil. Her tough outer shell that she had honed through the last few turbulent years of her life reminded her that she didn’t care, as long as he kept her out of jail it didn’t matter to her if he loved her or not. His face played across her mind. Over the last two days she had seen his lust and desire for her and it made her feel wanted and special. Last night and this morning he had been so tender and intimate with her, his care and genuine fondness for her evident and she had ruined it all by pouting over breakfast. She sobbed, wanting him to look at her like he did that morning with the happiness he said she gave him. “You make me a very happy, Daddy.” He had said the night before and she realised she was as disappointed in herself as he seemed to be with her.

As she let the hot water ease her aching body she tried to pull her tough outer shell back around her, to not care that he didn’t look at her with love anymore but it was too late. Sometime over the last two days she had begun to care. Without even realising it and a tear rolled down her face.

Padraic came back in. He sat in the side of the bath. “All clean, baby?”

Callie looked up at him sadly, her face still tear streaked, “I am sorry Daddy.”

“So am I baby but you have to learn, Daddy knows best,” he let a small smile drift across his face as he gazed down on the girl. “Now, let’s get you cleaned up, Bea is here to do the cleaning.” He took up a cloth and began to clean her face. Working his way down her body he washed her thoroughly as she automatically moved her limbs to allow him access. Picking her up from the bath he wrapped a large towel around her caressed her softly as he dried her, his hands lingering over her still pink bottom.

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