Camilla Ch. 047

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Naked Camilla was frightened out of her wits to hear Finch’s wife screaming at him for his shocking infidelity.

“For Christ’s sake, you think you know your husband of twenty years, but you don’t!” she yelled. “You bastard!”

Camilla threw on her clothes as quickly as she could and ran for the door, outside of which was a crowd of curious teachers listening to the fight inside. By the time Camilla had got out of Mr. Finch’s classroom, she’d heard his wife shout ‘divorce’ at least a dozen times. Camilla fought her way out from the crowd of teachers, who included Mr. Gray, Mr. Keyes, and Mr. Dawson, all of whom smiled lewdly at her, knowing exactly what obviously had happened. She was shaking with fear and embarrassment.

The nastiness of that confrontation, however, made her feel mysteriously ready to face her mother with the truth about Troy’s lusting after her. In fact, her mother’s fiance sent her a text message as she was running out of the front doors of the school: he wanted to see her that night; he’d made an excuse about seeing his family to get away from Collette. Camilla texted him back, agreeing to have him come over to her apartment at 9 PM.

Then she received a call from Bob. “Hi Camilla,” he said. “Do you want to do more photos and video tonight?”

“Absolutely,” she said. “I’m glad you called, because I was hoping we could do some POV porn with my friend Candice, all from her point of view.”

“Really?” he said. “You’re lucky, because I have a special camera for exactly that kind of video. It’s a brand new invention a friend of mine made. Meet me in my apartment at six, and I’ll show it to both of you.”

“OK,” she said. “We’ll be there at six.”

She then phoned Candice and told her she’d drive her to Bob’s apartment. When she got home, Candice was ready to go, and eager to be given head by Camilla. They arrived at Bob’s apartment at about 6:10 PM.

He showed them the POV camera. “This is what my friend made,” he said. “It’s a prototype for a POV camera he plans to sell. The goggles are the lens: it responds to your eye movements, Candice, so whatever you’re looking at, that’s exactly what’s filmed. So as you’re making love with Camilla, always remember to look at something sexy: her pussy, her ass, her tits, her come-shot, your fingers inside her. And though there is stabilization circuitry in this camera, it can do only so much; so try not to shake too much as you’re making love, or else the video will be too jittery to enjoy.”

“Okay,” Candice said, and after getting naked she put the camera goggles on. A wire connected them to the camera itself, which Bob controlled from several feet away from where the girls would make love. Candice lay on her back on the bed (the same one Camilla lay on on Sunday afternoon during her first photo shoot with Bob, and with Leo watching). Camilla got naked and put her face between Candice’s legs for some cunnilingus. Candice looked down at Camilla, and Bob pressed play on the camera.

This was the resulting video. Cast: Camilla–herself; you–Candice (i.e., everything was seen from Candice’s point of view, so you, the watcher, see what she saw).

Camilla, looking lewdly in your eyes and smirking, begins licking your pussy. You moan and gyrate your hips, but always keep your head reasonably still. You delight in looking down at your tits, which you cup in your hands and fondle, intermittently pinching your nipples. You also see your ginger pussy, the pubic hair being wet with Camilla’s saliva. You put your right breast in your mouth and suck on it, moaning louder and louder as Camilla’s lips and tongue thrill you.

Then you gesture to Camilla to come up to you. She slowly comes up, kissing your pubes and your belly. Then she reaches your large breasts and begins sucking on the left one and fondling the right one, always looking at you lasciviously. She tickles your left nipple with her tongue and your right nipple with her fingers. You tilt your head slightly to the right and watch her pinch your right nipple; you squeal and breathe heavily.

She brings her body around and she and you are in the sixty-nine position, her ass in your face. As you lick her pussy, you look directly at her up-close asshole, admiring every wrinkle on those Gaziantep Escort brown, puckered lips. Then you look down at her wide-open vagina, which you’re spreading with your fingers. You moan and pant at her licking, and your voice and breath vibrate against her pussy. You look back up at her asshole and stretch it open with your fingers; then you slide your right index finger inside. You push it in and pull it out as you continue licking her cunt; then you pull your finger out and start licking her asshole. You admire her upper anal cleft as you lick, practically counting the goose-bumps and tiny brown moles. You slide your tongue in and out of her anus a few times, and lick around the orifice. Then you go down and lick her clitoris: her vaginal opening is mere millimetres from your eyes. As you lick and suck on her hard clit, you can hear her squealing and screaming louder and higher. Finally, she comes a waterfall on your face, and drops of jizz splash on the camera lens.

Bob pressed stop. He viewed the whole video on his computer monitor.

“That was great,” he said. “Now, Camilla, we have a new category for your porn website: lesbian.”

“Excellent,” she panted.

“You did a good job keeping your head still, Candice,” he said. “We should do some video showing both of you in action, so the viewers can see your pretty face.”

“No thanks,” Candice said. “I’m a little too shy to have people know I’ve done porn.”

“Very well,” Bob said. “Come on over and see what’s new on the website. You can see the responses you’re getting to your pictures and video, Camilla.” The girls went over to his computer to see the website, The website had only existed for a few days, and there were already thousands of views, and hundreds of paying customers. Camilla was thrilled.

Camilla posed for more pictures, while Candice, now dressed, watched. Bob took photos of Camilla stuffing dildos and butt-plugs inside herself, in lingerie, on the toilet peeing, and in the bathtub washing herself. After an hour of posing, Camilla was ready to leave with Candice. Candice went out the door and waited for Camilla in the hall; Camilla, now dressed, picked up the POV goggles and put them on Bob’s head.

“I think they look good on you, Bob,” she said with a salacious twinkle in her eyes.

“Um, maybe we should keep our relationship professional,” he said with a mixture of jitters and excitement.

“We will, I promise you,” she said. “I wanna do more POV porn.”

“As fun as that would be for me,” he said nervously, “I’ve had bad experiences with models when I got too…close to them. The working relationship tends to fall apart when I fu…”

She put her finger on his lips, not letting him finish his sentence. “Don’t worry about that,” she purred. “It’s all work–work that we enjoy.” She smiled lewdly at him, and walked out of his apartment.


When the girls got back to their apartment, Camilla kicked off her high heels and asked, “What are your plans for tonight, Candice?”

“I’m going over to Francine’s to get more dope,” Candice said.

“Maybe you should take it easy on the drugs, Candice.”

“Maybe you should take it easy with all your lovers, Camilla.”

“Oh, well, never mind. Can you do me a favour?” Camilla asked as she pulled off her tube top.

“Sure, what?”

“Call my mom at 11 PM, no earlier. Tell her to come here. I wanna talk to her about something.” Camilla dropped her shorts to the floor; she was in only her yellow panties now.

“I’ll do one better than that, Camilla. I’ll drive her here. I should be finished at Francine’s around 10:30 or so.”

“Even better; you can let her in the apartment. I don’t think I’ll be able to get the door.” Camilla’s panties fell to the floor, and she pulled her feet out of the leg-holes. She was now naked.

“OK,” Candice said, remembering what had happened on Monday and correctly guessing what Camilla planned to do. “See you at eleven.” Candice got her car keys and left.

Camilla cleaned her pussy in the shower and put on some bright make-up. She put her hair in pig tails and waited for her stepfather-to-be to arrive, though she didn’t Gaziantep Escort Bayan imagine her mom going through with the wedding once Troy’s infidelity was without any doubt. Troy arrived at about 9:10. She opened the door and allowed his eyes to pour all over her luscious frontal nudity.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said with a look of feigned wide-eyed innocence. “Come in.”

“Oh, sweetie,” he panted. “You have such a beautiful body.” He walked in, and she closed the door behind him.

He, now behind her, put his hands on her breasts and gently squeezed them. He kissed her softly on the neck, and she moaned and fingered her clitoris. He slowly bent his knees and kissed her in a straight line down her back; then he kissed her soft buttocks, first along her outer anal cleft, then all over each cheek, and after that along her gluteal sulcus. Then he opened her buttocks and kissed her all over her inner anal cleft, his kisses getting closer and closer to her anus. Finally, he reached her anus, and pressed his lips hard on it in a long, passionate kiss, as if it were a pair of brown, puckered lips. She sighed softly as he kissed her there, spreading her legs and putting her hands up against the door. Then he licked her asshole eagerly.

He straightened up. “Can you forgive me for what I’m doing?” he asked.

“Of course,” she said. “Are you gonna fuck me, daddy?” She looked up at him like an innocent child…if only she were.

“I’ll never be satisfied until I do,” he panted. “I love your mother so much, and I know this is so wrong, but I can’t stop myself.” He picked her up and carried her to the bed, where he lay her on her back. Then he put his face between her legs and began licking her already wet pussy. His tongue tickled her clit, and his fingers went inside her cunt. Then he wrapped his lips tightly around her rock-hard clitoris and sucked on it; she, squealing, ran her hands through his hair. He slowly moved up her body, kissing her pubic area, her belly, and her breasts. Then he sucked on the left one while fondling the right one and pinching its nipple. After doing this for several seconds, his hand and lips switched breasts. She felt his groin area, squeezing the hidden hard-on in his pants. When she unzipped his fly, he got on his back and she got on top of him in the 69 position.

He resumed licking and fingering her pussy as she pulled his fully-erect phallus from his pants. Finally, she would know what an intimate part of his body looked like after it being only she who was always undressed for him. Seeing his cock for the first time, she was impressed with its size. She put it in her mouth and deep-throated it. Then she pulled it out of her mouth and licked and kissed the knob. He raised his head and licked her anus while still rubbing his fingers against her vaginal walls. The tip of his long finger tickled and pressed against her A-spot. She played with his balls and wrapped her upper lip tightly around his protruding corpus spongiosum.

Soon, they came almost simultaneously, her soaking his face with her come and him ejaculating all in her mouth: she drank every drop. After resting and catching their breath, she said, “I gotta go pee-pee, Daddy.”

He put his spent member in his pants and zipped them up; then he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. He gently rested her bottom on the toilet seat. She spread her legs, looked up at him, and began peeing. He looked down between her legs and watched the yellow liquid leak from her urethra down into the toilet bowl water. She moaned her relief.

“Where’s Mommy?” she asked.

“Camilla,” he said with a slight sneer. “Aren’t you, 18 years of age, a little old to be calling her ‘Mommy’?”

“Well, she always treats me like a child, so it seems appropriate,” she said caustically. “Besides, men seem to think I sound sexier if I talk like a little girl.”

“Desire certainly is childish,” he said. “I wish I had the maturity to resist you.”

She finished her peeing, and reached for the toilet paper. “You don’t have to resist me, Daddy. I like pleasing you.” She wiped herself dry, then got up and flushed the toilet. “But where is she?” She went into the shower stall and turned on the water.

“She’s Escort Gaziantep at home,” he said, reaching for the soap. “I told her I had urgent family business at my parents’ home, something personal that only I could talk about with them, so she allowed me to leave.” He lathered up the soap and began cleaning her vagina. “She had a look of suspicion in her eyes; I know I’m taking an enormous risk being here with you, but I can’t stop myself. I really love your mother, you must believe me. This is so terribly wrong, what I’m doing. I feel really guilty; but sin is addictive.” He rinsed her off, and she got out of the shower stall. He got a towel and dried her off. His cock was hard again. “Sweetie, can I put it inside you?”

“I can’t wait,” she sighed. He picked her up and carried her back to the bed.

He lay on his back and pulled out his cock. She got on top of him in the cowgirl position and aimed his dick at her ever-moist vaginal opening. She took his cock in slowly, inch by delicious inch, and sighed in ever higher pitches as it went in deeper. In anticipation of her copious coming, he pulled his pants down: this was just in time, for when his cock was all the way in, she screamed in whistle register and sprayed her cooze all over his groin area. She kept going up and down on his cock, squealing staccato notes in the sopranino range, and jizzing intermittently; he enjoyed watching her large breasts bounce wildly. “They are so pretty,” he groaned as he watched. “My lovely step-daughter.”

“My handsome Daddy,” she said with jiggling intonation as she continued fucking him. He grabbed her breasts and fondled them for a while. Then he moved his hands down to her ass and squeezed her buttocks, guiding her ass up and down on his cock.

After her fourth orgasm, he pulled his soaking cock out; she got off the bed and knelt beside it. He sat on the side of the bed, his legs on either side of her, and put his cock between her tits. She wrapped her soft, smooth breasts around his rock-hard shaft and slid them up and down on it. “Do you like that, Daddy?” she asked as she tit-fucked him.

“Oh, yes,” he moaned. He took her breasts in his hands, and she played with his balls, shaking them quickly but gently. She always had her face pointed down in anticipation of his ejaculation, which came after a minute more of tit-fucking. She received splashes of come on her nose, left cheek, right eye, and chin. “Doesn’t that look pretty,” he sighed.

“I’ll leave it on my face if you want me to, Daddy,” she said, his come dripping from her nose and chin. She wiped some of it out of her eye, and they rested again. He took off his pants, went into the shower stall, and cleaned her come off his groin area. When he came out and dried himself, she came into the bathroom, his come still dripping off her face. She sat on the toilet and peed again. When she finished, he reached for the toilet paper and pulled some off the roll. He rolled the piece and reached down to wipe her pussy dry. “Oh, thank you, Daddy,” she said as he was wiping. He was hard again; she got up and flushed the toilet. “Time to clean my pussy in the shower again.”

“Oh, no, sweetie,” he insisted. “Not this time.”

“But, Daddy,” she said. “I’m so stinky down there.”

“No, baby,” he said. “You’re so fragrant. I like the smell of your pee.” He picked her up and carried her back to the bed. He lay her on all fours; she spread her legs wide open so he could see her asshole.

She gave him her anal lube. “Wanna put it in my poo-hole, Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes, I do,” he grunted. He lubed his cock and her rectum. He pushed his erection against her anal orifice, slowly coaxing it open, and slid it a few inches inside. She looked back at him, squinting and with her mouth agape as she welcomed his cock in. He slid it in a few inches further, and she moaned in unison with him. Finally, he pushed it all the way in. He slid it in and out, looking down at her beautiful ass. Then he put his hands on her tits and squeezed them as he continued fucking her ass for several minutes.

He was in such ecstasy that he didn’t hear, above his and Camilla’s moans, the sound of footsteps in the apartment, coming straight for the bedroom. The bedroom door swung open, loudly striking the wall. Both Camilla and Troy quickly turned their heads around to see who was there. Troy had a look of white terror on his face; Camilla wickedly grinned through the come drying on her face.

Candice frowned and looked away. Collette stared at the lovers with a look of absolute fury in her eyes.

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