Camilla Ch. 048

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Troy guiltily pulled his cock out of Camilla’s arse as Collette, her mother and his fiance, angrily watched.

“You were fucking my daughter in the ass?!” Collette yelled, shocked at the sight of Camilla’s stretched-open asshole.

Quickly losing his erection, Troy put his underwear and pants on. Knowing there was nothing he could say to placate Collette, he timidly remained silent, trembling and staring at his feet. Beginning to sob, he put on his socks and shoes.

Camilla got off the bed and stood proudly nude in front of her mother, even getting closer so Collette could see what was on her face: Troy’s still drying come.

“You jizzed on my daughter’s face?!” Collette shouted with tears in her eyes. Camilla smugly smiled at her mother. “You wipe that smirk off your face, you little bitch!” Collette slapped Camilla hard on the face when she said that last word.

“Ms. Mennon,…” Candice said, anxious to stop the fighting.

“Stay out of this, Candice!” Collette snapped. After taking a few deep breaths to collect herself, she calmly said, “Troy, get in your car and drive home; we’ll talk about this in a minute. Candice, I’ll need you to drive me home, for I need to talk to you about a few things, too. As for this little whore,” she glared at her daughter, “she needs to be left alone for a while.”

“Collette, I…” Troy stuttered.

“Troy, go home!” Collette screamed. He hurried out to his car and drove back to Collette’s home. Calmly again, she said, “Candice, please go out to your car and wait for me. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Ms. Mennon, please don’t…” Candice said, almost crying.

“I won’t hurt Camilla,” Collette calmly said. Candice left.

Collette stood in front of her naked daughter and pulled out some Kleenex from her purse. “I know what you were trying to do,” she coldly said as she began wiping Troy’s come off of Camilla’s face. “But you didn’t succeed. Sorry to disappoint. Remember, you’re the unforgiving one, not me.” She finished wiping Camilla’s face.

“Aw, Mommy,” Camilla said with a smart-ass look in her eyes. “I like having your fiance’s come on my face.”

“You want a gooey face?” Collette asked with a bitter grin. “Here.” She spat on Camilla’s nose, then left the apartment.

Camilla sat on the bed and sobbed.


When Collette and Candice walked up into the bedroom of Collette’s home, Troy, still crying, was there packing his things. “Stop packing,” Collette said calmly. “You’re staying; nothing’s changed between us.”

“What?” Troy said in shock. “B-but after what you just saw,…”

“Troy, I forgive you,” she blurted out. Surprise shone from both Troy’s and Candice’s faces. “Just don’t fuck my daughter ever again.” She sat on the bed and in exasperation took a deep breath.

“I don’t understand,” he said. “That was too easy.”

“Troy, my forgiving you for doing what you just did, so soon before our wedding, is as far away from easy as anything could be,” she snapped. “The fact is, she seduced you, not vice versa. She wanted to stop me from marrying you: it didn’t work, because I love you. Her punishment is knowing she has a stepfather in spite of her efforts; your punishment is looking at my face for the rest of our married lives, knowing what you did.” She kicked off her shoes and lay on her back on the bed.

“How is having a stepfather a punishment for Camilla?” Candice asked. She sat on the side of the bed.

“She absolutely doesn’t want one, that’s how,” Collette explained. “In her mind, no one can replace her father, whom she’s always loved to excess. She’s tried ruining my marriage plans before, tempting away my previous boyfriends and fiances. Camilla never actually had sex with them…at least I don’t think she ever did…but she’s a sexy girl, and she uses her–assets–to get whatever she wants. Troy, you’re a man, with a man’s weaknesses. You didn’t resist her because you couldn’t: she made sure of that. Anyway, she hates me, she’s always hated me, and she’ll never forgive me for taking her away from her father.”

“Collette, you’ve only told me about your divorce with Agape in general terms,” Troy said. “What happened, canlı bahis exactly?”

“My nymphomania is what happened,” Collette said, putting her hand on her forehead and brushing her hair back. She exhaled loudly, then continued explaining. “Now you know where Camilla gets it from: like mother, like daughter. I met her father Agape, or Aga, as I always called him, back when we were both in university, during the fourth year of our undergraduate studies. He was my boyfriend: Aga Mennon, what a sweet man. We made love one night, and he got me pregnant with Camilla. We, such good Catholics, didn’t believe in abortions, so we got married. Thus I became Collette Madeleine Mennon, no longer Collette M. Nestra. He was a good husband, and great in bed–he was hung like John Holmes, let me tell you. But I was unhappy being married so young while all my friends were free and sexually active. So I cheated on Aga–many times.”

Next, Collette described one encounter she’d had in her home with a man with whom she’d been having an affair. It was a Friday afternoon, when Agape was at work and little six-year-old Camilla was at school. Though Collette didn’t go into any graphic sexual detail when telling Troy and Candice about the encounter, Collette’s photographic memory–another trait Camilla inherited from her–allowed her to remember what had happened in vivid detail…

Assuming they’d never get caught, and thrilled at the danger of the possibility, then-28-year-old Collette brought a handsome, muscular man, 30-year-old Angus Thass, into her home at about 2 that Friday afternoon. They raced up into the bedroom. He pushed her up against a wall by the bed; both of them were breathing heavily and rapidly. He tore open her dress shirt: the buttons flew off, and her large breasts were now protected only by an ornately designed, grey lace brassiere. She frantically undid his pants as he unhooked her bra. Her breasts wiggled with freedom once exposed to his hungry eyes; her reddish-pink nipples were erect, and there were similar goose bumps on her areolae. She pulled her arms out of her shirt and bra, and he shoved his face between her breasts. She squeezed them against his cheeks and he undid her pants. He pulled them down while sucking on her right tit. She pulled his pants down. She took off his necktie and undid the buttons on his dress shirt while he pulled down her grey panties.

As she pulled his shirt off, he looked up and down at her delicious nakedness. “Oh, Collette,” he sighed. “You’re too hot.”

Curvaceous, callipygian, and buxom, as Camilla would be in ten years, Collette had wispy black pubic hair to match the colour of the long black hair on her pretty head, and she had piercing eyes of the same colour. She was a sensuous young Latina, and while Agape’s large cock had given her plenty of pleasure, she craved variety.

She pulled Angus’ boxer shorts down to reveal his thick, seven-inch erection. Her eyes almost popped out of her head the first second she saw it; she was delighted to see it pointing straight at her wet pussy. “Oh, Angus,” she moaned. “That’s gonna feel so good inside me.”

He took off his shoes and socks, and she was about to kick off her high heels when he stopped her. “Please, baby, no,” he said. “Leave your heels on: I have a fetish for them.”

“Anything you say, honey,” she panted. The lovers took a few seconds to look at and admire the flawless perfection of each others’ bodies–his muscles, and her curves; not a millimetre of unwanted fat. Then they rushed to the bed.

She got on her back and raised up her outstretched legs. He got between them, on his knees, and aimed his cock at her cunt. He got on top of her, in the missionary position, and slid it in slowly. She screamed like a banshee as she felt him filling her hole, leaving no vaginal cavity unstimulated. His thrusts were quick and aggressive; he grabbed her tits as he fucked her. She grabbed his arms and felt his muscles as she received his manhood. He grunted and she screamed in short, staccato squeals as the tip of his cock pecked at her A-spot. After several minutes of hard fucking, she came; but he was still rock-hard and ready for more.

He got off of her and bahis siteleri sat on the side of the bed. She got off the bed and squatted between his legs, taking his cock into her mouth. She sucked her come off his long, thick shaft, then pulled it out and kissed and licked the knob. She held his scrotum in her hand and with her fingers made his balls alternately kick back and forth in a lewd burlesque. His corpus spongiosum was protruding, and she curved her tongue around the tube to hug it tightly while her wet lips were squeezed around his shaft. His moans and sighs grew louder and higher in pitch as he approached orgasm. He looked down at her golden coloured high heels, admiring how they augmented the beauty of her feet.

All their excitement, as well as the noise they were making, caused them not to hear someone coming into the house at an unexpectedly early time. Footsteps weren’t heard coming hurriedly up the stairs, and right when Angus was about to come, the bedroom door opened. A soft, gentle voice called out, “Mommy?”

Collette pulled Angus’ cock out of her mouth fearfully and turned her head to her left to look at her shocked daughter. He splashed his come all over the right side of Collette’s face. Sobbing, little Camilla ran down the stairs and out of the house.

“Oh my God,” Candice said. “That explains everything about Camilla. She must have been traumatized.”

“Yeah,” Collette said with a shameful frown and another loud sigh. “So you see, I got what I deserved tonight. That’s why I forgive you, Troy. You see, I’m no better than Camilla, and she knows it. That’s why she was so brazen about what she did. That’s also why I allowed you to fuck her, Troy. I knew it would happen sooner or later, and I had to do away with my guilt somehow. God damn her school for letting all the kids go home early that day!

“Anticipating her telling her father what I’d done, I had to act fast. I didn’t want to lose everything in a divorce because of my adultery, so I had to discredit Aga. I falsely accused him of molesting Camilla. Though of course no evidence was found to convict him–Aga is paradoxically as saintly as he is endowed–my lie prejudiced the judge against him, and I got custody of our daughter, I got the house as you can see around you, and I even got a restraining order against Aga.”

“Oh, Collette,” Troy said in shock. “How could you?”

“I know, what I did was wrong,” Collette continued. “Well, tonight showed us that everything that goes around comes around. I’ve been punished for what I did with having to put up with Camilla’s bad behaviour all these years. I’d thought putting her into an all-Catholic girls school would tame her: fat lot of good that did. She’s even worse now. I’m starting to think that what she really needs to cure the slut inside her is simply to be with her dad again. Ever since he was taken out of her life, she’s been looking for love in all the wrong places. I can’t believe she actually became a stripper. But Aga’s OK; he’s teaching somewhere in Ontario now, I think.”

Candice suddenly stood up in surprise. “Camilla’s dad is a teacher?”

“Oh yeah,” Collette said. “He’s a professor of English literature in a university somewhere around Toronto or Hamilton, I think.”

“Just a minute, Ms. Mennon,” Candice said, walking toward the door. “I wanna get something out of my car.” She rushed out of the house.

“I did a terrible thing, I know,” Collette said. “But that was over ten goddamn years ago. Why can’t Camilla just let it go? I wanted to be a good mother to her, but she always made it so difficult for me. She needs her dad: I’m sure of that now.”

Candice hurried back into the house and back up into the bedroom with her school yearbook. “Ms. Mennon, you need to see this.” She opened the yearbook in front of Collette and showed her a page with all the photos, in colour, of the faculty.

“Why are you showing me this?” Collette asked.

“Camilla has a thing for teachers,” Candice explained. “She’s fucked all these men.” Candice pointed out Mr. Williams, Mr. Knowles, Mr. Burgess, Mr. Langella, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Pierce, Mr. Fulson, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Leroy, Mr. bahis şirketleri Matotek, and Mr. Rudolph.

“Jesus Christ,” Collette and Troy said together.

“She fucked all of them?” Collette asked.

“Yeah, but she had an especially big crush on him,” Candice said as she pointed out Mr. Grisham. “When he broke it off with her, she took quite a while to get over it.”

“Wait a minute,” Collette said. “Let me look at that picture up close.” She brought the yearbook up to her face to see Grisham’s portrait better. Then she took an old photo out of her wallet and put it next to that of Grisham.

“Wow,” Candice said. “Your photo looks like it could be of Mr. Grisham ten years ago. Is that who I think he is?”

“Yep,” Collette said. “I’ve seen a possible hope, a desperate one, in curing Camilla’s nymphomania, and what you’ve shown me, Candice, strengthens that hope. I’m no psychologist, but if we can reunite Camilla with her father, maybe–just maybe–something will click in her brain, and she’ll stop looking for men twice her age to be her lovers.”

“Then she’ll be monogamous,” Candice said, her eyes twinkling with a hope of her own. “And no more risk of STDs.”

“That will make me happy, too,” Collette said.

“Can I give Camilla that photo?” Candice asked.

“No need,” Collette said. “She already has lots of photos of him. I’m surprised she never showed you them.”


Candice returned to the apartment twenty minutes later. When she got into the bedroom, she saw Camilla still crying.

“Baby, don’t cry,” Candice said as she started undressing. “When I talked to your mom, she told me she was willing to let you get together with your dad again.”

“Really?” Camilla asked, sitting up in bed. “She spat in my face after you left.”

“That bitch,” Candice said, now in her pink underwear. “She told me about you seeing her blow some guy when you were little.” She unhooked her bra. Camilla reached forward and pulled down Candice’s panties. Candice got into bed with her.

“She still marrying Troy?” Camilla asked, hugging Candice.

“Yeah, but what does that matter? Just finish your summer school class, apply for admittance to the University of Toronto, or to York University, and you can be near your dad.” Candice started kissing Camilla on the neck.

“Is that…where he is?”

“Yeah.” Candice was kissing her way down to Camilla’s breasts. “I’m sure…with your grades…you’ll get admitted easily.” She put Camilla’s right nipple in her mouth.

“Sounds great,” Camilla moaned, running her hands through Candice’s hair. “I feel…much better already. Oh!”

Candice fingered Camilla’s clitoris as she sucked on her right tit. Camilla’s sobs were now completely replaced with sighs. Candice put her index and long fingers inside Camilla’s vagina, and her pinkie inside Camilla’s asshole. Candice moved her head over to suck on Camilla’s left breast while her free hand fondled Camilla’s right one. Camilla was sighing and squealing.

Then Candice kissed her way down from Camilla’s breasts to her belly and pubic region. She gently brushed her face against Camilla’s pubes, then wrapped her lips tightly around Camilla’s clit. She sucked on that juicy stone of sensual delights for a while as her fingers tickled Camilla’s G-spot, A-spot, and rectal walls. Camilla pulled up her left breast and put the nipple in her mouth. She sucked on it as feverishly as Candice was sucking on her clitoris. Then Candice pulled her fingers out of Camilla’s holes and started licking her soaking vaginal opening. She put her tongue as deep inside as it would reach, and licked Camilla’s G-spot. Camilla screamed with pleasure. Then she pulled her tongue out and licked Camilla’s asshole while fingering Camilla’s clitoris. Finally, Camilla came all over Candice’s face. Wiping the come out of her eyes, she looked up at Camilla.

“I don’t know whose face is wetter, mine with your come, or yours with your tears,” Candice said while licking the come off her lips.

“Thanks, Candice,” Camilla said. “Sorry for neglecting you all this past week.”

“One question,” Candice said, using her fingers to wipe off Camilla’s come. After sucking the come off her fingers, she asked, “Of all our teachers, which one reminds you the most of your dad?”

“Oh, Mr. Grisham,” Camilla answered. “No contest.”

“I thought so,” Candice said.

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