Camp Stories

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All ready to go hun? Yep all ready. So were meeting them up there right? Right. Ok then lets go. Well were finally here. Thank god I thought wed never get here. So where are they? Down that trail I think. Oh ok. There they are. Hey how you doing? Doing good and you? Good. So you all set up? Yep. Here ill Help you jack. Thanks John. (Later that night). Nice fire Jack. Thanks John. So Kate how’s work. Works good Just got promoted to senior executive. How about you Jessica? Not so good, I just got fired. My boss said I didn’t show enough potential. Oh I’m so sorry. Its ok. Well time to go to bed. Night you two. Night.

I feel bad for her Jack. I know Kate. But there’s nothing we can do. I know. Well let’s get to bed, got to get up early before it gets hot out. Ok. Good night. Night.

(Later) Jack what’s the matter? Nothing just getting up to go to the bathroom. Ok hurry back. Ok. (Moaning coming from John and Jessica’s tent). What the hell. Damn you two having fun. John what the hell. Sorry dude I heard noises and came to see what’s going on. Didn’t expect to see you two fucking. Well we are so get out. Wait Jack don’t leave this might be fun. No sorry I cant Kate wouldn’t approve. Well maybe she can join us. I don’t know. John what do you think? Hey im always up for new stuff.

Hey what’s going on in here? Jack what the hell! What are you doing? I was just…. He was just going to get you. No Jack get out this instant. I’m disappointed in you two. Sorry Kate we just. Just what! Decided to seduce my husband into having sex with you two! You make me sick! Hey Kate were sorry. Ya you better be! Good night! (Kate goes back into here tent) Hey Kate I’m sorry I just walked in on it I was going to leave I swear. Well I forgive silivri escort you. Now lets go to bed, and forget this ever-happened ok. Ok.

(A couple of hours later) Jack wakes up to see Kate sucking him. What the? Kate. Jack I’m sorry for the way I acted. I want to make it up to you. Come here baby. (Kate sits on top of jack sliding his cock into her pussy. Oh!!!! Fuck!!! Jack!!!!! Yes, yes yes!!!! Oh!!! Oh shit!!! (Just then the wind blows away there tent, when they look up they find that Jessica, and Johns tent blew over to. They see Jessica on top of John). Holy shit are tents are gone!

Wow Kate you look beautiful. Thanks Jess, so are you. Jess was you going? Ill be right back Jack. I want to feel them. Mmm they’re so big and soft. So are yours. Kate and Jessica begin to play with each other while John and jack watch. Kate starts kissing Jessica on the lips sliding her tongue in and out of her mouth. Then she starts slowly down her body down to her vagina. She starts licking around the outside of her vagina. She is perfectly shaven. (She must have recently waxed it all off). She then starts playing with her clitoris, with her tongue. Then she starts sucking on her clitoris. After that she slides her tongue inside her vagina. Jessica starts moaning louder and louder, as Kate’s tongue goes deeper into her vagina.

Jessica brings Kate up onto her feet. And starts kissing Kate all over her body with her legs spread. She kisses all over the front and then the back of her body paying close attention to her breast, vagina, and butt. She goes and gets Kate’s husband jack, who is masturbating with Jessica’s husband john. The both start kissing Kate’s whole body. Jack starts rubbing his bakırköy escort cock around her body, he then starts playing with her clitoris with the head of his penis. While Jessica starts sucking on his balls.

Then Jessica gets her husband john and stands him right next to jack. And then Jessica and Kate start sucking and stroking each others husbands cocks. Then jack and john start fucking Jessica. (John in the asshole, and jack in the vagina). While Jessica sucks Kate’s clitoris and fucks her with her vibrator.

Then john sticks his cock deep inside Jessica’s pussy, with jack still inside. Then john gets up and goes over to Kate. While jack and Jessica suck each other off (69 style). Then john bends down and starts kissing and licking Jessica all around her vaginal area. He kisses and licks her legs, stomach, and the font of her vagina, being careful not to go in. then he spreads her legs open so as to gain access to her clitoris, and vagina.

At this point Jessica’s husband and johns wife are masturbating each other,. Kate dripping with cum from John, Jack, Jessica, and of course herself. John starts licking up and down the length of her vagina. Form the tip of her clit all the way down to the edge of her asshole. She is now leaning against a tree, so as to not fall on top of john. Then he starts sliding his tongue in and out of her vagina.

It then starts to rain. (But very lightly). The sight of all four of them soaking wet just turns them on even more. Jack lays Kate down on the ground and spreads open the lips of her vagina so he can get deeper inside her vagina with his long, warm, wet, tongue. He then starts very lightly fingering the inside of her clitoral hood. He şirinevler escort is now directly making contact with her clitoris, stroking it. This makes her scream out with pleasure. She then squirts inside his mouth. He swallows every last drop of her cum. He continues to do this until she squirts four more times.

Then john comes over to Kate. And jack goes back to his wife Jessica. Kate and Jessica cant imagine feeling mere pleasure and more intense orgasms then they just had. But sure enough all those years of having sex with just there husbands has led Jack and John to know exactly where there wife’s most sensitive spot is.

John and Kate are on the ground. John is kneeling and Kate has one leg up over his shoulder, with the other leg around his butt. Jessica is on the hood if jacks SUV, jack is standing up with Jessica’s legs spread apart.

Jessica and Kate both squirt one after the other. With such intensity, they could not feel anything, but ant the same time the sensitivity of there nerves increased so much is started hurting. This only added to the pleasure of course. The same was true for Jack and John.

There was something different about that night. This is the first time for both of them to experience multiple orgasms. This was thought to be impossible to achieve for a male. Jack was cumming the same moments Kate was, and John was cumming at the same time as Jessica.

By the time they were done it had stopped raining. And the sun was beginning to rise. Jack and John went to go put there tents back up. While Kate, and Jessica started getting ready for the day. That night made the rest of the trip seem boring. None of them would ever forget that night. For it was truly THE BEST SEX EVER!!!!! They are all still friends.

Almost a year has pasted scene that night. For John, Kate, Jack, and Jessica there sex lives were changed forever. John and Kate feel closer then they ever thought possible, the same goes for Jack and Jessica. None of them can wait for next years camping trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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