Camping Trip

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Hello everyone!

RedFaceDisgrace has returned, and I’m writing more than ever. Stay tuned for more content!

All characters depicted in this story are over the age of 18 years old.

“Hey, Babe?”

Nathan looked up from the computer screen to find Allison standing in the doorway of his office. He smiled up at her.

“What’s up, Ali?”

“The car is all packed. Are you about ready to go?”

Nathan nodded. “I was just finishing up an email for work. But, I’m closing the laptop and leaving it here. No work, no distractions. Just like we agreed.”

Allison grinned. She swept from the room and down the hall. Nathan stared after her for a moment before getting up to follow after her. This was going to be their first big trip together as a couple. They’d never gone anywhere overnight together before. Nathan felt his stomach flutter with excitement. On his way through the apartment, he scooped up his wallet and house keys before following Allison out.

Just as she had said, the car was already packed up. She hopped into the driver’s seat while Nathan got into the passenger’s seat. He’d wanted to drive, but since the back of the car was so full, the driver’s seat had to be pushed almost all the way up and his legs were too long to fit. He sighed and settled back in his seat as Allison started the car and pulled out into the street.

“I’m so excited,” Allison beamed. “You said you didn’t do much camping growing up, right?”

Nathan nodded. “My family was never really into that sort of thing. I’m really excited to try it, though. And I’m glad it’s going to be with you.”

“Me too, Babe. Being out in the middle of the forest, sleeping in a tent under the stars, bonfires… it’s going to be awesome.”

Nathan smiled to himself. One of the things he loved about Allison was that she was the type of girl who didn’t mind getting dirty. She loved adventure and the outdoors. She was really down to earth.

“I have to admit, though, I’m not really looking forward to using the bathroom in the woods,” Nathan commented.

Allison glanced at him briefly before turning her eyes back to the road, a small smirk forming on her lips. “It’s really not that bad.”

Nathan sighed. “If you say so.”

They were pulling onto the highway now. The sun was shining and the sky was a clear blue. It was a beautiful weekend for casino oyna camping.

“Want to play the license plate game?” Allison asked.

Nathan nodded. “Alright, you’re on.”


By the time they reached the camp site, the mid-afternoon sun was already hanging low in the sky. Allison had picked the type of camp ground where it was just you and a tent way out in the middle of the forest. There were no public bathrooms. No amenities. It was just him and Allison with no wifi, no TV, no showers. It made Nathan nervous. Allison pulled the car to a stop in a small clearing in the trees. Nathan’s stomach did a flip. Once they were parked they both got out and began unpacking the car.

“I think we should put the tent over here,” Allison called, pointing to a relatively level spot.

Nathan nodded and grabbed the tent, hauling it over to the spot she’d picked. He tossed it onto the ground and began unpacking it from the bag.

“Hey, Babe?”

Nathan didn’t look up at Allison as he continued pulling out the various tent poles.


“I have to go to the bathroom. Will you come with me?”

Nathan looked up, unable to keep the surprise from his face. They hadn’t been dating that long; he hadn’t realized they were that… intimate yet.

Allison smiled shyly. “It’s better to go with a partner in case of bears or other wildlife. So, come with?”

Oh, I’m just standing guard, Nathan realized. For some reason he almost felt a little disappointed. Still she trusted him enough to come with her.

“Yes, of course I’ll come.”

Allison smiled again before turning and heading off into the forest. Nathan took a deep breath before following after her. They walked quite a ways away from the campsite. Finally, Allison stopped.

“This looks like a good spot. It’s pretty clear, and I don’t see any poison ivy,” she said.

Nathan nodded. “Alright, I’ll go wait over there a little ways.”

“No,” Allison replied, her voice calm and cool. “Lie down.”

Nathan paused. “What?”

Allison smiled, tilting her head slightly to the side. “Lie down.”

Nathan stared at her for a moment. He wasn’t sure what was happening. But this was Allison, and he loved and trusted her. After another moment of hesitation, he slowly lowered himself to the ground. canlı casino He watched as Allison began undoing and slowly sliding off her pants.

“What are you-?” Nathan started.

“Shhh,” Allison interrupted. “Nathan, I have to make a small confession. The thing is, I didn’t bring any toilet paper.”

“You didn’t… what?”

“I didn’t bring any toilet paper,” Allison repeated.

She was sliding off her black lace panties now, tossing them onto the forest floor. Nathan’s eyes raked over her.

“But, Baby, I really have to go,” Allison purred, walking towards him.

Nathan’s lips parted in surprise as Allison stepped over him, straddling him so that her feet were planted on either side of his head and he was staring straight up at her pussy. It was unshaven. The hair wasn’t long, but it covered her pussy.

Nathan’s heart was pounding in his chest. He didn’t understand what was happening. Allison smiled at him again before turning herself around so that she was now facing his feet. Slowly, she lowered herself down so that she was crouched, hovering over his face. He took a shaky breath in, the scent of her filling his nostrils. She smelled earthy, the scent almost overwhelming.

“Yes, good. Make sure you keep breathing through your nose,” Allison encouraged.

Nathan’s heart was racing and so was his mind. Allison leaned forward and began unbuckling his belt and jeans. Her cheeks spread above his face, her rosebud poised perfectly over him. She pulled his boxers down to expose his dick and wrapped her hand around it.

“Let me distract you a little. It’ll help calm you down.”

She began rubbing his dick lightly, working it in her hand so it slowly began to harden.

“God, I’ve been holding it for so long,” she sighed.

She leaned back, resting herself fully on his face.

“Allison?” Nathan questioned, his lips pressed around her rosebud, the sound of her name coming out muffled.

“Shhh,” she murmured again, squeezing his dick.

The smell of her filled his nose, but heat was building in his stomach. He was both terrified and excited at the same time. Allison’s hand was like magic, and precum was already starting to spirt from the tip of his dick.

Suddenly, he felt something push against his lips. Everything clicked in his head.

I really have to go, she had said. This is what she’d kaçak casino meant. He felt her rosebud move against his mouth, expanding. She shook slightly with effort for a moment. Then, all at once, his mouth was filled with the overpowering taste of her shit. The texture was strange against his teeth and tongue, and the taste made him gag. His dick was so hard now, and he was ready to cum, but tears began pouring down his face at the taste of her shit. He held it in his mouth, unsure what to do next. The taste filled his whole mouth, the smell overtaking his nose.

“Swallow,” Allison commanded, sitting back so that she was covering his nose as well, blocking off his airways.

Nathan swallowed obediently, trying not to gag at the taste as it went down. His dick was throbbing now. Tears streamed down his face as he swallowed all the remnants left in his mouth.

“Good,” Allison said.

She leaned forward again and Nathan gasped for air.

“Now, like I said, I seem to have forgotten to bring toilet paper. You’re going to have to lick me clean,” Allison instructed.

She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around Nathan’s dick. This move spread her cheeks and exposed her rosebud perfectly in front of his face. The smell of her was all around him now, inside of him. The pressure was building in his groin, and he was squirming beneath her now. He obliged, leaning forward and slowly running his tongue around her rosebud, cleaning up any remnants left there.

Allison let out a low moan and sucked harder. Nathan plunged his tongue into her rosebud. He was going to cum. His dick was pounding against the back of her throat as he moved his tongue slowly in and out of her.

Finally, the pressure became too much and cum exploded from his dick into Allison’s mouth. Nathan let out a cry, pulling away from Allison’s ass as he came harder than he ever had before. Allison let out a giggle as she pulled away swallowing. Slowly, she pulled herself off of Nathan, leaving him lying half naked on the forest floor, panting, with shit on his lips. He stared up at her, feeling a mixture of bewilderment, fear, and awe. Allison pulled her panties and pants back on before crouching beside him. She stroked one hand through his hair.

“You’re such a good boy,” she whispered. “And just think, we still have four more days out here together.”

She winked at him before sauntering back off towards the campsite. Nathan just continued to stare up at the sky. They still had four more days out in the forest, and it looked like he was going to be the toilet.

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