Camping Trip with Dad

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This story is pure fiction and was only written after speaking at length with a 19yo girl on MSN Chat; she had a ‘fantasy’ about her father, so I wrote this for her. I know this story is long (4 pages) but I could not bring myself to break it up into chapters. I never like to read stories this long, or longer, so I hope you all understand and do read the entire story as I am sure you will enjoy it, if you are into “Incest” stories, but ones done with a tender touch (I hope). Your feedback would be appreciated.


I grew up much like any other normal young girl; I loved to play with my dolls and wear pretty new party dresses, the same as any other young girl, but in my senior year at school, things changed for the worse and my whole life turned around. I had been walking home from school one afternoon, and as I passed the local park, a guy had grabbed me and tried to force me into the bushes; where he then tried, but luckily failed, to rape me. When I arrived home and burst through the door, I nearly knocked my father over, as he was about to walk out of the house.

This all happened when I was 18 years old, and after my father saw the state I was in; my blouse was torn open and my hair was all messed up, as well as all the tears running down my face; he made a point saying he would meet me at the school gate every afternoon. After calling the police, and making sure I was fine, and unharmed, he sat me down and made arrangements for me to begin Martial Arts training, so that I could defend myself better.

My name is Vicky, I am tall for a woman; I stand around 5’10”, I have shoulder length blonde hair, and I have a well-formed body, slender hips, and a size 34C chest.

As my father worked from home, he could work whatever hours he liked, and as he had already been attending training sessions for himself, he suggested I join him each afternoon after school. He would meet me at school, and from there it was only a 10-minute walk to the “Dojo” where we would practice. After finishing we would either jog home together, or sometimes we would take a slower walk home, stopping for a coffee or even a milkshake.

All through my growing up until ‘that day in the park’, I had never been really close to my father. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my father, and he loved me, but I was always more ‘girlie’ and he was the more masculine type who would have preferred a son, rather than a daughter. I had always seemed to be closer to my mother way back then, but since I had begun Martial Arts training, the relationship seemed to have changed. Nothing drastic, it was just that my father and I seemed to spend more time together, and soon I saw him in a different light.

By the time I had achieved my first few ‘Dan’s’, I was getting more confidence, and I trained even harder, trying to get to that elusive ‘Black’ belt like my father had achieved a few years earlier. Even at home I would push him into more training with me so that I could learn even more.

Every year during the summer months, my father and one of his buddies would go fishing and hunting out west; it was his idea of a great and relaxing holiday, and as it was usually just the two of them, and they were both fit and healthy guys, they never seemed to take much supplies with them; preferring to fend for themselves and live off the land for a month.

The next summer my father was busy planning for his yearly trip, and he was all excited, whereas I was getting depressed, as I would have no one to train with and push me for that month. The night before they were to leave, my father had his trailer ready and hitched to his car and he was mentally picturing the good times he would be having very soon. The phone rang, and after he came back from answering the call, he was looking very low and lost.

“Shit! That is all I need!” he declared as he entered the room.

Wondering what was wrong, but knowing that even those words had been hard for him to speak, as he normally never showed his emotions, I ran to his side and asked if he wanted to talk about what was bothering him. After shrugging his head a few times, he finally gave up and began to tell me his problem.

“That call earlier, it was from my friend. The trip is off as he was just in a car accident. He is OK, but his leg is busted, so looks like I miss my trip this year. I was so looking forward to getting out to the bush and running wild once more,” he explained.

“Sorry dad, I know how much you look forward to your time away,” I said as I gave him a kiss on the cheek and hugged him around the neck. “But there is always next year!” I added.

“True,” he answered. “But it seems like such a let-down now. If it had of been last week or even a few days ago, it would have been different, but I have everything ready, and mentally I was already out there running around naked, and being ‘at one’ with nature,” he added.

“Excuse me!” I exclaimed. “Naked? Did I hear you correctly?” I stuttered in shock.

My Bayan Escort Gaziantep father turned very red and lowered his face. He had not meant to say naked, but in his depressed state he had forgotten what he was doing and blurted it out in front of me. I sat stunned as slowly he realized what he had revealed, so he decided to explain it fully to me.

“It’s OK baby, your mother knows what we get up too. As a matter of fact, years ago when you were little, and my friends’ wife was still with him, the four of us used to go together, but your mum stopped once she was the only female. It is not what you were maybe thinking! Geoff and I are both straight and we never do THOSE sort of things, but we both like the freedom to run naked and wild in the bush and not have to do things like wash clothes etc.” he explained to me.

He continued to explain to me how they would build a camp site somewhere near a water hole, but they only ever used their tents if there was rain, otherwise they just lay out their sleeping bags near the fire and slept. During the days they would go fishing in the morning for their breakfast, then after doing some training together, they would go hunting to see if they could get a wild pig or even a kangaroo, so they had plenty of meat to eat. In the afternoons they would go running for a few miles and then finish the day with a relaxing swim in the river. It sounded so wonderful and free to me; all except the part of running around naked.

“Dad, if you are really keen to still go, why don’t you just go alone?” I asked him.

“Well, yes I guess I could go alone, but you realize that is not a wise thing to do in the outback. What if something happened while I was away? No one would know where I was, or even if I was lying under a tree dying from snakebite! Always safer to have another person with you, and any way, I may like to be back with nature, but I still like to have someone to talk with, you know! I’m not totally anti-social and a barbarian,” he laughed.

I thought maybe he had come out of his sadness, but soon he seemed to revert even further then before. After thinking for a few minutes about how I could make him feel better, I soon realized that the answer was a simple one.

“Why don’t I go with you?” I asked eagerly. “Ah, I mean, as long as you keep your shorts on! I can’t see why I can’t be good company for you as well as a training partner for the month. And this way I wont miss a month of training with you, right?” I added as I looked into his eyes with such a pleading, ‘hurt daughter look’, that I was sure he would melt.

After much thinking, he called my mother in and asked her what she thought of my idea. They sat and talked about the pros and cons of having me go with him, and it seemed mum was keener on the idea than Dad was. She explained to him that he should still go, but as he had never really spent much time with me until I started training, it would be a good way for ‘father and daughter’ to get to know each other better.

They talked for some time before Dad finally gave in and agreed that he still did want to go, and he knew I would be safe under his watchful eyes, instead of being left at home all summer where anyone could cause me troubles. I ran over to him and gave him a big kiss and cuddle and thanked him for agreeing.

“But just remember Dad,” I started. “I am your daughter, not mum, so keep your shorts on please! I don’t think I really need to see my own father running around naked for a month,” I added laughingly.

“Yes, OK! Minimum dress standards are set at shorts, and if I feel like being naked I will just do that when I go hunting for supplies,” he joked back to me.

It was all set, so at 2 am the next day we were both in the car and on our way; it would take us around 8 hours to drive to his favorite spot, somewhere out past Roma, in SW Queensland. When we arrived I followed Dads instructions as to where to unload our things, and then we went about setting up our campsite. First we set up the tent a little away from where the fireplace had been prepared, and then we cleaned all the dry leaves and branches from around the area.

Next we set about making a storage area for our tinned supplies and the emergency water supplies he always took with him, and lastly he sat me down and explained some basic rules for me to understand and follow in case of an accident happening. He showed me where, and how to use the ERB, as well as the flares he had in the trunk. Once all was explained and he was happy that I understood his basic rules, we set up the camp table and chairs and prepared a small lunch that mum had packed for our first day.

After lunch he took out two fishing rods and asked if I wanted to go fishing with him at the river, just a 10-minute walk from where our camp was set up. I was eager to please my father and make sure that he did not have regrets for bringing me along, but at the same time I was worried, as I had never been fishing before, and was worried he would think badly of me.

I needn’t have worried, for when we got to the river, Dad did not expect me to know it all, instead, he set the line with the tackle, baited the hook and even cast it out for me, before handing the rod over to me. After only a few moments of the line being in the water, there was a large ‘jerk’ at my line; a large yellow-belly had attached itself to my hook; I had beat my father to the first fish. He quickly helped me to land the fish, and then after gutting and cleaning it, he hung it on an over-hanging branch, then next thing I knew, he picked me up and threw me into the river.

“Next time young lady, you will let the old man catch the first fish, and you wont get thrown in!” he laughed at me as I got my composure back and was about to get back out of the water.

Just as I was about to get out he pushed me back in and said I may as well stay there as he was coming in for a swim as well. He took of his shoes and shirt, and then began to undo his zipper. I was shocked, as it appeared he was already forgetting that I were his daughter, and he was stripping and would soon be naked and in the water with me.

“DAD!” I yelled. What are you doing? I am your daughter remember,” I said with a shocked tone.

“You are so beautiful girl, but oh so silly as well! I have my shorts on underneath my trousers,” he laughed.

A moment later I saw his shorts appears as his trouser dropped. Feeling relieved, I then had to deal with the reality that I had not trusted my own father, and now I felt even more stupid for my actions and thoughts. Soon I had no time to feel sorry for myself, my father dived in and was next picking me up in his arms and then throwing me even further out into the river. From then on, for the next hour we both acted like two little kids.

Finally my father suggested we should get the fish and return to the camp and think about getting some lunch on the go. First he got out and began to gather his clothes up into his arms, and then he turned to face me and he held out his hand to make sure I did not slip in the wet mud on the riverbank.

“If you are going to go swimming in future, I think you should wear something a bit more appropriate,” he laughed at me.

I looked down and it was only then that I realized I was still wearing my jeans and top, as well as my knickers and bra. In the hour since he had pushed me in, I had been having so much fun that I never gave it a thought. I made a mental note to make sure I had my bikini on, or at least a pair of shorts and the bikini top, the next time he suggested we go fishing.

When we returned to the camp, Dad suggested I get changed into something dry. He took his clothes and placed them in the car, and then he returned and started a fire so he could cook our lunch. After changing in the tent, I returned and then asked him why he had put his clothes back into the car.

“I told you silly, Geoff and I are always naked out here. From the time we hit this place the clothes are off, and they stay in the car for the rest of the time. They only come out on the last day when we are ready to leave,” he explained to me.

I felt totally stupid, as I had brought at least 6 changes of clothing with me, as well as 2 swimsuits. I suddenly felt over-dressed, as though I was spoiling his usual holiday. I returned to the tent, I stripped off and put on my bikini and then a pair of shorts over the bottom half and a short singlet top over the top half. I picked up the rest of my clothes and took them back to the car, and I was determined not to even think of them being there until we were leaving.

After lunch Dad said he would have a rest for an hour or so, and then we would do some training. If I did not want to rest, then he suggested I not wander off on my own, as it could be dangerous until I knew my way around here a bit better. I agreed, and said I would just relax and read a book until he was awake and ready again.

When I tried to read I found it difficult, not because of the book, but because of the quietness! Yes, it was so quiet and peaceful that the lack of noise was almost deafening. I know that is strange, but I could not keep my mind on one thing as I was used to all the noises that go with city life. Here there was just silence and the occasional sound of a bird in the distance and the light rippling sounds from the nearby river.

An hour or so later Dad got up and began to make plans for our training. First we would do some limbering up exercises, and then it would be 30 minutes of practice, and then he suggested we go for a jog, or a run for another 30 minutes. This would then end back at the river where we could take a swim and get cleaned up before coming back and settling down to a light supper and an early nights sleep.

As we were about to complete the days training with a run and then a swim, Dad said I should remember to change into something for swimming, but I was already ahead of him; I dropped my shorts to reveal the bikini underneath, and soon we were on our way. He seemed to be setting an easy pace, and I presumed that it was to give me a chance to get used to my surroundings, as well as take in the sights along the way.

About 40-minutes later, and me being totally lost, we came around a clump of trees and I saw the river, and as I approached it, I saw our fishing rods where we had left them earlier in the day; up against the tree. First Dad dove in, and soon I followed, and we swam across the 10 to 15 meters to the other side. We stayed there and mucked around for 10 or so minutes before we went back to camp. We both rested and chatted for a time, before Dad took out some supplies and set about preparing a light supper for us both.

The summer was not too hot, and there were a gentle breeze blowing as we sat around and chatted some more when we finished our meal. The cleaning done, we played a few games of cards before Dad said he would retire to bed. I could not believe that he could sleep so early. I also wondered what I would do to kill time. Soon I understood; I was slowly dozing off into the most wonderful of sleeps I had ever had. I hadn’t realized just how tiring a day in the bush could have been.

I had always been the sort of person who would stay in bed until the last moment, or later if allowed, but the next morning I was pleasantly surprised to be up and starting a fire to get the coffee going, and it was only 5am; and it felt great to be awake and alive. Soon after Dad woke and we enjoyed a coffee and a chat and we began to plan the day ahead. Neither of us felt like eating, so we did some more training, and Dad asked if I wanted to go fishing again. It sounded good to me, so we took off towards the river.

We fished for a time but never caught anything, so Dad said it was not a problem and that he was going in for a swim. As he dove in I dropped my short and then quickly took my singlet off that I had slept in, and jumped in as well. The water felt great as my body went in, not too cold, and certainly not hot. I surfaced a few feet from Dad and as I stood up, I pushed my head back and ran my hands through my hair to get it away from my eyes.

“Does the water feel good?” Dad asked with a smile. “I guess being out here makes you feel good?” he quickly asked.

“Mmmm, yes, the water is nice, and yes, I feel great being out here with nothing but the sounds of nature and no city noises,” I replied before adding; “Why do you ask that?”

“Well, I just presumed you felt at ease as I never expected you to swim topless with me around!” he surprised me by commenting.

“Shit! I’m sorry Dad!” I screamed as I looked down and saw my bare breasts pointing at his face.

My mind had been more on the swim this morning then anything else. I had not even remembered that I took my bikini top off from under my singlet before I fell asleep. I did not know which way to turn, or what more I could say or do; I was too embarrassed to move, but also knew I had to get covered up quickly.

“It’s OK sweetie, don’t be embarrassed. It is very easy to feel so free out here away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Just stay there and I will get your top for you,” he said, making me feel a little better.

Dad swam to the bank and got my top, then when he was close enough he threw it to me, and once it left his hands he turned his back so I could put it on and he would not see my naked breasts. I realized just then how much I loved and respected him; he was such a gentleman, as well as a devoted father who would never see any harm come to his daughter. I put my top on and called out and said thanks, and that he could turn around again.

We stayed in the water for another half-hour, before finally deciding to return to the camp. Dad, like he had the day before, got out first, then turned and offered his hand to help me out. As I took his hand and pulled myself out, his eyes dropped a fraction, and then quickly he turned his eyes to his left. I was wondering what was wrong, when suddenly he spoke.

“My sweet little darling, for a girl who was scared that I may slip up and have you see me naked, you sure have a funny way of hiding your prudish side!” he declared.

I could not understand what he was on about. OK, sure, I had slipped up earlier and forgot I had no bikini top under my top, but I had the bottom part on, as well as my white singlet top now, so what is the big deal, I wondered. Just then it hit me like a ton of bricks as to his meaning. Shit! My top is white; it is thin; it is wet; it is totally see-through right now! I was such an idiot, and to think that I had been so direct telling him to stay covered, and yet here I was, not once, but twice exposing my breasts to my father.

As I still had to make my way up the remainder of the bank, I tried to keep my hands over my breasts, but I stumbled. As I landed in the mud I let out a yelp and Dad soon turned to see what the matter was. He got behind me and helped me to my feet, but once standing I could see that I was covered in mud. I would have to get back in the water and clean myself once more.

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