Camping with Step-mom Ch. 03

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Steve and I have been married for nearly 3 years. I’m Sally. Nancy and Jim are his kids, both in their mid to late 20’s. The four of us were on a camping trip in Acadia National Park.

After we finished setting up our tent and stuff at Blackwoods Campground we took a late afternoon drive around the Park Loop Road.

We stopped at Sand Beach to check the water in hopes of going for a dip but the water in the Atlantic was so cold Steve told me his dick would shrivel up to nothing if he had to go in past his ankles. I laughed. Even shriveled up, Steve’s dick would be bigger than most men’s.

It was getting late when we stopped at Echo Lake Beach. The lake was much warmer than the ocean. Taking our shoes off we splashed around in the water getting our feet wet. I saw Nancy look around and seeing no one else she pulled her bra and tee shirt up over head. Dropping her shorts and panties she ran bare-ass naked in the lake yelling “skinny dipping!”

Steve quickly stepped out of his shorts and briefs, pulled his tee shirt off and joined Nancy in the lake. Jim and I looked at each other and proceeded to strip and join Steve and his daughter in the water.

We were all splashing each other and having fun when a Park Ranger came up and yelled out to us from the beach. “Get outta the water and get dressed. I don’t wanna talk to no naked people.”

We slowly climbed out and went to get our clothes. We took our time getting dressed. The boner in the Ranger’s pants was obvious to everyone.

When we got to our car I paused and walked back to the Ranger. Lifting up my skirt I pulled my red panties down and handed them to the Ranger. They were still gooey from the cum that leaked out of Jim’s condom. “We’ll Silivri Escort be on vacation here until Sunday,” Sally said. “If I see you again I’ll expect you to be wearing these.”

“That was no gun in his pocket,” Nancy said. “He was really happy to see you! I’ll bet he’s in his truck masturbating before we even get out of the parking lot.”

I glanced over at his truck and saw he had my panties up to his face.

Getting ready for bed I looked in my bag for some clean underwear. Fuck, I forgot to pack my panties. I’d have to ask Nancy to borrow a pair of hers. I was getting up to ask her when I looked at Steve and saw his cock straining to escape his briefs. I decided the panties could wait till morning.

I got down to straighten the sleeping bags. Steve has always said I have the best looking camel-toe on the planet so I stuck my ass up in the air and pointed it in his direction. With no panties in the way of my camel-toe it wasn’t long before Steve got the hint and planted his cock squarely in the middle of my pussy.

When he guided his cock into my waiting cunt, doggie style, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Maybe it was the sea air but I swear it was the best fuck ever. Who cares about panties?

Steve and I were in our sleeping bag dozing off. He had his penis stuck between my legs and I wasn’t letting go. We heard Nancy and Jim get back to the camp. They were quiet but it wasn’t long before we heard the distinct sounds of fucking. I could feel Steve’s cock between my legs getting hard again.

I reached down between my legs and pushed his cock in my cunt, but we stayed still, not fucking. We just lay there enjoying the sensation and the sounds Silivri Escort Bayan from the other side of the tent until we fell asleep with his cock buried deep in my pussy.

When I woke in the morning there was an empty feeling between my legs. Steve was getting coffee ready.

I still needed panties. I threw on one of my cut-off tee shirts. It barely covered my breasts. I looked about for my shorts but thought “fuck it” and went to ask Nancy if I could borrow some panties.

Steve and Jim stared at my naked bush as I went to Nancy’s side of the tent and zipped up the flap. It was probably my imagination but I swear I saw Jim reach over and grab Steve’s dick.

It was likely more “wishful thinking” than my imagination, but the thought of watching Jim give Steve a blowjob or getting fucked in the ass was enticing.

Nancy showed me the panties she had. I had never worn a G-string before but when I saw it I thought what better time. The G-string was just a small triangle of material with a couple pieces of string attached to go around the waist and up the ass.

I put on the G-string. It barely covered my pubic mound and I could see pubic hair sticking out the sides and top. Nancy saw it too and said it was time for a trim. She got her scissors and told me to take off the G-String and lie back on the sleeping bag.

She went to work trimming my pubes. When I pulled the G-string back on I could see she had done a great job. There were no more stray hairs.

I could still see my black pubes through the thin white material of the G-String. I haven’t shaved my pussy since I was in college, but I looked at Nancy and said, “What the fuck, cut it all Escort Silivri off. I want to be smooth as a baby’s butt.”

I dropped the G-string again. And Nancy pushed me back down and shaved me clean. She took special care around my pussy lips and even shaved the area between my pussy and my ass.

When she was done she rubbed lotion everywhere. The gentle massage felt good, especially when she pushed two fingers in my pussy. While she was sliding her fingers in and out she pushed her thumb in my ass. I nearly passed out when she put her lips around my naked clit and gave it a flick with her tongue.

After we finished our “panties” business we decided to go shopping for some of my own panties. There must be a store in Bar Harbor that sold women’s lingerie. I went back to my side of the tent to look for some shorts. Steve and Jim were still there and saw me wearing the G-String.

I pulled a loose pair of shorts on over Nancy’s G-string. I wasn’t wearing a bra so my nipples were making small tents in the cut-off tee shirt. I saw Nancy’s look. I told her my “petite” breasts didn’t need the support.

The only time I ever wore a bra was to hide my nipples. I was on vacation and there was no fucking way I was going to wear a bra to hide my nipples. The farther my nipples stuck out the better. After all, they were on vacation too.

Bar Harbor was mostly tourist but there was a small boutique that had a pretty good selection of women’s lingerie. They had a selection of “Victoria’s Secret” inspired lingerie all the way to “K-Mart” inspired cotton granny panties.

I chose two or three satin bikini panties and a couple thongs. The thongs were made with Lycra and they were tiny. The stretchy material would hug my pussy lips and highlight my vulva.

As we were checking out Nancy saw a matching set of panties and a bra made of latex. She couldn’t resist. On the way back to the campground she asked me if I thought her dad would like the rubber panties and bra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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