Can Anne Act Out His Dreams?

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For extremely sexy Anne, hope this does you justice!!

As they lay in bed Anne rolled over and looked at her husband. She propped herself up on her elbow looking down on him as they laid recovering from their lovemaking. Her fingers lifted the fringe of his hair from his brow as she leant forward to kiss his forehead.

“So you really, really want to make the fantasies come to life?”

Looking up he grinned at her, “That’s a pretty dumb question, of course I do.” As she looked down she saw the bedding shift slightly over her husband’s groin. “I know they say that a fantasy is best left as that as it is never as good in real life but in my view it’s more a case of better to have a go and find out. Hell I don’t want to look back in thirty or forty years time and think what if..”

Anne placed her hand on his muscular chest and stroked backwards and forwards. His nipples had stiffened with her touch. “Okay, but I must insist on having the control over what we do or don’t actually go through with.” He nodded and she laughed as he grinned up at her. “You look like the cat who got the cream.” Her hand ventured further south until she felt the tip of his penis. Slipping her hand around him she started to lightly rub up and down his shaft.

“Mmmm very nice, not like you to get so hard so quickly after sex is it? So I take it that it’s my agreement that has obviously got you like this, I guess it will be worthwhile talking about this some more. Well the first thing we can do is the exhibitionism, as we both fancy that one.”

Her rubbing was becoming slower and more rhythmic; he lay back with his eyes shut savouring the handjob his wife was giving him. “I will look into this and think about how we can meet your depraved little fetish.” She winked at him before flicking the bed cover back so to expose his erection. Moving down she placed her mouth over the tip of his cock as her hand pumped him. His eyes opened as he felt the warmth of her mouth on the tip of him. It did not take long before his pelvis thrust upwards and he filled his wife’s mouth with his hot sticky seed.


Anne switched on the base unit of her computer. She sat watching the screen show their computer was coming to life. Clicking on her desktop icon she prepared to access the Internet. Having connected she started her search by calling up the Google search engine. Typing quickly she got it to scan the net for her. What she needed was to find the local areas, which couples frequent to watch, be watched or partake in sexual activity. The site she was directed to listed the various areas of the UK. Anne followed the link that would list any areas in the North East that were known for what is known in the UK as dogging.

Then she saw what she thought was the perfect entry and location;

New Location : Whitley Bay

St Mary’s lighthouse car park Whitley Bay is a popular sight. Regular visits from one particular couple who put on a great show most weeks.

This was far enough away from home as to almost guarantee anonymity whilst being in easy driving distance. She added this page to the favourites on the computer before logging off of the system.

That night she treated herself to a nice relaxing bath as she awaited her husband’s return from work. As she relaxed in the bath she heard his key in the lock so she called him telling him to stay downstairs while she was getting out of the bath. When she had dried herself off she put on her robe before tying a towel over her wet hair. Greeting her husband with a slow warm lingering kiss she sensed he was turned on at coming home to this. “Calm down tiger, I have something to show you.” Taking his hand she led him to the computer. Sitting in the seat she let him stand beside her as she accessed the net. “I was wondering if you liked the look of this?” He gasped as he realised what she was showing him and what this must mean.

“Are you for real?” He said, she just grinned and nodded her head. “Mmmm I like the sound Gaziantep Escort of this.”

“According to the weather forecast Friday is going to be a nice summer’s day. I was thinking that after work you drive us up to the lighthouse to see what happens. That okay with you?” Her husband nodded and grinned. ” In that case why don’t you show me your gratitude?” With that she undid the robe, allowing it to fall open, exposing her naked body. She parted her legs and lifted her right leg, which she rested up on the computer desk.

Her husband knelt in front of her, gently parting her outer lips, he could see the inner lips glistening from her juices. Leaning forward he ran his tongue up her labia tasting her damp arousal. She moaned and her hips moved as he licked softly at her moist pussy. His eyes looked up over her tummy seeing her closing her eyes and rolling her hardening nipples between her fingers. As he licked Anne’s pussy her fluids and her husband’s saliva matted her wispy brown hair. He noted her outer pubic lips were smoother than when he had last given her oral as she he removed the hair from her bikini line as she always does in the summertime.

Thrashing his tongue backwards and forwards over Anne’s lips he felt her clit stiffen slightly under her hood. He pushed a finger into her entrance which was tightening and he sensed the tell tale throb approach as she began to buck her hips. Her hands clamped down on the back of his head as her lapped hungrily at his wife’s pussy. Quickly inserting another finger he curled the digits within her vaginal walls to press on her g-spot. With this her cunt started to clamp around his fingers then he started to finger fuck his wife’s tight pussy.

She gasped and moaned as her orgasm started to rip through her. Her flushed face and chest were coated in light perspiration. She looked down as her husband lapped at her groin. “Quick, get inside of me.” She demanded.

He did not need to be asked twice as he undid his trousers. Dropping his trousers and shorts he freed his rigid six-inch penis. He placed it against his wife’s opening before leaning forward into her tight snatch. Thrusting his hips up his dick stuck into her as he proceeded to plunge backwards and forwards into her.

He lifted her from the seat and laid her on the floor, whilst keeping his engorged cock inside of her pulsing walls. Fucking her in the missionary position she pulled him close to her naked body. Gasping she placed her mouth against his ear and breathlessly said, “That’s it fuck me hard. Imagine we are on the grass by the sea. Men are watching us, wanking as you fuck me. Mmmmm that feels so good. Would you like me to be naked and watched, yes I can tell you do. God you feel hard tonight. I want your cock in me while I see strangers wanking.” All of this was too much as he fired his sperm into his wife’s hot pussy. “Oh yes. I think we are going to have fun on Friday.”

After cleaning themselves up Anne told her husband that for the rest of the week they were not to have any sexual release as she wanted them pent up on Friday.


Friday arrived and Anne took the afternoon off as she had plans to prepare for tonight. Firstly she went to the hairdressers and had her hair trimmed together with her highlights touched up. The highlights complimented her natural brown hair. The last action was for her nails to be done. She relaxed as her hands were rubbed before each nail was filed, treated and finally polished in a fiery red.

When she got home she carefully laid out her clothes for the night. After this she retired to the bathroom. Closing the door she took off her clothes, turning on the taps she ran a warm bath; she added the relaxing bath oils. Sitting in the tub she let her body soak in the water for a few minutes. When her muscles had relaxed she stood and stepped onto the waiting towel. Taking the bottle of baby oil she applied it liberally to her damp body so that tonight her skin would be Gaziantep Escort Bayan soft, very soft. Finally she sat on the toilet seat.

Slowly and carefully she shaved her long slender legs. When she had finished she applied warm water from her sponge over her legs before she rubbed the baby oil on them. Looking in the mirror she smiled at the result. She knew that her husband loved her long legs as he had often remarked that they were her sexiest feature. Then she turned her attention to trimming her bikini line of any excess pubic hair. Tonight she would be daring and removed a little more than usual. When she had finished she rubbed the oil into her freshly shaved flesh. Looking down her pussy looked shockingly bare but her pink skin was so smooth it almost glistened. It took all of her willpower to stop herself from rubbing her clit as it started to engorge. She had never felt so horny as she felt right now.

Returning to her bedroom she took her black lace suspender belt and clicked it round her waist. Sitting she extended each leg in turn as she rolled the black nylon stockings over them. Standing she clipped the straps to the top of each stocking. After sliding on her black shoes with three-inch heels she looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror. If her husband could see this sight she was sure he would cum in his shorts there and then. She pulled her black lace briefs up and over the suspender straps. Putting her right arm through the strap of her black bra she reached back to click the clasp shut. Having done this she adjusted the cups until her firm 34B breasts were snugly housed within the soft lace.

Finally she made herself ‘decent’ by pulling on a black t-shirt, which was reasonably tight, and then a flowing black skirt which had a very low hemline below her knee. She sat in front of the dressing table mirror and applied some black mascara to her eyelashes. The dark make up made her grey eyes even sexier. Then she finished by applying bright red lipstick to match her nails before coating hr full lips with lip-gloss.

When her husband returned they kissed and then went to the car to make their way out for the night. Initially they said nothing as there was an electric atmosphere in the car as they were both obviously extremely turned on whilst being more than a little nervous. In the end Anne decided to break the ice. “We don’t have to go through with this if you don’t want to.”

“What..” Then he saw her grin. “Oh I see. I have to admit I am so horny I have thought of little else all day. In fact I dread to think how quickly I may cum tonight, it’s almost like being a virgin again!” They both laughed at this. Pulling off the road they stopped off at a local pub they knew and had a couple of soft drinks in the beer garden as they enjoyed the day heading towards dusk.

Having decided that the time had come they made their way further North to Whitley Bay. As they drove though the town they saw the signs for the lighthouse then as they drove up the coast they saw the tall light building with regular beam of light pulsing from it. In the dusk the failing light caught the white walls of the lighthouse and the red brick building below it. Out to sea the sun had set and the setting sun in the East cast a long shadow from the tower. They drove into the car park and saw a number of vehicles.

Sitting for a few moments they were able to take in the area before noticing that the courtesy light inside one of the vehicles flick on then off. This happened a number of times before it remained lit. At this another car’s door opened and a man got out and sauntered over to the vehicle. Anne’s mouth fell open as she saw what happened next.

When the man reached the vehicle his hands moved to his groin and he removed his penis from his trousers. They could see his hand flash back and forwards as he blatantly wanked alongside the car. The passenger window slowly lowered and a woman’s blond head leant out and started Escort Gaziantep to suck on the voyeur. Looking to her right Anne saw her husband rubbing his erection through his trousers.

She asked her husband, “Are you ready?” He nodded silently. “Okay lets go and watch them and see where we go from there.”

Leaving and locking their car they walked hand in hand over to the show. Standing beside the driver’s side the man on the passenger side of the vehicle smiled across to them, as he was being blown, before speaking. “Evening.”

Anne was aware of her husband replying but she stared transfixed as she saw the driver wanking his large erection while he fingered his naked partner’s shaven pussy while in turn her head was bobbing backwards and forwards on the stranger’s cock. Then she heard what her husband was saying.

“Do you guys mind if I fuck my wife here while you guys watch? I am afraid there is no joining us but we want to be looked at.” With that he took hold of her hips and moved her round to the front of the car so that they were bathed in the beam of the headlights.

Anne placed her hands on the bonnet of the car as her husband flicked up the back of her skirt. His strong hands probed the silk and lace of her knickers. Then a finger entered her vagina. She had never felt anything to compare to the intensity of this. He leant forward and whispered in her ear. “Jesus, Anne you are drenched down there. I take it you are ready for this.”

“God, yes if you don’t fuck me now I will have to take one of these guys.” Then she heard the zip of his fly as he loosened his trousers then he tugged her knickers down. He flung them on the hood of the car, Anne looked at saw the driver and stranger looking at her. Suddenly she felt her husband’s cock force its way into her as he started to thrust in and out of her. Then out of the corner of her eye another man stood: he was much older, in his sixties, and was rubbing a fairly large cock.

“Take your top off sweetheart.” He said, but before she could react she felt her husband manhandling her top over her head. Then before she had chance to say anything she felt her bra loosen then as her husband fucked her from behind her ample boobs spilled out of her cups. The driver’s door opened, the driver got out, then he approached from the other side.

“Lovely tits.” He said ogling at her as he slowly wanked his cock. Her heart sank as she felt her husband withdraw from her, surely he is not going to offer her to these men as she did not feel ready for that. However, she should not have worried as he was now removing her skirt and gathering her clothes in a pile. He then laid her on the warm bonnet of the car then started to fuck her pussy. She wrapped her legs round his waist as he slammed backwards and forwards into her hot, tight pussy.

“Anne, I can’t hold on much longer.”

“Fill me.” She said as he bucked and her cunt was suddenly full of hot fluid. As he pulled out the older man approached him and spoke, he was too far from Anne to allow her to hear. Her husband shrugged then walked up to her. Kissing her fully on the mouth he whispered in her ear.

“He has asked if he can finger you to orgasm, or even lick you. I said I’m happy but it’s your call.”

Anne nervously bit her lower lip then replied. “Okay, but please stay with me. I don’t want to do anything else and we call it a night afterwards. For tonight anyway. Promise?.”

“Promise.” He replied.

The older man stood over Anne rubbing his erection while his rough fingers rubbed her swollen clit and labia. She felt another finger push into her pussy and force her husband’s ejaculate from her. All the time he slowly masturbated while looking into her grey eyes. As his rubbing built up Anne felt her orgasm rush over her with a sensation like being wrapped in a warm blanket.

“Thank you.” She barely whispered to him. Then before she could do anything the blond woman was out of the car and was kneeling and sucking the older man. It was all too much for him and she pulled away as a torrent of white semen hit her chin and cheeks. Anne saw her husband collect her discarded clothes before he took her in his free arm and the walked back to the car. On the journey home they agreed that this was to be the start of their adventures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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