Can You Rape Rachel

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Ever been in a situation where one moment everything is normal and the next it’s all gone surreal? It happened to me recently. Let me explain what happened.

I was staying at a Bed & Breakfast place for a week while doing some fishing. The owner was, to be polite, a sour faced prude, so you can imagine how I might describe her if I was being impolite. Fortunately I was out most of the time, really only seeing her at breakfast time. With her there I didn’t even use the communal TV room, not wanting to have her glowering in the background. I don’t think she approved of me.

I was the only guest currently staying at the Bed & Breakfast and I could quite understand that. If I hadn’t paid in advance I wouldn’t be there either. (I hadn’t realised that the place had changed hands since the last time I was there.)

There were two other residents of the place, albeit temporary non-guests. These were the owners nieces, Olga and Rachel, a couple of charming young ladies of eighteen and nineteen respectively. I had no objection to mildly flirting with them when I saw them and they seemed just as willing to flirt right back at me. (Unless Aunt Carrie appeared and then the girls developed blank faces and moved rapidly away from my tainted presence.)

The day before I was due to leave I returned to the Bed & Breakfast around lunch time. I figured I’d spend the rest of the afternoon packing my stuff and storing it in my car so in the morning I’d be up and off, not even stopping for breakfast. I’d grab something to eat at a diner on the way.

Entering the house I promptly whipped out my phone and started tapping on it, making out that I was sending a message. What I was really doing was taking a little video of the two girls as the sashayed towards me. As soon as I saw them I knew the old woman was not at home. The pair of them were wearing brief shorts and crop tops, and those tops were cropped high enough to show a bit of braless under-boob. Absolutely charming and well worth filming.

It dawned on me that the girls were heading directly towards me, obviously intent on speaking to me. I slipped the phone back into my shirt pocket, video still running, as I might be lucky enough to get a shot of them walking away again. Did I mention that those short shorts were also tight?

I nodded to the two girls and they were looking at each other and nudging each other, both wanting the other to speak.

“Olga,” I finally said, “I believe that you’re the older. Why don’t you spit out what you want to say?”

“Um, you’re leaving tomorrow, aren’t you, Colin?” she asked, and I gave a cautious nod of assent.

“Rachel wants to know if you’d be willing to come to the TV room this evening while we’re watching and rape her in front of Aunt Carrie?”

You see what I mean? Surreal.

I looked at the blushing Rachel and sighed.

“While I’d be delighted to, ah, rape Rachel any time and any place I think I require a little more in the way of an explanation.”

“We live up in the back hills,” Olga said. “The reason we’re stuck here for a few days is because we have to see the doctor for our yearly check-up.”

(No way was I going to inquire what they were being checked for. Some things a man doesn’t need to know.)

“The trouble is that the doctor is a friend of Aunt Carrie.”

(Aunt Carrie actually had friends? That surprised me.)

“The check-up will be quite extensive and we just know that Aunt Carrie will demand to know what the doctor finds out and the old bitch is sure to spill the beans. She’ll let Aunt Carrie know that we’re not exactly virgins, and then the shit will hit the fan with a resounding splat.”

“She’ll go on and on about our loose morals,” Rachel put in. “She’ll run down our parents, calling them names. She’ll bitch and carry on as if the end of the world has come. She’ll gossip and tell our minister and generally make our lives hell.”

That seemed highly likely from what I’d observed of the old biddy.

“OK, I get all that, but what has that to do with raping Rachel?”

“Well, we thought that if she gets raped in front of Aunt Carrie then it’s obviously not her fault if she’s no longer a virgin. As a matter of fact we can turn it back on Aunt Carrie as we’re guests in her house and she should have protected us.”

“So you’re looking for someone who’s willing to rape you. That explains the hunting outfits that you’re wearing. You’ve decided that I’m going to be the bunny.”

I gave Olga a considering almanbahis look.

“Doesn’t it mean that being deprived of Rachel as a victim she’ll come down twice as hard on you?”

Olga shrugged, not looking particularly happy about the situation but ready to accept it.

“If you’re willing for me to rape Rachel are you also willing for me to rape you at the same time?” I asked. “Double the shock to your aunt and you’re both got an excuse.”

The girls looked at each other and then Olga gave a little shrug.

“Can you rape both of us?” she asked, sounding a little hesitant.

“Quite eagerly,” I assured her. “There will be a couple of conditions, however.”

“What are they?”

“You’ll have to wear clothes that you can take of easily, because I’m going to have you both strip naked before I start. Tight jeans would tend to spoil the spontaneous rape scenario.”

The girls nodded in understanding.

“And?” prompted Olga.

“I need to know that you won’t panic when it comes time to get the show on the road. The only way I can be sure you’ll go along instead of screaming and running is for me to try you out in advance. Right now is as good a time as any.”

“Excuse me?” Rachel sounded a little puzzled.

I reached over and pushed her crop top higher, smiling as her breasts were promptly displayed. I’d been right about the no bra bit. Turning, I did the same to Olga, smiling at their blushes.

“I want you both to finish taking your clothes off and then head down to my room, where I will proceed to demonstrate how I’ll rape you tonight.”

Now they were both looking a little shocked.

“What? Do you expect us to just strip off and wait for you to. . .”

“In a word, yes.” I sighed. “If you can’t handle it now when it’s just the three of us how do you expect to handle it when your aunt is there, watching and yelling? You’re likely to just back away and bolt, leaving me standing there with my dick swinging in the breeze.”

The two girls looked at each other and then Rachel, still blushing fiercely, undid her shorts and started peeling them down.

“He’s got a point,” she said to Olga. “If we were prepared to get fucked once then what does it matter if he fucks us twice? At least it will let us know what to expect from him.”

Olga chewed on her lip a bit and then her shorts travelled down. Their tops went next and the pair of them made an attractive vision standing there in their panties. They turned to head towards my room but I stopped them.

“Uh-uh. Panties off, too,” I prompted, and the girls looked at each other and obeyed.

Now they turned and headed down to my bedroom while I walked behind them, phone in hand, catching the action.

Once we were in my room I took off my shoes and dropped my trousers and shorts. I don’t think the whole idea really became real to the girls until they saw my erection standing up in front of them. From the looks on their faces I was prepared to bet that their experience was damn near zero. They might not be virgins but that didn’t really say much.

I coaxed them onto the bed (coerced, more than coaxed) and then joined them, kneeling between them. One hand per girl I started playing with their breasts.

“A couple of minor things,” I said softly. “First, when will your aunt get home?”

“Not until the library closes. She and some friends are protesting the sort of books they have their.”

So we had plenty of time. I made a mental note to send the library a copy of Portnoy’s Complaint. Really give the old ladies something to fret over.

“OK. Second, stop panicking. I’m not going to jump on you with a loud cry. I’ll take it slow and give you both a chance to adjust and decide if you’re willing to go along with this.”

I won’t say they relaxed but they did stop the incipient panic that I’d noticed. They basically lay there, shifting around a little as my hands wandered around. I kept getting surreptitious glances at my erection but neither of them seemed game to touch me.

“Ladies, you’ll really need to spread your legs a little,” I advised them, wondering just what I’d got myself into.

Once they’d done that I started touching them more intimately, both of them seeming slightly scandalised that I was doing so. Exploring digits did satisfy me in one regard. They weren’t virgins. Just acting like them.

After a few minutes I could see that they were getting aroused. They were moving around under my almanbahis giriş touch, pressing themselves more firmly against my hands, heat and dampness accumulating. Time for a slight change of tactics I decided.

I lay on my back between them, grabbing their hands and moving them to my groin.

“Your turn to do some exploring I told them,” and just left them to it.

It was – different – having two young ladies exploring my cock. They were nervous at first, exchanging glances and only touching me tentatively. The more they touched the surer they got, finally properly grasping my cock and stroking it. I let that go on for a while before calling a halt.

“Time to do some preliminaries,” I announced. “Don’t worry. The main action isn’t on the cards just yet. This is just some checking to make sure that you’ll be ready.”

I started with Olga, telling Rachel to watch closely as she’d be doing the same thing next. I pushed Olga’s knees further apart, lifting them at the same time, so she would be cradling me in the valley of her thighs. Then I positioned myself and started pushing into her.

She was all, “Wow, wow, wow,” as I pushed home, not lifting to meet me but accepting what I was giving her, seeming surprised at what was happening. (Definitely not much experience.) I didn’t try to capitalise on my start, choosing to withdraw completely, complimenting her on a job well done. Then I turned to Rachel.

I didn’t need to tell her to take up the required position. She was all ready and waiting, biting her lip but expectant. I was happy to try to meet her expectations. She didn’t let out a peep as I slipped into position, more a case of holding her breath just to let it out with a whoosh as my cock slapped home, our groins rubbing together.

“One more thing I want to check before we start anything in earnest,” I told them, “and a question or two I’d like answered.”

This time I started with Rachel, having her roll over, face down, bum up. I knelt behind her and drove in rather forcefully, Rachel giving a bit of a shout as I drove home, her bottom lifting and pushing to meet me. She was certainly ready for me to carry on.

A quick withdrawal, accompanied by a groan from Rachel, and I was rolling Olga over, her bottom popping up into the air with unseemly haste. Then I was driving in once more, filling her up to the sound of a small scream. Definitely a noisier lover than Rachel.

I pulled out reluctantly, dropping a quick spank on Olga’s pretty little bottom.

“You said you live up in the back hills. As a matter of curiosity do you ride horses or trail bikes up in those hills?”

“All the time,” Olga told me. “It’s the easiest way to get around.”

“Some of those trails would be fairly rough, I guess?”

“Well, yes, but what has that got to do with things?”

“I was just wondering why, if your aunt mentions your lack of virginity, you don’t casually mention horses and trail bikes and the damage they do to young girls’ delicate parts when you’re bouncing over a rough trail. It’s not exactly unknown for young ladies to be de-virginised that way.”

“You’re kidding,” said Olga.

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “Well known phenomena. Google it and see for yourself.”

She closed her eyes for a moment. A glance at Rachel showed she hadn’t known either.

“Why didn’t you tell us that earlier?” demanded Olga, sounding a little annoyed.

I stroked her breast.


“If you think I’m going to let you. . .” she broke off what she was saying, slapping my hand away at the same time.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to jump on you. You can think it over while I attend to Rachel.”

With that I turned to Rachel and, grabbing her ankles, I lifted her legs high and wide, almost bending her in two. She didn’t say anything, just watching as I lined my cock up and pressed forward. As soon as my cock was in position and pressing against her but not yet pressing in, I paused and looked at her, a question on my face.

She had an excited look on her face, watching where I was about to enter her, able to see exactly what was going to happen. When I just stayed poised her eyes went back to my face and she glared at me.

“Just do it, you bastard,” she snapped, and I winked and drove into her.

I misjudged Rachel. Now that things were getting serious she started shrieking and carrying on, bringing her legs down to wrap around me while lunging up to meet my thrust. The more I almanbahis yeni giriş thrust into her the noisier she got, cheering me on and demanding more, more, more. She was way past rational thought, her whole being concentrating on getting as much cock as she could in as a short a time as possible.

Mind you, I had no objection if she finished fast. That just left me with plenty in the tank for my second bout, be it with Olga or a repeat with Rachel if Olga backed out. The way Rachel was going I was quite sure that she’d be up for a second run.

Rachel kept going at full throttle, a rabbit on speed. I don’t think I could have slowed her down if I tried. I just banged into her, hard and fast, quite willing to admit that she was doing all the running with our action. Perhaps I could take control for the second bout if Olga wouldn’t be in it, but I wasn’t going to take bets on that.

She finished off with a shriek, her passage almost crushing my cock, shivering as her climax washed over her.

I relaxed and withdrew, leaving her lying there smiling. I turned and looked at Olga. She was slowly shaking her head but she didn’t pull away when I reached for her. I eased her over onto all fours again, and she couched there, looking back at me nervously.

“Relax,” I told her. “You already know what this will feel like. We’ll just take it nice and easy.”

With that I was moving into position, pressing into her, not driving home with any urgency but just sliding in, filling her up, letting her feel me in her. She was making little panting sounds as I took her, finishing up with a gasp when I finally bumped firmly against her.

Hands lightly caressing her breasts I started moving, my cock merely caressing her passage in time to the stroking of her breasts. I could feel her relaxing into the rhythm, starting to move with me. Slowly, slowly, I built up the pace, finally moving along at a decent rate, Olga seeming quite happy to move with me.

The difference between the two girls was quite remarkable. Where Rachel had been all gimmee, gimmee, gimmee, Olga was just gently accepting, taking what I was giving her and moaning softly with satisfaction.

When you have someone who is sweetly accepting like that you can really draw things out. I proceeded to do this with Olga, banging away in such a way as to slowly build on her arousal, holding her at various states of excitement before moving on to the next stage.

One can go on for too long doing this so I had to finally finish things off. I started thrusting in hard, teasing her breasts more, forcing a response from her. She was gasping, putting some honest effort into her responses as opposed to just accepting, her arousal in full flight and coming in for a crash landing. She wound up with a scream at the same time as I cut loose, letting my juices flow.

I pulled my trousers on and sat on the side of the bed, enjoying looking at two naked young ladies. Eventually Rachel raised the question that I was interested in.

“What are we going to do this evening about Aunt Carrie?”

“Not sure,” grumbled Olga. “I do know this – if Colin pretends to rape you in front of her there’s no way known she’ll believe that you’re a virgin on your first time. She’ll mark you down as a slut of the first order.”

A bit crudely put but I couldn’t disagree. The way Rachel had responded you’d think it was a paid performance and very well paid at that.

Rachel blushed but didn’t say anything.

“Just a suggestion,” I put in, “but forget about the pretend rape. Just ignore the whole situation. If you aunt dares to ask about your virginity or lack thereof accuse her of being a pervert, snooping into other people’s sex lives, and she should be ashamed of herself. Did your doctor tell her that you weren’t virgins? If so, you intend to sue the doctor for violating patient confidentiality. You might also drop such a hint to the doctor. Maybe she’ll keep her mouth shut.”

The girls looked at each other and giggled.

“I could do the perversion thing with no worries,” stated Rachel. “I’d love to see her face when I call her on it. She’ll never live it down.”

“Seeing the rape is off,” I said, “I’ll stay in my room and read. Ah, if either or both of you want to experiment a little more and are willing to do so silently then you’re more than willing to visit me there.”

They looked at each other and then back at me, both of them shaking their head. They grabbed their clothes and bolted, probably wanting to shower and dress in clothes that their aunt would find more appropriate. I watched them go and wondered. What were the chances that one would sneak into my room that night? Quite high, in my opinion, but one never knew.

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