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Author’s note: special thanks to editor EditingAlix for helping me get this story to a state worthy of being published on Literotica.

I first met Candalyn at a church outing for college newlyweds. She liked to talk and was very approachable. She didn’t wear high heels, no red lipstick, and didn’t need large curls in her hair. Instead, she wore a nice pencil skirt, white blouse, and just a touch of make-up. The words plain and pretty seemed to fit her well. On top of that, she always made my wife Wendy and I feel at ease in conversations. I never felt judged or looked down upon when talking to Candalyn and her husband Dave.

We invited them over to our apartment one evening to play cards. She dressed plainly and prettily as always but tonight with a little twist. Her top was a deeper cut than she would ever wear at church, her hair was down and straightened, and she either didn’t wear a bra or she was wearing a soft one. Sitting at a small card table close to her for an hour, I couldn’t help but admire her voluptuous breasts. Her cleavage dropped just below where I imagined her nipple would be. Her breasts looked to be a solid C cup. I enjoyed the view and if she noticed me looking, she didn’t make any mention of it. Being a newlywed at the time, I didn’t take it any further than that.

We didn’t hang out with Dave and Candalyn much besides that one summer evening due to conflicting schedules. She worked nights, he had school, and Wendy and I had similar time conflicts.

One day at church shortly after we announced that we were moving to a different county, I saw a lady wearing a red fitted dress and heels walking up to talk to our pastor. I sat in the pew watching her smooth the dress down over her thighs as she talked to him on the stand. She reached up to give him a donation envelope and the tight garment lifted and caught perfectly on her tight round ass. When she turned around, I was blown away to realize it was Candalyn. As she walked back to Dave, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I never knew a dress could do so much, but it really made her stand out. About halfway to her pew, she caught my gaze and looked right at me. I should have diverted my eyes, but I was like a deer in the headlights. She waved but I didn’t flinch.

At her pew, she waved again and said, “Hi, Trent!”

This time I snapped out of it, waved back and forced out a “Hey!” in return.

Fast forward ten years. Both Dave’s and my family had expanded and moved out of, and then back into the state. One day Dave posted a message on Facebook to see if any of his friends could show him the ropes on hunting birds. I was surprised to see he was now back in the state and only lived twenty minutes away. Being an avid bird hunter myself, we connected with a phone call and went on a few hunting and fishing trips, becoming good friends – better friends than we had ever been in the newlywed church group ten years ago.

One evening they invited us over for dinner at their house. We had a great time catching up on how the past ten years had been, what adventures we had had while apart, and why we were living back in the state. He had a job working for the city managing landscape and she mainly watched the kids but did nails on the side. Being this close to Candalyn again made me realize how the years had treated her breasts. She was now a solid D or maybe even DD cup and was again wearing a deep cut blouse a size too small for her bust.

At some point, I went to the bathroom at the end of their very narrow hall. Candalyn came out of one of the rooms and we crossed paths as I stepped over a Lego bucket. I inadvertently brushed my hand over her blouse and grazed some of her bare exposed cleavage. The touch lasted less than a second, but I felt a shock go through my system. Her skin was unbelievably soft and supple, and the curve of her cleavage skimmed my fingertip. Nevertheless, completely red-faced, I apologized profusely. It was an accident on my part. I would never reach for her breasts without permission. Candalyn, instead of being awkward about the situation, just laughed it off and said it was no big deal.

When I came back to the table to chat, she had told the others about this experience and playfully teased me about it in front of the group for the rest of the evening. I couldn’t complain. I felt no guilt about what had happened, it was exciting. After we came home that night, I started thinking about the potential oddness of that encounter.

Why were her breasts turned facing the wall instead of the direction she was walking in? Why did we pass right at the only obstacle (Lego bucket) in the hall? Was it an accident on her part? Was it intentional?

The following summer Dave and I had upgraded our camping equipment to include two new bunkhouse trailers big enough to hold all our families and comfortable enough to keep our wives happy. We decided to start the summer with a weekend camping trip. The first night the weather turned cold, and we woke up to an inch of snow on the ground — typical Rocky Mountain weather!. So, we spent the day in trailers playing games and eating meals.

In the afternoon, we watched a movie in our trailer while the kids played games kaçak iddaa in theirs. Candalyn and Dave snuggled on the couch while Wendy and I did the same. Dave couldn’t seem to sit still and cuddle Candalyn.

He got up every five minutes to go pee, check on something, look around, so often that Candalyn told him off, “Look at Trent and Wendy, they know how to snuggle!”

Dave then apologized and resumed cuddling her but could only handle maybe ten minutes before he got up again.

Exasperated, Candalyn looked at how my arms were cradling Wendy’s torso just under her breasts. Turning to Dave, she huffed, “If you snuggled me the way Trent does Wendy, you’d get laid a lot more often!”

From talking to Dave on previous hunting trips, he felt like they had sex a lot. It made me wonder if Candalyn might be a sex addict like me…

Later that night, Dave and Candalyn were in charge of dinner. Seeing Dave alone at the grill, I went over and offered my help peeling potatoes and dicing up vegetables, while he cut up the chicken . He put it on the grill and remembered that the tongs were in his trailer. Since my hands were relatively clean, he asked if I wouldn’t mind getting them for him.

I went into their trailer’s kitchen to look for them. As I opened a drawer, I heard the bathroom door behind me open. I looked over and saw Candalyn with only a towel around her, having just come out of the shower. She was halfway through braiding her hair. She had already pulled half of it into a tight braid, which fell across one shoulder. As I entered, Candalyn was plaiting the other half, checking in the mirror. She was radiant. As the water trickled from her wet hair down her neck and into her towel, I could feel a little cum drip forming on the tip of my shaft.

She saw me and said, “Hey, Trent, how’s it going? I’m just trying to get some steam out of here so I can use this tiny mirror. Do you need something?”

I stammered, “Yeah… Dave asked me to get his grill tongs for the chicken.”

Candalyn said, “Oh, they’re in the cabinet above the sink.”

Then she walked over to the cabinet and with one hand holding the towel, got on her tippy toes and reached inside. The towel didn’t exactly stay put, dropping down a couple of inches as she stretched. I couldn’t tell how far it had fallen in front, but I was watching closely. When she had the tongs, she quickly spun around towards me. With her front in full view, I peeked at her breasts and found that half of her brown areola was visible. I glanced up. I had been caught red-handed using my elevator eyes. She smiled wickedly as our eyes met.

Without adjusting the towel, she handed me the tongs and said, “Here you go. Just let me know if you need anything else. Don’t be shy!”

Blushing, I thanked her and took them out to Dave while we continued making dinner. The whole time cooking, I just couldn’t push off thoughts of what had happened.

She did that on purpose. There’s no way it was an accident. Why did she grab the tongs and not just tell me where they were? She’s so short, it would have been way easier for me to get them.

Later in the summer, we took a weekend off to go ATV riding in the desert, staying in a hotel overnight night instead of camping. On the way down, we ate lunch at a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. The food was decent, but something was off in Wendy’s portion. She’d always had a sensitive stomach, and the meal made her sick. I was ready to cancel the outing or at least wait ’til the next day. But Wendy said the rest of us we should still go as planned. She would be fine staying at the hotel and ride together the next day.

We checked in, then Dave, Candalyn and I went out riding the trails. Candalyn held tight onto Dave’s waist and would sometimes bury her face in his back, squeezing him tightly. Her long hair blew all around while they rode. Dave didn’t like it; it was hitting him in the face. As I watched, I kept thinking how nice it would feel to be in his place.

About fifteen miles in, one of Dave’s back tires was looking pretty flat. I radioed him to stop so we could check it out. Sure enough, we found a puncture on the tread. I always keep a pump and a puncture repair kit in the ATV cargo box, so I went to grab it. To my dismay, I discovered that the plugs were so old they just disintegrated in my hands. With darkness coming soon, we knew we would have to go back into town and get a patch kit. Dave offered to stay with the ATV since it was his machine.

As I was turning around to head back, Candalyn blurted out if she could come back to the hotel with me while we got the machines fixed up. She would ride with us again tomorrow. Trying to hold back my excitement, I said that would be fine with me, and Dave agreed.

She got on behind me and for the first 1/2 mile, Candalyn tried balancing her weight on the back of the seat we shared without really holding onto anything sturdy. Then she put her hands on my hips to be more secure. Her embrace felt like heaven. Through our clothes, I could feel her warm breasts pressing up against me and could even smell her perfume. When we passed another vehicle on the trail, she embedded her head into my back kaçak bahis to keep from breathing in the dust cloud. When it passed, she kept her head buried. I was ecstatic with her so close to me. Her hair was blowing around my face and neck just like I had dreamed of only minutes ago. Her curls were incredibly soft and had a pleasant scent of their own.

After holding on like this for a few minutes, I could feel her relax. It was like she was moulding herself to my body. Her hands began to wander. She slid them along my waist and then moved forward to the front of my hips. She kept them there. Later those same hands wandered further until she circled my waist.

When we went over a big bump, I slowed down and placed my left hand over hers as if to steady her. Although honestly it was not needed – I knew what I was doing. When I grabbed back the handlebars, her hands resumed their wandering. Suddenly I felt her fingertips sliding below my belt line. Slowly they inched further down, my shaft thickening and hardening as my mind raced. She stopped when her knuckles reached my overly tight belt. Her fingertips rested on both sides of my shaft, touching my member through my boxers. I wished I had forgotten my belt.

Her strong energy made me want to pull over and be bold with her. I wanted to turn around in my seat, feel her breasts on my chest and play with her luxurious hair. But I chickened out and pretended nothing happened. We went into town and dropped her off at the hotel with Wendy. Then I got the plugs and headed back to Dave.

The next day and for the rest of the trip, we rode separate ATVs. She rode with Dave and I with Wendy. Things remained strictly platonic for the rest of the trip. Candalyn seemed to joke around less and steered away from potentially risqué conversations. It seemed like she was acting dejected, but I was not sure. I decided then and there that I would be bold if something like this ever happened again between us.

At summer’s end, Dave and I decided to rent out a cabin for a week. It was nestled in the pines a few hours away from home. When we arrived, all I wanted to do was just sit down and do nothing for a while. The chore of packing for the whole family and the long drive to the cabin had taken a toll on me. Wendy wanted to go to the grocery store in the quaint little town close-by to get the rest of the food and some candy for the kids. Dave wanted to explore the area on his ATV. I offered to accompany him later after a little rest, but he wanted to take off right away. With everyone gone, I found the bedroom that would be ours and sat on the bed to watch TV, fully expecting to fall asleep any minute.

Little did I know Candalyn had stayed behind. I only realized she was there when I heard the cupboards close in the kitchen as she helped herself to a glass of water. On her way back to her room, I saw her pass my door. The image was fleeting, but I could tell she was only wearing a t-shirt and panties. Her breasts bounced around as she walked. Her legs, bare from thigh to toe, looked so smooth and freshly shaven. And her panties- wow, light pink and very form-fitting. To top it all off, she was tying up her beautiful brown hair into a ponytail or a bun. With her arms raised, I could just see a hint of her midriff above the panty waistline. At the passing sight, I could not help but blurt out a very loud “whoa whoa!” that seemed to echo through the cabin.

I immediately heard her stop and slowly pedal in reverse. I tried to hide my nervousness as Candalyn peered her head through the doorway and looked at me. Seeing that I was alone in the room, she moved her entire goddess body into view. Her hair hadn’t made it into a ponytail and was instead draped over one shoulder, covering one breast. I could see her nipple through the t-shirt, which told me she was not wearing a bra.

Still looking at me, she asked, “Hey, Trent. Whatcha doing?”

I knew this was my moment of truth with Candalyn. I either needed to make a move or put her out of my mind and stop torturing myself. Today I would be bold. I sat up a little straighter on the bed and said, “I was just taking a peek at something nice walking past my doorway.”

With suppressed excitement and a grin, Candalyn said, “Oh, and what was that nice something?”

Feeling confident I said, “Well you, of course. I feel like an angel is standing in front of me. I mean look at you and your amazing hair, your perfect boobs, and damn, your smile just blows me away.”

Candalyn’s blushing told me everything I needed to know — she loved to hear genuine compliments about herself and she liked what I was saying. In very uncharacteristic fashion, she started twirling her hair and nervously tucked it past her ear with the other hand. Then she asked in a timid voice, “What else did you notice about me?”

I responded reflecting the hidden feelings I had developed for her over the past year, “I love to hear your laugh. Ever since we first played games at our apartment… oh ten years ago… I have adored your laugh. You can laugh about anything and it’s so contagious.”

Candalyn blushed again and let out some of her infectious laugh.

I told her, “You have this beautiful illegal bahis persona about you that turns every head in the room. Especiallymine. I could go on and on about how beautiful you are. Do you remember that red fitted dress you used to have in college? I only saw you wear it once to church right before we left.”

“Mmm-hmm yeah, I remember that dress. I still have it, but I don’t wear it much.”

“Well, you look amazing in that thing. I can’t forget that image. The way the bottom hugged your ass, the way the curves fit your shape so perfectly. And you made that red color pop out. I mean the dress was beautiful but what made it gorgeous was you in it!”

“Wow, Trent, I didn’t know you were watching me that closely… you stalker,” Candalyn teased.

“What can I say – when you look as good as you do, why would I look at anything else?”

Candalyn’s voice had stopped trembling and she no longer needed to constantly tuck her hair behind her ear. With newfound courage of her own, she confidently marched to the bed and sat down right in front of me, cradling my knee with one hand. She looked me in the eye and said, “I have feelings for you too, Trent.”

My heart jumped into my throat.

Candalyn continued, “I see you with Wendy and I get so jealous. I just want to be held close, but Dave is just not into touching and snuggling. I don’t know if you remember the time we camped at the start of the summer. Dave and I had a big fight in our trailer after the movie was over because he just wouldn’t hold me for more than five minutes. And probably fifteen minutes later you happened to be in the trailer when I got out of the shower. I knew right then that I wanted some snuggle time with you! I was so tempted to drop my towel and see what you would do, but I was too scared.”

“Wow, I do remember that. I remember my mind wandering with how sexy you looked with your hair wet and wearing just a towel. And your smile was so captivating.”

Candalyn continued, “When we were 4 wheeling in the desert this year and I rode back on your ATV, I wished so badly that I was in front so your arms would be around me holding me like I see you hold Wendy. I even started reaching down your pants but got stopped by your belt. When you dropped me off at the hotel I wanted to cry because I thought I was sending out some clear vibes and you didn’t do anything about it.”

“I’m so sorry I did that. I chickened out, that’s all. Believe me, I noticed your fingertips on my cock too.”

Candalyn blushed, “Yeah, that was no accident…”

Vowing to make up for the lost time, I reached over, turned her around and eased her back onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around her torso under her breasts in a comfortable snuggle. She purred in my arms. Her body relaxed and she wrapped her hands around mine. She laid her head and locks of her beautiful hair slipped down my chest while we cuddled in total euphoria. We stayed like this for at least forty-five minutes until Candalyn asked if I knew when Wendy and Dave would get back.

I responded, “Dave was going to check out Walters Pond which is on the other side of the ridge. So, he should be back in another hour or so. Wendy will be at least another half hour depending on how much candy she gets.”

“That means we have another twenty-nine minutes to snuggle then…” said Candalyn.

That night I couldn’t sleep at all. My arms could still feel Candalyn’s delicious body. Her scent lingered on me and I had flashbacks where I was suddenly engulfed in her. I had never experienced scent flashbacks before. As a result, when my 3-year-old boy came into our room needing comfort after a scary dream, I didn’t mind getting out of bed. We went downstairs to the kitchen to give him a drink of water and to calm him down. After he went upstairs to his bed, I stayed behind looking at pictures on my phone.

I heard a click and saw the bathroom door open. I was pleased to see Candalyn walk out in her t-shirt and pink panties. She marched over and sat next to me at the table. We looked at some of my sunset photos taken while hunting and scrolled through my gallery. Candalyn rested her head on my shoulder and latched her hands together around my elbow. When we got to pictures taken on our couples’ ATV trip, she casually dropped her hand on my lap, her fingers skimming my inner thigh. My shaft instantly thickened and I could feel my shorts lift.

After a few more pictures, Candalyn became aware of the tenting and peeked under the table. When her focus returned, she looked me in the eyes and smiled. Then she navigated her hands along my waistband, slipping inside my underwear. Her fingertips glided over my trimmed bush, to the base of my shaft then encompassed it. I let out a sigh and opened my legs to give her free access. Her right hand explored my member, sliding up, down, and around, touching everywhere. Her left then reached into my shorts from the knee upwards. She explored my balls, feeling my sac and inner thigh. Her hands worked in perfect tandem. My erection had never been taller, and my shaft had never been thicker. I leaned over and gently stroked her hair, caressing the nape of her neck. With her head so close, I kissed her forehead then the tip of her nose and finally her luscious lips. She responded by opening her mouth and pressing her body into mine. Her hands continued stroking my member and balls ever so gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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