Capt. Dick Prepares For The Trip

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Daylight arrived unnoticed by either of us. We were both sore and a bit hung over from the previous night’s sexual aerobics and really needed a pot of coffee and a shower. I took care of ordering a pot from room service while the Professor got the shower started. In a few minutes the morning nectar arrived and I delivered a steaming cup to the wet, soapy, gorgeous, naked sex object and scholar. While I lathered up she finished her first cup and showed her gratitude for the coffee delivery by rubbing those huge breasts over my soapy chest, stomach and legs. She rinsed the soap from my attentive cock and proceeded to deliver a really fine blow job.

While we were getting dressed she told me about the girls. They had all taken beginning sailing classes and had been studying sailing history for the last two semesters in preparation for this trip. The ladies were from all walks of life and various ages, from freshmen to seniors, each anxious for adventure. She looked at me closely and said that it was my obligation to provide them with an unforgettable trip.

Since she had a class to teach in an hour she gave me a quick kiss, agreed to meet me at the boat for dinner and rushed out the door. I gathered my things, put them in my bag and checked out of the hotel. I didn’t really have far to go since my home for the next few weeks was tied up in the same marina where I’d just left my previous clients. Gaziantep Escort We weren’t leaving for a couple of days but I really needed to check the boat out for myself.

On my way to the schooner I happened to walk past the boat I had just arrived on. I had some time so I knocked on the hull and said “ahoy there, anybody home?” Almost immediately that familiar redhead poked her head through the hatch and said “Hey sailor! come on down” which I thought sounded friendly so I dropped my bag and stepped on to the boat.

Friendly was an understatement. As soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs she came up to me, wrapped her arms around my surprised body and gave me another one of those incredible kisses. She moved back a half step an said “My dear husband is out playing golf for the next few hours and I want another taste of you if you’re willing.” I didn’t say anything, I just reached down, grabbed the bottom of her favorite t-shirt and slipped it quickly over her head.

I did the same with mine and told her that I just happened to have some time. I picked her up swung around and placed her cute little bottom on the table, where we had all those delicious meals. I slipped her bathing suit bottoms off and admired her, this time in daylight. Hard to believe a guy would choose golf over this lovely redhead. I kissed her face, her chin, down her neck as she Gaziantep Escort Bayan laid back on the table. I massaged those breasts and sucked life into her nipples. I held her at the hip bones as I bit my way down her tummy and into that patch of red hair surrounding her vagina.

With each bite she would flinch, breathe, moan, groan and growl. She let me have it all. I took my time worshiping the wonders of this beautiful pussy. I touched her lightly with my tongue, followed by deep probing of her hot cunt. All the time I held her tightly with my hands on her hips and it seems to have added to her ecstasy. She came several times and finally placed her hands behind my head and held me against her most sensitive organ.

She let go and whispered “Do me. Do me now,” so I helped her to her feet, leaned her over the table with her lovely ass touching my full cock. I slipped myself into her pussy from behind quickly, savagely. She groaned an animal sound and said “more…” So I held on to the table on either side of her naked body and truly fucked her. This sweet married woman brought out the animal in both of us. I plunged, withdrew, and plunged again without any delicacy at all. I could feel sweat running down my back and could see perspiration on her back as well.

She said “Please, give it to me somewhere else” so I did. I moved my well lubricated Escort Gaziantep cock up a bit and entered her sweet ass. Slowly at first to make sure I didn’t hurt her but after I got in the tightness overwhelmed my senses. We resumed our wild passionate rutting and I quickly felt the familiar pressure. I came in her fine ass, spewing my cream in a place that her husband has never been. I completely lost myself to my own sexual gratification, but she also had come, and come again in the passionate animal frenzy.

As I grew limp she stood up, turned around and kissed me again, I held her tightly and kissed her. She said “Thank you so much, I needed you.” I certainly didn’t know what to say so I kissed her one last time and told her the truth, that she was a beautiful vibrant woman and she deserved a better life.

We then cleaned up, made a bit of forgettable small talk and I left her there, but as I walked down the dock wondered if she she would soon be available for a longer visit.

I found the Schooner, the “Fair Winds” tied side-to at the end of the dock. She looked great, nice lines and quite nicely appointed. I stepped on board and gave myself a short tour of the boat. The master cabin was in the stern, with a galley and dining area midships, followed by numerous small berths and small cabins along a center passageway.

I went topsides to catch the setting sunset, sip on a nice single malt scotch, to contemplate how sweet life had become and to smoke one of my precious Cuban cigars, a Montecristo.

As I finished the drink and smoke I could see the delectable Professor, dressed like a model on a runway making her way down the dock to the boat. Things were definitely looking good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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