Captivating Cavity

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I returned from work to find my fiancée asleep on the sofa, wearing her favorite black halter-style bikini. She must have had the afternoon off from her job, for I did not expect to see her before dinnertime. Clearly, she had been tanning in the meager back yard, for she was just slightly darker in color.

I stood by the sofa for a moment, simply drinking in her beauty, her curves. Her long black hair cascaded over her shoulders to mid-back, hiding both the strings holding together the halter top of her bikini. Her arms folded underneath her head flexed briefly, twitching in her sleep. Her long legs slid subtly together, and I wondered what she was dreaming about at that very moment.

Quietly, I finally tore my eyes away from my fiancée and went upstairs to the bedroom. After undressing, I took a shower, taking my time in washing away the stress of the day. When I emerged at last and stepped back into the bedroom, I was pleasantly surprised to find my fiancée sprawled across the bed, her large hazel eyes focused upon my nudity, a smile upon her small lips.

Nothing was said as I moved toward the bed, and my fiancée rose up slowly and crawled toward the edge of the bed, her face in the perfect position. She knew exactly what I wanted, what I needed, and it was clear that she wanted and perhaps even needed the very same thing.

She accepted almanbahis my sex into her mouth, caressing my growing length with her tongue. Her arms hooked around my legs, her hands gently scratching my inner thighs from behind. Her large eyes were closed, her facial expression one of rapture as she slowly worked upon me, slowly enticed me, slowly strengthened my arousal.

My fiancée and I made love often, but there is simply something uniquely fulfilling about enjoying the talents of her mouth. Certainly, I have an abundance of trust in her, or I would never allow her teeth – those dangerous white weapons designed to gnaw through hunks of meat – to be so perilously close to my manhood.

My hands gently brushed the long black strands away from her face and held them at bay, allowing her to focus entirely upon pleasuring me. I sighed happily, the warm wetness of her mouth and the flickering action of her tongue sending shudders of delight coursing throughout my body. Her head moved back and forth slowly, taking as much of my hardened length as she could without gagging, her eyes opening briefly to look up at me with total love and total desire.

She presented such an obscene image. Her expression was similar to that of a little girl enjoying a lollipop for the first time. Yet she was not sucking on anything so innocent as a lollipop.

Despite almanbahis yeni giriş myself, I began to move as well, making love to my fiancée’s dainty little mouth. It was a natural fit, as natural as peanut butter and jelly. Relaxing her tongue for a moment, she hummed around my invading anatomy, and I responded in kind as I began to piston a little faster within her warm wet orifice.

In time, I was gently nudged away, slipping out of the captivating cavity. Dipping her head, my fiancée breathed deeply, refilling her lungs, her hands still upon my thighs, stroking me as I stroked myself slowly, resuming the work her mouth had left unfinished.

She carefully turned over, positioning herself on her back. With her head tipping backward over the edge of the bed, I had a wonderful view down her torso, my eyes instantly drawn to the thinly-covered swells atop her chest.

“Cover them,” she whispered, squeezing her breasts together – much to my visual delight.

But instead, I penetrated her willing mouth again. Slowly, I moved within her once more, leaning forward to place my hands over hers. She whimpered around me as we fondled her chest as one, and her tongue teased me nicely, bringing me ever closer to the point of no return.

Slowly, I retracted my hands, gliding them over her thin elegant neck to her head. almanbahis giriş She squealed, and I recognized the sound as my signal to use her, to fuck her mouth, to rape her face.

“You are such a nasty little whore, aren’t you?” I spat at her, falling into the role she wanted me to play. Gripping her head tightly, I took advantage of her, just as she desired, spouting obscenities at her between my groans and grunts. Her hands left her chest, wrapping instead around the back of my thighs, pulling me into her mouth even as I pulled her head toward and around my thrusting arousal. She squealed more and more often, the subtle vibrations within her mouth and throat combining with her exquisite tonguework and the vacuum behind the seal of her lips to draw out my love.

At last, I could not take any more. I withdrew from her rapidly, engulfed my manhood with my hand, and pumped repeatedly, my heartbeat and my voice both loud in my ears as streams of white arced over my fiancée’s face to coat her heaving chest and sully her bikini bra. When I had no more to give her, I dropped to my knees, still breathing somewhat heavily but kissing her nonetheless, this time penetrating her mouth with my tongue.

When I stood at last, I saw that her hands had massaged my love into her chest and stomach. She looked up at me with a smile of happiness, a smile made obscene by the knowledge of what she and I had just done.

“Do you have any plans for after dinner?” she asked softly, and I shook my head.

“Good,” my fiancée responded. “Then after dinner, let’s see how loud you can make me scream.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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